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About: Have your world explained wherever you go by TIME, the most trusted brand in
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Download this app and join our global audience of more than 70 million people.This app delivers the news 24/7 and includes TIME’s award-winning newsletter The Brief—the 12 things you need to know now—plus features, stunning photography and video.

Have your world explained wherever you go by TIME, the most trusted brand in news.


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Key Benefits of TIME

- Provides great articles and news stories

- Has interesting top 10 lists

- Thumbnail slideshow of top stories is visually pleasing

- Screen transitions and content revealing are interesting

20 TIME Reviews

2.6 out of 5


Pretty Useless

TIME in its current incarnation offers nothing that can't be accessed through a mobile web browser. I gave it a shot after seeing the audio feature advertised, but it's only for The Brief, not for articles. this app recently made the poor decision to remove the audio feature from their digital version of the weekly, which ultimately prompted me to cancel my print subscription. Simply grabbing headlines from the home page of their website and pushing the top stories into a useless app is evidence that the people behind this magazine are just not understanding what features readers are looking for these days: mobility and versatile accessibility in a single, simple format. There isn't even a way to sign in or search for articles in this version. Try again, please.


Proofread, please!

You're one of the most trusted publishers in the world an 80% of your article on TIME have stupid typos. Edit, review, re-review...anything! Step it up, this app, Inc.


wish the subscriber only content was made for the app

I wanted to read the subscriber only content, so I registered my subscription. I was taken to the website (shown within TIME ) and I had to deal with a page that was too large to fit on my iPhone. I couldn't even resize the page. After registering, it took me 10 min to realize that I had to sign in at the bottom of that webpage. I thought it was in the settings for TIME . After I signed into the webpage, I could read the article. But of course it's a webpage, and not made to fit my iPhone. I couldn't zoom in or out, so I had to scroll across the screen. In landscape mode, the text was able to fit without scrolling sideways. There's also columns on either side where all the ads are. I really wish they would have integrated the magazine articles into the iPhone version of TIME, like they did for the iPad.


The Brief page has not updated since April 12

Since phone update...,please fix


I already subscribe!!

I signing in. Then it brings up the issues then I cannot open the current issue unless I buy it for $6.95. No way Jose! To me TIME is crap.


Not the best... LESS than I expected from Time!

Why hasn’t The Brief changed since April 15, 2020???? SUBPAR APP... this app should be ashamed that this is their flagship App ... underwhelming to say the least


App Locks Up

Recently TIME locks up when you try to email an article.



Way to absolutely kill your brand.


Apps with personality

A drawback to a lot of these big news source apps is that they lack a lot of personality. Although the this app mobile app does deliver content, there isn't anything truly special about the experience. I'll start with the pros: I love the thumbnail slideshow of the top stories. Its the most visually pleasing part of the application. There are some interesting things happening with the screen transitions and content revealing, but I think that can be played with a little more to enhance the user experience. Cons: The color scheme that is used is a bit too harsh and the font is generic and bland. The subcategories within the main news frame are kind of annoying to find because you have to swipe through the entire list to see what's available. I think a horizontal scroll of some sort would make content a bit easier to navigate.


Needs a bit of work

I love this app. The content that they write is usually far superior to other magazines such as Newsweek. TIME is a bit of an exception I'm afraid. The new and updated version is better than the former, but it is still incredibly buggy. The buttons aren't natural, meaning they don't depress, rather a boxed shadow goes over them when you tap them which looks very poorly constructed. I do like the picture news headlines although. TIME would be a 5 star for me if they fixed the bugs and made it a much smoother reading experience, which is a task that is far from impossible to complete.



I originally downloaded TIME about a month an a half ago and couldn't figure out why I kept getting the, "An error occurred during authentication, please try again," error message each this app that I tried to sign in. So finally, I delete TIME , went to Safari and, since I'm a print subscriber, tried to log in thinking it would be faster. I got the same message! Tried to change my password and it wouldn't recognize my user name. So, being the accidental hacker that I am, tried to enter the e-mail address in ALL caps and, voila, it allowed me into the all access version. Have since tried it on my iPad it works nicely. If I didn't figure that out, I would have definitely not renewed my print subscription!


From bad to worse.

I've had TIME for about 3 years. It used to be decent except for some problems I have listed below which have have never been fixed. Since the most recent update TIME has gone downhill. The news just doesn't refresh often enough and they took away the quotes section. The new sections haven't refreshed in a month. TIME
Is no longer worth my this app.

Seriously!? How hard is it to get an update out with two finger swiping zoom? The user interface is better but still has a major flaw. As you delve deeper into a story or article through links many of them are hard to read without a zoom feature. It's ridiculous this hasn't been fixed yet. The only reason I have kept TIME is because it's a great source of news.


Still crashes when loading articles

this app Mobile has some of the very best in-depth (for mobile) articles out there, once you can get to an article long enough to read it. TIME crashes mainly when loading articles. Some articles crash 5 times before a successful load. Other articles crash only one this app before a successful load. Rarely do I find an article which loads clean an the first load.

I have my own special tricks which seem to improve my chances of loading clean: 1) don't do things too quickly, instead give TIME this app to load the article. 2) if possible, slowly scroll past the image/media at the beginning of the article -- that seems to be the biggest reason for crashing.

These steps only increase my chances of reading an article a slight amount, but I at least feel like I have better chances. Once an article is fully loaded, however, the chances are very high that you can read the entire article.

Is all of this worth it? Yes! Maybe they are crashing TIME on purpose to increase the mystique of the articles - something that you have to work for :-)

I do hope they get this fixed!


Scanner always works flawlessly this way . . .

You do not scan the "scan symbol" found on certain pages, but you scan that which is mentioned within the "scan symbol brackets". For instance, in the "Wireless" issue, the first scan symbol states "Scan this map". Therefore, scan the nearby map and not the "scan symbol" and you get an instant positive response. It took me a half hour of scanning the "scan symbols" before I figured it out.
I gave TIME a full five stars but they could have saved me some valuable lifetime if they could have defined the scan target more clearly.


I love the top 10 lists

Great app! Very interesting top 10 lists (which are actually sometimes more than 10, e.g., top 50 websites for 2009). You have to tap and hold on a link to open or copy it. No big deal once you realize it. It would be nice, though, if it would remember where you left off when you leave TIME (e.g., to open a website link or answer a call) and come back. As is now, you are brought to TIME 's home screen and you have to navigate back to where you left off (if you remember), which can be a PITA if you were in the middle if a top 50 list.



Would give TIME a better review because it does have great news stories. However, often stories are only a few lines long and are basically a brief description of their headline. If this problem was fixed I would gladly adjust my rating. Until then it is a 3 star app because I only get about 3/5 of the articles. More top 10 lists would also be a wonderful addition as it seems they only add one or two a month and they are too often about fashion and other non-news worthy garbage.


Sweet app like Time Mobile for iPhone & Time Magazine for iPad

this app Mobile for iPhone is a great app. I'm running it on my 2nd generation iPod Touch along with the CNN app by CNN Interactive Group and the New York Times app for iPhone. this app Magazine app for iPad by the way is also very appealing. I've been tempted to buy iPad -- not planning to buy a first generation model though but will get a new and improved iPad in a year or two from now.

In the meantime this app Mobile for iPhone is a worthy app for any iPhone or iPod Touch to read news.


5 Stars for Best Articles I Know are There

After the latest update, "Hierarchy Download Failed" is the only thing to be seen when opening TIME . App has ceased working completely.
The articles on TIME I have read so far are SOOOO GOOOOOOOOOD that even if it does not work it deserves 5 stars. No other app serves better articles.
Thank you this app for the service so far. I hope your app would cotinue as usual, if not, I thank you greatly for the great articles served so far, sadly, farewell.


Failed a crucial test for me....off line reading ability

App is okay and well laid out, but TIME failed an important feature that is critical for a news app, and that is caching for off line reading. Sometimes a story would be readable off line, other times not, it was hit and miss. So I've deleted off phone and rate 2 stars. If TIME would quickly load/cache all stories in a minute or less for off line reading as the AP news app does, then I would have rated this no worse than 4 stars. For now my only two news apps are AP and NPR, both of which fully cache their text articles for offline reading.


Very disappointed!

Well...first of all let me say that I like very much the iPhone free version, so this should have been 4-5 stars. However, I'm very much disappointed by the iPad version.
Why should I pay $5/week for a digital issue that doesn't even cost money to print or to ship...?! This is even more outrageous considering that the printed annual subscription costed me only $19 (52 issues, i.e., only $0.36/printed-shipped issue!). If this is their idea of "saving" journalism, ripping off their loyal customers is clearly not the way to go! Considering thieir saving in printing and shipping costs, the whole year digital subscription should by no means cost more than the printed subscription.

Is TIME Safe?

Yes. TIME Mobile is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 22 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 2.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for TIME Is 62.6/100.

Is TIME Legit?

Yes. TIME Mobile is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 22 TIME Mobile User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for TIME Is 77.7/100..

Is TIME Mobile not working?

TIME Mobile works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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