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    Problems, problems

    A generally good app; a nice collection of local stories that matter. There are two fairly glaring problems with the app, though: (1) the search function is broken and yields zero hits no matter what topic or thing you search for. (2) Lacks the ability to turn off or filter topics you would rather not clutter your news feed with. I don’t really pay much attention to sports, but this time of year (mid-December), almost all of the news on the home page is sports related; it would be nice to be able to turn off news on subjects or topics that don’t matter to the reader.

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    Weekdays there’s a good mix of regional news from a variety of regions. Weekends are always way to heavy on sports. Mark Torregrossa’s columns are always interesting, even though the photos and illustrations are not set within the text.

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    Location of stories

    Would be better if the location of a story was better defined. For example sometimes a township is named, and not the county the township is in. Some counties have townships with similar or identical names so only by reading article and recognizing, or not, nearby locations like roads, can I see if an article was near me. The articles take a while to load when my phone isn’t connected to WiFi. Comments cannot be seen when using Internet Explorer.

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    Lack of effort

    The electronic version of the old newspapers is terrible. It is filled with out of date stories. Mix labeled items. Lack of any real reporting....pages of proms, old stories run for sometimes weeks at a time. Pop up ad clips. Here is a suggestion ...hire a person to check stories and perhaps delete articles after one day. There is a real lack of any news reporting. Sometimes I think the paper has reverted to a extensive rap sheet for criminals. There is becoming less and less reason to have mlive.

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    Boggy loading, mostly sports

    I never write app reviews but this app gone so far downhill I am considering deleting it. This used to be a Michigan news app, now regardless of category it is predominantly sports - please put sports into it’s own category!!! Loading & updating the story listing takes forever even on my high-speed wifi due to waiting for ads to load, complete with irritating video clips that auto-play even though I have turned this off in my settings. WTH?!?!?

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    Occasionally hangs, weird formatting issues

    Tends to hang when loading the over abundance of ads crammed into every article. Still serves up those annoying fake winner apps that require you to quit the app to get away from the scam site. The way overused slideshows usually display blank pics; but high def ads - or they just hang the page. Many times it just opens to a blank page and I have to go menu spelunking to get content to show. Way too much sports fluff stories, and stories with (do not edit) or (insert caption here) still in the copy. Better than an actual newspaper for reading, but far worse for wrapping fish.

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    No matter what category I attempt to look at, all the mlive app has is predominately sports. No actual news or anything. You would think between Detroit, flint and Saginaw, there would be more news. But no. Just whatever high school kid was able to throw a ball into a basket. Which I don’t mind, kids deserve all the recognition they can get, but it belongs in the sports section. Not in the crime section. Give it time and there will be football scores with the obituaries. 🙄

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    Horrible update

    You guys have got to fix this last update. Very buggy. Noticeable delays when clicking on something. Comments seem to get attached to wrong stories. And for goodness sakes, there MUST be a way to allow people to opt out of (filter) topics. There are days where EVERY single story on the "front page" is about sports. It's way too much.

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    Comment section

    I was wondering why many of my comments where deleted. I posted nothing vulgar or verbally abusive. I noticed that my comments (about politics) previous comments posted by others where disrespectful, yet mine where deleted. It’s sounds to me this is violation of free speech. I can prove it. All I want to know is why ??? I would expect a response, since I emailed you and messaged you on Facebook, and no response. Thank you

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    App ok, reporting, not so much.

    Although the app works just fine, Mlive has too few reporters to cover the areas that they try to replace the local papers in. Need better reporting and people will read!

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    What happened to this website?

    News is old and repetitive. I used to go to this website to get all my local news and happenings. I no longer received the physical newspaper, so I looked forward to getting all the same info from the website. Lately it has no content or it is repetitive and of no interest. Where is the news? What happened?

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    Don’t bother with this app if you’re not into sports; that’s the dominant theme of the news items on the main page. 👎 And, several updates ago Detroit was removed as a news “locale” with no explanation. 🤔 But, I am very impressed with meteorologist Mark Torregrossa and his weather reports and videos! 👍🏻 He explains everything in an easy-to-understand way, and his forecasts are spot-on. Keep up the great work, Mark!

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    You asked

    Lack of priority and organization. Comic con follows murder follows high school prom follows baseball. Far too heavy an emphasis on popular stories and sports; news topics are secondary or given lesser emphasis. Comes off as cheap and simple-minded. Restaurant reviews/topics are awful...or worse. Ryan Stanton’s Ann Arbor articles are well done and in contrast to the rest of the low common denominator emphasis of this poor excuse for a news outlet.

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    Not a clean interface

    Given the development of Mlive as a company, this app lacks in design. The interface is old and cluttered with adds scattered about making reading articles difficult. Many other news apps are able to utilize advertising without doing so.

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    Great Source to see Michigan News from a different perspective!

    I read MLive every morning. There’s always something interesting that hasn’t been covered by the Detroit papers!

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