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Contact Google Earth

Published by on 2022-01-19

Explore the whole world from above with satellite imagery, 3D terrain of the
entire globe, and 3D buildings in hundreds of cities around the world. Zoom to
your house or anywhere else then dive in for a 360° perspective with Street

How to Contact Google Earth

Google Earth Contact Information

Listed below are our top recommendations on how to get in contact with Google Earth. We make eduacted guesses on the direct pages on their website to visit to get help with issues/problems like using their site/app, billings, pricing, usage, integrations and other issues. You can try any of the methods below to contact Google Earth. Discover which options are the fastest to get your customer service issues resolved..
The following contact options are available: Pricing Information, Support, General Help, and Press Information/New Coverage (to guage reputation).

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Common Google Earth Issues

  • By Addybyte

    Out of Focus Garbage

    I can’t express my disappointment enough!! I’m rating this one star because there is no zero to pick. Today’s this app is a former shadow of itself in terms of image quality and resolution. I was a huge fan of the application a decade ago, but had not used it in quite a while. I just got a new iPad and installed it to take a nostalgic walk down memory lane, and I almost threw up. Most apps make an effort to improve over time, but this one has managed to regress. It has become a piece of out-of-focus garbage. I was so looking forward to visually traveling to another part of the world while we are under COVID restrictions and flying over a city and its streets I once knew so well, but all I found was a distorted mess compared to my former virtual visits. The graphics of streets and buildings are a bad cubic Minecraft experience. Can you use the app for middle school geography? Yes. But for really studying topography and detail? Don’t waste your time. this app has lost its mojo in a major way.

  • By somethingcheesy

    Not Even Basic App Comforts (2020 iPad Pro)

    It takes a lot of disappointment for me to write reviews but this app is just so flat. It’s like they took what they were in the process of developing years ago and just threw it up without even looking at it for a quick review. I am terrible at geography and thought this would help me with a class I’m taking but I was mistaken. You can’t adjust any type of visual settings so if you zoom too far in on, say, China, you get a million different location names in English and Chinese and you can’t even see the land under all the text. Also, it would be really enjoyable (and easier on my old lady eyes) to be able to make borders bold or different colors or even cut out a region to view it individually. It is absolutely impossible to tell one country/state from the next with the impossibly thin tan line separating everything that, oh yea, is the same color that is used for most of the landscape. What a mess. Overall really great concept but what I’m gathering from other reviews, the app particularly for iPad is super low quality compared to others. I now know that if I had a desktop I’d be able to look at the moon and mars so I feel really gypped now. And yes, even though I didn’t pay anything I still feel shortchanged.

  • By Krazo1

    Slow, very, very slow updates

    “Okay. Guys we got the data in for the whole world! Now we can sit on our butts for years and years and never have to update it”...said the boss at this app a decade ago. I know it is free, but I have State Farm road atlases with the picture of a 1953 Buick on the cover that has more up to date maps than this app! Those were also free! Their competition is buying new images like crazy and have current maps/terrain. Perhaps GE just isn’t in the game any more and are letting this program wither and die when more folks like me discover it is full of ancient artifacts instead of a current set of images. I’m in the hinterlands of the fly over in the USA...Denver Colorado. Doubt if the GE staff can spell it let alone find it on their own program. The images I deal with are from three to seven YEARS old. Streets, many buildings, power lines, pipelines, public facilities have been built and in place for years in the suburban areas of this city. There are much more current images in Tibet and South America, Do not use this app if you are expecting to get current images. It is poor for that. One feature that might be helpful is to have a streamlined method to report obsolete images, or offer the ability to purchase new images of specific areas if the app cannot afford to update your area of interest.

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Reported Issues: 14 Comments

By Victor Vulpescu
Sep 07 2022

I am unable to find historical satellite images from Str. Erou Iancu Nicolae nr 147A, Voluntari, Ilfov between 2000 and 2006.
I want to check how a building has been built and its status but the only image from 2005 is cloudy so not useful.
Can you do anything to provide some quality image that can show the status of the building at that moment in time?

By victoria Shelton
Sep 07 2022

i would like to get past pictures of a certain street. I had a wreck and i was hoping i could accesss this street on that day and see if there is any pictures that might help.

By Steve McPeek
Sep 06 2022

Can my version be updated. Is there an update available. What to do, and how to make the update.
Thank you very much for your assistance.
Steve mcPeek

By Patty Wahl
May 16 2022

Several years ago I went on Google Earth abd loved it. I loved going back in time while I was above the earth, and looking down to see what had changed. A few years ago I tried Google Earth PRO and I hate it. I can no longer go back i n time at all. I don't know how to "un-do" the PRO vresion and go back to plain Google Earth. The PRO verion is a terrible change -- and I am really fed up with Google, since I cannot return to the original Google Earth that I ised to have. Can you help?

By Doinita Benke
Apr 26 2022

Hello, i have a question on the Google map where my business is located there are 3 police cars parked near my business this affects my business because when I send my postcode (Pe11 3DH) it’s giving my business a bad reputation because of the police cars and am losing customers is it any way we can update the pictures with out the police cars? Thanks Doinita please let me know what I can do to sort this out.

By Rob Jackson
Jan 12 2022

I am looking for clarification on what data is stored by Google with respect to data plotting in Google Earth Pro. I know information is stored specifically on the user's hard drive. When a user plots anything on the application, does Google store any of this data on their server? This question is specific to Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI).

By Luanne Pratt
Nov 27 2021

I was told google earth was free. I pulled up my address through google using google earth to see if UPS could see my address and they can only see a cafe. Only time I ever used it. I DO NOT WANT THIS APP!! It is not presently downloaded but in a “ waiting” or “paused” status. I live on social security disability and NEVER would have clicked on google earth if I thought there was a charge. It hasn’t billed me yet but is showing up under my purchase history and I can’t get it off!! I can’t afford wifi only cellular. I never intended to use this except thru google to see if I could find my house. PLEASE HELP!! I can’t remove my credit card because Apple bills me $2.99 a month for extra gigs. I am not a technical person, I’m disabled, do not understand what to do and MUST delete this from my purchase history but it won’t let me. PLEASE help me!!!!

Nov 24 2021

I went to sleep and Google Earth Pro was working perfectly on my MacBook Pro Catalina version 10.5.7. I woke up and it will not load. I've tried all of the features of the repair tool. I've uninstalled GE Pro and reinstalled it multiple times and it still will not load. Does anyone have a solution to fix this problem?

By Konstantin
Nov 08 2021

Here is the issue

The Google earth pro closed instantly, as soon as it starts and draw the earth.
It is happened after I updated Mac OS. I suspect after last update FOR DEVICES. This update for devices came as regular update, despite I did not attach anything to my Mac mini .
Now I have 10.15.7 version.
If I restore previous version from Time machine the google earth will work.
Probably the problem with some update from apple.
What can I do?

By steele stephens
Oct 18 2021

i had the county boundaries for ever on the maps i use then its now gone? how can i get the boundaries back?

By Jerry wayne West
Aug 04 2021

how do I get compass bearings when I draw a line from point A to point B?

By Dorothy Collins
Aug 01 2021

Please re-image 4215 Hoala St. It now contains 90 units of senior citizens. When the address is typed into GPS, it goes to 4260 Hoala St. which is another property farther away. This is important when first responders need to get to 4215.
I have requested this re-imaging several times in the 6 years I have been living here with no response on your end.
Please fix it.
Thank you.

By Kim a Wilson
Jul 12 2021

Need photos from outside our house removed for security and privacy issues.

By Christopher Bailey
Jan 30 2021

Oakland, OR is described as Oakland, CA.

By clicking on one of the radio buttons for Oakland, OR, a Google Earth user will get the description of Oakland, CA.

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