Bible † Reviews

Bible † Reviews

Published by on 2021-02-13

The most complete Bible app on mobile. More than 1200 Bibles are available, in
all languages! Complete Bible App on Appstore. Over 800 Bibles are available in
all major languages. Great Features : - Daily Bible Reading Plan - Christian
Podcasts - Christian and Church Radioshows - Read...

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Bible † Reviews

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    Incredible tool for ministry and fellowship.      

    Very well designed. The social component is genius and has allowed me to connect with other Christians on a deeper and more consistent level. There are seemingly endless quality reading plans. A couple of updates that would be useful: 1) the ability to show plan activity when you are on a group plan. Someone can have completed 100+ plans with others, yet the notification, “Joe completed his first plan!” would show to all of his app friends were he to complete an individual plan. The group plans have zero interaction with the social aspect of the app, other than the wonderful feature of discussing content with the actual people you are participating in the plan with. 2) the ability to “like” comments on verses/images. You can like verses, images, and plan activity, but if someone comments a nice thing on one of my highlights, there is no ability to “like” their comment that I am aware of.‌ ‍‍​ ‌

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    Incredible resource, but still room for improvement      

    In our modern age of technology, it’s easy to take things for granted, but it’s not to be understated how amazing it is to have the Bible available searchable with devotions and reading plans at your fingertips. Reminders and ways to interact with other users is wonderful too. Not to be understated is the ability to share verses and compare between versions. I would really like to see a more powerful search function. I have used several different versions of the Bible across my Christian life and I have trouble searching within the app for some even well known verses because maybe the wording is in another version (though I don’t know which at the time). I’d like a search function that can search between different versions to help come up with the right verse rather than having to pop out to Google to find it. At the end of the day, that’s really the only criticism I have, and I thin  ​ ​ 

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    Amazing app but there will always be improvements to be made  ​ ‍ 

    I love this app so much! It has helped me in many times. There were devotions on depression that really helped me during one of my trials in life, there were devotions about losing loved ones for when my great grandmother died, and there are thousands of other devotions that have helped me in different times of my life. I love having a video for each day that I can sit down and watch. I love all of the different backgrounds and colors that can be used to highlight and I can even use one of my own pictures to create my own image for a verse! The only thing that I want to see an improvement on is the notes section. I think that it would be very helpful to be able to put more than one not in a category. That way if I want to show someone the “Romans road to salvation” for example, I don’t have to go to each passage individually, instead I can simply go to the file I would have made for it. ‌   ​‍

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    Blessed to have downloaded this app over four years ago.   ‍ ‍

    I have had this app for over four years and it has been a blessing to see that it is more than just a “digital Bible”, as some may think. It is a tool that God can (and does use) to continue to grow and enhance the walk of the believer in Jesus and those who seek to know more about God. The additional options of the audio version of the Bible, many translations, articles, videos, weekly Bible study reading, introduction to new and well known Christian authors; is only a few ways and resources God provides through this app. PLEASE NOTE: this is NOT a substitution for coming together with the body of Christ in person, but it does help in many ways when someone may have difficulty doing that or other reasons that come into play. Whether you are a curious person who is open to learning more about who God is, or someone who has had a relationship with Jesus Christ for several decades; this ap  ‍   

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    More than I could have asked for      

    I downloaded this expecting to be able to access different versions of the Bible. This does that and so much more. I have just begun to explore some of the things that are available. I have completed one of the studies and am working on on the one designed to read the complete Bible. I had read part independently and really didn’t want to start over, the information on their website and technical support helped me to continue from where I was. As I use this and begin to explore all of the things that I have access to I’m sure I will be overwhelmed. It is hard to believe that this is available for everyone at “NO CHARGE “. I would highly recommend this for everyone, whether you already have Bibles, multiple translations of the Bible. This is the BEST it is small,easy to take everywhere, gives you immediate access no matter where you are 24/7. God Bless all of those that have made thi ​ ‍   

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    I loved it most when it was simple   ​ ‍‌

    I’ve had this app downloaded on every device I’ve owned for at LEAST the past 10 years or so. I liked it so much more when it was simple and not all of these new features like connecting with “friends” and the “stories” feature. I also don’t like the new prayer feature. I know that these are great features and that many people will probably use them but I wish we had the option of turning these features off so that they aren’t suggested and they don’t appear. I liked having a simple and clean digital version of the Bible to take everywhere with me, I loved the variety of translations and versions. I even like the “streaks” feature. I just don’t like how it seems like the app is quickly becoming a social app instead of something used for personal study. I admire and appreciate that the app reaches so many people and the consideration that went into making the app more appealing but if the  ‍  ‌​ 

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    Great Bible app/ couple suggestions       

    This app works great. I love access to all the translations and how easy it is to compare versions of a verse or passage. I also find such value on the devotional plans. I’ve recently started doing the plans with friends, which is a great way to stay in scripture and interact in community. I do have a couple items I think would improve my experience. I wish there was a way to private message a friend, especially doing the devotionals. It would be nice to have a way to communicate within the app, without it being read by everyone we are connected to in the app. Second, I find it frustrating-especially within the group devotionals, that once you input your info in the final day that the plan closes out. I want to be able to see what everyone else might have to say throughout that day, and it’s difficult to get back into the plan to see those comments. I’d like an option to manually close t  ​​  

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    Believing In the path that god has planned for me       

    Me and my wife have had a very tough time this week we have been at the hospital because she’s pregnant and we found out some information about our baby that was not very good and we honestly didn’t know how to react to it but I told my wife to have faith and believe and to start praying more and we sat in bed praying and I was crying so much because of the information we found out about our baby and I didn’t believe for one minute because I know god has our baby in his hands when I was praying I could barley breathe because I was trying so hard to cry out to god and tell him to take control of our situation and it’s was so amazing because we had our baby the next day and everything has just been amazing because when you believe in god and trust him you have this feeling in your body that you can never explain to anyone because it’s so amazing to feel the love that god has given us what ‌       

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    This is hands down the best Bible app I have ever seen. ​ ‌ ‍

    What is wonderful is that it not only has the Bible in like a billion different translations but several other amazing features. I have had this app for years and it has blossomed over the years with its added resources such as the Bible plans, the video content relating to different issues, you can search scriptures by emotion which I thought was genius, and a place where you can save your prayers and flip through them and help remind you to pray for certain things everyday. And the interface is very intuitive and the app can also read to you. The only thing I wish it had was a kid section and translation, the ability to search for videos based on a scripture you are reading, and the ability to see the Greek, Hebrew, etc translation for each word by clicking on it like e-Sword. However it is nearly perfect and I love it. You can also set reminders and the social aspect of it is really c​ ‌   ‍

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    I love this app!!! There’s just one suggestion I would love to happen. ‍​   

    I truly love how this app works, what it does, and it brings me to read the Bible, even if it’s just one verse, on the daily. Now, there’s one thing i would love for this app, which i don’t know if it’s possible, but it would be awesome. A chat system. Something small, a text-like addition where you can make a group chat or a chat with an individual person (in which you can also directly implement verses from the Bible app to the texts) with your friends and discuss topics and Bible verses, share testimonies, and over all just keep in touch with your friends, our brothers and sisters in Christ, while using the Word of God, helping each other on this walk following Him. I feel this would really be good as we would be able to communicate and even remind our friends simple things like “don’t forget the plan you started three days ago!” or even go into deep topics with the Bible one click aw       

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    @ programmers PLEASE READ!!      

    Please make the 'Note' ability to be a thing we could see instead of just something to do. It would be a serious help for me when studying the bible or jotting down small things I noticed and be able to look back on them in future. How to do this: You know those small text boxes with 3 dots in them? If we could PLEASE use this, this would be a huge life changer for me and many others I am sure! Of course though, have the box at a limited size and maybe double tap to view it in full? Also one other thing I would like to add, idk if this is just me but when I make bookmarks, I can keep them all organized by their sections but... I really wish that I could see the title which I give them instead of the verses. So that way when I go to look for the verse, or am just looking back on things to be inspired or reminded, I can read the title that would say something like "when feeling down&q ‌     ‍

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    Firstly thank God for creating the creators of this app. I love how every single update just gets better and better. I am all into a nice user friendly and easy access app where I can write notes and connect with other believers daily. I love all the new features like the comments under prayers but I feel the stories option wasn’t really the best for the app, but i believe that i can always hide it from my home screen, easy fix. I loveeee the bookmark section, however, I wish that the bookmark/notes section could have an option to add each one to each other (if that makes sense). Also I am in my Bible app a lot. Almost everyday, If this reaches the app team, could we please have an option to turn the streaks option on or off? I know in the reviews a lot of other people have talked about how they feel motivated seeing their number of days grow and I have to agree that it is motivated me w  ‌ ​  

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    Great App but...‍     

    I’ve been using this app for 3 years and I truly love it. It’s easy to use and has so many great features. The daily reading plans are my favorite and there are some very well written biblical plans, for any topic you could think of. I’ve spent a lot of time searching through them and ‘saving’ plans to come back to later or to use to suggest to friends and family for good reading, and I’ve just realized that much of what I had saved, have been deleted. Only the most recent ones, maybe the last 8-10 are still there. I’m very disappointed. If there’s a limit in the number of plans that can be saved, that information should be listed somewhere. Or, we should be notified when we’re arriving at our limit of saved plans. That way, if we find one that we want to read, we can make note of it somewhere else, in order to go back to it later or to have ready to suggest to someone. Just a suggestio  ​‌   

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    Very good app for everyone! ‌ ‍   ​

    I love this app! are some things you can do on it, You can change your profile picture, also you can create verses. First you choose the background you want. Then you choose your font and write a verse either from the bible or just a nice verse you thought up. hit save and people can see your verses, you can request friends, anyone can comment or like or friend request you too! can also make a plan, here’s how... first you go to the section that says plans, then you choose a plan. You watch a video about your plan, for example if you wanted the plan about Easter, then you would watch a video about Jesus rising from the dead. And why is it called a plan, well you basically watch the episodes of easter every day and you PLAN to do that every day, you can also, read a virtual bible! There is also a verse of the day! Enjoy and thank you for reading my thoughts about this wonderful app.        

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    Love this app! So helpful!‍     

    I use it daily. I love the reminder feature. The bookmark, highlight and comment features are great! ***Trying to figure out how to find/view all my old comments-some have prayers. It has been so helpful during the pandemic. The awesome of plans have connected me with friends. We take turns choosing the plans and I do a separate one by myself. I love how I can pick plans based on my need or interest. There are so many to choose from. I love the save for later feature. There have been so many great ones. ***I only wish that there were an option to save the ones I really like or need to refer to later. I know I can go back any look through my completed plans but I have completed so many it is time consuming to figure out which ones I need to recall or want to do again. So right now I have a written running list or I screen shot the plan. They have such good content. It’s amazing. Thank you​​‌ ​  

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Is Bible † Safe?

Yes. Bible † is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 290 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 5.0/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Bible † Is 75.5/100.

Is Bible † Legit?

Yes. Bible † is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 290 Bible † User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Bible † Is 75.5/100.

Is Bible † not working?

Bible † works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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