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Published by on 2021-07-01

We’re Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky’s largest newsroom, uncovering news
that matters to the people in our community. We’ve won awards from all across
the country, including a Pulitzer Prize for local news. But none of that matters
to us as much as this fundamental idea: We’re here to...

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    Good but very political

    I like the app and the new updates and keeps you up to date in the tri state area. However, they are very biased on their political views and constantly sending push notifications about their views on it which is very annoying. You have the app for a few days and you’ll know exactly which side of the aisle they’re on. Just report the news and enough of your political opinions.

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    Sports are not Breaking News

    The Enquirer’s incessant notifications of sports trivia as Breaking News has exponentially grown now that FC Cincinnati is in the mix, rendering the alerting useless. To the Enquirer: if you give me an option, as you have, to select Sports notifications and I chose not to then why do I get them anyway? Is this part of your on-going campaign to create an illusion that there is public demand for MLS? You are apparently willing to give up readership to prop up the latest boondoggle. Good luck with that. I’m turning off my last notification option and will delete the app next time around.

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    Great options, some don’t work

    I love being able to see the daily news and getting notifications for the the categories I am interested in, but I have also been inundated with sports notifications even though that category is turned off. Sorry, I just don’t care about the sports teams enough to want to hear every decision they make.

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    Sick of SPORTS

    I used to get notifications from you, but you ruined it. I could care less what Homer Bailey thinks about ANYTHING! I turned OFF my sports notifications, yet you continued to send me sports related everything. What would it be like if I turned ON sports notifications? Sports are not the focus of my life and have no meaning for me. I’m down to only getting notifications of weather, and breaking news. But, your app will be deleted from my phone if I get one more sports notification. This will become my crusade if pushed.

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    Not Paying

    I’m in agreement with a number of the reviews. While I want to stay on top of the news in Cincinnati, I would like to have some kind of filter for the notifications. Way too many notifications in a given day. The journalism is ok, too liberal slanted for my taste, but I’m able to sift through what I want to read. That said, and all of a sudden lately, they are now forcing me to a paid subscription for their news in the app. I’m not paying and have since deleted the app. I can find my local news without paying. Thanks, but no thanks.

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    Overall good

    Overall good but sometimes crashes repeatedly when opening the app on iPhone 11. Once it finally opens, it works well.

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    Great for those interested in local and national news

    I’ve followed national and global news for years, but after using the app for only a week I realized how much local news I’ve been missing that has an impact on my community. The Cincinnati Enquirer provides a useful mix of local reporting and expertise with national headlines and insights.

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    An Awesome Cincinnati News App

    A great news app that gives you up-to-the-minute news updates of everything happening in and around The Queen City. If you live in the greater Cincinnati area and you want to stay informed about what’s going on locally, nationally, and around the world and you own an iPhone, then download this app. You’ll love it!

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    Jumble APP needs improvement

    Jumble App doesn’t work well on iPad. Sometimes doesn’t respond to letter selection on words. Sometimes doesn’t display letters for solving or they are displayed behind the blanks and you can’t see them to select. So I then go to another online paper to print it. So frustrating. And I am working so I don’t have time to fool with this before bolting out the door in the morning. By the time I get home, I’m not in the mood. I use it to jump start my brain first thing.

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    News without the ads

    I love being able to read the news and sports without all of the ads that you get in a paper version. One also doesn’t have to tolerate things like “ continued on page 8.”

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    No longer “free”

    WARNING: The new version of the app (5.11.0) added a lock feature that only allows you to read the first couple of sentences of a story. To unlock, you must subscribe to the service for $3.99/month to be able to read entire story. This app was great when you could read all the stories for free without having to subscribe to service. This app will be deleted from my device and I will get my Cincinnati news elsewhere.

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    Baiting for subscriptions

    Once upon a time (last month perhaps), you could read any or all of the content that you’d like on the site. Now, you can only read many of the articles if you subscribe. So I will now be deleting the app. I won’t be seeing any of the advertising and I can grab my content from Local 12 or the other local channels and online. The app may likely go the direction of the occasional 17 page newspaper.

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    Accused podcast springboard

    I am an Ex Cincinnatian and use the Enquirer to remind me why I left there or sometimes make me miss being there. It’s a great source of news and please check out the Accused podcast which is a first class piece of journalism.

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    Great for quick reference when out of town and in a hurry. I just wish obits for the day displayed a COMPLETE list for quick reference rather than having to scroll through detailed listings.

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    I’ve been a fan of paper for decades

    I’m a 1973 graduate of the University of Cincinnati and I’ve been reading the paper ever since. I left Cincinnati right after graduating but I didn’t leave the newspaper behind. Let’s just say I’m a fan!

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