Able: Weight Loss Diet Plan Reviews

Able: Weight Loss Diet Plan Reviews

Published by on 2022-06-30

Losing weight is no longer a big deal with Able. Get a personal weight loss plan
and achieve your health goals. An intelligent digital diet assistant is all
you need for your big change. Based on gamification and weight management
psychology, Able provides a personalized approach that...

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Reviews (35)



Paid the $1 trial fee, didn't enjoy Able at all, but could not figure out how to unsubscribe OR delete my account through Able . There was no history on my Apple ID of any subscription, so I deleted Able . THEY DO NOT SEND YOU RECEIPTS OF PAYMENTS! I only noticed I was being charged $19 every 2 weeks through my bank statements, I reached out to support to ask how these subscriptions were being charged when they were not sending me any confirmation of payment, but they were no help.* All in all, there are endless loopholes and poor web design to almost trick you into keeping your subscription, and there is very little information on how to actually cancel your account. *Update: After chatting with a few different agents, I was this app to receive a partial refund. The team was over all very nice when dealing with the situation, it just takes a while to get replies sometimes. Still bummed I was not this app to receive a full refund, but am glad they were this app to do a partial.


Seems fishy

I was feeling hopeful to try this out but they seem very sketchy. I paid $1 and wanted to do a free trial. It asks to choose the $19 version for when the trail ends or the $12 version to start the trail right now, but this seems like a scam - they still charged me $19. I spoke to someone and he was trying to tell me that I was wrong and that I agreed on an “add-on” which I did not. He was very rude and when I asked for a refund he said he could not give me one because I agreed to this add-on. I only received one email stating that I had paid $1 and started a free trial and on April 22 the trail will end and I will be charged the $19 but nothing about a custom plan — I continued to ask why and he finally said “I checked in with the team and we issued you a refund”. So why couldn’t you just give me one in the first place? I didn’t like that and I told him I would be keeping a record of the chat just in case and he gave me a snarky reply lol be careful with Able.



Please, anyone who sees this do not get Able. It’s not a good app to begin with. It does not give meal ideas, workout ideas, nothing ! I had Able for 2 days max and realized it was horrible. I paid a one time fee of 13$ to try Able . After the 2 days I unsubscribed and deleted Able . This was last year!! I checked my bank and looked back I’ve been charged over 200$ for an app I didn’t have it wasn’t subscribed to. There is jo contact number and the only way to get help is through a chat service that if which they don’t reply, ignore you, or simply aren’t active for long periods of time. Times are hard please if you want money stolen from you without you even knowing, download Able


Works for me!

I've been struggling with my weight for years, and I finally decided to do something about it. this app was the perfect solution for me. The coaches are knowledgeable and experienced, and they really helped me get on track.


Don’t use this app

After going through these reviews and firsthand seeing how it works I do not recommend this as your choice for a healthier lifestyle. It’s difficult canceling your subscription, mentions of a free trial but I was charged?? Getting a refund is just a pain and not worth the trouble, to prevent them taking more money I’ve had to cancel my card for preventative measures after reading what others have gone through. Also noticed a trend where multiple people have mentioned being put on just 1,200 cal a day, same here, how personalized is it truly…? I understand it’s hard to make an app, definitely needs some fixes.


Customer service is trash

Tried to cancel my membership before the free trial ended because it didn’t fit my needs, but they make it extra difficult to. You can’t do it through Able . If you try to do it through the bot, you get an error message. So you have to contact customer service. I had to wait days for a rep to finally cancel my account but they already charged me. Refused to refund me. The rep Jorge then sent me off and ended our email conversation by telling me I can contact customer service again for assistance. Never using Able again.


Better marketing strategy

Look, I get everyone needs to market their product in a fun and interesting way. However, I looked up on google ‘what should be calorie deficit be’ and Able had an ad for a calorie deficit calculator. So I answered all of the 30 questions it had, put my email, answered 10 more and STILL needed to actually purchase it in order to see my calorie deficit! I just wish it would have stated from the beginning that you would need to purchase in order to figure this out or else I wouldn't have spent 10 min answering questions for no reason.


Be careful with the charges

I had downloaded Able a month ago and they charged me 5 times the fee of monthly subscription. When I emailed the same they responded that I had accepted to the terms and conditions of Able and I had authorized the payments. I opened Able 2 times until date. One to check it out when I first downloaded it and two right after I saw those multiple charges made on my card. No need to say I deleted it the moment I realized something was fishy. I don’t generally leave reviews but this time I had to.


A little disappointed

I tried a way to lose weight the healthy way since I am not the best with food. However they restricted me to the minimalist amount of calories a human needs to be alive. They restricted me to 1,200 calories a day. One day I was feeling sad and ate 4 small honey buns for breakfast. I ended up over my calorie limit for the day and felt that I had to be punished by either intense exercise or don’t eat for the rest of the day. If you’re strong enough to do this, go ahead it’s a friendly app, just not for me.


This isn’t what it says it is.

Firstly, I entered all the info, answered the questions., just for it to tell me to download and answer the questions again. Then it asks what proteins I like. I get the email with a meal plan that is generic and not specific to the questions I answered. I hate tofu but here’s a meal plan with tofu. Doesn’t make sense. Able is just a calorie counter essentially. It tells you how much in fat, carbs, and Protein you should eat. Guess what? There are apps that do that for free. And then the added challenges they advertise are EXTRA MONEY! This is a rip off app designed to just get money.


Don’t waste your money

It’s basically a glorified MFP with less features. It gives you calories and macros based on your goals and activity levels. There’s a little more accountability because you get a coach but it takes 1-2 days for them to reply. You can also join challenges - but for xt money. It doesn’t allow you to tweak your macros and there were bugs the first day I tried logging my food. Every time I entered food for my lunch the calories would appear correct for a little bit, then change to 0. I tried relogging/reinstalling but it didn’t work. I also paid the xt $20 to get a meal plan with my subscription which never arrived. I reached out to support and the bot on their website said it would take 2 days to get a response. I’m unsubscribing and going to try and get my money back for the meal plan. Don’t waste your money. Just download MFP.



Able is ridiculous, first of all I signed up on the website. It mentioned “choosing” your Fee to give to your mentor. I chose $9 it immediately sent me to Able and I paid $13, it said nothing about this when I was signing up. I figured it just costed that much, but when I realized I no longer wanted Able shortly. this app charged me $19! No way to cancel it in my apple subscriptions either! I have been trying to get in touch with agents for 2 days to cancel and NOTHING. This is just a scam to get your card info people, don’t fall for it.


They stole my money

I got a subscription for Able on my phone. They made a second subscription on their website and charged me twice a month for 3 months. When I contacted them and talked to a support person, Jorge, about how I didn’t do this and I would like a refund. He told me I did it and then ignored the rest of my messages? I admit it’s my fault for not checking my bank account close enough to catch this sooner but shame on Able for not even trying to rectify this situation. UPDATE.. they did refund my money back to me!


Not what they sell you on

There is literally no help to get to any goals. The extent of this paid app is a glorified calorie counter where you can enter what foods you eat when and it adds it up for you, giving you a daily calorie target. In order to get anything more they want large amounts of money and give you a quote for plan renewal of this fancy calorie counter that is several times what they tell you it would be when you sign up originally… I’d suggest staying away from this company and going elsewhere.


Cant cancel my subscription

I had originally placed a 1 week $1 subscription for this app and I wanted to see if it was any good enough, but it gave me calories too low for me to eat. Was told to eat 1,500 calories a day, which is way too low and not nearly enough for a person to eat. So I tried cancelling my subscription but it doesn’t give an option anyway, so i’ve been getting charged $19 for the past 2-3 weeks just trying to figure out a way to unsubscribe. Ridiculous.


Has potential, but not quite there.

Not enough on Able . I was hoping there would be a weight progression chart. Something that shows your progress. There’s also no articles or support material to read. The coach is basically unresponsive, so it’s pointless. I paid $9.99 for the intermittent fasting “challenge”, and it is an absolute joke. It is just tips that I have to check off for 14 days, no challenge. Waste of money.


Lost 10Lbs so far

If you're looking to improve your healthy habits, this app is a great app to check out. It can help you track your progress and make changes to your routine. Plus, it's free to use!


Don’t instal this app

I installed a trial for one dollar to explore will it work for me or not. But then I decided to unsubscribe I tried to communicate with support service which was very poor need to wait for the answers hours . Also there is no options how I can unsubscribe my self and no options on my account…Charges keeps going every week 19$… I had to close my PayPal account and my debit card to stop it ….. What a fraud !!! Very disappointed!!!



I tried $1 subscription and didn’t like it. It didn’t show up on my Apple subscription and they never sent me email about billing. So I’ve been charged $19 every two weeks. I deleted Able the first week thinking that I ended my subscription but it didn’t and they kept charging me. Without sending me a receipt. I then deleted my subscription today and they were no help. Now I’m trying to get a refund. AGAIN DONT GET Able !!!!


An absolute lifesaver

I've never been very good at sticking to healthy habits, but with this app's help, I was this app to make a real change. Able is easy to use and the coaches are great, so it was the perfect solution for me.


Great app

Able has really helped me get back to work. I don't have an excuse because it schedules my workouts for me. Very spacious and comprehensive. Would love to see a way to control music while in an app on Apple Watch instead of exiting during a workout.


Takes dieting to a whole new level

I can have a personal training experience every time I work out. It has helped eliminate my training and gym anxiety, and added the right foods to my training regimen.


Great app

I've only been a month but Able is awesome. I've been off the gym for about a year and a half and just started coming back. And the nutrition it gives me is reasonable to achieve my maximum goals for myself.


Like this app

I like Able. It's like having a personal trainer to give you meal plans and control your nutritional intake. . I really like Able. It challenges me and it keeps me on track with reminders. Definitely recommend it!!


Never been more consistent than that!

I often get stuck with the wrong exercises and diets. this app came and helped me balance things out


Love it

Able is phenomenal!I love how it Tracks the calories you consume, learns these calories and how much you can eat daily to reach your weight loss goals. Adjust your diet to include more protein or focus on keto and palo if you prefer low-carb options.


Get me back to a good workout rhythm

Love that you can choose the equipment you have available to customize the routine. Definitely a beautifully designed app. Its suggested features are very attractive


Exactly what I was looking for

You can put in any device you have available and make statistics about your daily nutrition. this app is the perfect app to do just that



I like this app to follow the workouts and find the performances very helpful. I often go to the gym and don't know where to start. A diet plan with this app and a good exercise regimen helped me get back in shape


All rounds were excellent but there were minor flaws

This is a great app to use for creating a perfect weight loss plan. But it works sometimes it still crashes



Adapt to what you have in your gym! And you can adjust or change the exercise if something doesn't work for you! 5/5 recommend


Great app

Been using Able for a few months and it's great. Gives me the variety I want to reduce muscle breakdown and make sure I get enough rest before working with teams.


Diet consultant in your pocket

I change my bimonthly settings to a new goal and training section. The results are excellent. It's like having a personal trainer in your pocket or on your watch.


Very good but long loading time

Please fix the loading time, don't feel hard to love Able but please assign all those engineers to load time.


High score!

I have been using Able for a week. Phenomenon is all I can say. My amazing workouts and the diet it offers work perfectly together

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Is Able Safe?

Yes. Able: Weight Loss Diet Plan is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,111 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.1/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Able: Weight Loss Diet Plan Is 29.0/100.

Is Able Legit?

Yes. Able: Weight Loss Diet Plan is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,111 Able: Weight Loss Diet Plan User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Able: Weight Loss Diet Plan Is 29.0/100.

Is Able: Weight Loss Diet Plan not working?

Able: Weight Loss Diet Plan works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 27 Comments

By Shwanda
Aug 16 2022

I don’t know how this able company got my card number but I was seeing $19 a week coming out of my account. I never saw the app and I never could get in contact with this company. I had to change my debit card in order to stop them from taking my money. Apple said they had no record of them downloading that app on my account.

By Devontae
Jun 10 2022

I have cancelled my subscription to able after free trail in March . Starting in may they started charging $19 a week. And I can’t get in contact with able or cashapp to stop these payments. What am I missing? Can someone help me who were able to get a refund. I have cancellation email from March

By Gabriel
Jun 08 2022

hello, I canceled my free trial several days before it ended and I was still charged on my credit card. I would like a refund please.

By Denis
Jun 03 2022

Everything they say about this app is true, shady, they take money every week and no statement, it's very hard to cancel a subscription because there is no live person, just endless chat with bot, initially sign up for trial for $ 1 but I didn't get anything, nothing to continue further with the app, and then they started charging me $ 20 per week, so that would be $ 80 for nothing. Terrible. Just terrible.

By Cel
Jun 01 2022

Thought i was going to pay 1$ and got charged 19$. I am mad.

By Barbara
Jun 01 2022

This company is a scam. There absolutely no way to speak to anyone in order to stop paying. Had to close credit card and get new one. Do not do it.

By Debra Wilson
May 25 2022

Do not want to go through the 7 days trail period cancel asap . Thank you

By basy
May 24 2022

I bought the plan for one day only! For ONE DOLLAR
And now you took another $ 19 from me without my approval!
Please return the money !!!

By Barb
May 21 2022

Overcharging my credit card. Can not figure out how to review my financial record. App takes you nowhere. Scam. Needs to be reported to BBB.

By Alicia Cato
May 18 2022

I feel like I’ve been tricked, I was promised an app that would be personalised for me, but this app is not different than other calorie tracking apps. The only negative difference was that I had to pay 5 dollars for it. And also when I bought it I was promised that I could cancel my membership at any time before the payed “trail” ends. But a couple of days ago when I wanted to cancel it I could not do it by myself via the app. So I thought, oh well they will probably contact me then, since I had gotten NO INSTRUCTIONS when paying for this app on how to cancel the membership. Thus I feel tricked because I had to search for a way to cancel it when I realised the trail Had ended and I had gotten NO message. But then When I tried to end it with these complicated bot thingis, you can’t do that immediately but instead your resignation/cancellation will be schedule. Which to me seems absurd since I had gotten no information AT ALL about this complicated cancelling process. But the I had to pay an additional 18 dollars for something that I don’t even know!! And have my cancelation scheduled for may 21??? Approximately 3 days after I wanted to cancel my membership?? This is trickery and a scam, and they don’t provide the customers with any information, at all, and don’t give us our freedom with OUR money. Hopefully this has given you enough information to comprehend why I’m furious right now. AND REMEMBER TO NOT BUY THIS APP!!

By scarey
May 17 2022

Signed up went through all the hoops and never was able to see what was suppose to be a diet plan, Cancelled immediately. don't know if I will ever get credited back

By Modi
May 17 2022

When my friend found out that I wanted to lose weight, he advised me on this application
I've been using it for months and it helped me a lot in losing weight and keeping track of calories. Thank you for the app.

By Alicia Cato
May 17 2022

I payed 5 dollars for one week, did not get any help at all. No different from other calorie intake apps. They claim to have people who you can chat to, but that barely happens. You can’t unsubscribe at any time like they said when you signed up instead they have to ACCEPT you resignation (LIKE IT’S A GOD DAMN JOB RESIGNATION). It’s absurd, their answers are slow, and in total I spent 25 DOLLARS ON THIS. I AM mORE than angry, and I did not get any compensation. And what’s worse is that now they have scheduled MY RESIGNATION, for 7 days after I wanted to cancel my membership. Since I tried to cancel it when it had gone a week but you couldn’t do so In the app, I assumed that they would send a reminder or a question if I wanted to continue BUT NO!!! Bs!! DO NOT GET THIS APP OR PAY FOR A MEMBERSHIP.

By Theresa woodell
May 07 2022

I'm so glad my gut kept telling me to goggle as I was putting my card #in. Thank you goggle

By Gloria
May 04 2022

This is the worst company ever. Not possible to cancel. Constant loop. Crooks. Will have to cancel my credit card and get a new number as I cannot speak with anyone. They are a scam. Do not buy anything. Horrible!!!!

By Sunshine
May 01 2022

Paid the $13.21 fee on my card and could not get into the app. I have documentation that the subscription has been cancelled and it was very difficult to wade through everything to get it cancelled so we will see if it works! Shame on you, Able!

By Traci Ann Beyer
Jan 25 2022

I cancelled on 1/12 and they are still deducting money from my account.

By Franchesca
Dec 14 2021

I have cancelled my subscription a month ago but they are still deducting money from my account. How can we stop this.

By Rayna Lechelt
Nov 17 2021

I cannot get the app to move from breakfast to keeps loading my information from day one onto new days. Help

By Frances
Nov 09 2021

I just did a sign up I do not want this cancel any type of membership NOW!

By Cheryl
Oct 12 2021

I have tried EVERY platform to cancel to no avail. I’ve emailed support, EVERYTHING and I cannot cancel. This is not right! If anyone wants to cancel, it should be made as a smooth process. This is bogus and fraud!

By Tanya J Tessman
Oct 11 2021

I have tried to get on the app for the 6 day free trial and I have to pay even more to use. I want to cancel this immediately

By nellie perez jacobo
Oct 11 2021

I signed up for free 7 day on October 4 2021, app would not down load. I paid 13 and change and 6 and change and was not able to use anything. I would like to refunded and would really appreciate not charging the 19 that is due next.. I did try multiple times to make this work..

By aisha
Oct 11 2021

I have paid for the plan and now the app won't show me anything until I pay more?

By Alexus Green
Oct 05 2021

Y'all charged me $19 even after I cancelled my subscription I need my money back pls.

By Jeannene nester
Sep 28 2021

I want to cancel my program

By Myriam Beniamin
Sep 06 2021

I want to cancel my subscription , sent messages in all platforms i received no answer , even when i activated my trial i didn't receive email confirmation , pls i need someone to contact me

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