ServerCat - SSH Terminal Reviews

ServerCat - SSH Terminal Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-21

About: ServerCat is a Linux monitor and Docker Management & SSH Terminal
app. ServerCat makes it easy to monitor your server status on your mobile.

About ServerCat

What is ServerCat?

ServerCat is a Linux monitor and Docker Management & SSH Terminal app that allows users to monitor their server status on their mobile devices. It provides detailed running status of Linux servers and Docker containers. The app only requires an SSH account without any other dependencies and does not install any tools to the system. It offers both free and premium features, including SSH Shell Terminal, data sync across all iOS devices, container creation and management, and background SSH. The app ensures security by encrypting all SSH credentials and saving them locally. The Cloud Sync feature uses iCloud to sync AES-encrypted data securely.



- Monitor detail status of your server including:

- CPU usage per-core

- GPU usage and running process

- Memory usage

- Network traffic/speed and TCP stats

- Docker containers and stats

- Disk blocks and IO per second

- SSH Shell Terminal (Premium)

- Sync data across all your iOS devices (Premium)

- Create and Manage containers (Premium)

- Background SSH (Premium)

- Security:

- All SSH credentials are AES-encrypted and saved locally

- Cloud Sync uses iCloud to sync AES-encrypted data securely.

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Key Benefits of ServerCat

- Quick and responsive app

- Server monitoring graphs are useful

- Subscription option available

- Useful tool for checking on server vitals

- Potential for supporting server authentication totp method

20 ServerCat Reviews

4.7 out of 5


Great design but connections are a bit slow

Connections take a few extra seconds to connect vs other SSH apps. The design is great and the quick access to system status and the process list is a great addition.

It would be nice to add a button to enable scroll back and swipe and hold gestures for arrow keys like in Shelly. I use byobu and when I connect to a server running it the status bar repeats over and over as it refreshes rather than refreshing the one line. This issue doesn’t app in Shelly or Prompt. Hope to see more updates to address these but it’s a good start so far!


Like to many iOS apps, it needs Landscape mode!

Like way to many iOS apps that run on iPadOS it only does Portrait mode for the screen. Although some with iPads will do Portrait mode, I would imagine the majority use the iPad in a folio with a keyboard which is Landscape mode.

As soon as I open an app that doesn’t do Landscape, I stop. The developer needs to know their audience. This looks like a good app, although many of what ServerCat does can be done with PiHelper app, and for free or with a $1 donation if your so inclined.

Developer, make a proper iPadOS App, make it do Landscape, and I will reinstall ServerCat and try it again. Till then, I will keep using PiHelper app.


Very bad method to handle PRIVATE PROTECTION!

Encrypted keys are not supported, and all information should be kept on ServerCat. How to ensure the security of users? After reading the FAQ, logically speaking, there is still no guarantee of user security concerns, just like some anti-virus software manufacturers saying that I promise not to leak your data and hack you. This needs to be logically guaranteed, such as giving access to ssh key to users. But encryption key🤷‍♂️ is not supported at present. You can refer to termius' approach. — So you have to prepare a key that cannot be encrypted to use it

不支持加密 key,所有信息都要保存在这个 app 上,如何保证使用者的安全? 看了 FAQ,从逻辑上来讲还是无法保证使用者安全上的顾虑,就像是一些杀毒软件厂商说我保证不会泄漏你的数据和不会黑你一样。需要在逻辑上来保证这一点,比如把对于 ssh key 的访问交给用户。但是目前不支持加密 key🤷‍♂️,可以参考 termius 的做法。 — 所以必须要准备一个不能加密的 key 才能使用?


THE best ssh client for iOS by far...

I especially like how quick and responsive ServerCat feels. I also appreciate the server monitoring graphs. I will subscribe. Please, please add mosh support soon. Do that and I will use this exclusively and continue to sing your praises!


Great server managing tool

This is a great way to manage a lot of servers and execute updates or similar snippets simultaneously. The only bug I’ve found is that the status page for given server only pops up for half a second and then goes back to the server listings. It would be nice to use this feature


Great, but no temps

Amazing app, gui is superb, gives detailed info on cpu usage, memory usage, and internet usage. Almost perfect, just doesn't show the system temperature. I am currently having to use two ssh apps for my machine using this one as the main and a second app just to monitor temps. ServerCat would be 5 stars with temperature monitoring


Pretty Great

Works pretty well, did find a bug if your in terminal and type exit the dialog pops to with a close button, but upon clicking on it it does nothing. In order to get back to the main screen you have to exit ServerCat and reopen



Wow I love ServerCat so much. No more typing top or bmon or anything else to check on the vitals of my raspberry pi node. So great!! I bought the full version without needing it just from gratitude. A super cool and very useful tool.


call for support for server totp authentication

app Very good to use, thanks. I wonder if it can support server authentication totp method, that would be even better


Not a review!

This is not a review. Since There is no contact info or help section on the developer page I am asking a question here.

Does ServerCat support ssh login with the yubikey nfc? If not, can you implement support for it? I would like to know before I buy ServerCat.


Replacement for HyperApp?

This docket management tool looks solid and I see that the developer took their other Linux automation app, HyperApp, off ServerCat Store (still have it downloaded). Is this meant as a pseudo-equivalent functionality to HyperApp? / will their be continued support for the other application?


Works well

It works well, not sure if it is an improvement from iSH given that you have to pay for the extended features.


Great app

I have to say this is a great app, I would love to see an option for Celsius/Fahrenheit. That being said keep up the good work and hope to see future updates.


Great App, can use Tor support

This is such a great and simple app, well executed. Only request would be Tor support for iOS to reach behind home / SOHO network


Great App

Great app for keeping track of RaspberryPi servers and their IP addresses! Also good to check if they are online and some system stats!


Does not work on iPad

The description says that it works with iPad; however, I can only get it to work on my iPhone. On the iPad, it just shows ‘Connection Failed’ for each server. The FAQ and Docs do not mention how to resolve this. This is a paid app and to know it doesn’t work on the iPad is a real disappointment.


No windows support?

No windows support? Even for windows server? Works flawless on Linux but what about windows?


Can’t really use it since FreeBSD isn’t supported

I wish I had read their website first: “FreeBSD/***?
this app relies on the Linux kernel's /proc subsystem for most of its data, and is temporarily unable to display all metrics on other platforms”

Will there be. A update to fix this? Or ?


Cat is always good companion

it’s rather a good monitor and manager for server administrators. easy docker creator and inspector and in active improvement.



It does a good app! But still can be improved.
Love you forever Baye!


THE best ssh client for iOS by far...

I especially like how quick and responsive ServerCat feels. I also appreciate the server monitoring graphs. I will subscribe. Please, please add mosh support soon. Do that and I will use this exclusively and continue to sing your praises!

Is ServerCat Safe?

Yes. ServerCat - SSH Terminal is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 795 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for ServerCat Is 53.4/100.

Is ServerCat Legit?

Yes. ServerCat - SSH Terminal is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 795 ServerCat - SSH Terminal User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for ServerCat Is 61.8/100..

Is ServerCat - SSH Terminal not working?

ServerCat - SSH Terminal works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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