Wattpad - Read & Write Stories Reviews

Wattpad - Read & Write Stories Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-15

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Wattpad - Read & Write Stories Reviews

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    Amazing app!!!

    This app has everything for a reader or writers needs!! You can write all your stories, with as many chapters as you want!! You can also create your own cover for your book as well. The writing portion of the app is very simple to use. With the ability to add videos or pictures at the top of each chapter, you can give the readers a better picture of your story, and they have the tools you see on any writing software. From which side you want to write on, to italics, bold, or underlined. For the readers, there are many genres to choose from!! Fantasy, Fanfiction, etc. it your choice. you can also change the font style, color of the page and, size of the font for you various needs. You also have a personal library that no one can see except you! So you can organize your books in any way, but, when you read a book it appears at the top of your library as your recently read. You can also make reading lists on your profile for others to enjoy. If a book isn’t finished writing, the notifications for when the author updated the book, are straight forward, they tell you when they updated and what chapter they updated, so you don’t have to look or reread to make sure your not reading the same chapter twice. I love this app, and I hope if you haven’t tried it, you should!!!

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    One teensy problem.

    Off the bat, the app is amazing. I’ve had it for three years. Over the years, I’ve read amazing books and some that weren’t so amazing. I met some amazing authors and a few friends I didn’t know I would meet. It was an online library and hang out that I never knew I actually needed. My friends and I have all collaborated on stories or written each other nice messages on our message board. We all got to answer and write them, except me. I since then deleted the app and haven’t re-downloaded it until a few months back to see if I would get the email to verify my account and allow me to post messages or reply to messages on my board. Nothing. I tried changing my email to see if it was wrong or going to the help page the creators so kindly offered. I checked everything, did everything the help said. Still nothing. This has been going on for two months. TWO MONTHS and still nothing. I don’t understand if it’s just me or if others have experienced this. It’s getting very annoying to the point where I might cry of frustration because of how infuriating this gets. I am sick and tired of waiting and trying and repeating a whole cycle I shouldn’t have to repeat if it was that simple to fix a posible bug. Again, I don’t know if others experienced this or if it’s just me but I’m exhausted from waiting around almost an hour to see if the email got sent or not. Please fix this or at least read this review and say something to make me feel better.

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    No more offline readings, why?!?!?!?

    I have been reading in and fan of Wattpad for 4-5 years now and I have seen them go through major changes, some changes are fine with me but the current change is just upsetting. The moment I woke up in the morning and I went to check on Wattpad for updates in my library, but only to see that now we all have to pay to read offline which was shocking and terrifying to me. I feel like I won’t be able to be able to read anymore interesting stories written or shared by others for the sake of their passion or entertainment (especially while I am going to school using underground transportation). I feel like not being able to read some of our books offline is just a nightmare!!! I understand why Wattpad did the coin system and the ads, but getting rid of the offline reading is just a nightmare! Although, I also read when I have Wi-Fi at home and school and there would be ads which I don’t mind, but now when I am offline I won’t be able to access to my favorites while traveling underground (literally no service) then what? Maybe I should quit Wattpad for a long while and just focus on school which is getting more harder and stressful. Mind you, Wattpad is my source of stress reliever and happy times (plus it was my favorite reading app out of all the others I have experienced with), but now I will just steer clear from Wattpad. Who knows? I might just be back soon or later?

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    An Irritating Issue

    Hey Wattpad! I've been using your app for a year now, and I loved it until you removed the one thing that I needed most when using this app; the activity icon. Whenever I forgot to save a book to my library, I would go back and look at my activity to see my comment on the book and add it so I wouldn’t lose it again. It really came in handy, and I did see the post made about trying to make it safer for uncomfortable readers and authors who are afraid of being exposed with their feed. Though, I think it would be better if you let the person see THEIR feed, and nobody else’s. Now, I see how this may not be needed, but I assure you it’s important to me and many others. Just today, I forgot to save one of my favorite books to my library, though I didn’t feel the need to since I was not going to be clicking off the book, and since it just brought me back to the book whenever it was off the app. Please, I’ve been looking for the book everywhere, and I know I’ve left a lot of comments on it, MY comments which I can’t even view. I can’t even remember the name or what tags the book had, so please if this ever happens again, if I forget, I want something that will help me make sure that I can find it again. Thank you.

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    Wattpad: Why Change is Needed

    Wattpad has been on every handheld device I’ve owned since I created an account five years ago. I can honestly say that this app was my favorite app hands down until recently. Yes, I still love and use Wattpad but I don’t spend nearly as much time reading on there as I used to. This is due to the ads and the update with premium accounts. I don’t mind ads at all as that is how apps are kept free but it seems like I get an ad after every single chapter and I’m constantly asked to go premium. With the change of the logo recently as well, I feel Wattpad is in a different place than it was when I joined 5 years ago but not in a good way. We need to move forward but not so much so that it becomes an entirely different thing. There have always been ads and I don’t expect ads to be wiped out completely but it is ridiculous how often they pop up, I also find it quite obnoxious that I am asked to go premium every single time I open the app. It is safe to say that Wattpad has become more of a money making operation than one that values its writers and readers. I don’t think it is much to ask to reduce the amount of ads a little bit and try to make the app about the people using it again. I’m still going to use this app but I have resorted to other FanFiction websites and apps as it is not nearly as enjoyable as it used to be. I do hope you can take both our opinions into consideration more directly. Thank you.

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    great, except...

    I always look forward to going to wattpad every day to read and write. I currently have a book published and another one in the works. This app is great, except for one thing. I don’t know if it is a glitch or if it is supposed to happen, but everyone’s message board posts blow up my notifications. At first I didn’t mind it, thinking it was just a glitch and in the next few days it would be fixed and everything would go back to normal. But now, I think it’s been doing this for maybe a month (I actually don’t really know). All the message board notifications have been preventing me from seeing comments and votes on my actual story and updates from my favorite stories. This really bothers me. I put a new story out about three weeks ago, and it has a very low number of votes and comments compared to my other story. I honestly don’t know if it is all the message board notifications or if everybody is less active because school has started again. Even I have ignored all of my notifications some days because I didn’t want to go through the thousands of notifications just from people posting on their own message boards. So I’m wondering if other people are doing the same as me and ignoring it overall, leading them to not reading and commenting as they used to... I’m definitely not saying I’m thirsty for votes, but this even prevents me from reading. Thank you for reading, I hope it made sense...!

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    Please fix!

    I love the app and have been using it for almost 5 years now. I haven’t noticed any bugs in the new update so far, except for sometimes when I comment it will tell me that I’m not logged in when I clearly am. The only way to fix it is to log out and back in again. This has been happening for at least a year now. Other than that, the latest updates have been awful. The newest one that moved the message board into the notifications is horrible. I logged onto my account and found 700 notifications that was just message board. I had to scroll through the entire thing just to pick out a handful of notifications that I actually wanted to see. It would be amazing if Wattpad could have a filter option that would show only comment notifications or only vote notifications. That way the process of searching for the notifs I want to see will be much more convenient. Or simply move the notifications for the message board into the news feed and leave it out of the notifs tab completely. One other thing that is incredibly annoying is when I’m scrolling through my own book and ads will pop up in between chapters. I understand ads popping up on other user’s books, but it would make the entire creative process much easier and faster for me and others if ads didn’t show up when scrolling through our own books. Other than those suggestions, the app is wonderful and has been a wonderful creative outlet for me! Thank you!

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    Too Many Ads

    Okay, don’t get me wrong, I understand that to keep Wattpad free for the people who don’t have the money to become a premium member there’s gonna be ads, but the ads that pop up in the middle of every other chapter is VERY annoying. I have been using Wattpad for about 6 years now, it’s by far one of my favorite apps (well it used to be but i’ll get to that in a second): it’s a platform that allows me and others to express our creativity and love for writing and holds some pretty interesting reads that sometimes seem like I should be paying for them... Though at this point, I guess I am with all these ads they throw in my face any chance they get. I was surprised – to say the least – when I opened the app after an update awhile back and seen an ad on the homepage. I was fine with it, of course, because it’s not like it hindered my reading experience, but now the ads have hindered my reading experience. I literally can’t go two chapters without a freaking ad popping up and making me wait 5 seconds until I can move on to the next chapter. It’s ridiculous. Wattpad has obviously fell into the same cycle as every other app that started off ad free. Now they overdo them because all they care about is the money. I still enjoy the app, I just wish they would do something about the ads in the middle of every other chapter, at least make them few and far between. Otherwise, it’s an extremely good app that i’ve enjoyed for many years.

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    What happened

    I have been on this app for 4 years this has been my favorite app to read books. I read all different type of books on here and I love them all. But this app has become something that is a money hungry. It now gives you only 2 offline reading books and to have unlimited you have to pay for it, and I don’t appreciate that. This app use to be free period, I don’t care that you there are books on here that cost, because they are good books and deserve the recognition but if your gonna have me pay to have an unlimited supply of unlimited offline books that is insane. I want an unlimited number of books offline because o can’t always be online, and have multiple books to choose from while I’m off is so convenient for me. Now I can’t have that and if I can’t have that I won’t be even able to use the app as much. I don’t have the money to pay for all of that, even if it’s not that much so you need to fix this or don’t. But just know that I can’t use this app that often if I can only have 2 books to read offline. And there is not just me so if people stop using this app as often because of this then this app won’t be as popular. And please don’t get me wrong I love this app there such a variety of people making a different variety of books, it’s great. But you get my point.

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    The update

    Hello I understand that people writing books are getting them published through your company and it’s important to keep funds coming in, but what about the people (like me) who have been reading on watt pad for years now? We have to pay to buy coins now to read stories that used to be free? I thought that the point of it being free is us reading it, loving it, and sharing for other people to discover it? I thought that was the point of this app, when we rate the stories they put into a list of top 50 or so and the best ones can be discovered online by publishers. I’ve been using this app since I was twelve, I am now 18 years old and I’ve been searching for another app to read stories like this but I can’t find any. I believe you’re losing more customers by making the free subscribers pay for reading, it shouldn’t be a thing for free or premium subscribers to pay to read. These aren’t stories made by well known authors these are stories of aspiring authors who need an audience to love their books, review them, and get them out there to the world. I have decided to move on from Wattpad because I can’t afford to pay for it, your customers are more than likely mostly children and young adults who wouldn’t even think about paying to read books when there are other apps that are less desirable but FREE to read and review. I love Wattpad and I hate that this has happened and that’s why I gave a low rating.

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    PLEASE FIX!!!!!

    I rarely ever rate an app only ones that have impacted me in a really strong way. This app has saved me from boredom and has helped me be in a better perspective than I have been in a very long time. I have currently been on wattpad for 3 years and have enjoyed it ever since, of course, there have been some glitches and a multitude of ads yet I have never been that bothered by them, until the newest update. While getting out of school I had wanted to get on wattpad and read a few of my favorite books and I didn’t have any internet at school so I decided to go offline seeing as I could always go offline to read them and then I get the notification that I cannot read offline UNLESS I get the premium upgrade which was never in the original app (before all of the new updates), I understand that you app makers need to make money but your app was made to be FREE and to read books for FREE yet it always came down to making more money and ruining a perfectly good app. I had never thought that wattpad would go down this path and possibly never return from it but I hope that the creators of this app can change wattpad for the better and not for the worse like other apps I have encountered.

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    Wattpad is Just Getting Worse and Worse

    When I first joined Wattpad about 3 to 4 years ago, it was an interesting community to say the least. A small portion of the books that have been written were extraordinary, while most others have been... somewhat questionable. Even with the rather odd books in the mix, the community itself and the app was overall an enjoyable place to be sometimes. All the bonds and friendships that have been forged on Wattpad are ones I cannot forget, nor would I have had the opportunity to gain such friends without Wattpad. However, as time has past, Wattpad has become worse as a whole. It’s like as if the Wattpad community of the past was a book, and the future of Wattpad was a small flame, engulfing it entirely. The books aren’t the issue for me, as I do find it laughable and sometimes enjoyable to see what people could manage to come up with. The real issue for me, is the administration. One by one, I have seen one too many accounts fall and terminated with to unclear reasoning and unjustified manners. One too many times have I seen accounts that had years worth of work put into it vanish in an instant, only for them to make a new account explaining that Wattpad had terminated their account with false pretenses, not explaining the reasoning for their doing. It’s just isn’t right, deleting all these accounts, some of which had books that the authors clearly put their time, heart, and soul into.

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    Amazing but one thing...

    The people who already have this app might know my struggles. If there was a way for the books that are 'complete' to have a mark or something, so we readers know that we won't be waiting for updates when we read it. It gets very annoying, very fast when I have to check every book INDIVIDUALLY, in my library if they are complete or not. I understand that there is a filter in the search engine that allows you to see only 'complete' books, but it is (to me) useless. Especially, when you already have the books. Plus if someone, is finished with the book but don't know how to mark it as a 'completed' book, that gets REALLY annoying. Then all of the books in anyone's library start to stack up because of those main reasons. For example... I have +250 books at the moment. Not always a fun thing. So maybe writers could get notifications if they haven't updated a book in a while, asking if they are finished with the book and would like for it to be 'completed'. Of course, the user gets to decide how frequently that happens. To every week they don't update, to maybe even every year. Please hear me out Wattpad, because I know that if there any users like me out there. They would be as thankful as I would be if you helped these problems. Please.

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    Before a few months ago I was always an avid Wattpad reader, for years. I had very few complaints, I also didn’t even mind the occasional ads that popped up and by showing the occasional video it wasn’t too bothersome. I loved the app and would give it a 5/5 any day. However, I ended up taking took a few months off and it was definitely a disappointment when I came back. Not only was I bombarded with ads the app, both on the iPhone and Mac, freeze within the first couple of minutes of me going into the app. Most of my books don’t load, and when I delete a book it never deletes it just stays there. Im not sure what happened in between the time I took off and now but it’s frustrating. As stated I understand the importance of ads but having them constantly pop up or show up every other click is a major annoyance to the point of me debating on whether I even want to keep the app. Because of the freezing and crashing to me the app is almost useless but I’m still hoping for an update that fixes that. The 70+ books I’ve downloaded also is the thing preventing me from getting rid of it. I really loved the app before all of this. I’ve also heard that you now require internet to read books or archive them? Not too entirely sure as stated I haven’t really been updated on anything because all I see are ads and then the app crashes but I hope this app gets the upgrade it deserves.

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    Seriously? MAKE SURE TO READ!!!!

    I’ve been using wattpad for a while now. Almost five years and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. It’s kept me from going to bed when I can’t seem to put down my phone because a book is so good. It’s kept my attention pulled away from schoolwork- which could be a bad thing but also maybe a good thing? Anyways needless to say the reason I’m giving the app such a low rating is because I don’t believe in the app anymore. Sure the app is full of really great authors/ readers who are all there for the same reason. But I feel like you could do so much better elsewhere. Wattpad used to be a FREE community for authors to publish their stories for the readers to devote their time to, whereas now wattpad feels more like an elite community for people who want to pay for their stories. Come on now. You can’t expect half of the world to join wattpad premium or pay for some ridiculous coins to keep reading. I understand paying the hardworking authors on wattpad, however it’s a two way street. You either keep the writers happy and the readers upset or vice versa. I feel as though some more thought should go into these new versions of wattpad instead of keeping just one side of the street happy. Though for now, I’m telling you that it would be a better idea to keep moving. Sorry wattpad but you’ve made a lot of people unhappy with this new system. Until some compromise has been reached I feel like the original wattpad(ers) will loose interest in your app. :(

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