Rap Fame - Rap Music Studio Reviews

Rap Fame - Rap Music Studio Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-21

Like hip hop? Try being a Rapper yourself. Record, Promo & Share tracks w.
MILLIONS of fans on Rap Fame. PRO Recording Studio Edit your voice tracks and
use a Huge Library of HOT Beats. Sound like a Pro on your phone with the latest
Rap Studio. Rappers use us to get signed by the World...

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Reviews (34)


Really good app/ But could be SOOO MUCH BETTER

Battle Me/Rap Fame/ whatever tf it’s called now, is a really awesome and satisfying app! It is for rap artists all over! Wether your good or not, it’s simply allows wanna bees and wanna bees who are actually really talented and skilled but just don’t have the resources to get a studio or go to one, and they simply just “want to be” more successful in the music industry and or, “in” the music industry in general! RapFame allows you to select a beat from RapFame to rap to, or of course you can upload an already made beat that you may have access to in your device. Once a track is selected you move on to the “recording session” (the fun part!) Where you can record up to 3 different vocal tracks to put on the song. ( 1 for your main bars, 2 for back up vocals and 3 for additional back up vocals) Now, as long as you are on rhythm when rapping then it comes out sounding great! However if you sing something off rhythm there is no way to adjust the placement of the vocals on the music so you won’t be able to fix it without going back and doing the WHOLE THING OVER!! Even if it’s just one tiny part you mess up on, you can not select sections of the vox pattern to cut/copy/drag/paste/ duplicate or delete with. It must be recorded perfectly! Which is the ONLY reason I gave RapFame 3 stars instead of 5


We have been users of the app for several months

Im part of Poetic Mogul group on Rap fame. Recently there been so many bugs in RapFame and we dont see any of the developers addressing the issue. We are admins of the THc lordz crew and every one of our members has complaints about not being able to upload, getting their account deleted, our crew power has been dramatically fluctuating, we went from top 6 on the chart to 15 then 335 then 27 in a matter of 2 days. Thats impossible. Esp since our crew has been inactive because of our crew members malfunctioning app. no ody is addressing any of our members concerns except on of our admins who been up day and nite tryna get to the bottom of things because he fears our crew members are going to delete their apps for good so he imvestigating. One of the moderators told our other admin the crew power was correct but had nothing to say about any changes happenjng with RapFame as far as how point get tallies up. Nobody has responded to our emails. We just want some answrs before our 20 members cancel their subscriptions and delete their apps. This was my favorite app prior to all the bugs.


Used to be amazing 😞

RapFame used to be a stomping ground for some seriously talented artists (don’t get me wrong, there is still plenty of them) doing amazing accapela battles and making songs that in my opinion were better than 90% of the garbage on the radio. Unfortunately those days are almost all but gone....battles are a joke because people are crying and snitching constantly, claiming “shade” voting and v4v... it’s a padded stats popularity contest over tests of true lyricism and emcee skill. The chat room (although has always been a toxic place) is plagued with trolls, and trolls who get banned just create fake accounts and come back even harder. This is honestly very sad as RapFame 3 years ago reinvigorated my love for hip hop music and for the first time ever I was able to record myself...it still is a great place to find Artists you might not ever find anywhere else, just be warned it’s cut Throat place and foul play is always lurking around the corner. “D.Z.O”


Horrible experience

Spent 4 years on RapFame spent thousands of dollars on promoting tracks over 200 tracks recorded on here and only 2 features. If you are better than the average artist on here mods create accounts and make tracks to bring your statistics down. They have fake accounts asking you to join the Illuminati and ask for your personal information in other apps like telegram. The admins of RapFame have two different groups you can siently join. Your either from the streets, or your a demonic demon who is racist and claim your from Canada. If you join a crew and your a decent artist , listen to everyone in your crew making music to drop your ratings. I have over 450,000 diamonds on RapFame and have never been shown recognition. Rap fame y’all lost a real one and a true rap fame legend your app will never stay profitable if you keep letting these mods, admins and ambassadors push real artist with money and talent ! Sincerely, darealgodflow603 👈✌️



I love RapFame, Always had a passion for music. Especially hip hop. Started out making Beats came across RapFame and it gave me a chance to share my music with people across the world. Always wanted to Rap So after getting a lot of Respect from people loving my Beats I decided to give it a shot Rapping. Never new if I’d be any good. After Other Mc’s on RapFame Hurd them, was able to get advice and get better with my skills on a microphone where if it wasn’t for Rap fame wouldn’t have been possible before. So thanks to RapFame for helping allow me to be able to continue with my musical passions which is now Rapping more then anything else. Thank you Rap fame from bottom of my heart! #UniteDfronT #BOBDIGI


I Was Born From The Union Of Two Jazz Apollo Legends

Ever Though I love This Platform Because It Has Abled Me To Display My Talents, It Seems like a lot of Music on this platform, Will have to be done over again in a Real Studio, I’m not An 🤷🏿‍♂️Engineer🤷🏾‍♀️, This is the First Time I Have Recorded Myself On A Apparatus Like This, it cuts out the middleman, but when you’re really talented sometimes a middleEngineer is required, And I think I’m doing the best that I can, Pertaining to the tools that have been given, To work with, I have hundreds of concepts for classic songs, I can create songs daily, which should be evidence, By looking on My Page In Rap Fame from the time that I got here, And to see how many songs I have generated since the time I Download it RapFame Rap Fame, In between My Everyday, Day To Day Life Of Work And Family life 👁 L7.



If you think tha Rap Fame is turning into a hotbed of new Rapoetics, then you are exactly right. Join the Rap Fame family. Just spita few nice free flowin chilled out Bars and choose your own beat. Rap Fame has a team of specialsts that offer tips to success and feedback is extmely importat. It is absolutely the most important tool to challenge and highlight problem areas as well as well as praise and direction for a multiplicity of Beats, Rappers, Composers, Head hunters, coaches and and, most important, your peers. Im growin like Jack upon dat beanstalk. So climb on up and experience my bass line from the top of my-vine. PEACE2daBEATS Feedback from a professional perspective— on App Store and Google play — just download RapFame …. and let it Flow.


Rap fame da best

Yo honestly speaking I love to post on rap fame it’s my favorite app to post on I think if there was one way to make it better I would make it to where different artists can work together on the same song on collaboration work instead of going to a different app but I really do love rap fame I don’t only post my music on there but I listen to others they have some amazing artists on there that I follow up on because they truly follow the rap culture thanks to rap fame they have helped me boost my flow by posting since the beginning and taking advice from other artists that are more experienced than me rap fame is my go to


Rap is FUNDamntal

Honestly I love RapFame and I've been using it for about 6+ months now. Keep up with y'all doing, only and productive stat about RapFame is be careful work hard you put on there because a three day trial turns into a month application and they will charge you before the month or this week subscription is over with double time travel time I've been in charge of my credit card so I am very leery to put another one on there however they will cut you off and limit your access if you don't have some type of payment method IJS XOXO


Very Frustrated- app doesn’t have basic functionality!!!

I have literally spent over 12 hours the entire night trying to normalize it equalize a track to adjust the volume’s after the fact, unsuccessfully I might add, I all because the this app app doesn’t have the basic functionality to allow you to edit your tracks after the fact, even when they are only unpublished drafts. This is ridiculous and unacceptable. Every song needs to be tweaked after the fact — nothing is perfect. The developer should know better about this. I literally just wasted 12 hours unsuccessfully trying to fix my song after the fact, all because this application program did not have the basic functionality that it should’ve had in the first place. Very irritated — beyond irritating and aggravating. Not happy.


It’s An Incredible App

Below, I have the problem that I faced with RapFame . The problem was fixed within hours and continues to work like a dream. Honestly, if you love music, you’re missing out by not having RapFame. “I love RapFame and everything it provides, but for an entire day now nothing has been loading in RapFame and it keeps displaying “Internal Network Error” and again, nothing will load. I have a fully updated iPhone XS Max so I know it’s not an issue with my phone being too old or out of date. Please fix this and this will turn into a 5 star immediately”


Only for the real

Your losing everyday thinking this is the best way for you and your music. Let me explain you on here making music but how many people gone download RapFame and listen to your music. Don’t let a couple boozos mess up your goals and future cause most rappers on here don’t even sound to good. Most of them fake but I’m just calling it how it see it. These people just want you to spent money that’s all. My grade in this music is very high quality they don’t even know who I’m really is. But don’t let them fool you keep working on your craft and keep striving. We will be looking for some more artist to sign to real soon. Rap fame says they don’t promote gang violence but most these artist speaks about drugs and guns and weed that’s all I to say but stay up chuck we here #locs #djrell #producer #wethebestrecords


My name is vondagaot123 on rapfame

I love RapFame RapFame is the best app every I have been on my grinding on my music and be able two be in interviews on this app so I could come far in my raps I wish we could upload beats for free on RapFame plus you get two make collaboration with people but I want two be able two do interviews with the this app people that made RapFame this app is the best app I wish y’all had a live feature where we can go live tell all of followers about what ablum we dropping that stuff for free


Great app one suggestion

It’s a great app you can wrap on it make new tracks it’s so much fun and post it to see how many people like it but there’s one thing in the unfinished tracks you can click to continue your track but there is a delete button under it and it does not say do you want to delete it if you accidentally click delete unfinished track it’s kind of annoying can we please get a confirm delete after we click the delete button on the track because I worked hard on the track and it got accidentally deleted it


It’s cool but the drafts thing is retarded.

I love RapFame and everything about it with the beats and the fact that you’re able to record your songs easily but the DRAFTS ARE STUPID! You can’t edit them. The only point of having drafts is to edit them in the future. The only possible way of finishing a song with RapFame is to complete it in one sitting, other than that you’re screwed. I hope y’all change that fast because I know a lot of people who make songs on RapFame deal with the same thing and it’s especially bad for me because I have premium and it’s starting to feel like a waste to have it. If y’all can change that, that’d be perfect


Rap fam

Rap theme is one of the best helping become a star games I get a five star rating because it really helps me and I really love music so this would be a game for you if you love singing and rapping well then this is definitely a game for you you can call lab with other people it’s amazing you can fight against people to see you song is better I guess I really like this game it helps me a lot to increase my popularity and fame not like any other games this game actually helps I highly recommend this game


It’s ok..

RapFame is ok if your a beginning artist but the people of RapFame are kinda toxic the chat should be removed.. it is not called chat fame.. and there has been an issue with uploading music for the past 2 days but overall RapFame is fun to use and a bit addicting the creators did a good job with RapFame would definitely recommend it to somebody asking about a mobile music app there is definitely talent to be heard on RapFame



I loved RapFame it was amazing, it was very useful to load my projects and produce. There is a lot of fake rappers (some of which are just genuinely having fun) fake judges and trolls but you can’t really avoid it. There is also a pro feature you have to buy to use some features. Such as saving and editing projects later. For me it had to be in all one sitting, but it was cool. One day (today) I couldn’t see my notifications I logged out and the server said it updating and it’s been like that for hours so I dunno what happened


It’s amazing!

RapFame is all I need to make my rap dream come true! I’m still young, so I got a lot of time ahead to get better at rap! Music is my life, and RapFame can make me achieve my dream and make it into a reality! I’m so thankful for RapFame! I can spill my feelings out in music and have others on RapFame give me advice and tips for better tracks! I can make my own lyrics and beats! It’s awesome!! My opinion is if you have any good feelings towards rap, I encourage you to use RapFame!


Props ta tha creative mind

This is tha best app I’ve used actually I’ve used 2 others n when I started using tha tools of Rap Fame and how they have a monster selection of beats that will bring your mind ta a level of creativity that most can not, each beat is a creative genius for everyone who has tha love n hunger and talent ta there own life and struggle or whatever ya spit about sound professional as expected of a low budget real studio use an actual microphone ta record with and see tha deference


Politics and Fake

RapFame has the possibility to be the best app ever made. It’s an incredibly great idea. And they did a great job. I’ve been on RapFame for a few years now and I’ve been pretty successful. I usually release my tracks on RapFame to get some feedback before releasing it on SoundCloud or Apple Music. And it works great. However... there are some trassshhh artists with alllll the followers and votes. They could literally battle someone and say two words and the other person could be Eminem, and they would still win. I don’t really get it, I heard a kid hold his phone up to the radio playing a song and he won a battle lol. If RapFame and people using it showed more credit to people with talent and stopped hyping up fake accounts. I would give it 5 stars all day!


StudiO🎧BoY TwNtY3

ThyZ App is basically a Social Media platform where artists can truly expand there skills’ and listen to other artists on there level, above them, below them, and tune in and listen to others’ have opportunity for people to Jusge and rate your tracks for positive criticism allowing to improve! My skillZ have improved greatly thanks to RapFame! And I’ve linked up with some great artists! I am a real artist, Studio🎧BoY and I’m recommending RapFame to everyone.. see yah at the top of the charts!


I like this so much

I like this because it’s about every body trying to learn if you don’t do stuff miss a couple of words people will still like it you gotta pay for some stuff it’s 100 and down I didn’t pay but some day I will


Five star reason

RapFame is a 5 star because it’s kept me occupied for 2 years Most months in the beginning I’d just look through taps without a account then I made a account and started my career


It’s amazing

It’s amazing everything is amazing there’s just one thing i don’t like and it’s that u need to get the premium to download it to cloud or put it in the notes other than that it’s amazing👌🏽👍🏽


Good But there’s this one glitch

There is a glitch That makes you not have the red line for more than a few minutes


Great for connecting and expressing talent

RapFame is excellent for following with other artists and Showing talent from all around and giving good feedbacks you have to try it


Rap Fame Delivers

With fresh funky beats to flow over which are regularly updated, you can always find a grind to put the krunkness, that grizzly funkness, in yo boogie, and then share it with the world. Would have rated it a 5 but the recording aspect needs some work to increase fidelity.


Great app

I don’t usually write reviews ever lol but RapFame is great I’ve met people on here that are very passionate about their artistry and ultimately making great friends in the process. The love is real and so is the honesty great job guy!!


All Time Favorite App

RapFame has helped my life out so much by letting me put my emotions on tracks and listen to others feeling the same way


Positive Energy

I think rap fame is one of my favorite apps in my history of apps. RapFame contains sole beats and edits and has great sound quality with head phones or buds. Thank you


Because you get too sing.

Because you get too sing



RapFame has Administrators who play favorites and they only “feature” artists based on who the person the administrator likes. It is supposed to be about music and not popularity or favorites. True disappointment for people who actually make music. People are leaving because of the user BMVIDEO!


Thk u

It’s hard to find reliable rap apps; however, rap fame app is easy to sign up an the community is diverse, racially, talent wise etc,

Is Rap Fame Safe?

Yes. Rap Fame - Rap Music Studio is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 18,130 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Rap Fame - Rap Music Studio Is 74.2/100.

Is Rap Fame Legit?

Yes. Rap Fame - Rap Music Studio is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 18,130 Rap Fame - Rap Music Studio User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Rap Fame - Rap Music Studio Is 74.2/100.

Is Rap Fame - Rap Music Studio not working?

Rap Fame - Rap Music Studio works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 4 Comments

By Beware real artist
Feb 26 2022

This app is about money not about talent. If you spend your a favorite.. period you get Featured. Shit sucks for real artist

By Daer Izak
Jan 15 2022


By Read Kazi
Jun 19 2021


By Jake
Jan 25 2021

Only allowing me to publish 1 track won’t let me do more how can I solve this ?

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