Beem: Better than Cash Advance Reviews

Beem: Better than Cash Advance Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-10

About: Borrow money when it matters so that you can live life uninterrupted. Plans
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About Beem

What is Beem?

Line is a mobile app that provides an emergency line of funds to its members who qualify and maintain an active paid subscription on the app. It is not a loan and does not impact the user's FICO score. The app is developed by Line Financial, a Public Benefit Corporation based in the US. The app offers various benefits, including instant access to cash, higher amounts, gift cards, prepaid cards, cashback, credit monitoring, credit alerts, identity theft protection, and more. Users can sign up for a Line account in five easy steps that take less than five minutes. The app comes with bank-level security, data privacy, and 24/7 dedicated support.



- Instant access to cash ranging from $20 to $1000

- Withdraw funds into a bank account, debit card, or gift card of choice

- Unlimited unlocking of higher amounts

- Gift cards, Visa, and MasterCard prepaid cards

- Up to 20% cashback on transactions

- $1M identity theft insurance

- Credit monitoring, credit alerts, dark web monitoring, and identity theft protection

- Credit predictor feature to see how taking a loan or applying for a credit card could impact the user

- Easy sign-up process in five steps

- Bank-level security and data privacy

- 24/7 dedicated support via app, phone, email, and website.

Overall User Satisfaction Rating

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Positive experience

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Key Benefits of Beem

• Quick response from the developer

• Rolling with the punches and continuing to fix issues every single week

• Customer support has improved by miles

• Helped during Memorial Day weekend

• Looking forward to new features

23 Beem Reviews

4.3 out of 5


Wait, wait and more wait.

After I signed up in February submitting all my required information and proof of income. I’m told I have to wait until my second direct deposit hits to meet the required income amount. So it hits and I’m at the required amount, then I’m told my account still needs to be reviewed. Just yesterday, after now 4 payrolls I get that I’m qualified for a whopping $40. When I try to collect it I have to add my debit card to the “primary card”. I reach out to try and change the account (I have two linked) because that is the correct account and my card is linked. I knew the issue long before. I reached out all day about this and lady told me I needed to delete one of accounts to make the other one my primary. Oh but when I do that it will change my qualifications and I might need to start over. I literally took the time to do all these useless steps for them to put me back at square one, and no response from anyone since then. You guys are really useless with all the waiting around. The point is to be fast because it’s money that is needed. I was told by a staff member that they are smaller company and are not funded like other apps. This is why it takes so long, so if one qualifies and you choose not to assist after then seems like you’re picking and choosing who you will assist. Pretty sure that’s not legal.

Oh yeah Beem kept freezing and k was told I’m using an older version but when I came so update it was the most recent version.


Horrible app awful customer service

Before support tries responding swiftly saying to e-mail, I have been emailing since November and been ignored so emailing you isn’t an option, cannot unlink my bank, asked customer service for help with this, they told me to do it myself in Beem , when I kept telling them the button in Beem won’t unlink the bank they just repeated themselves like brain dead robots. So emailed and emailed. Still nothing but silence. Now here is where it gets sketchy, Beem gives you the option to delete your application(I was never able to even submit one) and claims they will delete all of your information immediately and retain nothing. That is not the case at all, as I closed my application and account a month ago, tried to sign back in and was greeted with you closed your application would you like to reopen it, so I did just to see, and the application had all of my information saved in it. So what’s the point of deleting it if your basically just pausing it and holding information? Likely this company is retaining information to sell it at a later time. Customer service does not respond to emails, so developer if you respond to this saying to e-mail you and you’ll fix it, your lying because I’ve been trying for four months now and have only been ignored. Beem needs to be removed from Beem Store til they fix it.


Is this app EVER going to work as it should?

The answer to that question is NO. Beem has never worked properly. There as always been one issue or another. Now I can NOT link my debit card. It only takes me to a blank screen. When I try to skip linking debit card it tells me my bank account is disconnected. When I try to re link my bank account it tells me it’s already linked and to try another account. That’s the bank account I have, that’s the bank account I use it’s the bank account I want to use. I’m not opening another account just to use your service. Fix Beem so it works properly. Update: as of December 6,2021 the issues still have not been resolved. I have asked them to delete my information from their files since they are refusing me access to their service. They are refusing to delete my information. They only ask for more time to resolve the matter and keep asking me to do things I’ve already done and don’t work. Update as of December 9 the matter is still not resolved and the are still refusing to deleted my information which they have no legal entitlement to keep. They just keep repeatedly telling me to link the debit card associated with an account I no longer use. They refuse to understand that that is the issue. The option to link that card isn’t available. I keep getting an error message.


Couldn’t even past the signup

I just downloaded this today, was excited because I have been using Afterpay, Klarna, and Sezzle for a while, no issues but wanted variety since Line offered stores I needed to shop from for Christmas for my daughters. I have my account information and login information for my bank and the Plaid login said it wasn’t the right credentials, over and over again. I called my bank to verify and they said i was right. I don’t understand why they made this so difficult. With the other apps all you have to do is sign up your debit card and your done. They have had no problem taking out my installment payments from my bank linked debit card. Y’all need to rethink your signup process, not user friendly, and just stick to debit or credit cards not trying to link a bank account too. What an unnecessary headache!! I quickly went to their website to deactivate my application and will be deleting Beem itself momentarily. Good ideas on Beem process with the goals, rewards and stores offered. That’s what attracted me to Beem. But nah I’m good too much headache for me! But definitely need to work out the logistics and sign up process. It will turn many away including myself.


Waste of time

Beem sounds nice but the user interface doesn’t work. Once you link your bank accounts it has you go through every transaction and mark which Items are income and which items are bills. After selecting your items; your then told that you don’t have enough expenses. Basically forcing you to check boxes that are not expenses. Then once it totals it will tell you that you don’t qualify because you don’t bring in enough income even if your bringing in over 4,000-5,000 a month. Then Beem will ask you to link accounts to show more income. Link more accounts, link more accounts, link more accounts. Makes me feel uneasy that they want all these accounts. If one account shows income to meet your requirements then that should be good enough. If you choose to not use the income we select when you ask us then why do you even ask? Bottom line; Beem has glitches, it doesn’t calculate correctly and if you don’t have bills Beem will just keep repeating “link more accounts”. I was not expecting much but could have benefited from the “line”. However, I’ve spent two days on this already and it just doesn’t work right. Good luck to all who try.


I would skip this app.

I’ve been using Beem for two months now. I start by saying I make over $4200 a month after taxes and medical is pulled out of my check. I’m only approved for $25 a month that being said it only gives me a week to pay it back when I only get paid once a month on the 1st. I’ve added my debit card multiple times and when I log back in it will not show up. I verified my debit card and it will disappear on Beem and I’ll have to add it back and then wait for my bank statement to verify the $0.65 and $0.55 I’ve had to do this 11 times now. Beem needs a lot of work. Customer service could be more of a help. I’ve caught attitude by one of the customer service ladies on Beem more than once. I’ve tried upgrading the monthly subscription so I can get more cash and it won’t let me. I think they need to do a better job at linking your checking account and your income. Please don’t think you’ll get the $100-$1000 the most I’ve seen anyone get is $40 after google reviews. After I pay the $25 back I’m canceling my account. If you want a app that actually gives you money more than $100 I would go with Bright, Earnin, Albert, Vola, Grid, MoneyLion.


Excellent Customer Support

Honestly, I’m new to Beem & normally it’s not something I’d try being that I’m 63 years old without any credit history & no one is willing to give me a chance to improve my situation. I read all information provided & wasn’t 100%on board until I read the only review entered so far & although it wasn’t s negative review … the person just wasn’t thrilled with the overall process. What impressed me most & made me feel you could help me get back on track … your developer immediately got back to that person, apologized & offered to assist in any way possible.

Your quick response tells me you care ….. Thank you !


Scammy and a lot of red flags

App wouldn’t process my bank transactions so Ankush was like “oh send me 6 months of bank statements and we will take care of it right away”. Now it’s two weeks later Ankush doesn’t have answers, someone named Aijaz doesn’t have any idea what’s going on and Sakshi just joined the conversation today and nothing. Really fish and lots of red flags. Beware. I see how they try to gaslight all the negative reviews on here fortunately I’ll step over to Twitter too. They just responded to this message with false information… They clearly have a messed up with somebody else and don’t realize what my situation is. I’m doing everything correctly their app is weird and scammy and causes you to have to submit more personal information. Have you noticed that all the positive reviews are names similar to the people who work for the company… Where exactly is this company based out of? I just told them to delete my account and they told me they don’t have the authorization to delete my account… It’s their app how can they not delete me off of their app? Just red flags all over the place with Beem I recommend nobody download it nobody use it



Every time I try to use line it keeps telling me sorry we’re unable to approve your loan. I ended up deleting Beem off of my phone. Recently I received a couple of texts and emails telling me I’ve been approved for $70 but again when I log in I get sorry. Their customer service is just as frustrating as Beem . I reached out to them and got no help. For those of you that got a loan through them good for you but as for me I will once again be deleting their app until they can fix this.


Customer service is obviously scripted

This company is trash! They charge a a late fee which is fine but to charge you 5 times the amount for the service is ridiculous! Not only did I not use the service because seriously what can you do with $20? On top of that I paid my fees and late fees and I still can’t cancel my service or deactivate my account. The customer service reps tells me I have to wait 24hrs til I can do anything. They’ll gladly take my money but not let me cancel. Then they tried to follow up with an email telling me they’ll give me $5 for a scheduled call to follow up. After all said and done I paid what was owed and they won’t delete my information. I can’t even delete my own information on Beem or website. If you feel like giving your money away give it to a panhandler that you see on the streets. At least they won’t hold your information!


Customer service Terrible!!!!!!!!!!

I spent 2 hours staring at my screen and waiting for an answer from customer service ( they have no number to call) the guys name was Aijaz from India..... when I finally did get a response, it wasn’t even close to the answer. When I said they were going to make me late for work, and that I was going to cancel if I didn’t get some type of answer or explanation for the extra charges, I then waited again forever for a reply, and he says sorry we have a high volume of tickets....... so I beg one last time for just some type of answer. He hasn’t replied since. You guys have cost me so much hassle with the overdraft fees..... I’ll be reporting you to the bbb too when I get a chance. I hope no one else signs up for this horrible service!!!!!!


rip off!

i waited months to finally be approved for a $20 line. once i borrowed it, i was required to pay it back literally 2 days later with a $4 interest fee. So i’ve paid them a total of $26 including the subscription fee. Now that i’ve paid back the $24, i’m told that the $24 payment will take 5-7 business days to update to my account. it’s been almost 2 weeks now and my payment still shows as pending and everytime i reach out to support, i’m given the same answer. “please give it some time and we will have an update for you”. All while i’m still getting notifications literally every 5 minutes telling me to make a payment that i have already made almost 2 weeks ago. Waste of time, Beem is a complete rip off!


Apple deleted my old review!! Don’t download this!!

This is a scam… long story short customer support didn’t help me after working with them for two weeks…. Beem steals your information and doesn’t give you anything. $10k in deposits and withdrawals in a month couldn’t qualify me for a measly $50 from Beem… all the good reviews are fake and Apple is supporting that. Apple needs to stopping deleting legitimate reviews on these scam companies or else they will be facing a class action lawsuit sooner then they know it. Stay away from Beem they don’t give you anything.

** Apple needs to remove Beem from Beem Store… check recent reviews, and notice there are two reviews with the same exact words and it starts with “I’m a lone wolf” lol. The developer is leaving reviews on here.


Keep up the good work!!!

I tried posting before but for some reason it did not show up. Wanted to give these guys a shout out for rolling with the punches and continuing to fix issues every single week. I am not seeing bank connection issues that much and customer support has improved by miles. Hope everyone gives them a second chance. Thanks for the help with the Line, really helped me during Memorial Day weekend. Looking forward to new features!!!


Something shady about this place!

I don’t know how Beem got on my iPhone but I totally thought it was something else and I completed the information and afterwards I immediately knew something wasn’t right it showed all of my transactions direct deposit shopping habits which was creepy and I tried to deactivated the account it said I couldn’t do it from Beem so I followed the link and tell me why that link didn’t have anything about deactivating the account I tried removing my debit card off and it wouldn’t let me! And it was asking me to accept a payment plan of 1.95 for something that I’m not even interested! I’m changing my bank my account number asap! Please do not trust this place they are stealing your information and selling it!


Don’t recommend

Beem is super user unfriendly I keep on having issue with them not being able to verify me. If you type in any typos you would have to contact support and they would take forever to respond. Finally I got approved for everything and went to try to get a line. And it wouldn’t let me because I had no debit card linked to the account I had my pay check deposited into because it’s a saving account. I told them that and they said the system picks the main account not us. So they couldn’t do anything. So I gave them all this information went through all these hops for nothing. I try deactivating my account and I don’t think it work, I’m sure they kept all my information.


Keeps Getting Better & Better

The developers of Beem are creating and posting updates frequently which makes it better and better each time. The support staff is efficient, friendly, and work quickly to resolve any technical issues. Even if you don’t initially qualify for the Line, the other features are helpful to work towards being qualified and also to help people succeed financially.



Beem seems like a scam. Certain people prey on other’s desperation for cash. Beem seems like it was developed by someone or some people who do just that. The first red flag for me were the grammar mistakes. It sounds just like the customer support at a bank I use. The customer support is in another country. Another huge red flag is the five star reviews; they were all short and “to the point “, the point being that this is a good app. And another red flag is that one or two of the reviews mentioned having Beem for a few years, when other reviews, that are from one year ago, state that they were invited to be one of the first users of Beem . There are more tell tale signs that shows Beem for what it is.


What the actual….

So, I was able to create my entire account and everything. Then, it tells me that my card wouldn’t connect to the account, kicked me out, logged back in said unable to provide me with an amount and to contact customer service. And then Beem keeps force shutting itself. I can’t even contact customer service through Beem , because it keeps shutting me out. With someone like you get into contact with me relatively quickly considering I just spent quite a lot of my time making an account and putting my Social Security number into some thing like this and everything else so I kind of expect a response. Thank you.


Could be there alittle better when you need it

Tho I am greatful for line right now cuz unneeded SOME extra cash it could be there alittle better I figured after calculating my income cuz the process is alittle taxing that I’d have a borrow amount in regards to it but I was only offered $20 and it cost me 4 just to send to my debit card so that was a bit of a party foul least I got something tho I guess and the membership fee was cheapest outta most tho luck for that lol


Cash quickly, small fees, build line of credit over time.

I have used another similar app for almost a year and wanted to try Line, so I signed up today. The verification process used Plaid which works seamlessly in this case. I liked that Beem allowed me to add more than one bank account as I have my direct deposit of my paycheck split between accounts. My starting limit was $50 until my account is verified and will then increase to $100. I asked CS about how often credit line increases are considered and was helped by Thasneem who explained that they are considered after a few months and, for my plan costing 9.97 per month, can go up to $1000. Comparing this to Grain which costs 9 per month whenever I withdraw $990, the price starts out high but is competitive once the $1000 limit is hit. The Link app also seems to have more features than Grain like cash back rewards. Will probably keep this if my credit line is increased.


Feels like a scam

Literally got to a screen that said I was approved after entering checking account info and income/expense details. Had me choose which plan I wanted and enter the card info connected with the checking account (which I did) and when I clicked next then it says your not approved. So it went from you are approved choose which plan to not approved after you have all of my account info. I reached out to Customer Support who took a full day (which leads me to believe this is a foreign company) I’m not sure what happened you probably entered some data wrong. Very sketchy…I dunno my card is locked and I deactivated immediately.


App doesn’t seem to work right, maybe it’s me…

I did not even get an opportunity to navigate Beem as I was not qualified by the 3rd party system they use. It was explained to me the current system in place also does not allow for staff of Beem to manually check and rectify any mistakes made during this process.

So I/not anyone else i suppose will never know why I was not qualified.

Aside from that, Beem was quite buggy in my limited interaction with it. My guess is this is what led to my disqualification as I was asked to confirm information about my credit history that didn’t exist, (asked me to confirm a mortgage and student loans, which I don’t have either of for example) after saying as much, Beem just processed forever.

So try if you want maybe you’ll get a better outcome, but it’s buggy and if that is the reason you aren’t able to proceed, the staff that works at Line won’t be able to do anything for you.



Don’t waste your time

Beem is a waste of time. I accidentally entered one wrong number for my social security number and when I went back to correct it, I couldn’t. I received a message on Beem that they could not approve me due to the information I provided. I proceeded to send a chat with my problem and received follow up emails - one of them said they would reset my account but that never happened. Instead I received another email asking for a screenshot of the message I was getting on my application. They never fixed the issue of me not getting to fix my social security number.


Do not waste your time

It gave me a measly 20$ and it has remained that way. Even after a few months of using every now and then just to see if it would actually increase as promised (not necessarily out of true need). Well it has not. And my income is about $5,200 a month so it’s not a huge loss at all, but keep in mind they’ll loan you 20 to be paid back in a week with $4 more. Makes little sense. And the amount never increases.
So, I’ve not used it again. It is a waste of time and I deleted Beem . I highly suggest you do the same. There’s so much more and better out there than this.


Oustanding Customer Service

I would like to recognize Saad's outstanding customer service. Saad is an excellent professional who is eager to help and makes sure you are well informed of what you should expect from his assistance. Saad is the perfect example of what customer service is all about... I have no doubt he will succeed professionally and personally as he's an excellent human being...🤗🤟🏻

Val   9 months ago

Line is now Beem apparently. They emailed me an invitation to beta test their new their new Beem App. The features they were selling were appealing so I agreed. What a mistake. They straight robbed me for $80. I loaded money onto their poor excuse for an app and I wanted to test the send money to anyone feature. I sent my wife $40 and she received a link that was supposed to instruct her how to claim the money. The funds disappeared. The link is to the Beem website instructing her to register for account. When she tried to she hit error message and told to contact support. I immediately tried to live the remaining funds out of that app and back to my debit card but couldn’t. They said I have to wait for my debit card to be verified…. At this point I know they are a scam and I just want to get my funds out. They offer a gift card purchasing feature so I decided to use the funds and buy a visa gift card. I purchase the gift card and got an email from Beem instructing me to claim my gift card. I follow the link and I got an error message stating my gift card can not be claimed at this time. They staight robbed me for $80. Nothing works. They are stealing your money that’s the goal

Kimberly Randall   1 year ago

Customer service is no help at all . They pick and choose who they feel like helping and won't even answer others. Have a problem with the app the only person who even answered enough to try and help one time told me I had an outdated version and I needed to reinstall although I had the most up-to-date I then could not get in touch with anyone at all

Marcus Robinson   1 year ago


Is Beem Safe?

No. Beem: Better than Cash Advance does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 20,580 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Beem Is 13.7/100.

Is Beem Legit?

No. Beem: Better than Cash Advance does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 20,580 Beem: Better than Cash Advance User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Beem Is 31.4/100..

Is Beem: Better than Cash Advance not working?

Beem: Better than Cash Advance works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Information

**Pricing data is based on average subscription prices reported by users..

Line offers a subscription-based service starting at $1.97 per month. The subscription provides access to an emergency line of funds ranging from $20 to $1000, with the ability to unlock higher amounts by maintaining an active subscription and adhering to Line's community guidelines. The subscription also includes access to gift cards, Visa and MasterCard prepaid cards, up to 20% cashback, $1M insurance, credit monitoring, credit alerts, dark web monitoring, identity theft protection, and restoration services. To sign up, users can start with their email, get pre-approved, complete the application process, review their qualification, and subscribe by linking their debit card to pay for the subscription upfront. Users must refill their Line account per their plan to maintain eligibility for accessing more Line and unlocking higher amounts. Line also offers bank-level security, data privacy, and 24/7 dedicated support services.

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