I Can Paint Reviews

I Can Paint Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-20

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I Can Paint Reviews

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    The level system.

    So, in all seriousness, the ads don’t bother me that much. That’s not the tedious part. The tedious part of this app is the levels. It’s the fact that the game is not accurately represented by the pictures and the video up above. Every time you complete a painting, it takes you up a level. Which is fine, considering it’s a nice and easy way to add a milestone system to the game. After a few paintings have been completed, you earn a new color, canvas, etc. But the problem I have about this game is that you start off only being able to paint like, 3 loops. Now, I’m an “artsy” kinda guy. I downloaded this game specifically for two reasons: One, to cure my boredom, and two, to create the kind of dazzling art that is displayed in the video presentation for the game. I have been patient enough to reach Level 88 and I can still only make 14 loops. That’s outrageous. I will rate 5 stars maybe once they implicate some sort of “creative” version or option to create and play freely, and make as many loops as they’re software can handle. And then they could even use the little story or main leveling system to unlock things to use in creative. But until then, this is a solid 2. I hope to see this game evolve because believe me when I say I REALLY like this game, I’m just disappointed over how little there is to do in it early on. :(

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    Terrible game

    This game is terrible. Seriously, don’t waste your time downloading it. You only have a certain number of loops you can do, and it has a stupid level system. Apparently, you have to make what an NPC orders. In other words, you don’t get to choose the color of paint or canvas. I mean you could, but it would mess up what you were supposed to be making. Plus, you can only buy up to nine extra loops, witch doesn’t get you anywhere. On the first level, you get to move the can to only two loops! The game also glitches a lot, and when it does, it messes up the loop. The game and adds for it say nothing about stupid levels. I just wanted a game where I could make spirographs. Oh, and don’t get me started on how many pop up adds the game has. You literally get to do one canvas, then up pops an add! It’s infuriating! In the adds for the game, there are unlimited loops. Why isn’t the game actually like that? Also, they have rainbow paint, but the game only lets you have two colors of paint, minus the bonus levels. The vip levels you can kind of have rainbow paint, but it’s really splotchy, and doesn’t look like a spirograph. So anyone who reads this, don’t get this game. It really is a terrible game. I’m very unhappy with it. 😠😠😠

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    Not bad but not great either

    Okay so the game itself is actually pretty fun. I like the concept of being able to paint like how you see in the viral videos but, I would like to be able to actually be creative with it. You have to earn the colors, which is fine, but then you have to do what the client wants. I wish I could create paintings with the colors of my choice and my choice of as many loops as I want. There is also no way to view your previous paintings even through the game is literally set with the background in a GALLERY. Weird but okay. Some of the ones I’ve made are really cool so I’ve taken screenshots, but I wish I could just view all of my previous works in the game. Also I’ve played really far into the game now and have a lot of excess money because all you can buy are different paint can colors and different backgrounds for the floor?? What’s up with that? I wish I could buy more paint colors or canvas colors. Also I wish we had the option to zoom in and out so we could get a full view of the painting area that the can swings in.

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    To many ads!!!

    All I wanted to say is please don’t get this game it is the worse game I ever had...yeah it’s fun and all but every single round there is a ad, yeah the fist couple times it is not as annoying as you play more I really like this game but after like 10 minutes of playing it I really wanted to delete it... but that was like last month then I been seeing ads of this game and then I decided to try it one more time... oh boy was I wrong, there was too many ads again and the ads said they fixed up the ads and said it got “ better” but I have different opinions then other people so if you like this game I am so sorry but it’s a stupid game... oh yeah in the ads you see you can make beautiful pictures but when you try it turns out like a derpy Version of it... but I recommend you not to get this game is horrible... thank you for you’re time reading this. Have a good day. edit: I wanted to say thank you owners for some of the problems but until then I still won’t get this app... thank you I appreciate it Edit: thank you editors for fixing the adds I will get the game now.

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    Love it if it works properly!

    I truly love this app. A great place to release my creative energy. I was wondering if anyone else is having the problems I am? I understand all the complaints about ads but what game or app doesn’t have them? Believe it or not I do not get the ads! I get a notice that saying ad is not ready! What this does is prevent me from collecting the correct amount of money. I cannot access my options or truly move forward. I’ve collected a lot of colors, and a few canvases with coins earned but cannot access any of these options. It’s become very repetitive and boring. The ads ran appropriately only once, so I spent some time with the app running great . In closing, I would rather put up with the ads and be able to play the application as it was meant to be played. Looking to see if anyone else is having this problem. Stay safe, stay creative and play on!

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    Fun, but...

    The game is really fun, and kind of relaxing. I don’t mind the ads... but the way they work is kind of annoying. They play like right after you finish painting a canvas for someone and then after the ad is over it asks if you want to watch an ad to make some extra coins for the painting. For normal levels the ad works and you can make 3x or so more than what the person offered... but if it’s a bonus mission, the game gets stuck. It offers 5x more coin if you watch an ad... but it doesn’t work... when you’re done painting the bonus level it automatically plays an ad and then you tap the claim 5x button and it says “ad not ready” WHAT DO YOU MEAN AD NOT READY!? You just played an ad. Play another one—I want my MONEY! then the game gets stuck and doesn’t even offer a no thanks option to tap and you have to close it and it loses the money you got from the bonus, as if you never did it. Fix that, please, and I’ll be happy to change the review :)

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    Unpredictable, repetitive app

    For an app that seems to allow customization and various outlets to “express” your creativity, the game seems quite unpredictable and random to really allow you to base your created art off of any realistic physics. The swirling and rotation of the paint is impossible to center, and seems to just have a mind of its own regardless of the different methods you use to approach painting. You also are stuck with the paints picked beforehand, and the lines are hardly as smooth and satisfying as advertised on the store and through this app’s advertising. The various tools you can purchase seem to have no effect on the paint “style” — thin lines, thick lines, spray effect, globs of paint falling onto the canvas: all randomized aspects you have no control over. This app is great if you just want to waste some time watching a paint bucket swirl around sporadically over a canvas. But if you want any method to the madness, this is not the place to look for it.

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    ⚠️ Uhmm Okay Then ⚠️

    🌸 So I can understand how people will say, “oh ya there are too many ads!” Well there are too many ads, that is why I took down one star, every time you finish a painting it’s an ad. I understand ads are how the developers get most of the money but still it is a little too much with the ads. I took down the second star because when you finish the last loop it just stops the paint running while it’s on the canvas leaving a loose and messy looking end, this annoys me only because I hate how I can’t get an exact look I want when finished. Other than those two issues I would say download the app, it is great for distracting you and for spending time alone. To end this, I would say to download it and see how bad the ads are for you and if the random stop annoys you too. Worst comes to worst just delete it. 🌸

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    Great, but could really use a change

    First off, I wanna say that this is a pretty great app. It is satisfying and fun to make new patterns. I’m not gonna complain about the ads because you gotta make money somehow. If you devs are reading this, I implore you to add a free sandbox mode. It is not cool to advertise your game with a fake sandbox mode and restricting the loops you can do. Trust me when I say that this game would be a lot more fun and would have many more downloads If you could have infinite loops. I wanna make giant full circle loops too and everyone else does as well. I am understand if you are attempting to monetize that function by making us buy more loops but come on, I would give this a 5 star any other day but it is really mucked up by it being falsely advertised.

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    VERY GOOD, but needs some extra features

    I really hope the creators will read this cause I have some really good ideas for this game. Ok, this game is really good, it has lots of potential and is really good to pass time. One thing that the creators should do is store all of your past art and put it into a gallery. I would really like this feature to show me my past art works. Another idea that I have is to make a restart button. This is so that if you accidentally make a move ur finger too far and it goes out of the frame, you can restart by pressing ❌ or ↩️. These are my two ideas, I really hope the creators read this cause I think it’s a really good idea!

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    It’s an amazing game if your looking for something to be easy and you fine with not watching ads to get more money for it or at least that’s what happens to me because I can never get more money for amazing art works. And I can never get it to in a circle motion it just does a diagonal swing and I wish you could fix these problems. But that’s it overall and I highly recommend. If anyone says there’s a lot of ads they are lying 🤥 because there’s literally no ads😊😊😊😊 Edit: I recently just picked up my phone and started playing but I was supposed to be 59 loops and it said at 15 loops that I only had 3 loops to go and I thought oh maybe on the next level it won’t do that but it kept on repeating it and it’s getting really annoying because it won’t stop so plz fix this!!!😡😡

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    I’m astonished!

    It’s so good!! I’m so addicted! The amount of ads are good, I don’t mind the ads. Although if you aren’t a ad person, I recommend being in a car. Overall it’s a very artsy, artistic game! Very satisfying as well, I don’t usually play these kind of games. But I definitely found my “go to” game. I’m already on level 30, I usually play in my free time. Although one thing, I didn’t expect the shop to be a ‘Painting tool’? I’m kind of surprised, but although it does make sense for the game. I just figured this out, after maybe playing for one - two weeks. (Playing in free time, 5 - 10 minutes a day.) Overall, I really recommend this game. Have a good day! ;)

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    Good but......

    I would be willing to pay a couple dollars if it meant no ads but the ad for reward option never works and can never do the the crazy colors. The only thing to really spend the in game money on is a different floor color....that’s boring because I bought them all already. What I would pay for is if this game had a free mode option so I could use multiple colors and paint on my own without a customer request...as well as a whole gallery room to maybe spend in game money on. That way I could take my favorite pieces and put them in my gallery...that I could change the wall color too not just the floor....maybe a different canvas size and shape option too? Sorry for sooo many ideas but I really enjoyed this game til 20 loops or past 100 levels...now it’s repetitive.

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    Love it!

    Okay, this game has no ads and you guys are the only ones that took notice in that! I noticed you guys had ads before and I’m happy you guys don’t have ads anymore. I’ve had this game for about 3 days and it’s been cool! It’s super addicting and I totally recommend this game to everyone reading this review. Id like to add a suggestion to the game. Maybe have us make a painting and then we choose a buyer. The buyer that has the highest bid gets the painting. I feel like that would make the game more interesting and get a lot of downloads. Keep up the good work guys!

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    Update #2

    So I have $1.2M and nothing to spend on. Can’t get more than 45 lines even though I’m at level 682. So I’m not playing as much and considering deleting since there is no progress to be made now. Before the update, I had 90 lines and the number increased every ten levels or so. I’d rather have more lines than the VIP customer option. Still can’t do more than 2 colors or save paintings to a gallery. ☹️Disappointing. ********************** Since the last update, the number of loops I have was changed from 90 back to 24 -AND- I cannot do any of the VIP customers. Totally bummed. You made something that was fun and relaxing into something frustrating.☹️ **original review** It would only be better if you could go back and look at your gallery and save the ones you really like.

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