Chicago Tribune Reviews

Chicago Tribune Reviews

Published by on 2021-02-22

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Chicago Tribune Reviews

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    Peculiar missing feature

    Downloaded the app and it worked fine, BUT. There is no way to access the comic page (I like to read Doonesbury). I just spent 30-40 minutes talking to Trib Tech support and the best they could do, after trying several things and having me delete and reinstall the App, was to get me to the front page of the paper and having me move through the entire paper to page 41. The tech person specifically said that was the ONLY WAY to access the comics section! Weird IMO. And a pain.

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    Tribune cannot get it right

    Trib’s app two versions ago was excellent.... gets worse with each new version... stories are unnecessarily repeated and other s are dropped from view after 24 hours. Today, I read about a Johnny MORRIS as the 44th Greatest Bear of all time. Who was 45? I do not know because that article was taken off the app...Yet and still the article about Ron Coomer has been on the app for weeks. It is sad such little attention is paid to this app.

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    Keeps getting worse

    How can your app keep getting worse? I never used to have a problem opening the app or downloading the enewspaper. Now it opens and just hangs for what feel like a minute. When if finally opens the enewspaper just keeps circling and saying loading. Today it never opened. When all this worked why did you make downloading so difficult? In the past I have selected the edition selected all pages then save it to Apple Books and sometimes no pages save or only the fist pages. It usually take 3-4 tries before I get it downloaded and saved. How can you app get worse instead of better with each new version?

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    Articles should open in app

    The app is fine but the articles should open in the app instead Safari. Annoying to have to sign into the Tribune site when I have the app. This seems like a common feature on other apps, so hopefully this is a quick fix.

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    What’s with th huge pictures.

    Terrible update. I now have to scroll through mostly huge pictures. You said the update improved readability. NOT. If I want to see a bigger picture, I will select it. It is a waste of my time to scroll through these huge pictures. A picture is not worth 1000 words. Please give me an option for thumbnails.

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    Terrible Update (Jun 2019)

    Such a terrible update that it caused me to uninstall out of pure frustration. When headline or breaking news push notifications are clicked on from the Notification Center, it opens the app, then immediately opens Safari, where it asks me to sign in to my digital account, even though I’m signed in on the app. Then, when I close safari and open the app, it’s a crapshoot as to whether the story associated with the notification even appears on the app! I’m not sure what others are so jazzed about with this new update, but it’s made the app completely unusable for me.

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    If you like “Ads”

    This version is better than the previous version but that is really not saying much! I prefer the digital edition of the newspaper. This is why I subscribe. I can get it on the go and enlarge the paper for easier viewing. Unfortunately, access to the “eNewspaper” is buried under two levels. Navigation to the “eNewspaper” is not easy or intuitive. The eNewspaper is still bloated with ads. There are pages of ads that are not in the real paper and ads that pop up (reducing viewing space).

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    Your database stinks

    I am continually annoyed that as a monthly subscriber - auto pay- I am continually asked for my password when I try to connect to an email story you have sent me. If I have the app and am a known subscriber, then let me connect without having to login! You have issues monetizing your online content so why make accessing difficult to monthly subscribers?! We are the people you should be bending over backwards to please!

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    Hardly. Now one needs to maneuver several steps to get the paper. Then one one does it’s no longer a paper "look". What happened to the original look? It looked and acted as a real paper does. A step backwards. A re-review. Getting even worse. Loaded with paid ads now. Why? I subscribe to the print paper so I’m paying already for the ads in that. Download is horrid. Print becomes almost unreadable, especially at the back of the paper and especially on a day with a large edition e.g. Friday’s/Sundays. You really need to fix this

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    Version 5.0 is the Worst Ever

    The current Tribune app is unbelievably bad - layout and design are amateurish; key sections of the paper are missing; saved articles from previous version were not transferred; too much emphasis on photos rather than text & content; fonts are large and cannot be adjusted, although there is an option to do so. The company took a previously problematic but functional app and created a piece of garbage not worthy of the Chicago Tribune. Why couldn’t they simply have looked at the New York Times app for inspiration?

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    Annoying layout

    Be prepared to see the same article title 3 times in the same scroll- very annoying if you are a daily reader. I just wish I could see all articles by publish date. I end up walking away feeling like I missed a ton of recent articles or having to look way too hard to find the most recent articles... instead of feeling that I am “all caught up” on the news. I miss you last two applications you had ... they made much more sense.

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    Much Needed Upgrade (June 2019)

    The new update delivers some overdue improvements to the app. It finally feels usable, even though the aesthetics could use some tweaks (font size and image placement, for example, look much better in the NYT app). Overall very pleased with the upgrade in performance and usability!

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    Update is Awesome

    Just when I was about to cancel my subscription, they updated the app and it works great! Still a little weird that articles repeat themselves as you scroll down top stories, but it doesn’t crash any more!

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    New update (June 2019) much better

    They got rid of all the worst stuff - no more full page ads, no more freezing while opening an article. UI is much more pleasant and things are operating faster. Ads are less intrusive. Much needed update.

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    Update is beautiful!

    Great job, Chicago Tribune! Your app update solves MANY of the pain points the original version had. Best part is swiping from the left returns you back to the article selection - quite tastefully too if I may add. Thank you!

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