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    I feel like The Oregonian does a fantastic job of completely researching and investigating news prior to reporting. I will say that some of the opinion articles need to be reviewed more closely for grammar mistakes, but I think that’s true throughout the industry and isn’t limited to The Oregonian. Are there ads on the app? Yes. Because investigation and reporting costs a TON of money and since we are all downloading a free app to get our news, they have to get money from somewhere. If you don’t want ads on your free news app, buy a subscription to a print newspaper and encourage everyone around you to do the same. Otherwise, deal with it.

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    Your Covid -19 stories

    Your Covid -19 stories lack facts. The headlines are used to spread panic. The total diagnosed or died from this virus will always go up. It is impossible for it to go down. So let’s concentrate on daily numbers and the curve. Also how many people are diagnosed or die from the flu in recent past years. I think actual factual numbers. Stories that tell us things like has a perfectly healthy person with no known health history died from this virus? Well all heard about the governor of Connecticut talking about the baby dying from corona when in fact the medical examiner said there is many tests that need to be ran and may take weeks to determine the true cause of death. How can you all make the determination before seeing autopsy reports? Thank you for your time.

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    Great so far, but timing of updates is terrible

    I do love the fact that this app is so informative and very much locally sourced, but I think it’s just as bad as good that it sends me updates at horribly early and inconvenient times. Change that fact and I’d give this app a five star all day long. I’ve also been thinking about how much I loved turning the page of a crisp Oregonian newspaper. That’s the worst part of the new age of information c I believe what I read here on OregonLive 100%, and we all can admit it is so hard to trust any of the big news channels. Stumptown until the grave!!!

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    So little news it’s hardly worth the effort

    Based on the news feed it seems the only thing Oregonians care about are dear Abby columns, the top ten houses for sale with finished basements, and opinion columns. Most of the news are a police blog- of arrests, and fires. There are occasional news stories of value, but too few. I am repeatedly disappointed by my sporadic visits to the app. I gave it two stars to give the web designers credit for functionality and the ability to research old articles- from when there was robust news reporting.

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    Goodbye RG

    For over 30 years I’ve enjoyed the Register Guard in Eugene. Since they’ve been sold (formerly locally owned) I’ve come to rely on the OregonLive/ The Oregonian for local news. I know I’m not alone in this. My hope is that the folks at OregonLive will grow to understand that their subscriber base has grown and respond with even more coverage of Willimette Valley issues.

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    Battery drain in background

    I was wondering why my battery would suddenly die, and then checked the battery monitor. I had seven minutes of screen time and seven hours 58 minutes of background time. That’s too much background activity. I’m assuming it’s their ads tracking my location or something of that nature. I like checking local news, but it’s not all that great of an app, there are a lot of ads, and the battery thing is a real problem.

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    Nice website ... for 10 years ago

    If you have one underpaid and overworked web person, I apologize. But if this is how you represent a *former* Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper in this fine city, well shame. I subscribe to a half dozen newspapers and, by comparison, fall asleep every single time I click on yours. The design is old and flaccid but what really gets me is that you appear to chase breaking news with the enthusiasm of a slug. Your shrinking print paper is a joke but not nearly as much as your web *presence.* I get it, you don’t care and it really shows.

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    Better than nothing

    I would like to be able to more easily see all relevant news from chosen user defined categories when I open up the app. As it is, the category filtering process is cumbersome at best. I just leave it at the default. Latest version super slow to load feed and stories (admittedly, I am on iOS 10.3, so that may play into the speed issue).

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    Autoplays video ads

    Video ads will play (with sound) when you scroll past them. This prevents one from listening to music or other content while reading their news. Other news apps let you disable auto play. Fix this disrespectful feature, and I will install this app again. Meanwhile I’ll use a browser with an ad blocker enabled to access your site; I am sure the advertisers prefer that outcome, right?

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    News Junkie

    I’m a self admitted news junkie. I appreciate getting the news in a similar format as in print. I still miss print, But I have to admit that I read the news on the go and in the format you present it to me.

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    Mediocre news for Portland.

    They replaced most local updated news with advice, sports, and articles about places to worsen your obesity with expensive food and justify your alcoholism with beer and wine bars. Occasionally they do good in depth articles about abuses of our shifty politicians on both sides of the spectrum. Unfortunately they seem to have gotten rid of most of their reporters, so when something big does happen, they won’t be equipped to cover it. I sometimes miss the comments, but I think they made me irritable most of the time anyway. I’d rather not know how many racists there are around here.

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    Fix your search function!

    Unless you are just aimlessly browsing, this app is pretty useless. I’ve searched for specific articles from the print edition—even days later—and used title keywords, reporter, unique last names, etc. Results that appear are typically years old, as if that is all that is indexed. At a minimum, why can’t I search on reporter’s name and find everything they’ve written? Ugh.

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    Excellent News coverage

    This is where I get my news, weather and sports information.

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    Great app

    I really like the O-live app and check it out everyday. I really like the comments that people leave with the various articles. Keep up the good work O-live. 👌😊

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    Oregonian is exceptional

    Sometimes it takes Oregonian researchers to publicly uncover citizen issues. I’ve noticed that good results often follow their journalists. I’m a grateful PDX citizen. Thank you Oregonian.

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