Story Plotter - Idea to Plot - Reviews

Story Plotter - Idea to Plot - Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-24

This is strong plot creation app that support - Novel - Manga - Movie - Drama
- Secondary creation - Script If you are worried about the following, we will
suggest to use this App. - I don't know what the plot looks like - I can't
organize the flow of the story and get confused - I w...

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Story Plotter - Idea to Plot - Reviews

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    Neat Way to Outline and Organize!

    As another reviewer said, there are a few areas that have a kind of confusing English translation, but I think the app itself is really nifty and an awesome way to flesh out your characters and develop your plot. For the fields I didn’t understand the translation for, I deleted those lines and just created my own fields so it wasn’t a big deal. :) The thing I think is the coolest is the character diagrams, where you can easily click and drag and create connections in a grid to show how the characters relate to one another. Would definitely recommend!

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    One of a Kind App

    I love the card based system! It lets me jot down plot ideas on the fly without worrying about how they all connect since it’s easy to move ideas around. Works especially great for long, complex plots where it can be daunting to start from a jumble of ideas. My few suggestions include: making it easier to select more than one word, for some reason it’s difficult to drag the slider to select an entire sentence. Being able to select multiple ideas and add tags to them or move them to a folder, since doing it one by one takes a while. Being able to drag and drop ideas into a folder. Thanks to the dev for making this app! It’s really helped me actually make my ideas into stories.

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    Honestly? The best.

    This app is the best app for writing you’ll ever get in the app store. It has everything from, timelines to set everything up, plot ideas that you can jot down whenever and incorporate however and whenever you want and even tags for your characters and events in the stories. Heck even colors can be used to categorize things if you want. When first getting into the app you’ll see a LOT of buttons, but after using it for a while you’ll know how to traverse the app and you’ll instantly be on your way to making amazing and bestselling books. All for the cost of nothing. Thank you developer, you might not have english as your main language, therefore; there are some typos here and there. But that is nothing compared to the massive amount of tools you’ve given us for free that anyone else on the app store would charge $3+ for. So… Thank you, thank you very much.

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    This is awesome!

    I will definitely recommend this application to everyone who devotes himself to writing novels, screenplays and so on, since it has helped me organize my drafts for my latest book! Many thanks to the developer of this app!

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    I have been looking for a good storyboard/plot writing app for a while. This is everything I wanted and more! Great for creating characters in depth, and you can plot comics, stories, and movies! I recommend this app to any writer, artist, or creative!

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    Thank you

    I just discovered this application lately and it’s fun to use, even helped with ideas generating and organized a complexing long story, i am thankful to the app developers!

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    Apple Pencil support…

    I enjoy the app and it’s so useful. But I wish there was a pencil support for it to be easier to use

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    Not That Great

    Lots of typos, I’m guessing English isn’t the developer’s first language, There are way too many fields with unclear and confusing names. For now I can’t recommend this app because it just isn’t that impressive or helpful.

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    Great book writing outliner, plot development tool

    There are a lot of tools, methods, techniques out there. And all are very good. The writing process is a continual movement from the 10’ level to the 30,000 foot level. You are continually going from detail to summary, events to plot, etc. That’s because you’re trying to make the flow of events work throughout the book and on many levels. This tool, helps you flesh out your characters, the events, the motivations, and the result is that the flow of your story begins to show up. Its pretty amazing. I am in the middle of a 4,000 word story that I’ve written probably 4 times. (Not my first book). Running it through this tool, and things are starting to gel quite nicely. FEEDBACK: The UI can put you off in the beginning. Its a little wierd to get used to. But once you get it, it makes ALOT of sense. And it allows you to make quick/meaningful story plot changes in an instant. After a couple of days, the UI just made a whole lot of sense. SUGGESTION: During the writing/working out of the script/plot/story, app suggestions come up that the story is too long. I love that feature. I think its based on the question up front as to which type of story do you want to tell. But I have no way of changing that or knowing where that can be changed, in case my story ends up being longer than originally anticipated. SUGGESTION: in the “writing of a story” part, there are sections under Story Detail. These include SCENE, ACT. Recommend you change the word ACT to CUT ( as it appears it once was). In my feeble attempt to bring clarity, generally Acts contain multiple scenes. Scenes do not contain Acts. SUGGESTION: In the “Write Story” section why not make the UI be the same as the rest of the app. That is… give the writer the ability to shift the lines around. Right now, if I write a few lines of dialogue, I cant shift them around like I can earlier in the process. This hinders the writing process that was speeding along so quickly earlier.

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    Very good but…

    Ok I am going to be honest and I must say that the app is very good and has actually helped me a lot in writing data that I didn't even consider putting, however it has a problem that sometimes can be overlooked but sometimes not and that is nothing more than the interface itself. You have the possibility to connect your phone and computer to your online (paying) account with a scan code (QR code), but if you look in the app on your cell phone you never find the function to do it. 2. Ideas are limited to the plot and not to various things so you can't have the idea of a separate world or character. 3. The synchronization does not happen in the apo immediately so you have to restart it, remove it from the tabs, to get the plot you made on the PC. 4. You cannot put several answers in a single parameter. 5. You cannot form a question in a section, for example, in character creation you cannot put a custom information in the more personal parameters such as social life or appearance for if in the general section of the character. These are the 5 that I know of and it is very likely that I will find more but as I said before, the app is very good but not excellent, a touch up to the interface and it would be perfect for paying writers and for free.

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    Que aplicativo fantástico 😎

    Por favor, divulguem este App. Sem dúvida, um dos melhores para escritores e roteiristas. Só lamento o tempo que fiquei sem conhecê-lo. Ao desenvolvedor, meus parabéns. Vc trabalha duro e nos oferece um App de excelência e eu sou grato por isso. Deus continue a iluminar-te.

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    I decided to try this app to help with the process of blocking out my novel’s plot. Big mistake.The app is written in gibberish- non fluent English that is absolutely unintelligible.Go to the tutorials for how to use it, it’s more of the same. Go to the video on YouTube it recommends to teach you in video form, and it’s more of the same in high-speed. The interface is half baked and nonsensical. Absolutely worthless.

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Is Story Plotter - Idea to Plot - Safe?

Yes. Story Plotter - Idea to Plot - is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 24 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Story Plotter - Idea to Plot - Is 50.2/100.

Is Story Plotter - Idea to Plot - Legit?

Yes. Story Plotter - Idea to Plot - is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 24 Story Plotter - Idea to Plot - User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Story Plotter - Idea to Plot - Is 50.2/100.

Is Story Plotter - Idea to Plot - not working?

Story Plotter - Idea to Plot - works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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