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Published by on 2024-04-04

About: In this game full of satisfying graphics and innovative levels, you can
challenge yourself, your brain, and your friends! It’s you against physics and
the tricky levels — WHO WILL WIN? All balls have to go into the pipe … can
you remove the pins in the right order and make it happen? It should be simple:
gravity pulls the balls down towards the pipe. But then pins are in the way! Can
you help out and flip away the pins.

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Developer: Popcore Games

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit Pull the Pin Website

Reported Issues: 8 Comments

4.4 out of 5

By Victor Sanchez

11 months ago

Trying to link my pay pal to your game AMD it keeps msg acct dont match.could you fix that

By Martires Talin

1 year ago

I spent a lot of time playing your pin puller game until I completed the seven k, you promise to pay afterward, but when I tried to get my money it keept telling me the same thing: add your paypal account, I did, but it kept telling me the same thing. This is so disgusting! Don't keep liying to people.

By Linda

1 year ago

What is the gift box along the left side of screen for…it is not accessible. Thanks

By Rodger Barfield

1 year ago

Same problem as Ms Linda above, exactly. Reported it to support and they said to clear the cache, restart the phone and try again. Same thing. I had also spent money on the "no ads" app. Anyway, the next time support and I were in touch, they had me uninstall and reinstall. Bet you can guess what happened next. Yep, problem resolved, but I had to start COMPLETELY OVER, and the freaking ads were back. Reported it to support three times in the last month. They have not even had the professional courtesy to respond once. I guess all they are interested in is getting your money.

By Linda Koscich

1 year ago

Help, Please! I was playing the game just fine when all of a sudden, on the regular game's it just repeats that I failed and to retry. Its just in a loop with the say message. I can't play the game beacause it keeps repeating that. Can you please help me?

By urlocalcorndogaddict

Too many ads

I really like this game but it has way too many ads to the point that I’m gonna delete this game. Every single time I’m done with a level, it shows a ad and it’s so annoying. Yes, the ads have a skip button but the first time that I click it the skip button when it shows, it has links behind it and it takes me to the App Store which is beyond annoying. The amount of time I have to close out the ad is about a minute because I click the skip button but then it makes me wait 10 seconds to actually exit the ad. It also shows the same game every single time. The thing is, I already downloaded one of those games (clash royal) but I deleted it because it had way too many ads. And the other thing is that when it shows a ad of a game, that’s not what even happens in the game, they are trying to make you download the game because of something. They make the level look so hard when literally you have to do one move it’s so annoying. We’re not dumb. That’s the problem with all of these games nowadays- they have WAY TOO MANY ADS. This is why no one wants to play these games! And no I’m not paying money to stop showing ads, I should be able to play the game with no ads whatsoever and be happy about it. I was on level30 in a matter of 10 minutes. Yes I like this game but it would be better if all you can do it get rid of the ads without us PAYING MONEY to basically PLAY A VIDEO GAME ! 🙄

By PlotePalooza

Popcore games are all the same

The main levels of the game never really increase in challenge, but you have to play them to unlock the challenge levels which are more like the ads for the game you see elsewhere. There are always a ridiculous number of other things you’re “collecting” in this game, puzzle pieces, unlocking different backgrounds, etc and then you have this whole weird side hustle of building these beachfront coin-making investments? Those Max out and then you’re getting lots of coins and have nothing really to spend them on? It just seems like something to make you think this is part of the game but nothing comes of it. My #1 complaint of all popcore games is the RIDICULOUS amount of ads. Won a level that took 5 seconds? ad. Lost a level and want to retry? Retry by watching this ad. Choose not to? Still have to watch an ad. We gave you this prize for completing 5 levels! In order to claim it, you have to watch this ad. The levels take mere seconds to complete, you will spend 5x as much time per level just watching the ad to get to the next level. This is the third popcore game I’ve downloaded and they’re all the same, and it grows boring/old very quickly. I would skip.

By earthstars

Ads make the game unplayable

If you have epilepsy or something that makes you sensitive to flashing lights, it’s better to stay completely on the safe side and not play this. There’s a few recurring ads at the bottom of the screen that flash “notifications” at you very quickly, which was enough to give me a severe headache, so I feel like that would be especially terrible for someone who actually is sensitive to lights like that. I had to keep the bottom of my screen covered the whole time I was playing, since there’s no way to change the ad for something that’s less grating on your eyes. If you tap on them, they don’t actually link you anywhere, so I really don’t get the point. There’s ads between about every level, and at most these levels take ten seconds, so it feels like a constant barrage of the same advertisements. The levels don’t challenge your brain even remotely, and the difficulty of them doesn’t change. I made it to about 70 before I finally gave up on this game. This game isn’t worth your time.

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