Schmooze: Meme, Match & Date Reviews

Schmooze: Meme, Match & Date Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-08

About: Swipe memes & meet dates. Schmooze is changing the dating scene.

About Schmooze

What is Schmooze?

Schmooze is a dating app that matches users based on their sense of humor and affinity for memes. The app has a memeverse filled with images and videos for everyone, and users can tailor their experience with #memevibe by choosing from various categories to get memes personalized to their interests. Schmooze has a humor algorithm that builds a user's humor profile based on their swipes and matches them with people who have a similar sense of humor. Once a match is made, users can chat with each other using memes to spark conversation.



- Swipe memes and check out curated meme content

- Humor algorithm that builds a user's humor profile based on their swipes

- Match with people who have a similar sense of humor

- Memes used to spark conversation in chats

- #Memevibe feature that tailors the Schmooze experience to a user's interests

- Icebreakers provided in user's profile to start conversations

- 48-hour window to message a match before the chat is automatically removed

- Over 15 Million meme swipes and more than 500K matches made

- Users from 120 universities across the United States.

Overall User Satisfaction Rating

Positive experience

Negative experience


~ from NLP analysis of 460 combined software reviews.

Key Benefits of Schmooze

- Amazing and fun app to spend time and meet new people

- No bots or pay to swipe

- Easy to create profile and get started

- Connects people on their sense of humour

- Quality of memes has increased significantly

21 Schmooze Reviews

4.3 out of 5


Great start keep up the good work to the future

Amazing and fun app to spend time and meet new people. No bots yet no pay to swipe and I hope the team keeps it like that. Has a few outdated memes outdated UI but you get used to it and it brings you flash games kind of vibe so in a way it hits a spot and grows on you. Schmooze has a lot of potential if the dev team keeps up the good work and doesn’t let greed consume Schmooze like other dating apps did.


not worth the time

all of the memes were really old, even the covid ones gave off Facebook-mom-meme energy. if the memes were higher quality I might actually enjoy it, but I find myself swiping right only on lukewarm memes. nothing made me laugh.
used up all my swipes, which must have been 40 or 50 swipes before I ran out. only made one match during that. so a lot of swiping energy for very little pay off.
plus, not very queer friendly. the only gender options for both yourself and what you’re looking for are “male” and “female”. cmon, it’s 2021.
wouldn’t recommend unless you really like 2010-style memes and are already out of swipes on all your other dating apps.


Refreshing and fun

I first saw this on tik tok and absolutely loved the concept. After downloading, it has absolutely delivered. It’s super enjoyable scrolling through the memes, and it becomes extremely easy to talk to your matches based on the similarities. The interface is very easy, bright, and inviting, and it’s absolutely painless to create your profile using their prompts (or your own imagination if you prefer) and to get started in general


Such a fun app

I recently downloaded Schmooze and fell in love with the idea and the aim of Schmooze . It helps connect people on their sense of humour. The quality of the memes on Schmooze have increased significantly since I downloaded it and I find it a lot of fun to swipe left or right on them! I’ve got some matches too and have had great conversations! Definitely recommend Schmooze to those who want to try something new


Loveeee it!

After being on Tinder, Bumble and Hinge this is by far my favorite. It’s easy to find attractive people, but finding people you’re attracted to who have a compatible personality ? Not so easy. Thankfully, this app matches you based on personality first (humor) and then you can see if you’re attracted to them physically. Literally matched one of my best friends on Schmooze !!


One of the best dating apps I’ve ever used

Hi everyone, just wanna say that I wasn’t into the idea of dating apps and download Schmooze just for memes. Now I’m using Schmooze for almost 4 months and I love it ❤️ funny memes and Interesting matches.
Sometimes I’m checking Schmooze just for memes because the algorithm starts showing me memes for my specific sense of humor lol


So Much Potential

The idea of Schmooze is absolutely wonderful and a for sure good way of making sincere connections but the crippling problem is that the memes you swipe on need to be taken from real profiles and real people. Everyone has drastically different humors and the memes you see on the front page are consistently not something young millennials or older gen z teenagers would find funny. The algorithm would benefit much more if it used every possible users memes.


I hope y’all get some serious seed funding!!

All the conversations on Schmooze just feel a lot more natural! Think about, you’re not swiping based on looks, but rather using rapid paced symbolic interactions! Definitely could be big for Adhd types, or people who really really enjoy the stim from memes!


Fun and Effective

this app actually makes swiping fun! I get to look at memes and find people to date at the same time. So many existing apps encourage swiping primarily based on physical appearance. It’s nice to have one that prioritizes sense of humor! Schmooze is unique and makes dating fun instead of feeling more like interviewing.


The best app on the internet!

I started using this app a few months ago and it became my favorite app! Not only because of cool people and dating opportunities but also because it’s just so much fun to scroll through all the awesome memes they have there! Highly recommend!!!


Such a smart dating app!!

Whoever came up with this is a genius! Having a similar sense of humor can really make or break a relationship and so glad there’s a dating app for this!
Honestly I just go on sometimes to swipe memes. You get a pretty steady flow of matches as well! Excited to see how this grows!!!!!


10/10 would recommend

Great concept, Schmooze is very clean and easy to maneuver. It feels a lot more genuine than other dating apps on the market. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to make real connections with new people!


Cool way to meet people

I am new to the dating app game. Was on a popular dating app but only lasted a day due swiping left and right seems really weird. Matching on similar taste in humor is really interesting.. I don’t have to objectify myself or the person I am meeting!! Will continue to use!


Interesting Concept

I love the idea of not seeing people right away and only picking based off humor, but I guess everyone that uses Schmooze in my area is just ugly and not my type so I’m kinda disappointed. I also do not like how I don’t know how far away people are, there is no mile range that shows the distance between you and another person


Humor is a great filter for a good convo

I’m on a bunch of dating apps, and the convos rarely last 5 messages. On this app my first match and I had a convo that flowed and was filled with hahas for 3 hours.

The meme quality has gotten significantly better as the algos get to know my humor. Can only get better.


Fantastic app!

Really good accessibility, easy user interface, and a majority of the people I matched with live closer to me than other matches I’ve gotten on like Tinder and Bumble. It’s also fun to get to know someone’s sense of humor as opposed to just being attracted to their physicality.


Not boring

I was surprised when I started using Schmooze as all the rest are the same concept over and over. It’s nice to connect over something other than just looks


It’s better than you think

At first I thought it sounded like a really goofy concept, but it’s actually super fun. And it allows you to interact with people over something other than mirror pics, so that’s a plus.


Finally the dating app I was waiting for

Being an introvert, present day dating apps were way too demanding for my personality. The constant pressure of being attractive is what pulled me away from them.

Enter this app.

I love spending time on this app as all I have to do is to read memes(which has become my fav past-time lately) and this app connects me with people of similar sense of humor.

The conversation on this app is very natural and not superficial.

All in all, The best dating app for me. I hope more people come to know about it.


GENIUS idea for an app

Schmooze is really cool! I definitely recommend downloading it if you want to find someone who matches your sense of humor! Especially if a sense of humor plays a big role in what your looking for in a person !


Met my girlfriend here!

Like the title says! Met my girl here and we’re doing great. Sometimes memes will repeat or chats will briefly glitch but I had way more matches on here than on tinder and bumble combined, so I’d highly recommend!



I downloaded Schmooze for fun but love the concept and usability. Humor is such an important trait for me when I’m looking for a partner and using this app allows me to laugh at memes and swipe on potential partners at the same time :)


Good concept but falls short

The concept of Schmooze is great but the memes aren’t that funny. I did change the meme settings to my interests but it didn’t help. Most of the memes seemed as though they would cater towards a republican man or a 15 year old boy getting sucked into a right wing wormhole on ifunny. I’m a lesbian and I was receiving memes that were homophobic/transphobic. Schmooze fails to take into account what demographic the user falls into. Overall I’m disappointed.


Cute and Fun App

Was recommended by a friend to download Schmooze and have loved using it! Schmooze has a cute and aesthetic vibe and finding matches with memes has been rly fun! Would recommend to everyone who loves memes!


Best app ever

Super fun UI, super fun time! I love this UI a lot. It’s playful, de stressing and not to forget, what a fun way to find a date and a chance at love! All you Hve to do is swipe on memes that make you laugh!

Literally, you laugh your way into wha could be a perfect date!

I don’t mean to be super cheesy but Schmooze provides you love and laughter when you need it the Most- who doesn’t want that in their life?

Also the meme algorithm personalization is on fleek.

Kendra Diller   2 years ago

I already have an account but right now I open the app and it asks me to add a photo for step 1 of 4. I choose a picture and it says uploading failed. I can’t get into the app and I might not be the only one with this problem

Is Schmooze Safe?

Yes. Schmooze: Meme, Match & Date is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 460 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Schmooze Is 70.6/100.

Is Schmooze Legit?

Yes. Schmooze: Meme, Match & Date is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 460 Schmooze: Meme, Match & Date User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Schmooze Is 83.6/100..

Is Schmooze: Meme, Match & Date not working?

Schmooze: Meme, Match & Date works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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