Bingo Tour: Win Real Cash Reviews

Bingo Tour: Win Real Cash Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

Put your skills to the test and win REAL MONEY with Bingo Tour! The classic
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Reviews (20)


Incredible customer support.

I have been playing this game for about a week and was struggling with how to use the power ups. I didn’t quite understand how one of them worked. I wrote to customer support because I couldn’t find a place on BingoTour which explained this stuff and I received and IMMEDIATE response. Not only did the customer support person explained what the power ups did (I had kind of figured out two of the 3) but they recommended when the best time might be to use them for the most beneficial result. I don’t expect to win huge money on this game but I have paid for many things in other games over the years with no chance of getting anything back and so it’s wonderful to play a game I really love with the possibility that I might win enough to play without spending a lot on the game. So, thank you for putting together an outstanding support team. That can really make or break a gaming experience!!!


Trust me, you won’t win money

If all you want is to play for free, then this game is fine. Play the free game for gems. DO NOT GIVE THEM MONEY. You will not win money. You might win $0.50, but you will have spent $1 or $2 to play. That’s not winning. All of the actual pay to play games are rigged against you. Even if you place in the top three, you will likely place third and you won’t even make back the entry fee. I play the free to play game, most of the time. I did pay some money, though not much. If I had it to do over, I would have kept my money in my pocket. I will give 3 stars because I do enjoy playing Bingo and am quite happy playing the free game. But I won’t give more than that because the game is a cheat and it cheats. (There is a daily game with a money and gem entry fee, and the last several days I have scored first place, but then when the game finishes “processing”, suddenly I’m in third or lower. This is called cheating. If the game maker actually played fair, I’d have given them a higher rating. And yes, I’m aware that they made this game to make themselves money. Thank you, I’ve run my own business for years. I understand needing to make a profit. But that doesn’t mean you should have to actually cheat.)



it’s a decent game. You have the chance to win some change. I noticed first timers they let you win big but, after that you wont really see yourself winning big again least not until you make up for what you won and cashed out the first time in my opinion. And I noticed the bots they have only use fake dummy characters and always have space in their names where real players very rare have spaces in their names. Also, since playing the game I’ve only always reached 32,000 and the bots would always stay above me by 1,000. The first time ever I finally got 60,000 and sure enough the boy got 61,000. It’s like another person said, there’s like a threshold and they put bots so they won’t let you pass a certain amount. In my opinion the $200 I cashed out, the bots won’t let me earn big again least until I deposit $200 worth of cash so they can get their money back and much more. Seems after they earned it back and more then they let you win big again. But watch a developer comment and say this is all a lie. But, as for the game itself it’s a nice bingo game compared to others for when you have time on your hand to possible win some change or play for gems but, rigged just like all other games are. It’s just business I understand but, figured I state MY OPINION for others.


Jokes on me

I actually would hope that someone would make a legit game to play someday, but this one is not the one. Multiple games I have come in first place the while “processing” I get bumped to 4th or 5th In which you win nothing. I guarantee I’m playing against bots at times and I am sure when the numbers are being announced there are repeated numbers. I had built up a $75 bank and decided to withdraw my winnings. First of all it’s takes 2 weeks or more to process. I got an email saying that only part of my payment had been processed and would show up on my cc. They did…but, it was only what I had paid in and in $5 increments which is the way I paid it. So $15 was refunded and I was owed $60 in cash winnings. They finally sent it to me in a digital check form. WHAT!! They said I could print it out and cash it or do a mobile deposit. No bank in the world wouldn’t take a computer printed check. I tried (just for giggles) to do a mobile deposit and it was rejected saying the check was “mutilated”. My only other option would to request a paper check to be mailed, but I’m not gonna waste my time anymore. If they were legit then the $60 would be sent thru The same way the $15 was sent. Highly disappointed.


Excellent legit game - super fun!

Some of these reviews on here are just plain silly and seem to be written by sore losers quite frankly. I’ve been playing this game for about a month or so and can confirm 100% that you can win real money. I speak from experience - I have won a little over $600 or so BUT I have also put money into it. You’re not gonna win big by playing free games and not really investing anything yourself (in my opinion). It sounds like some of these people writing reviews are expecting to get rich and retire off playing a free bingo app - I mean come on, get serious. That’s ridiculous. This is a fun game but it’s just that - a game. Definitely don’t quit your day job for this. I’ve won and come in 1st place lots of times but I’ve also lost numerous times and don’t win a darn thing - just how it goes. I for sure don’t think I’m playing against “bots” - just people that happen to be quicker than me at times!



I have only played a couple dozen games. I like it. Pros: 1)the payouts seem reliable and consistent. 2)it’s not a big variety, but I appreciate that they offer different types of entrance “fees”, so that you have options. 3) I like the pace of the balls, even the speedy ones. They don’t drag it out in agonizing fashion like others do. 4)I like these power ups. They are in sync with the speed of the game. They aren’t a waste, like other games which give you power ups that may or may not help your game, and they waste time and get in the way. Cons: I don’t really have anything negative. I have a question though. Am I missing a chat option somewhere or some social aspect? Someone else in reviews said that it was social. How? How is it social? I must be missing something. I’d appreciate knowing how to BE social, if it’s an actual option. Thanks! But it’s fun alone, too. No complaints. Just don’t want to miss out on the social dynamic, if there is one. Thank you for the game! I’ve been enjoying it. I think you guys did a really nice job. Thanks for sharing it with us. And thank you for almost NO ads! You totally rock the house! That alone, puts you in higher esteem in my book, than many other game apps. I plan on recommending your game to other bingo lovers. Thanks again.


15-30 days to get paid via check ????? 0 stars

This gamenis actually fun and somewhat addicting. When i signed up I was u der the assumption that if I was to win a game or some moneh that I woyld be able to just transfer it to mg account being that I have my apple pay connected to it. They can take your money right away to play the game but when it comes to getting paid they twll me that I have to wait 15-30 buisness days to get paid via check. That is the most ridiculous thing Ive ever seen and if I wouldve known this I wouldve never even had a thought to even conaider sownloading BingoTour. So until I get paid I will not be llayibg this game . We will see , I may not even play again depending on how long it takes for me to get paid a lousy 163 dollars. I will not be reffering this game to anyone of my peers either . Also , the bonus cash witb deposit is a scam. Lets say they tell you they will match your deposit. you put it 30 dollars and they give yoh another 30, you play a 20 dollar game and win 45 bucks - you really only win 15 because they dont count the bonus money into your withdrawal. its a scheme and i want my money.


Bad advertisement about exploiting children in poverty

I did not play the game, I saw the ad for it. I think devs intended for the ad to appear as a kind and thoughtful dream come true, an inspiration to achieve that dream through their game, but it looks like a lie designed to exploit the most selfless children who already live in poverty to the point that they think it’s their job to pay for their family’s needs, such as the child bringing his mother to tears of gratitude for being given game money in the ad. It’s a bit much. If you wanna hustle kids, hustle selfish busy kids who come from parents who afford said children more than they raise em. They’re loaded…with all but love and you can love the money right out of em, but don’t hustle poor kids outa their pennies with false hopes that they’ll overcome all of their family’s financial struggles through a stinking bingo game. It makes anyone with a credit score over 630 see y’all as not only hustlers, but hustlers that target well-meaning children in poverty. It looks crappy. Gameplay itself may be fun, but who’s gonna play it when their ad is so craptastic and duchy???



The reason I give two stars is that after playing a few games I won $.50 and that was fine. I then won another game and leveled up, and they show me cards almost like a memory game, which you then get to pick three and win that prize. I won $.75, $.25, and $9.00. Now there were other options as far as I could have clicked on jewels but I didn’t, I won $10. Now when I get to the screen to put the money in my collected cash not even trying to cash it out, they tell me I need to pay $5 to collect the money. There was no mention of a fee to play the card game and I feel if I would have chosen all jewels they would have been added to my account without payment. This game is misleading they tell you there is no fee to play and win, and I’m acknowledging there is an option if you want to pay your own money you can, but if the game you choose says free, and you will win real cash as a possible prize, and you win, they should honor that. Otherwise it is considered a scam.



This is a skill based game. I wish there were better instructions - though the tutorial is good, it doesn’t explain 2x well, so you have to figure that out on your own. Speed appears to be very important when playing cash games - not really sure how the highest score is calculated. Even if you choose every number correctly, make no wrong moves and use your bonuses just as you should sometimes you lose by less than a few points. I love playing it now that I understand it better and sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. You have to be very strategic about which games you play, and how many players you’re against but it can be lucrative if you are.


Siphons earnings into “Bonus Cash” which cannot be withdrawn

Until today, I was building a bankroll by watching TONS of ads. Today, I bought $5, and all of a sudden, all of the games with free entry are gone. I played and won one game, but my withdrawal amount was less than before. You can only withdraw over $10 of what the game decides is your money (unless you’re willing to pay at least $1 in fees), so basically, after playing games with the extra $10 of bonus, the game siphons and reserves a few cents of your prize money, so you can’t withdraw your money. Bottom line, after you put any real money on your account, you lose all ability to watch videos to earn entry into games, doubling your prizes from spinning the wheel, as well as earning scratch off tickets. If you’re lucky, you’ll break even. If you want to play without putting money on BingoTour , the more you play per day, the more apt you are to lose money. If you only play the rookie game once or twice a day ( AND place either 1st or 2nd place), you will be losing your entry fee.



These is Rig i beat a lot of people in here but it put me in a lower class I get no money in y’all need to stop running ads saying you can get big money cause that’s a lie too i black out my card but got nothing the same people keeps winning so that tells me it is rig I’m turning y’all in for false advertising y’all are liers period Let me say this I did beat them other ones I’m good at bingo I got intouch with people that know this game inside and out people that watch these ads y’all make money off them these is a scam game y’all scam people for there money the more ads people watch the more money y’all get in that is a fact y’all lie in cheat people y’all don’t know how to put on a honest game that really do pay people there money y’all show ads saying if you can not draw your money then delete it cause it is a scam y’all ads said this in it tells the truth y’all are scammer people do not play these games they steal from you there own ads say it i going to tell everybody about this cheating game in don’t play it period


Unfortunately a scam…

I’m going to be a 100% honest this game is a scam I’ve ran test already and can confirm there are bots added to the game to ensure you do not win all of the money the scam is to say you will play skill match making and play real players however that is not the case I’ve recorded and have screen shots of me playing the exact same names with always either them being one above me or below me the game is a trick and in order for them to keep business up and running they make sure you do not go on win streaks it’s a game of chance you will always have bots in your game to monitor and ensure you do not win over the limit they want you to stay around. Next point withdrawal/ cash outs I’ve seen it multiple times in multiple phones that you can cash out and wait and the wait times exceed weeks and most times you will not receive the money I’m going to do some more research in to the company as a whole to give you an update on how they run the whole operation.



The game is totally rigged - turns out I’m not playing with other players, I’m playing with bot players. Every game I play the scores are within the same range as mine. When I started making higher scores (once I figured out how the game worked), lo and behold, all of the scores were higher. When I almost made a black-out and should have obliterated my opponents with a score of 25,000 points, lo and behold, ALL of the scores were the same as mine. So it’s basically fixed as to whether or not you will win or place since your not playing with people. No matter what, the makers will win in the end - why not just make it honest to where people are playing with people and. It bots? Of course, if everyone is just playing against bots and loses, then the game makers are taking in all of the money without having to pay out to anyone. I like playing the game, but don’t expect any kind of real winnings or payout.


Bots or not

I like the game and I have won real money. Once you win a few games with higher prizes, they make it impossible to win again. Like another reviewer said it has to be a bot. The bingo card is supposed to be the same, no two players are choosing the same numbers to dab with the power ups. I have finished all but one number using the x2 , but some how still in 4th place with the the 1st place score more than a thousand points higher. Even when I clear the card with x2, the 1st place score is more than a thousand points higher. STOP USING BOTS. There is no way people are being choosen with the same experience level and where is the experience number, I have won first place in a high pay game then loose in free games. The player has a female face with a man name. Or a weird looking name that looks like a random bot player.


It really is a scam

Tried to take my winnings out $60 and went through the process, now your ad says that you pay out instantly. No NOT TRUE, what they was canceled my request put the money back in to my account to play on and acted like I never tried to withdraw the money , my request had vanished! Then I decided to play out all the Money and lose it all , take my CC off the account then delete it permanently. Nope they denied my deleting the account and informed me that if I didn’t play on this account I will be charged a $2 maintenance fee. No no nope. I am signed out of this account and I will let Apple know if you charge me for this darn game. You shouldn’t tell people right up front what they are getting into before they give their money up. I will be blocking any further charge's from you! DON’T do it, don’t give them your CC number, they are scammers. Play their free gem games see how fast you lose them! I don’t like your game now delete my account!


Winner!!!!……just kidding

If you’ve played bingo a lot it’s a great game and I won cash which I should have cashed out. A full house doesn’t necessarily make you a winner but the results, that put you in first place while processing, usually change and you think you are one of the top 3 but the rest of the players’ scores are still processing although the top 3 are in. You may go from showing first place and then you are knocked down to 4th meaning no prize. Please don’t give people the impression that they have won when they actually have not. It’s actually a really fun game and has possibilities but it is annoying to think you’ve done well and 5 minutes later you’ve not only lost but you’ve seen your name up top and that is wrong. Enjoyed but probably will uninstall.


It’s okay :/

I won almost $18 from playing for 2 weeks and when it was time to withdraw the money, I only received $3 :/ I submitted an application to get the money sent to my account (it took almost a week) and when they deposited the $3 into my account, they took it back the next day, then redoposited it again a day after. On top of that, I don’t know how, but when I checked my bank statement, it said that the game took $5 from my account. I just don’t feel comfortable with a gaming app having THAT much access to my banking account when they’re able to withdraw & deposit without my consent :/ I tried to delete my account because it seemed a little sketchy to me but you have to submit a request with a reason why you’re deleting your account. It also takes up to 15 days to delete your account.


Excellent game but one suggestion

I love this game. You all have done an excellent job with it. It’s incredibly exciting and I can’t wait to receive the $11 I won after depositing only $5. (In this economy, every dollar counts. And talk about beating inflation!!) My one suggestion is to make the invitation URL for the mining mini game look less suspiciously like a scam. My friends Gaelan (Gac), Mat (Coach), and Jack are feeling uneasy about clicking it despite your thousands of 5 star reviews. I suspect this is mostly because they are false friends (and, let’s be honest, can be pretty cowardly sometimes) but I want to give them the benefit of the doubt. Thanks again and fingers crossed for another FULL HOUSE in my next game!!


Rigged for sure

I have been playing this for close to 2 months now. The first few weeks had a good winning streak, not a great deal but something. For the last month or so it’s absolutely difficult to win. I’m trying to play with just gems n no money to see how their system is. So playing with gems is fine. 1st suspicion- when u play with money , they never ever have total number of players- which means u wait for ur results, n even though you are on the first or 2 nd position when you submit the results but it turns out u win nothing after 5 minutes n there are other players in the list now who weren’t there while playing! Also the numbers will just NOT MATCH anymore these days to make a bingo. May be one line or 4 corners and that too in the last 10 seconds May be! The game hooks u on first with wins n then shows the true colors! DO NOT bet big money!!!

Is Bingo Tour Safe?

Unknown. Bingo Tour: Win Real Cash has never been reviewed by users. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 52266 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.87148/5. Justuseapp Safety Score for Bingo Tour: Win Real Cash Is 0/100.

Is Bingo Tour Legit?

No. We cannot tell if this app is legit due to its lack of user reviews. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 52266 Bingo Tour: Win Real Cash User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Bingo Tour: Win Real Cash Is 0/100.

Is Bingo Tour not working?

Bingo Tour: Win Real Cash works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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