Text Free: Texting + Calling Reviews

Text Free: Texting + Calling Reviews

Published by on 2021-11-12

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Text Free: Texting + Calling Reviews

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    Best pals

    This is been a success story also a struggle story me as the reviewer have been using Textfree for over six years close to seven and when I had no way to have a phone service from my iPhone I was able to always have access to people calling me and having textWhich it being a American app I had no idea I’d be able to use it in Europe where I went and subsequently suffered a heart attack still having no phone service tax-free had allowed me to call and text my friends and family in the USA with no extra surcharge and really no problem this was a great thing now if this doesn’t come with the bells and whistles but it still was pretty forward thinking for time it came out it’s still one of the originals and one thing about it it’s stable sometime to glitches but it’s stable overall and I’ve still been able to use it we talking about six years of service that I use pretty much every day I am an original thank you tax-free you really helped me expand on so many things and yes I do have phone service now but I still use this as one of my secondaryNumbers one of the best apps ever invented because it works

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    Glitchy, freezes, auto directs to safari/appstore

    When I click the message it will often freeze up and I will have to close out the app, double click home, swipe up, and then restart the app literally 4-5 times before I can click one of the messages and it'll take me to the message. When I type it will often freeze up so I can type or mid typing it'll freeze and unfreeze so I'll type one part of a word and finish the last half of a word or two later and then I'll have to use auto correct and rewrite the couple words it froze for. Sometimes it will take me to the message and the box to text won't even be on the messaging screen and I'll have to close out and reload the app for it to go back to normal but then the when I do it freezes up and I have to close and reload it a couple more times to get it to unfreeze. Sometimes it'll take me to safari or the app store even if I didn't click the ads, and no my finger doesn't slip and accidentally click the ads, it just does it by itself sometimes. I'll sometimes have the text box glitched out at the very top of the screen so I can't see the other person's message, or the text bar will just be frozen 3/4s from the bottom inbetween the ad that's covering up half the screen and the top. Paying to get rid of the ads may help with the ad related glitches, but it won't help with the rest of the glitchyness with the app, my advice would be to GET ANY OTHER TEXTING APP!

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    Great free App

    Best free app for texting for when you need another number. I hope that none of you ever have to have another number for the reasons that I have had to. The only complaint I have is the fact that you have to buy minutes and the cost but on the same token with that; If someone tries to call the number you have the option to have a call go directly to voicemail, so if the Caller leaves a voicemail you can still get the communication, along with the ability of an automatic text response to let them know that you cannot receive telephone calls on that number and make them aware of that fact. So I still give it five stars despite the downfall of having to buy minutes. They give you some free minutes to start, and methods/other ways to gain free minutes IF you want to take the time to go through all of the surveys and marketing etc. When I have used the actual calling function of the app, the quality has been great. So overall for being a free app I give it five thumbs up :-)

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    5 years, 5 stars

    I have had this app for 5 years (yes, 5 years) so it is imperative that I write a review! I got this app when I started college and did not have phone service yet, and I used it for over a year constantly. I've kept it ever since, and I still have the phone number that I started with. I moved to a rural area, where getting cell service is nearly impossible, and this app came in handy for actually being able to talk on the phone without needing to be in specific corner of the house or outside. This is the best free texting and calling app I've ever found. There are, of course, things that annoy me (like the amount of ads, not being able to make calls for free and only receive them, and the phone number going away if you haven't used it in a while). This is a completely free app, though, so I couldn't be happier. If you want more capabilities, you could either pay for the app or pay for phone service. For everything that this app does, I can't help but to give it 5 stars.

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    Bill Kaatz

    I enjoy the text free app and calling like watching the adds even joined a few to help with free minutes although it requires internet to use phone and text I really appreciate it helps me very much I have told several of my friends about the App and If you are down on your luck or just can’t afford a phone bill, try the text free app , watch a few adds get minutes for phone you can pick your own number, from an available list of numbers , and you are back in Buisness, yes it requires you to use WiFi! But so far my quality of call’s have been good ,and best of all as long as you use your phone a few times a month you can keep your number, and if you do need to change your number ! Well you simple request for a new number and you can change it and you can even keep your unused minutes!! Wow how great is that ? If after all I have just told you how great text free phone and text app is and you don’t get it , then you just don’t need a phone ! I Love it

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    Can I give it 7 stars?

    Okay, so let’s ignore the fact that three of us in the company mis-dialed the number and that was the problem, not actually a bug... 🤦‍♀️ ...when I reached out to the app developer I half expected no response as I’ve had really negative experiences before with other app developers. We were getting messages that our number had been disconnected despite having paid for the number (again, this was entirely user error as we were misdialing but didn’t realize til later). Frustrated, I sent about 5 messages in quick succession. Got a response within an hour of my first message from someone who clearly knew to calm me down and get tech support. (Instant 3 stars). Tech support tried calling and it worked for them but not for us. Tech support escalated the ticket to second level and provided frequent updates as we were dealing with different time zones (4.5 stars) Second level tech asked for some basic info and quickly spotted the one digit we were dialing incorrectly. (5 stars) I wish I could give two more stars to make it seven, cas I know from many tech friends that these kind of basic errors are ridiculous, but both tech support and second level tech were so good humored about it, I could almost hear the chuckling through their emails as I gulped in horror. (It’s been a rough week, I knew there’d be an error somewhere!) Truly appreciate the highly professional and good humored support on this app. Seven stars if I could give them!

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    Used to work

    I used this app quite a bit. The old version worked beautifully. There were ads, but they weren't intrusive. For some reason I couldn't transfer my old number to my new iPad so i downloaded this new abomination. I was hit by 2 ads immediately. I also cant find Where to re-add ANY contacts. The intuitive usage is hidden. I have an update to add to this review. Now that i have used it for a few weeks there is one HUGE NUISANCE that has been included in the update. The ads now replace some of your contacts, crowding out your numbers. How did the EVER allow this? Also, there are ZERO ways to delete them. Someone left me a voicemail in error and i am unable to get their erroneous call out of my contacts. There used to be an "erase conversation" button, which because you now must scroll through ads, has completely disappeared. Ive been using the new updates for some time now. I’m convinced the numbers have been sold, as i now receive a robocall every 30 minutes and obscene messages daily. I’m looking for a better app. I would never recommend anyone download this. They offer no way to block or erase incoming calls, causing your contacts to be lost far down the list. Its truly awful.

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    Text free

    Best VoIP App ever. Love the service and most of all the best deal ever. Why? Because it's the best and cheapest service to sign up with if one wants to have phone service at your convenience. In addition, Thanks to Text free I survived with out phone service for three month and they didn't pressure me to sign up. As result can't wait until I sign up for the service as as form of appreciation. In addition this is now what I call greatest cp service of all time. With great concept while enhancing technology by providing optimal solution when needed. Thank you so much cuz you Rock Textfree...and most of all I use your service as my primary iT service for my company as well. Reason - if I’m not available then the customer can even leave vm even when I’m off line. As result what an amazing/brilliant technology. Much love and respect Goes our to the creator of your organization and employees as well. Thank You Everyone... BCS inc.

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    Problems with tech support

    I only have an iPad, so I’m not able to text people with non-Apple devices. I got Textfree to be able to text one specific person. It worked well for several months, but then it stopped working, so that he was not receiving my texts and I was not receiving his. After a few weeks of trying to solve this problem on my own, I finally contacted tech support. I got a response from them a very speedy nine days later. After a minimal interaction, I was told that the problem must be with my friend’s cell phone carrier. Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t, but I feel that my problem was not adequately addressed, and since I now have no reason to use the app, I will be uninstalling it from my iPad. UPDATE: After posting the above review, I was mysteriously contacted by someone else from the company who helped me troubleshoot the problem I was having. It’s good to know that someone in the company is capable of providing good support. However, I hate that I had to use threats to get anyone to take me and my problem seriously, so my decision not to use the app anymore stands.

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    Not A Good App Anymore

    I’ve seen countless people complaining about their issues with this app. Mostly that they’re able to send text messages but not receive them. And I’ve also seen that through my own efforts their response team for help is completely unresponsive. In a lot of places on the website you’ll see that they take a short time to respond, but in reality they take upwards of weeks, it’s been several weeks since I submitted my first request and I still have no response. Most other people cannot find responses, or solutions to their problems. They seem unwilling to respond anyone that is not buying credits. This was once a good app, really great for people who possibly lived in bad areas were their Wi-Fi was stronger than their cell phone signal. And were unable for whatever reason to use their actual cell phone services to contact other people. It used to be really great especially when you were trying to do multiple things at once, or you were unsure of someone having your real number. Now it’s not worth the amount of time it takes to download.

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    * Love It * Easy to Use * Super Convenient *

    I’m generally not the type to use an app like this (40 year old, woman, with a home phone & cell phone). But, I recently decided to shop around for cell service to save some money. I canceled my current service, planning to switch providers the following day. Then I saw a few more ads & decided to hold off to do more research. That was great until I realized I had no method to text certain friends & family. This was the first app I found in my search, so I signed up (not expecting much). To my surprise, it’s been super easy to use. I really loved that I was able to pick my own, local number. After that, I was able to start texting right away. The return texts came back quickly & there was no noticeable delay in speed. I would definitely recommend this app. I’ve been using it for a few days now & am very pleased with everything.

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    True Story ...

    I own a iTouch 5th Gen, Current Mini iPad & iPad Pro. When I discovered your App on the online store and tried it out for a week without adding any of the subscriptions to do a little App Test Drive, I knew right away Textfree was an App paying subscriptions for. It’s Easy, Works with all my gadgets, and I can keep in touch everyday all day with everyone I know. Before Textfree, I used an old Flip Phone for my communications and it SUCKED. It was ancient, I haven’t seen anyone flip anything for anything in our present time and I wasn’t a fan of Contract Mobile Carriers, I did good with what I had though. TEXTFREE is 👍🏼 GREAT ! Voicemail to Text feature is the best feature E V E R ! It’s changed the way I communicate from not caring to caring. I recommend TEXTFREE to Everyone Out There. I haven’t had any issues and App is up to date and running smoothly all the time so Thank you everyone at Pinger.

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    Personal Fav

    I am truly grateful of all that is allotted to me by this app and its creators n maintainers 🙏🏻 I have been using it, with the same uninterrupted or changed contact, for nearly a decade. It has saved me so much money and headache. I have been able to contact when no phone services work via WiFi. I have never had an issue to even need to contact customer service; if there even is one, lol. That is ‘top notch’ status quality to me. Not to mention being able to connect and utilize from any device that downloads apps or gets internet access. I hope to continue for another decade and beyond as the world moves more towards this kind of platforms. Thank you to all that are involved with this project for the outstanding results and complete privacy and anonymity (unless I myself connect me.) 💜🙏🏻👍🏻🤗

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    Please listen

    I had this app for a while, pretty good, then I decided to try TextMe, but I deleted and got this one again. I like this app, but Sometimes it can be a little slow and I have to reopen it, please fix. And I think you should make calls better speed and quality, please fix this and I will stay by your side. Andrew, I apologize for wasting your time further but, if I delete the app and reinstall, can I resume the use of my old number and keep all of the contacts that I had previously? It seems like an unnecessary amount of work to delete it and have to get all of my contacts back. I have a fairly large amount of contacts. Regardless, thank you for your patience. I will continue to use the app with a five star review for support.

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    Great app

    This is one app that really is free! Yes, you can purchase minutes if you want, but you can also watch a few short (very short) videos and in return, you are credited minutes on your account, which you only need if you want to make an actual phone call - texting is free. The only downside to using this app is that not all SMS text messages are accepted by this app.....certain one time codes that a company sends you in order for you to complete their sign-up/account confirmation process, are not recognized and therefore will not come through using the phone number that you are given/chose when using this app. I think this is an area that the app developers are working on, so hopefully the list of comparable SMS texts grows soon. Otherwise, this is a solid app that works great!

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Is Text Free: Texting + Calling Safe?

No. Text Free: Texting + Calling does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 104,008 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Text Free: Texting + Calling Is 15.1/100.

Is Text Free: Texting + Calling Legit?

No. Text Free: Texting + Calling does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 104,008 Text Free: Texting + Calling User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Text Free: Texting + Calling Is 15.1/100.

Is Text Free: Texting + Calling not working?

Text Free: Texting + Calling works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 3 Comments

By Anna Smith
Oct 17 2021

How to open the WhatsApp number

By Anna Smith
Oct 13 2021

I want to open my Textfree app

By Anna Smith
Oct 01 2021

How are I open

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