Followers Insights: Profile+ Reviews

Followers Insights: Profile+ Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

''Followers Insights'' + is a professional Instagram tool for you to track your
followers, which can offer you detailed data on your Instagram account. With
this application, You can get a deeper understanding of your Instagram account,
and find out who followed you, who has liked you, a...

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Reviews (35)


Not accurate in one category

I noticed that the people that it reported had blocked me really hadn’t blocked me at all. Most of them were either people I unfollowed or people who had unfollowed me. I bought two of these apps to compare them and this one reports a lot of false blocks and the other is way more accurate. So I actually am ending my subscription with FollowersInsights and sticking to the other. The other app also has a feature that lets you go directly to people’s pages from FollowersInsights so not only is it more accurate but it has more features as well. I did try it out for a few months just to be sure to give it a good try. Perhaps the devs should take note and look into making it more accurate.


Erin Grace Murray  ​ ‍    

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 ‌Works as it should‏‎ 

 ​Gives the perfect insights on your account. I was really shocked to see all the negative reviews on FollowersInsights saying that they get an email saying someone logged into your Instagram account from another phone, guys! FollowersInsights uses Instagram API, and its common as all the 3rd party Instagram related apps use APIs to fetch those data. You get an email when FollowersInsights does that. I have been using FollowersInsights for 2 years and I havent encountered a single issue since then. I highly recommend FollowersInsights to everyone as it is really safe and most reliable one in FollowersInsights store.  ‍     ‍


My account is locked- do not download!

FollowersInsights worked fine for about a week. I had to pay for a subscription which was annoying just to see who unfollowed me. After o week I got an alert from Instagram saying that there was suspicious activity on my account. I had to do video selfie verification to prove that my account with being run by a person and not computer. I did that and everything worked for another day or two, then it was completely locked all weekend. I deleted FollowersInsights and it worked for half a day. I just received another alert saying that my password was shared with an app used to gain followers so my account is locked for another week.


The update removed some good features

FollowersInsights is fantastic. I have been using it for quite a while without any safety issues yet. My fav feature is secret crush that you can see the following/follower activities of your crush and can track the corresponding users. However I noticed after one auto update this feature disappeared. Is it possible to make it back?



I just know they buy their reviews because this product doesn’t even work! The option to subscribe and pay more for access to “blocked accounts” and what not doesn’t even work! It shows random people and when you go on Instagram to search them they aren’t blocking you! FollowersInsights isn’t accurate and when reaching out to customer service they stopped responding when i wanted a refund. I mean 6 or 7 dollars isn’t much so i won’t argue with them over it but i figured I’d rate FollowersInsights so users who are buying it for that sole purpose know it just doesn’t work.


It’s ok-not worth the $35 year subscription

I paid for the year subscription because you can’t mass unfollow if you don’t, I’ve tried to mass unfollow 16 times now closing FollowersInsights and restarting it, even tried on different days and all it says is “slow loading please wait patiently 0/0” and doesn’t actually load or unfollow. The unfollowing screen won’t go away after that until I close and re open FollowersInsights only to find myself in the same predicament as before … Don’t purchase


Kinda aggravated

I wanted to see who was unfollowing me and other analytics with IG. So I paid for 6 months. And it wasn’t showing my lost follower (unfollowers) at first. I thought ok maybe it needs a day or two. Still didn’t show up. I sent a feedback email.... got nothing back. So I checked IG analytics and it showed I had lost several (7+) followers per day... refreshed FollowersInsights .... still nothing... I only paid for it for that particular reason and to see who was seeing my stories. Someone please help me!!!!



It’s pretty great I would just want to know if someone constantly sees your profile again are you able to see that in FollowersInsights again since they already are in my profile viewers, am I able to notice that they seen my profile again?


Just what you’re looking for!         

Great app to better your Instagram! It’s definitely helpful and has a really nice format. Very user friendly. You can see who you’re following and who isn’t following you back as well as your Instagram stalkers! I would recommend for sure‌        


‏‏ So fun & easy to use! ‎    

   Gives me some extra info to my account, it is nice. It gives you an instant report about your new followers and who liked your posts most, etc. These two parts are my favorite. A great analysis tool to track my followers, unfollowers, and posts._x000D_   


Best instagram tracker app by far !!!​    ‍  

FollowersInsights is amazing! It let&reports for followers;s you know who is looking at your profile, who are the ones deleting the comments. It&reports for followers;s a perfect way to find out who is lurking, who&reports for followers;s blocking you & unfriending you on Instagram 😁  ‍‍​   


‎ Great app   

‍​  FollowersInsights is great the problem is sometimes it's not available keeps saying try again later and later and later ... oh well later has been a week for me great app but it s*cks because it's not available. ‏     


I paid for this app for it not to work.   ‌   

The free version of FollowersInsights is ideal, but DO NOT purchase FollowersInsights . It says you need to pay to select all followers that do not follow you (was over 300 users). After paying for FollowersInsights , it just glitches out every time you try to unfollow thru FollowersInsights . Use it for free just to see exactly what’s going on with your profile.     


Unfollower feature

Whenever I click select all and then hit the “unfollow All” button, it asks to me pay again. Even though I’ve already purchased FollowersInsights ! This is the only reason why I bought it. Very disappointed. It does give you the accounts not following you back but you still have to go one by one. In my case there 4.5K accounts I have to go one by one.


Refresh Failed!  ​ ‍​

I have downloaded FollowersInsights for over a weak, it only shows my follower and following number. Keeps erroring on refresh and tells me to try again a bit later! Dont know exactly how long i have to wait, probably till the end of my subscribtion! Waste of 5$ , sry i realy liked the interface but its useless so far‌      ‍  


Not working now

It started out working fine but now it is glitching and not unfollowing like it was. I made sure to restart the phone and app...I even updated my device and it will keep toggling between follow and unfollow before settling on either option. More often than not now it doesn’t unfollow. Too bad, FollowersInsights was so good at first.


​‌Pretty good   

    FollowersInsights is so amazing! It lets you know who is following you that you arent following, and who you arent following who is following you back. It also gives you people who have blocked you, and many more great features!  ‎


Bad app‍   ‍

It takes forever to load data, and recently it hasn’t been able to load data at all. It crashes all the time and it’s not an issue with my phone because the other apps don’t crash. It worked sorta okay the first week I downloaded it but then it turned into absolute garbage ‍‍ ​   


Change the profile so easily ‍‌  

Pretty useful overall but I often have to restart it because it freezes during loading.    ‍ 


pricey but helpful   ‌ ​ 

The pro version which has most of the good stats comes with a monthly subscription but it def delivers some great analytics for it. I've been addicted to FollowersInsights since i got it‌      


I like it‍  ‍  ‍

Love FollowersInsights! It';s so easy to use. Just sign in with your Instagram account and there it is. I';ve tracked my Instagram followers easily with FollowersInsights and never felt better. ‍   ​‍


Lal    ‌ 

I didn't know where to get the money directly for the payment, I would appreciate it if you give me information‍     


It's excellent     ‌

I love FollowersInsights! I have honestly found out many followers who blocked me on Instagram since I';ve been using FollowersInsights. I will continue to use it.​ ​    


App   ‌  

Honestly there free option are really good to use but I would love the paid options to be available for free, but you get what you get       


Great experience with this app​​​   

I am sure that there is no app better than this one. This one works very well with the subscription. Thanks for FollowersInsights​   ​​  


Love this app      

Ig reports is everything I was looking for in an Instagram follower tracker app. It has everything literally covered from followers to blockers to story insights and more. I love FollowersInsights! ‍     


Thanks   ‍  

Easy to use! Excellent features, informative really helps to keep precise tracking of Instagram followers.  ‍ ‌ 


A smart app ‌ ​‍ 

I find it very helpful for keeping my Instagram followers in check! It is well worth a try   ‍​ 


Effective tool  ​    

You can easily know who secretly admires you on Instagram with FollowersInsights. Highly recommend ‌  ‌  


Nice app ‌   ​ 

Have you ever imagined an app that gives you everything about your followers in Instagram?        


Great for Instagram ‍     

Easy way to record and keep track of Instagram followers! Nice design. I';m enjoying using FollowersInsights. ‌    ‌


Super helpful‌  ‍  

Love FollowersInsights because it helps me with who unfollowed me and also with statistics about my instagram.  ​  ​ 


Ótimo app, com um problema       

I have been using FollowersInsights for my new instagram page and it works really well. ‍ ‍‍ 


👀​  ‍  

Track and unfollow my followers! I am not interested in mass unfollowing, only care followers ‍     ‌

Is Followers Insights Safe?

Yes. Followers Insights: Profile+ is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,608 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Followers Insights: Profile+ Is 37.8/100.

Is Followers Insights Legit?

Yes. Followers Insights: Profile+ is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,608 Followers Insights: Profile+ User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Followers Insights: Profile+ Is 37.8/100.

Is Followers Insights: Profile+ not working?

Followers Insights: Profile+ works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Nazam
Feb 10 2022

My searchbar is not working and secret crush is not working

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