Coin Dozer Reviews

Coin Dozer Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-27

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Table of Contents:
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2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
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Coin Dozer Reviews

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    Fun game, but crashes too much

    I got Coin Dozer a few years back, and it's a really fun game. I like collecting prizes, keys, special coins, and puzzle pieces, but ever since you added special key events my game keeps crashing. It’s been a big problem, especially when it happens every day that’s not a special holiday event. For instance, right after the Thanksgiving event, the key events keep happening. Every time I get rid of the notifications on the menu, specifically entering/exiting the shop (without looking or tapping on anything on the page), it crashes. Most times, when I exit the prize area (it takes me there often when a prize falls down the middle;also, I want to sell my prizes again), it crashes. Every time I swipe out of it or swipe down the Notification Center, it crashes there, too. Today, when my game crashed after exiting the prize area (again), I try a lot, a bunch, tons of times to get back in, but out of all the lots, bunches, and tons of times I try, they crash me out. Now my questions are, would I not be able to play my game again? Do I have to wait until the next holiday event to play it again? Will these key events ever stop crashing my games? P.S. Despite the crashes and the not-being-able-to-come-back-to-the-game-thing, still fun game.

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    I love playing the game, despite the adds, however, have to watch those offers for “Free Coins”.... They will say you get free coins for Naming Countries, for instance, like a quiz. After you’re routed through two or three sites, you go thru naming 25 countries and then come to an entry page. That takes you to a sweepstakes fill out with submitting your email and info. You’ll never get rid of those sweepstakes emails!! I named ALL of the countries like requested and because I didn’t fill out the entry with email, NO Coins. Most offers for “Free” coins involve personal info, or you have to take advantage of the offers, THEN you get “free coins” .... Once I went to claim a prize and automatically tapped the treasure chest and they were slick.... They replaced the treasure chest with a ‘pay 100 Dozer Dollars’ for the Treasure Chest gift!!! A WHOLE 100 !! That is Sneaky!! I emailed but no response and then when I emailed again it was like just an auto reply. Nothing is “Free” .....they want your info and to sell Info, ect.... You don’t know who “they” are. Game is FUN.... but don’t get taken by the other stuff. Plus you have to pay your points for the “coin walls” they don’t come with the game. You loose a LOT of coins! If things improve I’ll update, but as of now, there are downfalls.

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    What happened

    This used to be my favorite game to relax and just waste time with and I’ve been playing it for years. I don’t know what happened but taking quizzes (getting 100%) and fully going through all the absolutely ridiculous surveys to earn dozer dollar and coins are NOT working. I have wasted countless hours doing them only to end up not receiving the bonuses at all. Sent them emails, nothing back, nothing credited to my game. I’m out more hours (over 20 hours now) and over $1212 bonus dollars. Won’t buy anymore either in fear of not receiving those either. My favorite relaxing game has become so stressful that I’d rather just delete it and find something else. When they updated the game it all quit working, prizes are automatically places on the sides so they fall off immediately. There’s just no fun left in the game now. It’s sad because now I have to find something new and start all over. Game circus needs to credit my game and fix whatever they broke when it updated. No reason to drop bonuses on the sides, it just makes it pointless. Without dozer dollar bonuses not working, it’s just constantly pushing coins and nothing else. They’ve ruined a very popular and fun game. I’m not sure what the end result was that they were hoping for but I see I’m not the only one that this is happening to. 😡

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    I actually really like the simplicity of this game. I think the act of dropping coins and watching them push other coins off is cathartic. However, none of that matters to me when I feel like I’m being screwed with. Coin Dozer has a currency known as Dozer Dollars. You can use Dozer Dollars to buy prize chests and other bonuses to make your coin yield more wild. And as is the norm with free to play games, you can complete offers to get extra Dozer Dollars. You can probably guess where I am going with this now, as the only way a person can be scammed by this game is by taking an offer and have their reward refused. Small offers of Dozer Dollars (<200) are safe to take because they are small enough that you will exhaust those dollars quickly. However, as soon as you take one of the “best deal” offers (~1000+), suddenly your Dozer Dollars don’t show up quickly. So you wait 24 hours. No dollars. You submit a support ticket. Ticket pending. 32 hours later?: Ticket Rejected. Even after sending multiple pictures confirming that an offer was completed, your rejected help ticket will be rejected again, and you don’t get your Dozer Dollars. Yeah no. Wasted my time playing OTHER slot machine apps only to get shafted by their offer system. I’m not following this carrot on a stick any longer

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    Not getting my coins

    I enjoy this game however, there are way to many adds. The same ones over and over and they block the game while you are playing! It’s ridiculous. In addition,PLEASE get rid of balloon pop, it’s the worst! The balloon pop coin game is nothing but distracting and gets in the way of the game. If anything, slow down the amount of B-Pop coins, like maybe once every 10 min. There are a lot of ways to get free coins. I’m getting very frustrated by the false advertisement with some of the games. One was the game Gummy Drop, it said get to level 31 to get 1638 coins. It took me almost 2 weeks to get to level 31, in fact I’m now at level 35. Guess what, NO COINS were added to my game. Well you can Imagine that I’m upset I spent so much time getting to level 31 for no reason. This is not the first time this has happened, it has happened several times but I spent the most time on this one. My advice, don’t waste your time on any games that take time to earn coins. I’m trying out a new coin game today, maybe I will have more luck.

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    Used to be fun.

    Downloaded this game when it first came out, and it was a fun, chill, addicting game. Used to just drop coins and win more coins or win prizes for my collection. Now, there is way too much going on in this game. You have to collect prizes for boosts, keys for chests, puzzle pieces, chips for wheel spins, etc. It is almost required to watch an ad every few seconds just to get anything done. In my game each coin is worth 2, which is nice when you win a couple, but every time I drop 1 coin, it subtracts 2 from my total. Coins regenerate every 30 seconds or so, and guess how many you get added to your total after that time... just 1. Unfair. I had never run out of coins before, and could keep playing and enjoying. Now, coming back, I ran out of all of my 350 coins within five minutes. The game also crashed 2 times within that time frame. Game is just stressful if anything now. Oldest game in my library, and it’s definitely getting uninstalled. Will be looking for a game that plays like the older version before developers got greedy.

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    A sad player here

    Played coin dozer a couple of years back. Had to see how it is nowadays.. not exactly what I expected. Had fun with this app before but now it’s terrible. Any living person with a brain and common sense knows what happened. Greed. I get in this app and see “welcome offer” and then I get an offer to drop a piece.. bu buy buy deals everywhere crowding the screen! And if I sit idle for twenty seconds an advertisement is up. Ridiculous I can’t set it down for a minute and have an ad which closes the app and causes problems. Back when I played before we had coin shower, giant coin, coin walls, gift coins, and XP Coins... now there’s ten million different specialty coins... hardly any dozer action if you call it that. I see an ad for a wheel spin or a treasure chest or some balloons. I’m disappointed, expected to get good nostalgia in a few more years but I won’t be revisiting this game. May even delete it. Have other games I enjoy far more with minimal ads and all that bull crap. Don’t get this game if you need something to relax, it just works me up.

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    Can never win

    At first I thought this would be a really nice way just to chill the brain for a bit after work. But there is a couple flaws in the concept. First, in reality these machines are stacked with coins ready to drop. In this game, you have to actually fill it with coins first before you can even attempt to push coins over the edge. There are so many empty spaces it takes quite a bit just to fill it up! This seems silly to use your coins to fill the machine just so that you can play to get them back. And you will only get a small percentage back, so there is never any way to win at this game. Please fill the machine completely, so that we can play for profits, instead of the coins we put in. Second, it would be nice to play different machines as you level up. This one machine will get old really quick like. Third, you should get rewarded with coins in the bank as you level up. Otherwise, what is the point of leveling up? This game is a great starting concept, but needs a lot of work.

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    Very addictive

    I used to love this game. The mindlessness of dropping coins was a great stress reliever. I agree with someone else’s comment that they hated the balloon pop bonus game. So many times, I have finally gotten the walls on the sides to come up, and then along comes a baloon pop coin, and I waste precious seconds playing the game to make it go back to the coin drop. More times then not, just as the screen comes back, the walls drop and I lose that advantage. My biggest complaint is losing the ability to trade in prizes for more coins. When you end up with 15 or more of one prize, it was great to be able to trade them when you ran out of coins. That ability disappeared with no explanation about a month ago. Then all of the sudden, it came back for three or four days. Now again, when you click on a particular prize, you get a pop up message explains what that prize does. PLEASE bring back the ability to trade prizes for coins!

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    suspension of mischief

    for seven years I've wanted so much to like this game. I download it every so often just to delete it... where do I start??? no cloud saving, this game was created during the golden age of app games yet it's never been apart of game center, okay? but apple still allows in-app purchases, to anyone unaware: if you delete the game or you replace your iphone your data is gone forever... the developer is an ad junkie, and that's not a bad thing, but it is when you don't offer a way to buyout your ads. maybe, like four dollars or whatever to live ad free? I understand the need to be paid, but literally ever three seconds a video ad option for coin walls, etc. show up. that's not a great experience and makes the game absolutely cumbersome and completely tedious. there's various ways to make video ads work -- maybe take some advice from he-man: tappers of the universe, those developers know what they're doing and don't flood the user. again, I'd love to be apart of this game and support game circus but you make it very hard to do so.

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    Boring game

    You have about 30 tokens to use daily and each time you think you’re winning some and getting somewhere... think again... basically playing just to level up and pass by time however with the 2 to 5 min you’re actually playing the game.. the rest is waiting for more tokens or watching ads. Probably one of the most boring games ever. Each time you put a coin in.. the game is designed to waste a few tokens that is inserted to where the physics of the gameplay is absolutely trash. Try to stack them in a perfect line and they move as if the table was tilted randomly where the tokens will be forced aside to push the others in the discard holes. Aka just a waste of time and loss of tokens. Minigames are kindof interesting but again just boring game in general. If they gave more tokens in return id rate it a 3 star with the ads and all, however, in all honesty i’m giving this game between a 1 to 2 star.

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    Used to enjoy it

    Several years ago I had this game on my phone and I really enjoyed playing it. It was simple and had a “unique” style in the sense that there weren’t any other games like it. But playing it now is just awful. The main screen is just filled with buttons that clutter up the UI. Hey here’s a button to gain 1 “free” giant token for a 30 second ad, same goes with any other power up that pops ups way too often. Honestly wish you could just turn it off or have it moved to a separate menu. Then there’s a pop up to spin the wheel for “free” yet you have to watch an ad to do it. Honestly everything is designed to make you have to watch ads or pay money for tokens. It’s a freakin coin dozer game, why would anyone pay money for tokens that are ultimately going to end up lost anyways. It’s so pathetic. I’d suggest spending money on something that actually has value instead of a worthless token game.

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    So... this emulates the arcade style experience of those coin dozer games at arcades at the theme parks but this game just continually throws ads at you. I understand/respect that the game is free to play and they need to make their money somehow but the way the ads are done is just abusive. Let me explain how abusive: it takes 30 seconds to earn a coin to use for the game which is fine as it tries to make you place coins strategically instead of dropping all of them at once but if you are inactive for 30 seconds the game plays an ad while you wait for that coin to regenerate and nearly all the times the ad cannot be skipped. I can get past and respect the banner ad at the bottom of the screen considering it does not get in the way of the experience but the ads that play automatically after 30 seconds of waiting for more coins gets in the way and becomes abusive as more and more come at you.

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    Frustrating fun

    The game’s concept is fun. However, there are some issues that really detract from the enjoyment. For example, quests are currently broken. While on vacation, I’ve played daily for the last week, and ensured I complete the quests daily. That requires a lot of play time due to the very high quest completion requirements. Despite completing each quest daily, the game shows I’m on “Day 1” instead of “Day 7” (which I can only assume offers better rewards). There are far too many advertisements. Some of which intrude on the game itself. Another complaint is the exorbitant cost for some of the “boosts”. Want walls (helps guide the coins towards payout)? The cost is 6 Dozer Dollars (the game currency) for around 9 seconds worth. Overall, the game is only fun when playing in airplane mode to avoid the advertisements popping up every 20 seconds. I’ll be deleting this game.

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    I give it a 3/5

    The ads to get free coins are a scam! There was never an ending point in all the surveys I took looking at all the reviews most people had the same experience I had y’all should really do something for that it really scams people out of there time and also waiting 30 sec for 1 coin is to much I don’t want to play it anymore I’m thinking about unstalling it because I don’t wanna wait that that long just to get 1 coin out of it how are you suppose to get people to play if all you give them is one coin & sometimes that one coin doesn’t get you no where so there you are waiting hour to atleast have 50 coins at most . Absolutely stupid right? That’s what I looked like dumb af waiting that long for a good 50 & just like relationships if you have me looking stupid you’re done . 💀

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Is Coin Dozer Safe?

No. Coin Dozer does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 83,722 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Coin Dozer Is 18.7/100.

Is Coin Dozer Legit?

No. Coin Dozer does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 83,722 Coin Dozer User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Coin Dozer Is 18.7/100.

Is Coin Dozer not working?

Coin Dozer works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Margaret Higgins
Jun 02 2021

This game is now terrible. Longer ads, less coins and cannot purchase coins by selling prizes. I used to love this game but no longer I will not be playing again

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