Money Buster! Reviews

Money Buster! Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-17

Detect fake money through magnifying glass and various tools. Shred fake money!
Collect real money!

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Money Buster! Reviews

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    Good, but...

    I like this game, it is a decent game, but the adds are deceiving. When I saw an add for this game, it looked fun and I feel like the company only puts the best qualities of their games in their adds! I don’t like how it doesn’t say something like, “ if you get annoyed by adds don’t buy this game! At least that would warn you to think about if you want tons of adds or not, also, my opinion, this game doesn’t really have a plot or a purpose ... I feel like you just play to play and it is somewhat boring, I wish they would add something like a race to collect all of the money because that would make the game more exciting. And when I played the first few rounds I thought that it looked mostly exciting on the adds, but when you actually download it and play it, it is VERY boring and I wish that they would add some exciting qualities. I have been through at least two updates already and they haven’t added anything extra even though I have put several reviews. Since I paid almost five dollars on this game, I don’t recommend that you guys waist your money on such a boring game. It is just such a waste of time and I don’t mean to be offensive, but it is like the most boring game

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    Didn’t think I would like the game. Downloaded it for my 3 year old. She was easily uninterested with the amount of ADS plus was trying to download other games from this one. So I uninstalled it. I don’t want her doing that. I don’t want to play a game that’s click bait for ADS although I personally liked the game myself and found it nice to pass time with once I watch 3 ADS I force close out of it and go to a game that has very little to none. It’s not that I have an issue watching videos to unlock things faster or to get gems etc for a game. But I don’t want to watch an AD after almost every thing I do. No point in playing a game I get 2 mins of game time for every 15 mins worth of ADVERTISEMENTS. Hell isn't that way cable made on demand and recording boxes. No one wants to waste there time looking at crap they have no interest in and don’t care about. Point blank simple. Not interested in making you money watching ADS.

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    Money buster

    Wen I first started playing this game and it looked like a robing game and I just got why more interested then I thought it would be and it jump gotten much more like if you were going to pay your money to a bank and pay your dollar bill and this game gotten way more fun then I think it would be and this game got way more money maker and it jus have to get more money games to this App Store and this game is the best way to play we your stuck at home and even when your bored in your house and it’s the best game to play even when your mom is cooking dinner and even wen your are waiting for your flight back home and I think this game is the best game ever and I think this game the awesome and fun to play and fun to do even wen you are stuck at home and even wen you finished your homework

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    When I got this game I was so excited because I never get new games and I thought this was cool to get! The game looked so good! I would rate this game 2 stars but then it would not get on the board that main people see it. This game definitely deserves 2 stars!! Why does the game deserve 2 stars you ask? The add is mostly FAKE!!!! I do t write reviews but this one has to be written. What you see on the add is a lie. In the add you think you are going to detect money but you only detect money twice. The rest of the game you do dumb mini games. And some people like that stuff so I suggest for the creators make the add about the game and not a lie. Make the add about the mini games. I was really disappointed when I found out this game wasn’t true to the add.

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    Some issues

    Hi I’m hdjjrjrbuhrvrhrhhr or whatever it is but anyways this app is great but the one star is missing because...................................................... Not every level is just checking money it is mostly just moving things etc. etc. And it is fun but there is also infinity adds ugh why do extra things have to cost money. And I am a kid so I don’t even have money ugh. And I don’t know if it is my phone or what because every time I go into this app it glitches soooooo badly it is like every single 10 secs it also lags me out a lot and every time my phone has a new update the app just crashes even worse. You are probably thinking who cares well let me answer that I CARE! Or you are also probably thinking just delete it NO! Anyhow plz fix my problems and also don’t call me a brat because I have some important plans bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Not what I was expecting....

    Okay so based off the ads alone you think all you have to do is identify the real money and the fake money. After the second level you quickly realize that is isn’t just that. It is a chaotic party like game with each min- game changing. From one of the min-games being a crossy roads, to another anyone being a run and Dodge type game. I actually really like it, if it was advertised like it having min-game after min-game I feel like people wouldn’t believe in the ad. Then when you do download the game you become pleasantly surprised. The ads aren’t even that bad, if you don’t want to Turn airplane mode. (Which disables ads.) The way ads work is during min-game is small little bubble will appear, I haven’t taps on what yet, so whether it gives you a reward, in game money or nothing I appreciate how the ads are placed. Overall I think it is a pretty alright game.

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    Great Game, A Few Suggestions

    DEVELOPERS PLEASE READ: Hi Alictus (hope I spelled that right lol), I am writing this because your game is great! Best I have ever played. Awesome, super fun, and not too much ads. But, I figured that it would be even more fun if you put game modes in. Like, Infinite Money Buster, where you just tried to bust fake money. That’s it. And it got harder every time. Or timed, where you do as many as you can in a certain amount of time. Thanks! IF YOU ARE ABOUT TO GET THIS GAME READ: Hey guys, if you are just scrolling through the reviews to see if this is a good game, IT IS. Awesome, definitely worth it. Well, really, no reason to not get it, because it doesn’t cost anything! Ignore all the negative reviews, they are completely wrong!

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    Adds is problem but anyhoo great game

    Bring down adds to like every three levels bc EVERY time I finish a level an add. So please. This is not long but my P.S is gonna be long (I actually don’t know). Ima give four star. It’s going to be in my delete pile but I might keep it you guys never know (P.S: Don’t say games that you download and experience and it’s (I mean no disrespect but) bad don’t say “ THE WORST GAME EVER!!!!! “. It’s mean and it upsets the developers. They may have worked really hard on the game. I mean think about it. If you had a game and you worked really hard on it and people said the worst game ever how would you feel? Bad right? That’s what it’s like when you say the worst game ever to developers that worked really hard. Anyhoo I trust in you Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A lot!!!!

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    this is the best game i have ever played!! it’s so fun to play, definitely not boring, and not too many ads. i also love how it’s not just detecting fake money 💰the ENTIRE game. i like how it’s different sorta games in one. for ex. adding up the different numbers to get the base number. (yes i know it sounds like a school game, but it’s not) but totally opposite from what i just said😂, i do kinda like the detecting fake money. sooo if you could incorporate that a little bit more into some of the levels, this game would be flawless. PLEASE TAKE THIS REQUEST INTO PLACE, SO THAT THE STUFF I JUST SAID COULD MAYBE HAPPEN??? TOTALLY RECOMMEND THIS GAME. SO MUCH FUN!!!! 🤩🤩❤️

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    Fun, but...

    So I really enjoyed this game. It was fun, entertaining, and gave me something to do when I was bored. I played till like level 300 and something! So yeah, it’s a good game but it just got boring. It wasn’t hard enough, so way to easy, and I personally like detecting fake money overall the other mini games. This game has so many different games for each level and yes they get more intriguing and fun as time goes on but then it doesn’t give you any challenge so like.... Don’t get me wrong I love this game but then I found other apps and this one just didn’t have as big of a pull or intrigue. So I would give 4 1/2 but I can’t do that so 4 stars it is. Make it more challenging and I would happily give it 5. But great game!

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    This game is so fun!!!!

    This game is fun bcuz it is like you are checking money like as a police officer but the thing that is weird is that they shred money, like who in the world would shred money. There is like different challenges instead of just checking money to see if it is fake or real which I like. I would recommend you to get this game bcuz it super fun. It might not be fun to other people but it is super fun to me. Like I said I would recommend this game if you like to play games that are like checking stuff if that makes sense. I love this game so much it is super fun and I just love it. You can also check out a game like this I just know the name of it and it close to this game but it is not this game. So I love this game!

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    I saw an add for this game and it didn’t mention the horrible “mini games” you added. The only fun part is shredding and investigating the money. Besides, for me I only get to investigate the money every 10 levels. You do the same things over and over and over. Ask me to make an add for you and I will. I make adds for other games for fun and there better then your deceiving ones! Another thing is you do a 5-10 second level and get a 20 second add! I know it’s how you make your money but you have way to many adds! Also the pictures for the app in the App Store don’t show any mini games. Your tricking people into buying your non-fun app. You never get new levels! Like I said I will make a add for you. Devolver, please get back to me. Thank you for reading this review.

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    Fun but problems

    When I downloaded this game I thought all the levels would just be scanning bills with a uv light and magnifying glass. I’m so impressed that it was way more than that. If some of the ads had displayed the other types of levels, I would have downloaded sooner. However, there are a few annoying problems that need to be adressed. First off, when I fail a level, I have to watch a video to try again. I personally hate watching ads, so I don’t usually do that. But I wish I could go back and try again for free, like most other games. Secondly, on the ironing levels, the money starts out all wrinkly in a pile, but as soon as it is laid on the table, it flattens without me doing anything, and that brings the fun out of it. Please fix this. Lastly, on the levels where you put the money in the suitcase, it shows you where to put it instead of letting you do it on your own. I feel like it would be way more fun and challenging if it let us figure it out for ourselves. Otherwise, great game! I hope this helps.

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    Really Fun! READ THIS‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

    This game is a really fun game. When I first got it I thought maybe this is just a five minute time passer and so I tried it, but I realize there’s a bunch of fun mini games you can play and it’s actually really fun. I definitely recommend this game to anyone who wants a fun game to pass by time. So far I don’t think there’s any flaws, there are some ads that might be annoying at sometimes, but I deal with way more ads in games and I think this one is just perfect. I hope you get this game, and I hope you enjoy it. Honest review.

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    Love it

    I love the game but too mini ads but I approve this game otherwise I would love to get a upgrade or whatever is called so I care what it is a credit that’s the only thing is wrong with it is very good good job on making it good good job you are the yo this is the first game I could play without looking away all my other games I can’t really play without looking away but this one well the cake when I really approved to I don’t know if this water made it but this game is the best Ology the cake game you’ll need to get just a cupcake game say cake game not cupcake cake sorry using auto that you know how it is oh yeah I am eight and I love this game I approve thank you for making it.

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Is Money Buster! Safe?

Yes. Money Buster! is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 255,383 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Money Buster! Is 80.9/100.

Is Money Buster! Legit?

Yes. Money Buster! is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 255,383 Money Buster! User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Money Buster! Is 80.9/100.

Is Money Buster! not working?

Money Buster! works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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