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Published by on 2024-01-09

About: Fly, Spin & Crash Are you nuts enough to drive down a ski jump in a car? (The
breathtaking crashes are the best part!) Only for the craziest drivers! Become a
master stuntman… or crash trying! The most spectacular car crashes ever seen!
See for yourself! Drive a car like a madman! Are you brave enough to try it out
yourself? Fasten your seatbelts… Or don’t. They won’t be much help anyway.

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Developer: BoomBit Games

E-Mail: [email protected]

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Developer: BoomBit Games

E-Mail: [email protected]

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Reported Issues: 3 Comments

4.3 out of 5

By epicGaemer

Fix the levels and cars!

I literally have spent hours on level 7 because 1: the cars they give you are either too light or to heavy to go through the metal bars. 2: when u reach the end of the bridge somehow if your going to fast it’ll fling you in the air and make you spin in a circle until ur slow enough, then it’ll throw u all the way to the back of the map getting negative meters. If you go slow enough at that part you literally have no way possible to make it to the end because the ending is to high for ur car to go over it, so you’ll just crash into it and never make past that barrier. The only way you could beat this level is to get super lucky and have a car hit you making you flip above the barrier, or try to get lucky again and try to boost while ur going in circles in the air. In conclusion I really enjoy this game but some of the levels are difficult to do without certain cars, also there’s a lot of glitches and bug especially in level 7 that are just plain annoying and ruin the enjoyment. Please fix this I’ll change my rating after!

By 7he6rim0ne

BIG disappointment

I understand that English mine not be the dominant language in the world, but if you are going to produce a game with the title “Ramp Car Jumping” yet there are ZERO “ramps” jumping anything, let alone “ramps jumping cars” you are going to find a lot of English understanders angry at the false advertisement! When I was searching for “ramp jumping” games and saw THIS ONE, I was super excited! My son and I had been scouring the App Store for seconds frantically looking for a game where “ramps” did ‘something’ other than just lay there on the road waiting for someone or something to jump “it” — ya know!? We thought for once, finally, we would get that deep inch scratched… “ramps” that did the jumping! But alas tis not to be true. This “ramp” just lays there waiting for to be “jumped” instead. How much longer does my family have to wait for a “ramp” to “jump cars” I ask you… how much loooonger!?!?

By myctenor


First off, the ads are annoying. I understand your logic... put an extreme amount of ads in so people buy an ad free version but come on... you have to realize you lose more people than you gain money. Secondly, VERY inconsistent when it comes to how you come off the ramp. In the last level where you have to make it up a mountain, without changing anything about how I start, I have started completely flipping forward, completely flipping backwards, shooting at a downward angle, shooting up but towards the mountain with no way to correct, and shooting almost straight up with a slight angle backwards so you can see where you are supposed to land but by the time the car flips all the way around so you can make your way towards the finish you are back at ramp level. Will not keep much longer if there aren’t some changes made. Fun idea but stupidly implemented.

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