Solitaire by Solebon Reviews

Solitaire by Solebon Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-13

Solitaire by Solebon is the fun, challenging Solitaire gameplay you love with an
elegant mobile-first design. Unwind with classic Klondike or try any of the 50
great Solitaire games loved worldwide! Featuring Winning Deals, Deal Preview,
and Hints, Solitaire by Solebon is the favorite o...

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Solitaire by Solebon Reviews

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    Still a problem with unwanted sound.

    It was fixed once. Now it's back. Greedy, childish developer will still blame me because if their refusal to honor settings that are set to no sound. Now they BLARE. I'd already complained about ads with intrusive sound even when I had sound turned off. It was fine for a while, then the latest update has a new twist: I can be 20 seconds into a new game and the sound from an ad I'd deleted/skipped over starts playing loudly in the background - even when the sound is off on the ap and on the phone. I complained to Solebon and they said "It sounds like nothing will make you happy. It's probably better that you simply don't play our app." When I brought to their attention that others have had the problem, they send me via email (which I 'm happy to share to anyone who cares) a two word response "Go away". I wrote Apple about this so they know they have a rude, abusive developer. SO can I submit a negative star review???? I hope Apple looks into this attitude. They feel they couldn't possibly have made me a mistake. I encourage others with the same problem to lodge complaints because if you don't lodge a complaint, they think everything is just rosy. Edit: Developer responded that I insulted them and didn't provide requested info. I provided all available info and was not insult, unless they find truth insulting. Entire email exchange is available and was forwarded to Apple execs.

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    Excellent except for the ads

    I love this app and have played, sadly, 40,000 games but the ads after every single game drive me crazy. You’d think that you’d give us a break after playing your game so many times. They’re irritating and go completely ignored. Some even crash the game. Some ads are so difficult to turn off because there’s no consistency in the size and location of the “X”. Some are located so far up in the corners and are so small that you have to poke at them two to five times to turn them off. If you have a phone case it’s sometimes nearly impossible. How about providing some consistency in the size and location of the “X”s or better yet give long time players a break on the ads completely. Haven’t we payed the price and seen enough ads after many thousands of games. Provide some incentive to players that after they reach a threshold they know the ads can be turned off. My bet is people stop playing because of the annoying ads. I know you need to make money and that’s fair but player loyalty should be rewarded not perpetually cursed.

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    Taking over!

    Mid-May update in response to developer’s request: Per your request to my latest review regarding rogue sounds: "Texas Tea" or some-such name was the biggest culprit, yesterday. *Several* stop the sound I am listening to, whether a playlist or podcast or book; just as annoying, so when it's a downloaded item, I just go offline and see none of the ads. Your supporters should be aware the "good guys" are losing potential revenue because of the "rogue" guys you're not vetting properly. May 2021 Update: They’re back! Even tho’ I received a nice response from the dev a year ago claiming ads were not “supposed” to play sounds, and within a few weeks added my update, below, here’s the latest update: Ads with sound, and ads without sound that still take over any other apps running. Noticeably increased battery usage, too. UPDATE: It took a few weeks, but you did it! My audio of choice hasn’t been commandeered in three days. Thank you! I’m okay with ads (I grew up when TV was free in exchange for ads), but I’m not okay with commandeering my device for commercials with sound! I use this as a nighttime quiet-down splurge, perhaps with music or audiobook, so *not* good. Yuck to the latest changes.

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    Solitaire game or what?

    Been playing solitaire for years, have considered myself a good solitaire player. These people have a very strange scoring system - but that’s not important to me. I’d like to win more than 2 or 3 times in a row- never can! It’s like a setup to lose after 3 games. I’ve switched from so many games I decided to try to stick with this one for a good while. Not understanding the scoring & not winning has lowered my self-confidence in playing solitaire, which I’ve always enjoyed! I hate to think that they can manipulate a game, but I am sure of it! I’ve been playing it several months & I don’t see it as a coincidence —— that being said, I am knowing there are ways you can play by manipulating the cards so that you can win every game just as you can manipulate people to do what you want them to do - I just don’t like playing that way- it’s not enjoyable to me—

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    Best Solitaire Ever

    I have been using Solebon solitaire for quite a while and I love it! There are 50 highly challenging games to learn so I never get bored. It's an easy way to pass time in an airport, doctors office, anywhere. Also they show you 'how to win' - so if you want to learn a new game you can actually see it play out. (You can play in airline mode but won't be able to see the 'how to win'). They are responsive if you have a problem / question. It's my first go-to app for solitaire - no others compare BTW the free version has ads but very non intrusive and I've actually got some ideas of things I need! If you love solitaire - give it a try - I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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    Still one of my favorite games. After the last review, where I had 42 straight losses, I went on a winning streak of 226 games. It wasn’t easy. Thanks for keeping it free. It’s the best solitaire game app of the bunch. Plain and simple. Thanks for updating the game for the iPad. This has been my favorite app since I started with my iPad touch. The changes give more ability to customize, and switch between portrait and landscape. Since the new upgrade, I can't seem to win any Klondike games. 42 straight losses! Please look into this! I had the same situation after the previous update. The full adds blow chunks and the (X) button is WAY too small. I see TONS of crap now

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    Improving incrementally

    If you're looking for a simple offline solitaire game, this is ok. They have cleared up some of the bugs that plagued earlier versions but some of the ads can be intrusive or LOUD. Some of the ads seem like possible spam sources to your app store email (just saying--a specific new type started coming in after installing this). They have expanded the number of game types available and there are a fair number of options to customize look and feel. I like the stats where you can cross compare times and moves vs the highest scorer on each game. Social push for matches seems like a waste though - it's called "solitaire." Previous review: 1 star Subject: Weak If you're looking for a simple offline solitaire game, keep looking. Weak game mechanics (for examples, no autosolving once the deck is clear, bad "grab" and tap recognition), unstoppable ads before every game, movie ads don't respect app volume settings, app doesn't respect system volume settings, tries to drive you to social constantly, possible spam source to your app store email (just saying--a specific new type started coming in after installing this). Basically this is an ad platform and any fun from the games is erased as a result.

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    Great Teacher

    I have been very pleased playing winnable games. Whenever I get stumped, I keep going over the game, i.e. restart the game. When I finally win, I gain amazing insight into the many nuances one must learn to win. I was about to give up on the last game but using the feature that showed me how it was one (several times), I finally saw the obvious reason I was losing that I continued to miss even after restarting the game dozens of times. These are great games for anyone wanting to get a reprieve from daily worries along with keeping their (in my case) 72 year-old mind sharp! Keep up the great work!!

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    I'll-behaved ads mar the experience

    What is really annoying are the ads that change the iPhone (X, iOS 11.3.1) orientation from portrait to landscape, then on top of that don't have a way to close the ad. You have to re-orient the phone, swipe up to exit the app, then open the app again in order to clear the add and get back to playing. Sometimes you have to close the app twice. I don't mind having an ad after each game completion, but they shouldn't be allowed to change the phone orientation and there should always be a way to exit the ad without having to exit the app! I always play in portrait mode, ads should be well-behaved and not be allowed to change attributes such as the user's aspect ratio/orientation or other more intimate settings.

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    A Star Has Fallen, For Money!

    A great addicting version suddenly becomes greedy and sneaks in some right wing political ads. I feel frustrated and made sure to ignore to get to the games. There's a way to make money at this, but don't try by disillusioning your audience. Written when this edition first came out! Second review: I’m constantly trying to beat my old scores, working my brain. Wish you had a way of showing how we compare to others who only play through first time. It’s too easy to improve your score playing it over and over.

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    Problem with new update

    Updated review - understand ads in between hands but should have music. Sometimes playing in a quiet location and annoying that music starts. I shouldn’t have to have my phone on mute to avoid this. Original review - Just downloaded update and none of the keys at the bottom are available, can't start a new game, can't undo, etc. Tried changing games, tried hard reset of phone, tried removing app and re-loading. None of these worked. Will now switch to another app.

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    I won all but 1

    I started out and played all 50!games...I played all of them until I won and then went to the next one and so on. Some I won on the first try..some I played a dozen times. Then I picked out the ones I enjoy the most, I think 9 of them and I play each of them in alpha order until I win in between doing my housework, taking part in many social activities and at 84 years of age, it keeps me on my toes to play these games every day. Make a game out of the games

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    Formerly A 5 Star Solitaire Game

    Have enjoyed Solebon Solitaire for years, worked through updates, appearance changes, etc... Game now has a very annoying “third party” ad that wants my apps list, email settings and more to give me a personalized experience, yeah right!!! Plus it won’t take the “I Refuse” selection seriously, hourly I have to refuse again and again... Solebon Support claims it’s a third party issue and is out of their control... guess I’ll have to play in airplane mode from now on.

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    Gameplay is good, bloated ads

    I have been playing Solebon for years now. Have loved it. I am even fine with ad-revenue based support. However, ads are starting to get deceptive and annoying and disruptive...perhaps intentionally. I’m sure they want everyone to buy their paid version, but I’m cool with ads as long as they are not video or audio-based ads that disrupt the podcast or music I’m listening to on my iPhone while I’m playing solitaire. If Solebon keeps this nonsense up, I’m gonna delete and look elsewhere.

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    I love this app

    ***Update*** The issue has been fixed and it is back to my favorite game!! I have had this app since my very first iPod touch (at least 10 years), it is my favorite solitaire app that I've tried and one of my favorite apps in general. However, I'm only giving 3 stars because with the most recent update the video ads are awful. After every win there is a video ad that I can't stop or mute. If I wanted to watch ads I'd watch tv. Really disappointed me to have them ruin my favorite app.

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Is Solitaire by Solebon Safe?

Yes. Solitaire by Solebon is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 58,662 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Solitaire by Solebon Is 46.9/100.

Is Solitaire by Solebon Legit?

Yes. Solitaire by Solebon is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 58,662 Solitaire by Solebon User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Solitaire by Solebon Is 46.9/100.

Is Solitaire by Solebon not working?

Solitaire by Solebon works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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