CNBC: Stock Market & Business Reviews

CNBC: Stock Market & Business Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-11

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-Positive on the new font, it makes reading easier and clearer to the eyes.

-I thoroughly enjoy and respect CNBC - the Network and the app - for my business news.

-The PIP feature is awesome.

20 CNBC Reviews

4.7 out of 5


Charts in new version are lame

The charting changed a few weeks back and it was a significant downgrade. I have used CNBC extensively for years. The charts were not amazing but very functional on a daily basis. The new charts, at least on my iPad, do not show the the most recent day. For awhile the small chart on the data page for a stock would show the current day but when I go to the full sized chart it is two days back??? Now even the small chart is two days back. Went to App Store and saw an update was available. Did the update. Same thing. Same style chart is used on yahoo and theirs work so come on. Also the standard deviation should use all of the data from the designated period and put a line on the chart, like it did before. A standard deviation is then a straight line and you can see where deviations in the data occur. The standard deviation now shows as a line below the chart and is apparently calculated over some unknown periods as it is not a straight line. Also can no longer select the moving averages I want I.e. 10 day 20 day etc. stuck with your choices and an envelope of unspecified numbers of days. Many other complaints but at least get it to the current day. All in all from very good to lame. If it doesn’t change I will be looking for a new app to use.


App no longer works with watchlists since Feb 1

I’ve used CNBC for years and had 5-6 watchlists across my various portfolios. In late Jan I was forced to create a login to be able to have access to my watch lists, I reluctantly did this. As soon as I created my list, I attempted to log in, which worked successfully, and saw my lists. However, every time I moved to any screen (ie another watchlist, a specific stock, etc) CNBC forced me to log back in again. Every single time. I tried everything, deleting CNBC (which resulted in me losing my watchlists completely), rebooting etc. no matter what, it always forced me to login every single time I try to change screens, CNBC is completely unusable for me. I then reached out to their support via CNBC and had multiple exchanges where I provided screen shots and exact behavior of the errors. At this point its been over a week and they have now stopped responded to me, so I am writing this negative review. I would love to use CNBC again, but need the developer to help me solve their app failures. Am I the only one that sees this type of behavior?????


Poor video streaming experience

I’ve used the this app iPad app for about a year in the mornings to stay updated on the markets and watch the news while I get ready or go through morning routines. There is rarely a morning where I don’t spend ~5+ minutes resetting CNBC or re-launching the video. 1) Anytime there is a commercial, the application loses the broadcast and video stops, resulting in permanent loss of playback until CNBC is exited and re-launched. 2) Picture in picture is even worse, loses playback once about every 15 or 20 minutes. 3) CNBC cannot keep track of my TV provider credentials. It will show me logged in, then only play 10min of preview content, then ask me to login again. After a (pull down) refresh on the watch tab, the credentials are back magically but it takes -minutes- to resume playback.

-When it works- CNBC is overall great, but this app developers have a long way to go for a consistent experience with video. Happy to run betas or participate in bug reporting program as I have some experience with iOS apps several years back.


Irritating alerts, irrelevant redundant stories

Even with “Major Breaking News” as the only alert it includes topics that are NOT. On a Saturday I have now received 2 alerts about Epstein committing suicide in jail. To me, this is not “Major Breaking News” and certainly not worth 2 alerts on a weekend. They do the same thing to announce tweets by various people as well as other items that are not major. They really need another classification for these that can be disabled.
It would be nice to be able to configure an alert if an index moved a certain %.
Is there a way to receive an alert on a stock in a watch list?
As other reviews have pointed out, the same story will also be duplicated throughout various sections. They really need to filter out the dupes.
It would also be great to have the option to disable the images both in the story preview list and the article itself (sorry Getty, but the stock photos of traders either shouting or pouting are just pointless).


Too repetitious

While there’s always an adjustment period as I learn my way around a new version of a favorite app, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to get past the way this one displays the same articles multiple times on the first page. I liked being able to scroll through a long list of articles on a variety of topics in Top News to get an overview of the day’s happenings. Now I need to link to specific pages to see more than 4-6 articles from a broad area of interest. And of those few, a couple are always repeats from a previous section.
My other gripes: the horizontal scrolling at the top of the page for market listings is slower; there’s no way to close the window after you look at details for a stock listing from a watchlist.
All that said, I’m hoping this app is listening and will improve the usability of this now very attractive app. Really, usability should come first.


Charts Issues

Issue #1: With the latest chart update it does not show the last 5 days in portrait (vertical) mode, instead it shows the last 32 hours of price data in portrait mode. This is not an issue when you expand the chart to view in landscape mode. The 32 hours of price data includes premarket, normal, and after hours data.

Issue #2: The latest update also removed the feature that allowed users to tap and lock onto the price at a specific time. This feature was replaced with crosshairs that do not lock to the price. It would be nice if CNBC gave users the choice to toggle between the crosshairs mode and the old mode (tap and lock).

In the meantime, I plan to use the Apple stock app because it still has the “tap and lock” feature. The Apple stock app also has a very cool feature that allows you to tap at a specific time with your left thumb, tap a second time with your right thumb, and then it shows the percentage increase.



When interviewing people involved with Bitcoin, the this app interviewer acts surly towards the people involved with Bitcoin. How Bitcoin is going to work, I do not know, but the this app staff have to do a series explaining BlockChain and how this app interviewers(who appear somewhat arrogant at times) arrived at their position. I am trying to read everything I can about Blockchain and Bitcoin, and It looks to me that a lot of individuals are very arrogant in their views about these new investments, yet, it is extremely difficult understand who the winners and losers are. If someone would explain, 1. how the Blockchain network is going to work, and 2. how efficient and safe can Blockchain be in the future. My credit card has a new sensor in it, and all I have to do is tap a card reader and the store will accept the payment. Is this a result of Bitcoin? How has Bitcoin changed the market, and who will benefit from Bitcoin?


No Background Audio Feature for iOS

The most annoying aspect of the this app iOS app Is that it does not provide for background audio, live streaming or otherwise, when navigating away from the this app app. I find this extremely frustrating bc I would like to listen to this app while doing other tasks. By not addressing user requests for this feature, it appears that this app doesn’t really care about it’s user experience.

this app needs to get some better software app developers and management. CNBC is quirky, clumsy and buggy in my opinion bc navigation does not work properly, volume levels are inconsistent and do not provide a loud enough range, and videos frequently fail to load and do not play consecutively in full screen mode.

On a positive note, I love the this app content and breaking news alerts. While many users criticize this app as having a liberal bias and for its up to the minute reports on Trump and geopolitical news, I disagree. Such news is indeed relevant and correlated to almost instantaneous market changes.


It’s not Specific to CNBC

I find that a constant stream of news and speculation leads to wild days and markets. Because of too much internet and too much information which may be exacerbated it causes violent swings.
Fifteen years ago most investors depended on News before markets, possibly futures. It’s apparent now that these “speculative analysts” have no idea why the Semi-Conductor sector has been like a literal roller coaster since January.
If Bernie Sanders says something that threatens a speculation at 3:50 PM there’s a sudden sell off.
It’s this constant stream and lots of independent investors across the spectrum of incomes that are decent but don’t meet the $300,000 minimum for a brokerage house, and this stream of information some rarely relevant in terms of a stocks health long term, that reeks havoc and turmoil. Combined with a disproportionately small number of people with Vasts sum of money that invest “Vegas Style” with for whatever the reason is legal Options Trading. These individuals are upset with Social Media when it comes to a trend in pouring money into Game Stop…not only inflating the stock of GameStop but all those call ins…
As said it’s more the times and culture than this app…but the analysis is becoming more speculation and they’re becoming comparable to Tennis commentators on the emotional state of players based on the momentum of the match…
Then you throw Pro in which 80% is on live TV…


New App is way too buggy

I’ve never ever left an app review but I’m compelled to drop one for the very first time. Although the PIP feature is awesome, I can’t however go a minute without a commercial suddenly dropping in the midst of a live broadcast. Furthermore I have to basically exit CNBC or click on Pro to come back the regular broadcast. Even after multiple deletions and downloads, this is becoming a vicious circle that’s not getting any better and is infuriating.
I’ve seen a couple of prior reviews having mentioned the same issue and I can’t even imagine the number of folks who haven’t taken a moment to drop a report/complaint.
CNBC is definitely worth more than my one start rating - when working properly - but I can’t believe it ever got green lighted for use as buggy as it is. I mean what was that rush!?
I have plenty of memory left so that isn’t the problem notwithstanding the fact that the prior version was working without a glitch.
Please fix ASAP!


So I cut the cord...

So I cut the cord.... and what a horrible experience it has been. I wasn’t watching anything but this app mostly anyway so why not, right? Well, app doesn’t recognize I have a pro subscription even though it says I’m logged in when looking at settings. Video streaming is touch and go. Audio goes in and out. App constantly needs to be restarted because of video freezing or audio not playing. Was sending horrible popping noises through my brand new iPad Pro bought last week. Audio was also messing with my Bluetooth speakers, sending the same popping noise through speakers that weren’t even showing connected to my iPad. $300 a year for a broken app? I’m trying to be calm but you guys are messing with my time and money. It’s infuriating. Is it too much to ask for a stable experience?


Love watching tv, but has bugs

I love to use CNBC to watch live tv while I’m at work or doing chores around the house. But there are bugs. Even though my direct tv password is stored in my iPhone XS and I have used CNBC daily, it starts in preview mode and a stops my viewing after 15 minutes. Usually when I click sign in, it works again.

Other changes that would be nice: i want to be able to keep listening to CNBC while I got look something up on my phone, text someone, etc.

I often do chores outside and set the phone down while listening to the tv on CNBC ; when it goes to commercial, frequently it just stops the video and my phone locks. I have to clean up enough to touch my phone and unlock the screen and restart it playing.


Improved But Still Needs Work

May have found a bug in latest 5.0.4 update.

Swiping along the top of the screen where the indices (US, EU, Asia, etc) and other data (Oil and Metal prices) are displayed is acting strange.

If I swipe left or right very (and I mean very) slowly, it will cycle through each one in order (US to EU to Oil to Gold to Bonds to FX to Pre-Market to Asia)

But if I swipe at normal speed, mainly to the right, it will always skip over displaying one of the data screens. For example, if I’m looking at Asia market data and swipe to the right at normal speed, instead of going to prior screen data which should be Pre-Market data, it will jump to FX data. And if I swipe right again, it will skip Bonds data and go to Gold data. If I swipe right again, it goes from Gold to EU data, skipping over the Oil data. I have to swipe left to get to the correct data that should have been displayed.

And I wish the “Condensed News” view option applied to all the individual news sections and not just to the main page/screen. For example, if I’m in the “Top News” or “Trending Now” section, the pictures are still needlessly too big vs the text displayed underneath requiring unnecessary scrolling. It would be great if the pictures could be made smaller using “Condensed News” option.


Problems on the new app design

Need a fix to use CNBC ipad pro because after the download it is missing the edit button for deleting a stock from a watchlist. It is there on my Iphone 8, but the Ipad pro it is not on the upper left corner as usual. Now x to close certain pages is missing on the Ipad, tho you can tap the top left corner and it seems to work most times. The same goes for videos if you stop before the end, no x appears to close them.
Positive on the new font, it makes reading easier and clearer to the eyes. Lastly news for individual stock normally contain news that has little or nothing to do with the stock, just used to fill the news area.

In addition on watch list there is no edit for individual stocks to be deleted off the list...bad design. Only have a link to add to the watch list, no delete but you can hit add cancel and get to the delete list, very very odd. Come on fix the x off buttons on ALL pages, add the delete buttons and get it right!

2/4 now if you look at one stock’s news, you get news from unrelated stocks, or any other news that is posted instead of the company that you choose, I don’t know why.


All of a sudden , it is very slow

For about 2 months , opening my this app app has been very slow .
It is also very slow when trying to read stories or switching from one category to another at the home page .
Have not had this problem with other apps like Charles Schwab and TD Waterhouse .
Another point , sometimes I can not find MelissaLee’s program’s Last Trade of the Day !
In addition , John Harwood is the most unprofessional reporter that I have ever seen in over 50 years of watching TV News.
He is unfair , totally biased and has blamed President Trump for almost everything that has happened to the USA since 2015 !
I watched the Presidential Election on this app from the beginning .
To see his Face was priceless .
24 hours earlier he had emphatically stated that there was no way Trump could win !
I could go on and on about how unprofessional he is and how biased he is but there is no need .
I am sure Walter Cronkite , or Huntley and Brinkley would have considered him a
“ Minor League “ reporter !
I try to go to the bathroom whenever he is on this app .
Why does Joe let him on the Show from 6:00-9:00 , Harwood never says anything positive ?


Live tv pro account

I don’t like that I am paying a very high sum for having this app pro and I can’t watch this app live tv after the market closes. Because I don’t have a cable tv network provider and I’m paying for this app pro mostly to watch this app live but I can’t see it after the market closes and I think that is really unfair and should be fixed. And another thing that is really upsetting is that when you are on the Apple TV app and watch an individual video the volume is very low and you have to turn it up to almost a hundred percent to hear it properly. And also about the commercial breaks, you should really put commercial breaks because I don’t like that my tv goes all quiet when the commercial break hits. Please change this things I really love your app!


Decent App, but some Reporting Bias

I’ve been using CNBC for over a year and am happy with it over all - with a few caveats. Number one is that I agree with other reviewers that this app writers stray a little too frequently from reporting insightful, fact based business news, and veer off into left leaning, anti-Republican slant. I don't mind it too too much since I can read polluted news and separate key information from the blather. But still... Actually, I find the broadcast channel to be more balanced and helpful than the articles in CNBC.

The other thing I would like to see is a tweak to the portfolio tracker. Right now it only tracks prices of stocks in your portfolio. It would be MUCH more useful if it also allowed user to input #shares owned, and purchase price. Then it would be a true portfolio tracker.


Bob in Paso Robles

I have been a avid fan of virtually all of the market related programs on this app since before Cisco was $80+/shr. However, there are some comments that bother me: when regular hosts suggest that a stock movement occurred due to individual investors. Since >75% of daily share volume is often said to be due to “algorithmic” trading activity, individual investors cannot move a stock like AMZN or TSLA. The importance of Computerized trading is further supported when the price of a stock bounces off of a low several times within a quarter. Individual investors could not possibly be responsible for the “bounces” that are discussed on Fast Money. So, how about sharing some of the equations and statistical approaches?
I just laugh when chartists suggest that a bounce was due to individual investor activity.


Used to be Amazing. Now Only Lag and Glitches

I have been a loyal user of CNBC for years. Love watching Mad Money after work or listening on the way home in the car. However recently, the streaming does nothing but crash. Every 30 seconds to 1 min the video stops completely and returns to the main screen.

Considering I pay hundreds for the Pro version this is beyond aggravating. I even tried to log into my cable provider to watch the basic stream and CNBC freezes and goes blank the instant I click Verizon. This all happens even when hooked up to the fastest WiFi that is available to the public.

Seriously considering deleting this for good and canceling my annual pro subscription. Very disappointed as this used to be my most frequented app.


Love CNBC, but

I thoroughly enjoy and respect this app - the Network and CNBC - for my business news. I think CNBC is terrific and would have given it 5 Stars if it weren't for the Pro version.

I understand the reasons why it exists, but I refuse to pay for news and interviews. Now if Pro had special context - shows, personalities and the like - I might purchase it, but from the headline feeds - it's nothing more than much of the same at a price.

If the plan is to migrate shows and more content that are currently on this app to pro, I will go elsewhere. We leaned in physics that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.


Turn down the Ad Volume

For years we have watch this app live on our 'tv' provider which cost us big bucks as we live in an area that is even difficult to receive OTA reception. But given the state of the streaming wars and our choices, we terminated our 'provider' and have since downloaded your this app app. -- we are now listening to this app audio/radio version - better than nothing. Again, for years, we have watched/listed to Joe, Becky and Andrew talk over their guests (which we never understood why they even bothered to have them on since the hosts only want to deliver their opinions). We have put up with the commercials - but thanks to smart TVs, the volume was under control.
IT WAS very refreshing to hear the "Judge" yesterday, 11/5 to chastise his co-hosts for being rude and speaking over the rest.
Now, since we have been listening to the this app RADIO version, the volume that your ads come way too often with a pitch that breaks eardrums (e.g. Subway Sliders, BETR.....need we say more?).It causes us to have to hit the volume down button or more importantly - for your purposes - the delete key. Get the AD volume under control. It should be an easy - required, fix.


Excellent News Content but poor Navigation

I don't know how I didn't stumble across CNBC in the past when it has the best news source and I really like reading my daily Business and Politics news from this app. The editors did a fine job. However a lot needs to be done for navigation and accessibility on CNBC . For example moving from one news story to another I cannot swipe and I have to go to the main home page and then pick my next story. As for accessibility - why are the text font so small? No matter how big I make the font on my phone the font of news stories is too small. Can you maybe introduce a small feature where users can tap in to increase/decrease the font perhaps? This would greatly help those who are vision impaired. I would have given it 5 stars otherwise.


Not as good as they used to be !

The obvious lean to the left of this broadcast has become more and more obvious, and I Would rather not know at all who somebody’s favorite president or politician is because then I don’t have to listen to criticisms that I don’t agree with or ones that I do agree with. this app was my most watched network and it has become my least watched network for that very reason. Guest on the programs are frequently rudely interrupted for not late breaking news but just information about something somebody thought was important but in the scheme of things not very important at all. this app is Not as bad as CNN but it is certainly headed that direction and much worse about it is it’s just a business network and is trying to be everybody’s news . You try too to do too Much and Succeed too little !


Guess parent rules household

I’ve worked in the financial services industry for 15years. I’m Series 7, 63, 65, Insurance licensed, CRPC and AIF. During my career I’ve watched this app on cable and app to keep up to date on market information, world economics, as well as monetary and fiscal policy in order to inform clients of the current environment.

Im done with this app!! Ive deleted the what used to be useful app for market and economic information. They’ve clearly caved to the parent NBC evidenced by the constant “Alerts” on Trump Russia news or any other “negative” Trump related news they choose to promote. I thought we subscribed to CNBC and channel for financial news! Where’s the positive economic news associated with this administrations policies?? Now let’s be clear. If you occasionally admonished the political party you secretly support, I’d at least feel you were trying to keep whatever journalistic integrity you may have left.

Currently seeking a financial app with a lot less political bias.


CNBC negative coverage on President Trump

By my own interpretation and count, articles covering or mentioning the President were negative or highly critical about 80% of the time, and favorables only occurred about 20%. More cunningly, to most readers not as observant as I am, the very selection of minor or unnewsworthy subjects that this app tagged on the president was over the top, IMO.

Dozens of the press equivalent of drive by shootings appear weekly and are inserted by this app editors who clearly disfavor Trump and the Republicans.

For proof, let’s have this app’s left leaning website editors post the entirety of articles covering Obama and his administration for the comparable week ending last year, 52 weeks ago. The insidious dislike of the President by this app is patently obvious.


Tad Better Than Yahoo Finance

This this app app is just a tad better than Yahoo Finance. It basically mimics the same news as Yahoo Finance. They let you read the company profile and P/E ratio, etc. That Yahoo Finance does not offer anymore. But as far as stock analysts ratings on stocks anymore. No one does that now days. Talk about income inequality. A self directed stock picker like myself. It makes it very difficult to pick stocks with little to no information to go on. Even E*TRADE has very limited (microscopic) research. By the way stock analysts opinion isn’t what it is cracked up to be. I picked a 5 Star stock based on all research that you could get a couple of years ago. I bought Gilead Sciences at $113 and it almost started immediately tanking. They had a low P/E ratio, lots of cash. Brought in a hot shot Dr. who was extremely intelligent in cancer research.
World renowned. The stock continued to tank. I cut my losses and got out at $68.



Tell Chris Matthews to stop interrupting guest. Katy needs to stop yelling it hurts a persons ears and causes anxiety. Day crew not near as professional as the eve/ night crews

As of late other then the night broadcasters and Nicole Wallace your team is a sell out. Your reporting team does not back their word changing their position to get ratings, doubtful this is working!! I am beginning to see MSNBC as a worst provider of news them FOX, we know this is a Trump broadcast however with the exception of RMS and Deadline you are trash reporting. For goodness sake get rid of Todd he is horrible, does not ask pertinent questions. Never disputes the obvious lies.
You had my undying support, no longer America has enough sell out from Trump and Company we do not need your lies. Shame on you for allowing this crap/propaganda you are contributing to the distraction of America.


Upgrade was a real downgrade

App used to be much better. Latest version lost the ability to have watch list or news scroll next to live broadcast. So now it’s either full screen or partial screen with other broadcast options on the side. Why could it possibly be superior to see fixed options of US, Pro US, Pro EU, Pro Asia over real time quotes of my watch list or the news?!?!? Anyone who is a pro subscriber knows their options. The rest of us, basic cable subs, have a static option of US live. So basically the screen went from lots of info to just broadcast. Major downgrade. The one actual upgrade was making audio only available, so CNBC can be minimized. I’m sure others are happy, but since I have Sirius that’s of no value to me. Wish I could go back to the old version. Was so much better!!!!


Type size change

Watchlist no longer in a nice easy to read format since they changed how text size is determined. Tried change in settings where they said to fix it but that then made a big mess out of my other apps & now trying to get settings back to my original ones. Very unhappy here. Guess I need to find a new stock tracking app.

Update-they now have a way to opt out of this feature...did that and all is now good again with CNBC.

One other feature that would be nice....have market close & extended show in columns next to each other instead of 2 separate screens.

Is CNBC Safe?

No. CNBC: Stock Market & Business does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 629,226 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for CNBC Is 15.5/100.

Is CNBC Legit?

No. CNBC: Stock Market & Business does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 629,226 CNBC: Stock Market & Business User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for CNBC Is 69.5/100..

Is CNBC: Stock Market & Business not working?

CNBC: Stock Market & Business works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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