Mudflap Reviews

Mudflap Reviews

Published by on 2023-08-03

About: Instant diesel discounts up to 50 cents off per gallon Save hundreds, even
thousands, on diesel every month with the Mudflap app! Get the #1 Fuel App for
Trucking & Commercial Vehicles. Up to 50¢/gal instant discounts on diesel
Generous rewards program with bonus fuel every month No minimum monthly
gallons No waiting for rebates Rapidly growing, nationwide network Mudflap
helps you find the best truck stops and .

About Mudflap

What is Mudflap?

The Mudflap app is a fuel app designed for trucking and commercial vehicles. It offers instant diesel discounts of up to 50 cents per gallon, a generous rewards program, and a rapidly growing nationwide network. The app helps users find the best truck stops and discounts in their area or on their route. It is easy to use and requires no fees or credit checks.


- Instant diesel discounts of up to 50 cents per gallon

- Generous rewards program with bonus fuel every month

- No minimum monthly gallons required

- No waiting for rebates

- Rapidly growing nationwide network

- Helps users find the best truck stops and discounts in their area or on their route

- Accepted at hundreds of independent truck stops and regional chains

- Easy to use with no fees or credit checks

- Customer support team available 24/7 for assistance.

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~ from NLP analysis of 1,968 combined software reviews.

Key Benefits of Mudflap

- Easy to set up and use

- Savings is well worth the set up

- Doesn't take anymore time using as it is with a regular fleet card

- Saves a little more money

- Deals with the smaller chain and mom & pop fueling stations

- Top quality customer service

1,968 Mudflap Reviews

4.8 out of 5


Mudflap fueling app is awesome

We have only used it 4 times but the experience using it is great and it doesn’t take anymore time using as it is with a regular fleet card. So far it has been saving me a little more money also. They deal with the smaller chain and mom & pop fueling stations. I’m going to keep using them as much as I can. The only negative I have is needing fueling stops in North Dakota and Montana, but they are growing, but not a big enough deal to take a star. Customer service is second to none, you get top quality responses and everyone has been very courteous and helpful. Highly recommend using your system. Thank you very much.🙏🙏


Best Way To Fuel

If you like saving thousands on fuel then you’ve come to the right place. Mudflap is so easy to use and has everything the big name fuel card providers do without all the extra fees. All you have to do is download Mudflap then link your card or bank account to it and start fueling no wait, fuel card, or approval period needed you just use the this app app on your phone. 100% legit, I’ve used it several times now without any problems. And their fuel network are both big name truck stops and smaller locally owned ones too not just one or the other.


First time use!

Found out about Mudflap through a friend, did some research and decided to give it a try. I am an RV’er that takes long distance trips every year and always looking to save on fuel. First fill up I saved ¢.84 a gallon. I am also looking to take advantage of some of the features on Mudflap like the map to feature. I will continue to use Mudflap for every fill up. I can’t say this is how it is at every fuel station, but I had to use the high flow pumps for Mudflap to work. If that is the only downside to Mudflap, it is totally worth it.


This is a must have app for every owner operator

Just wanted to let you guys know that as a small business owner operator I truly appreciate all the savings you guys have made possible for me on my first month of using Mudflap. I’m looking forward to using Mudflap as frequently as possible. This has saved me even more money than the other major fuel cards I have used in the past. You all are awesome… keep up the great job!!


Best Customer Service Ever Experienced

this app customers service is by far the best customer service I have experienced.
As a carrier, it’s not often that another company would go above and beyond for their customers. If you call, someone always answers and is very helpful. If,on the rare occasion you call and get sent to voicemail and don’t leave a message, they call you right back.
Thank you this app, your team is top notch!


Awesome app

So the hubby found Mudflap and I was like not another app our drivers are going to get overwhelmed. Well I was wrong. It’s easy for them to use and I get all the receipts sent to us. Service is great and fast when you need them. One of my drivers went to a station who’s Internet was down and this app is able to process the payment anyway by just calling them. I guess another app was worth it!


Eminently useful

I love Mudflap. Period. Customer service is great. They are adding more locations all the time (Thanks for adding Kwik Trips in MN!) The prices are consistently less than my company issued fuel card. And the continual app improvements actually make Mudflap better; I love the “top ten” feature. I only wish there had been something like this 20 years ago.

My advice? Get Mudflap . Learn it. Use it. Love it.


Money Saver

Since purchasing my own truck versus a company driver I have been looking at other fuel card options. Most, not all charge per fee transaction, annual dues and other hidden fees. The savings with fuel cards was minimal, usually 5 or 6 cents off cash price.
The first fill up I ever used with Mudflap I saved 22 cents off per gallon pump price, almost 30 dollars.
Definitely worth using.


Owner operator

Very easy to use, saves you tons on fuel. I wish Mudflap would have came out when I was hauling coast to coast. Anyhow, if you can’t find a place in your route to fuel, check back in a couple of weeks. They’re constantly adding truck stops to Mudflap! If you’re an owner operator and can’t get a good fuel card that gives you best prices, Mudflap was made for you! God bless.


Awesome app

I couldn’t believe that I could get a $.55 per gallon discount on fuel, and in Florida of all places! I’ve recommended it to several people and will continue to! Plus you get to stop and fuel at old school Mom & Pop truck stops. After 31 years out here on the road it’s good to be able to do business with folks that really appreciate your business!


Comdata vs Mudflap

I travel from Ogden Utah to out side Detroit Michigan on a dedicated route as an owner operator. My company gave me a comdata fuel card to use. I pay for all fuel costs. I get charged $1-5 for each swipe of that Comdata card. Adds up over time. The discount are the same on Comdata as with this app. Sometimes this app is cheaper. My dedicated fuel stops I pick out I use this app and don’t get a fee to use plus great discounts



I have been using Mudflap for over a year. Have had to call in twice and had both problems solved right away. Some fuel stops you save a nickel and some you can save $0.70 a gallon. My drivers received back every penny they save on this app which amounts to some months $500. It’s free and no fine print. I highly recommend it.



I typically do not fall for gimmicks or apps. I have researched fuel cards from several sources and this app is outstanding. Very easy to use. In fact, the first time I used Mudflap the cashier told me she likes when we use Mudflap because it’s so easy. I have to admit, I was skeptical but found this to better and easier than expected. Mudflap is awesome!


Lloyd Start

Used Mudflap for the first time today, just signed up. The this app app worked flawlessly !! The support staff answered all of my questions. Very courteous and helpful! Truck stop I used it at said this app is becoming very popular, and they love it. Based on my experience today, I highly recommend it!!


Great app … great savings!!

Once you get through your first use you will know what all to expect. Cashier asked for company name and truck number so was just unexpected. Also, good to play with app and learn capabilities like stations along route is very helpful. Recommend Mudflap highly.


Great program for Diesel

I really appreciate this program. It works great. The only thing is I wish there were more stores in my area. I constantly frequent the stores that are anywhere close so I can fill up and I tell lots of people about this app!! You won’t regret it.


Just like he said:

A buddy told me about this and I thought it was too good to be true. It’s true. We need more stops though. This Russell’s on I-40 east end in NM is an incredible stop with a fabulous Route 66 museum. I never would’ve seen it without this app and I save money over my EFS card.


Easy to use!

Mudflap is easy to set up and use. At first it can seem like a lot of trouble to add a payment option and all of that stuff but it only takes a few minutes. The savings is well worth the set up. The only downside is the amount of truckstops that use Mudflap .


Double T Trucking

I’ve used Mudflap for a couple months. Highly recommend it. It has saved me as much as $175 a fuel up according to the stop. Very well pleased with it. I recommend it to all my friends. Keep up the good work.



We’ve just started using but so far no complaints. I think it could be a great help in saving fuel. Big win is it mainly supports the mom and pop truck stops instead of the big chain truck stops


Owner operator Lawrence Griffin

Love Mudflap! Saves us lots of money on fuel purchases . The staff at this app is Awesome!

Brian Lyons   8 months ago

We are trying to encourage our drivers to use the mudflap app. I have requested that we get a report showing the savings by driver, for the month, or for the quarter. We would like to set up in incentive plan for the drivers. The reason we use the app is to save money on fuel. I don't understand why Mudflap is not providing the Information. There suggestion is to enter the individual receipts into a spread sheet. 30 + drivers makes it labor intensive and irritates me because mudflap has the data! Poor customer service and major lack of awareness of their customer's needs.

Ilko M   1 year ago

Hello, where can I see all my transactions since the beginning of my membership?

James Grillot   1 year ago

My Synchrony credit card shows a bogus charge on 09/02/2022 for “Mudflap* fuel 09/02 IN”. I wasn’t even in Indiana on the date of the charge. Apparently, mudflap does not protect against credit card fraud. BEWARE!

J   1 year ago


Bryce   1 year ago

I have had no trouble and nothing but good things to say about mudflap I would go ahead and link your bank account to avoid hitting debit card limit. I truck and I spend 1000$ a day through the mudflap app.

Sean Elshaw   1 year ago

Downloaded this app, used it once and it worked fine, saved some money on diesel. Tried to use a second time and there was some problem and cashier had to wait on a call from Mudflap and after 20 minutes of waiting I ended up just paying it normally without the discount. Didn't use it for a week, but just got an email this morning someone on the other side of the country somehow used my Mudflap account to buy $400 of diesel. Absolutely no support in app to report this or lock down the account. A lot of desperate truck drivers out there right now and this app has no security or protections in place. Not worth the risk.

Eric   1 year ago

Used app many times and funds must be available on debit card to purchase. Now the app is stating I owe 100s of dollars from prior fill ups that they failed to collect on. How can it be a failed collection if the app won’t let you purchase fuel if you have no money on your card? RIP OFF!

Bryan Dickerson   1 year ago

Your app and customer service sucks. Been trying to resolve a problem a few weeks now. No answer or return call!!

Jordan Williams   1 year ago

No problems so far just downloaded 2 days ago already saved 100 dollars

Jackie M Kathikar   2 years ago

My husband downloaded the mudflap app and the next day his card was hacked after using the app! Someone charged $2,000.00 worth of airline tickets. So now his card is shut down and no funds for fuel! Thanks mudflap!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is Mudflap Safe?

Yes. Mudflap is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,968 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Mudflap Is 54.4/100.

Is Mudflap Legit?

Yes. Mudflap is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,968 Mudflap User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Mudflap Is 69.8/100..

Is Mudflap not working?

Mudflap works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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