6abc Philadelphia Reviews

6abc Philadelphia Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-29

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6abc Philadelphia Reviews

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    The old version was much better

    I don’t want to sound like someone who simply hates change, but the new version is horrible compared to this new one. I’m simply not a fan of the constant scroll or having to set up the news stories I want to see. How about this, if it’s news report it to me. And when you report it to me do so in an impartial format. The reporters have been doing entirely too much reporting of their thoughts and feelings on subject matters, you report it and I’ll make up my own mind as to which side I’ll believe in. It used to be called an editorial when the editor let everyone else know his thoughts, now you think it’s news whether you agree or not with what’s going on in the world, as a reader and viewer let me inform you of something, I DON’T CARE HOW YOU PERSONALLY FEEL ABOUT ANYTHING, please simply report the FACTS, and bring back the old format, and before you write me off at an elderly grouchy person, I’m 43 I work for a living, and I have my own mind in which to make choices. I am downloading the NBC 10 app, looking at the preview in the App Store it looks so much better. Goodbye ABC 6. You have just been replaced, I’ll keep watching the reviews to see if they post this one, I doubt they will since they only post the news that’s slanted their direction.

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    Too many push notifications

    I like staying up to date with Philadelphia news with the best channel in the city. The app itself is not that bad but the notifications are honestly annoying. They start at 6-7am and will get them periodically through the day for stupid stories that are not important. Then there was the 3pm,6pm and other times that has a recap of the day. Push notifications should be breaking news only not stories that they want people to read. I have the abc7 app as well and they send no where near the amount of notifications that 6abc does. There are weeks that I will not get a notification from them because they will only send a notification when it’s a big national story or local breaking news unlike 6abc that sends like 10 notifications every weekday.

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    Ant p

    This app has gotten horrible and keeps getting worse. I like channel 6 news so it’s bad enough you have difficulty trying to get the channel with antenna on your tv, but the app is a worse struggle. Within the last year with an update I believe, when scrolling through and reading articles, you have like a timer ticking down until the app crashes and closes on you, in the middle of whatever you’re doing. I’d hoped someone would recognize this and repair it with a following update, but it’s recently gotten worse. And this is on two different iOS devices. I feel like I have to search and speed read to get what I want to see before it disrespectfully shuts down my session. Could someone please realize this issue and repair it, or is the message that I should look into other avenues to receive my local news?

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    don’t like new format

    Takes too much time to get through all the “silent talking heads.” Thank goodness they are silent! I liked the format that showed the different stories along the side, then I could pick those I wanted to read. Now we have no choice but to go through picture after picture after .....etc., ad nauseam. If I can find another news station that will give middle to southern New Jersey news I will delete 6ABC and change. Or if not, go old fashioned, and go back to the (gasp) radio! But I will definitely leave 6ABC in its present format.

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    Love the app

    I moved to North Carolina after a lifetime in Delaware County, PA. I love the ease of use of the app and the ability to see all the local stories that I missed at home. The broadcast team is very clean and formal and professional in Philadelphia. The stations here I’m sure don’t have the budget for clean sharp announcers. The app makes me feel like I am home even though I’m hours away. I may not have a girlfriend but I have Cecily, Monica,Karen, Jeanette , Monica and Alicia. Hey, I gotta have some eye candy.

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    New interface is terrible

    Whenever apps tout a redesigned interface, I always update my iPad first to try it out. I'm so glad I did because this update is a huge regression. I have no interest in the tiles and heavy focus on videos. I just want a list of articles and a thumbnail like before so I can choose what to read. Now I have to load each article by scrolling through each tile individually for a painstakingly long time just to figure out if I'm interested in it. I'm deleting it on my iPad and keeping the old version on my phone. The new version is so bad it's perplexing to me that anyone actually decided to use it as a finished product. Looks like I'll be getting my news elsewhere on my iPad. Good riddance to this terrible "upgraded" app.

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    Groundhog Day the news broadcast

    I used the enjoy getting the updates in the morning but lately I’ve noticed the sculpting of information to be one sided. But the real problem is the reset that occurs when I’m in the middle of reading the article and suddenly find myself logged off the site, so I re-access and find myself suddenly transported back in time to May 25, 2019 according to the dates of the articles featured , that shows the biased views presented by this station as they attempt to block information , removal of current information and replacing it with old/outdated articles is something that I would expect from the news agencies in North Korea and China not ABC

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    ZERO star rating worthy

    I used to constantly go into the Ch6 app for news and especially weather and radar maps and traffic. I avoid using your app now. I cannot stand it. The design is horrible, I’m constantly having to scroll, which inevitably your finger hits some stupid ad or something you didn’t want to open. This happens several times before you get to what you want to read. That’s if you can find what you want to read. You broke something that did not need fixing. I want to be able to visually scan news articles and tap on the ones I want to read, none of this scrolling ..scrolling ...scrolling junk. I cannot Emphasize how much I dislike your app. Very disappointed.

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    Good app but beware

    I look at this app everyday, it is the easiest, most well presented app of all the local Philadelphia news stations. But beware, this app is highly editorialized as is its parent company. This is to say it swings strongly left and takes ever chance to hate the opposing point of view! I feel as though it's the directive of the app team to write in this way and only present it in a decisive, close-minded way. Today there's a story about a dog that mutilated an infant and will be euthanized. The image they use is a close up of the dog's behind bars! Tell me that's not decisive! This team make it so obvious it can make you mad!

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    App needs tweaks

    Stories should be listed in chronological order. When Scrolling on left side of home page there are stories I already read and new stories in between old. I have to scroll through all stories to see what I missed. Unless it’s updated with new content, it should be at the bottom not near top intermingled with new. Weather radar maps - at least 2 do not show when clicked every time. Just says ABC news. I should see every one every time. To report this I clicked on “feedback form” and it didn’t load. I tried 3 different times and couldn’t access.

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    Love 6ABC

    I love watching 6ABC and the app what is like improved is the interest stories such as the one with Officer Osinky. He and his family are in need and I haven't seen or easily found the information as to where to send donations same when you did your pet stories. It would be great that if after the stories you would have a link or something to direct people who are interested in helping whee we could do so

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    Too Politically Bias

    6abc news really needs to remain ‘NEUTRAL’ when posting political stories. You should be ashamed of yourselves for many of the stories you post about our President. And you should be more ashamed of what you DON’T post about him...record high stock markets, fair trade, tax breaks, etc.. You need to remember that half of America voted Trump and are pleased with his accomplishments thus far. But you support the left instead of being non bias. Purely DISGRACEFUL!!! I’ve lived in the Philly area all my 58 years and have always watched Action News...UNTIL three years ago. Not anymore! I’m sure you’ve lost ‘many’ other viewers for the same reason. You asked for my opinion...you got it!

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    What happened to this app?

    I've been using the 6abc app since getting my iPad many years ago. It has the most accurate weather prediction around (sorry they discontinued the separate weather app with the great radar a couple of years ago) and HAD an easy to navigate format that presented pictures and titles and let you click on stories you found interesting. Now all I get it the "loading" circular dot going around on all the titles, no pictures until I click on a story. Often there is only video, no text to read, which requires watching a commercial first. It's too time consuming to get news this way.

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    Ruined a good app

    The new update ruined a perfectly good app. Instead of having everything at your fingertips and being able to select what item you want to see, now you have to scroll thru page after page of photos of stuff that may not even interest you. Think I’ll be switching to a different local news source. Update 12/23: Now having the videos each try to run while you scroll is beyond annoying and slows down the already bad interface. I want a news app, not the worlds worst PowerPoint presentation. I only wish I could give negative stars and the way the rating is sinking on an hourly basis, I'm not alone.

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    Your site is too labor intensive! This is a want not a need

    Just how many times must one have to put their password or other information to prove it is really them. Just how fast must a customer be so they don’t have to start over because they were kicked off for not being able to keep up with the computer........? A mere machine which is designed to serve a select few.

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Is 6abc Philadelphia Safe?

Yes. 6abc Philadelphia is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 39,257 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for 6abc Philadelphia Is 22.0/100.

Is 6abc Philadelphia Legit?

Yes. 6abc Philadelphia is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 39,257 6abc Philadelphia User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for 6abc Philadelphia Is 22.0/100.

Is 6abc Philadelphia not working?

6abc Philadelphia works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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