Logos Bible Study Tools Reviews

Logos Bible Study Tools Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-04

Read the Bible and make use of commentaries and reading plans. You can save any
book or Bible you own for offline use. Get free resources when you download the
app and sign in, and do better Bible study with exclusive Logos Bible study
tools. Make Time for Reading—Even When You’re Booke...

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Logos Bible Study Tools Reviews

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    Lots of Tabs - Poor Instructions on Usage

    I have used Logos "Diamond" level desktop version 7 for the past eight years and have no complaints about its resources or functionality. However, I cannot say the same for this “new” iPad tab version app and its functionality. Compared to the previous version, which I have used during the last two years, Faithlife has failed to forewarn users of such sudden changes in its software, nor has it provided adequate information or instruction for previous version users to migrate to this new design. How unfortunate and yes, I did review those “Speedy Gonzales videos. What a waste of programming time with absolutely no real instructional substance. I was blindsided from one day to the next when I opened the app and found you I am now ignorant on how to get from one aspect of the program to another. You got it! I am not happy with Faithlife’s sudden approach in forcing current users to learn a new way of navigating its app software, without adequate warning. At the very least, Faithlife could have given current users the option of remaining with the old navigation menus that are engrained in one’s mind and then allow users to switch once better “tab” menu instructions are available. David Zachary, MTS

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    Good but...a few tweaks

    I have evolved in my use of logos so my experience has touched all platforms, desktop, iPads, and now iPhone. Now iPhone has been my go to platform for its mobility, it slips into my pocket right? The others can’t do that. I talk to a lot of people one on one about the gospel and theological issues. This app gives me freedom to do that without leaving notes behind. At any moment I can be talking to someone and have all resources at my thumbs. So where is the rub so to say? Imagine this; you could still Ike up a conversation with a stranger on the street. I always assume I have only minutes to give the gospel into their hands. Most of the time I don’t need logos but when I do I need turbo performance. I pull my phone out get up logos find reference, easy enough right? The next move is a cap shoot, when I need the drop down options to pop out at the top and bottom of the phone. They as mad to hide, which is good. I swipe up, nothing, I swipe down, nothing, left right tap tap tap, what the heck is the problem. Then later when the conversation is over, there it is like a mole. Can you spell FRUSTRATION... three stars for now. Too I hav a major frustration with the desktop app. I have to call in for that. Can’t type that fast.

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    Love the update except for one annoyance...

    **Update - Adding a star for amazing customer response. My Recents are already back! Thanks so much for bringing such a powerful and easy to use reference tool! The new update with tabs is phenomenally helpful, making it very easy to switch between several references easily. But in the update one helpful feature was dropped. In looking up references, you had three choices for selection: Verse, Contents and Recent. The Recent choice allowed me to bounce around several resources but easily look back to where I had started from and return to it. This is especially useful when I am studying through a book but then bounce around other books while listening to a message. It’s very easy to see, and return to, where I was in the book I was studying through. Now the choices are Verse, Contents and Favorites. Not nearly as useful as I will have to remember to select a passage as a Favorite before going anywhere else. Please give me my Recents back. :)

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    Taking Notes and View Scripture is STILL a Pain

    The new version is an improvement, but my issues still remain unaddressed. Please let us open AND CREATE by default our notes and community notes as a secondary document. Original Review: I really enjoy using Logos on my computer. I use the iOS application to keep track of my prayer list, do my daily scripture/devotional reading, and review bible study notes before bible study. One major things keeps me from giving this application five stars. It is essentially impossible using my old iPad (4th generation) or even my new iPad Pro 10.5” to simultaneously take notes and review scripture. This is a HUGE drawback. If you try to review surrounding scripture, it closes (and saves) your note. If you are doing a public note, you CANNOT edit the note after it saves. iOS now allows me to use the ESV bible app with the Logos app so I now can (finally) not have several bibles out during worship services (I look like I am working on a term paper each Sunday morning). Logos should allow me to take public notes while using their application by default. I cannot imagine a circumstance using an iPad where you want the note to freeze your reading materials.

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    Great Vehicle, But Rides Ruff

    This vehicle doesn’t have a fine tuned automatic transmission, that glides through the gears with smoothness and ease, so be prepared to shift gears manually—and tolerate the occasional gear grinds. It has a heater and air conditioning but they don’t always work as efficiently as they should. It has all the bells and whistles but, sometimes takes work to use them. There are lots of accessories to purchase to improve the vehicle—which is highly recommended by this owner. There is no warranty so don’t bother with complaining—or offering useful suggestions for improvement—to the manufacturer because they know what you need better than you do—you’ll just have to drive it like it is. Though your journey is long, this clunky vehicle is getting me to where I am going better than any other that I have driven so far—she’s a top of the line vehicle. May the living God bless you as you travel in this vehicle!

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    Improving but not very useful

    The app is improving but it is my least favorite bible app. Two main issues are a lack of a coherent design philosophy that makes the interface inconsistent and confusing and sloppy implementation of the features that do exist. I tend to buy duplicate copies of Logos resources in olivetree if I want to use them on mobile. If bandwidth is available the web version of Logos is far superior no crashes much more functionality. Latest annoyances other than crashing are the inability to access tablee of contents or index in csb bible notes with out going to gen 1:1 or rev and manually scrolling. Inability to switch book to book in commentary sets. Olive tree does all these so I have to purchase more duplicate resources. By the way I would have posted these comments as feedback elsewhere if you had a method of providing feedback (your forums appear to not be actively monitored).

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    Incredibly well thought

    Logos is a fee-based product, offering a ton of very up-to-date resources (plus all of the classical resources one gets with free products). In terms of overall cost, Logos is fairly expensive, but worth the cost. In terms of the app, very nicely done. One swipes to the left or right to view different resources, or clicks an internal link, etc. It is very easy to navigate, which is important considering how many resources one might use in a given study. I would like the app to have the same functionality as the desktop version (Sermon Editor, for example, is view-mode only in the app), but I imagine that the app would be even larger still. As I use my iPad while writing my sermon by hand or typewriter, and then on the desktop, I don’t find this an issue. Logos is very impressive overall. The app is very well thought.

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    An honest assessment!!

    Logos is a genius application/ forum. It’s a “one stop shop”! I love the fact that it has lots of literary options to choose from. Logos has an application that can be shared with friends from church, work, school, or even a online bible study group that was put together on social media! This app has tools that I’ve found to be extremely useful. This app makes studying and even navigating through references easier, especially when I’m preaching. It allows me to flow through the subject matter seamlessly! The daily bible study guide, commentary, and lexicons are amazing! There are a few things that I would like to see made easier, more accessible, and available. But its flaws are eclipsed by its pure awesomeness!! I mean could you imagine what the actual full version can do? I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT AND CANT IMAGINE USING ANYTHING ELSE!!!!!

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    Good app but font is horrible

    It's a shame you cannot change the font, just size. Why can't we have the option of changing the text to display in a font for the user to choose. The default (and only) one is ugly. I would prefer a more classical, more pronounced serif one. Those are better for reading long texts. Some people like sans serif, though. People with dyslexia can really benefit from the Open Dyslexia font. Some people like monospace. Give us options. Olive Tree does a really good job at this, why can't you give us font options? Also, I have over two thousand resources. We should be able to favorite the resources we use the most in a separate section so that we can readily access them at any time. And please categorize the resources we own into bibles, devotionals, magazines, etc. like you do in the Logos store (check how Olive Tree does it). You already do that for the daily readings section with devotionals. Just apply it to all resources.

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    Request for change

    I am enjoying the new design. I’ve used the feature to show my favorite bible. It is nice not to have to look for the Bible but that I just have to click the button. I like being able to keep as many books / resources open as I want. My request for change: can you add a way to “lock” the resource into full screen mode? I want to keep the menus off the screen while I scroll up or down. Right now the menus show up and cover the viewing area. When I am reading in low light mode, I’m distracted by the sudden change of color on the screen when the menus appear. Could the menus also change color to match the low light color scheme? For example, I’ll be reading in while in bed. My background will be dark and when I accidentally bump my screen down or scroll a bit toward earlier in the book, the stark contrast of the white menu on the black reading background causes me to glance away from the text I’m reading. I’ve been trying to get used to it for three weeks and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to adjust to this. I’ve been able to adjust to the other changes and I’m enjoying it. But after three weeks of trying out the app, I decided to request the change. Thanks for listening.

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    Online titles are great

    Overall the product (desktop, laptop and mobile) is solid. I’ve had the logos 6 for a couple of years now and honestly I bought it thinking that I would use it way more often. Due to it being way more difficult to use than I thought it should be I quit using it until recently. After giving it another shot and a lot more time it’s been growing on me again. BE AWARE there is a BIG LEARNING CURVE for new users. The depth of study is incredible. Compared to other programs/Apps it is good, if your looking to invest some time and a chunk of change to study this is the one for you. If you don’t need a ton of resources than maybe consider an alternative. I’m not trying to dissuade anyone at all, but it can be a substantial investment so do your homework. Regards

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    There when you are

    Living in a time when time itself is sometimes hard to come by, it’s nice to have an app like Logos to turn to. Even if you only have a few minutes you can read something uplifting and encouraging from God’s word. A few minutes is better than nothing. I’m reading Systematic Theology. Ya...I know. Pretty deep. But, I taking it in small doses. With Logos I can read a little at a time and the app saves my place, so when I return I can pick up right where I left off. You really have the option to do whatever you want to do. You can either do a simple devotional and Bible study, or you can do an in depth study. This app has incredible resources cross-referencing ability at your fingertips. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys studying God‘s word...

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    Awesome app, needs some new features though!

    I’ve been using this app for several months now - first subscribing to the monthly subscription for a small collection of books and now for Logos 8 Gold. I like it. It’s nice to read on. You can access some basic features of Logos through this app. But! I’m using the iPad Pro and the iPad Pro has a powerhouse of cool features - the Cadillac of tablets for the Cadillac of Bible Study software. Unfortunately, Logos is not utilizing all of the features of the iPad Pro - most notably, being able to use the Apple Pencil for the Canvas feature of Logos 8 would be amazing. For some reason - the Apple Pencil isn’t much good except for turning the page in this app though! When I see FaithLife incorporate more of the iPad features (most of which aren’t even unique to iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 utilizes a fancy computer pencil as well), then I will gladly come back and give this app a 5 star review.

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    An awesome app for learning and studying the scriptures

    This bible app is extremely helpful ! There are so many resources to choose from and it really makes studying the Bible a lot easier . At first the app was a little bit hard getting use to , I had to go on the logos website to see how to use the basic features. After that though it is pretty simple , just takes some getting use to , I highly recommend using this app , especially for some personal study or preparing a sermon , it is just really great all around ! May God continue to bless those who made this app , they are helping their brothers in Christ grow in the word of God and helping them understand the Bible better! I once again highly recommend getting this app ! God bless !!

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    Great step in the right direction!

    I was glad to see the overall change in the layout of the app. The tab idea is genius and should make mobile bible study much more efficient. As other users have reiterated, more care to the note function would be nice as well as eventual inclusion of a sermon editing feature. I preach directly from my iPad, and upon occasion as I am prompted by the crowd, the Holy Spirit or something I forgot to include, it would be nice to on the spot edit my sermon content. Lastly, if personal books could ever be synced to my iPad that would make this app head and shoulders above any others of its kind. Also, scriptures within a sermon do not seem to hyperlink when accessed from a mobile device, only when viewed on a computer. Overall glad to see the update, keep up the good work!

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Is Logos Bible Study Tools Safe?

Yes. Logos Bible Study Tools is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 73,783 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Logos Bible Study Tools Is 48.4/100.

Is Logos Bible Study Tools Legit?

Yes. Logos Bible Study Tools is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 73,783 Logos Bible Study Tools User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Logos Bible Study Tools Is 48.4/100.

Is Logos Bible Study Tools not working?

Logos Bible Study Tools works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Have a Problem with Logos Bible Study Tools? Report Issue

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  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Logos Bible Study Tools to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Logos Bible Study Tools customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Logos Bible Study Tools.

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