The Grand Mafia Reviews

The Grand Mafia Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-08

About: Are you ready to become the most legendary Mafia Boss? Since the death of our
Old Godfather, the Family has been missing a strong leader, one that can unite
all the mafia gangs. You must find and recruit talented individuals from all
corners of the underworld society, ranging from thieves and mercenaries to
athletes and businessmen, to strengthen your crew.

About The Grand Mafia

During the subscription period, you can enjoy the following features: an additional Construction Queue, a special Name Tag and Chat Bubble, double rewards from Mystery Crate, collectively complete Faction and Family Tasks, and collectively claim Daily Tasks.

Once subscribed, the following can be claimed daily: 500 Gold, 3-Hr Speed-Up*1, 1-Hr Speed-Up*3, 15-Min Speed-Up*7, 1-Min Speed-Up*15, 600K Diamonds*1, 1.5M Arms*1, 1.5M Cargo*1, 1.5M Metal*1, 500K Cash*3.

There are different skills, stats, characters and upgradable content within the game, which require your attention to strategy to individualize your army with fully-fledged mechanics.

You won’t be alone in this pursuit to live a life of a Mafia Boss! You will compete with players from all over the world to reach the top of your criminal career.

Players will need to take on the law and battle other players to control the cities they reside in.

You must find and recruit talented individuals from all corners of the underworld society, ranging from thieves and mercenaries to athletes and businessmen, to strengthen your crew.

You will need to upgrade your loyal minions and choose the formations of your crews wisely.

Sometimes you will need to choose your special characters to tackle harder opponents.

At other times you will have to organize massive Crews to invade the turfs of other players.

Since the death of our Old Godfather, the Family has been missing a strong leader, one that can unite all the mafia gangs.

New subscription fees will be automatically deducted once the subscription validity ends.

Bruisers, Hitmen, Bikers and Mortar Cars are all at your disposal! Each type of thugs have their own stats.

Once you have joined a Faction, you will be able to take part in numerous weekly and seasonal events.

There are many different types of thugs within the game.


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4.5 out of 5


Intricate and addicting

TGM has become my go to mobile game. The level of detail, graphics, and options are fun for any play style. The game keeps you coming back. Higher levels do require longer time investments but thats part of the fun. Ive been playing 2 weeks and still learning. The learning isnt tough, theres just a lot to the game. The GMs have done a great job with the help system and guidance to get new players off and running to a good start. Like many micro service game offerings, this one has plenty if you want to invest short term or by subscription. It is NOT a pay to play, it is much better. There is a lot of balance in the game to keep it fun for players at all levels. Nice job…kudos to the staff amnd developers.


The equipment update really killed this game.

It’s was hard enough trying to get contracts from the kingpins to upgrade each specific piece of equipment. You’d rarely get any materials from, most times it’s just speed ups and resources, but again it’s a 1 out 10 chances you’ll ever get a contract. With this update, no longer will you just have to upgrade the equipment from Plain to Simple to Rare. Easy steps right? Well now, you’d have to go from Plain 1 to Plain 2 to Plain 3 to 4 then to Simple. And that’s for every grade level of equipment. This is a major disadvantage for players who don’t have grand equipment, because there are hundreds of high level players who do have grand and didn’t have to suffer from this update. With this update really the only way for you to get the contacts you need is to just pay for packs, because again the developers made it so that only the kingpins and sometimes your babes will give you contracts. But the kingpins don’t give you contracts even though they’re supposed to.

To the developers, you guys need to fix the contracts issue. You guys need to make it so that we the players can get contracts from the mystery crate, the faction shop, the task shop, opening faction gifts. Because the kingpins just aren’t cutting it apparently. And not everyone is rich enough to spend thousands of dollars to play.



So first off lemme say that ur game was amazing and everything but ... always buts when it comes to low ratings so BUT I’m extremely upset that I put all this time into making my faction getting it built up and everything and then I go offline for a bit i don’t even know how long definitely wasn’t 24 hrs tho but anyways I go offline and when I come back online I have this message saying (LEADERSHIP HAS BEEN TRANSFERRED) and like what all my hard work on that faction went to waste because I was inactive for like 12-15 hrs REALLY I should’ve given a 1 star but I actually liked ur game up until that point I will not WILL NOT!!come back to this game until I see that u either change whatever time it is that u have the inactive time for the leader up a few days or completely take it away u know if someone is inactive for like 3-5 days then u can transfer leadership but not even a full day and mine is gone sheesh here I was about to actually spend a lil but a money on this game just for my faction!! So they could get the crates as well but nope not now I’d rather dump money into clash of clans o something cuz ur game is no longer worthy of money until it’s fixed I’m sure im not the only upset ex faction owner ....😡😡😡🤬


Don’t play!!

I love this game and have spent tons of money on it. However when I reached out to the GM to point out that there are a lot of players who are selling and buying accounts which is a direct breech of terms of service i got no reply. So I requested a refund for purchases that I have made since I found out about the breach of contract in the game. If the developers aren’t going to hold up their end of the terms of service contract then why should I have to be accountable for purchases made in their fraudulent app. I still got no response. So I went directly to Apple to request a refund. Apple refunded my purchase. I logged into the game to find a message saying if you don’t pay back the refund your account will be blocked.

Really you can’t respond when I am trying to report players abusing the game, but when I get a refund then you want to respond???

Don’t download TheGrandMafia. Is a scam to pull you in so you spend more money. Even if you spend money though the players who spend more than you will always take priority over you. You don’t matter to Yotta Games unless you are a big spender.



So I received a message in game stating that if I didn’t return money for a pack that was bought and never received in game that I would be banned I go to log in today and it says that contact gm in game but how when my account is banned please check bank statements because you will be charged and not even know it I had a pending charge on my card for two weeks because I had transactions blocked on my card so tell me how I received something when my card didn’t allow the charges to go through but yet when I unlock my card they still charge my card like I’m pretty sure that can see all purchases and if was received or if the sale was declined and when I requested a refund I received a nasty message stating that if I didn’t return the money within a certain timeframe that I would be banned the game is good overall but it needs major changes starting with their customer service and it’s a shame that a lot of people leave this game because of such reasons all I know is if I don’t have access back into my account then I maybe one of those same people



A group of us tried it out from Game of Thrones Conquest. Have k35s with lvl 69 dragons. So we spend a bit. They advertised a pack and our crew leader bought it. Didn’t have the Hero listed. He immediately got a refund from Google then purchased the correct pack. The GMs wrote him demanding he send money immediately to a Paypal account. He responded it was a glitched pack and he bought the real one. Told them to take away gold and rss from the charged back account. They threatened him and he showed them the google play agreements and that he purchased the other pack. They demanded the PayPal again which violates everything. They banned him. Then they banned another player when he asked questions, so he charged back a pack to see what would occur and the same PayPal letter was sent. They banned him too. We are all leaving the game. Funny thing is 1 Jeep showed up and soloed guys in the 20-30m influence with t3s. No losses. Was sad to watch. In a new kingdom this happened. Strange how it soloed accounts that it would take a massive amount of rallies to zero with those meat shields. Good luck guys. They are dirty


Gold weapon crates!!! SHOULD BE A LITTLE BETTER!

I love this game let me start off by saying that. I have 4 accts, 4 very much active accts. Here’s one of my biggest problems with this game there is a few but this one I tell ya! When you open a gold crate and you have to buy all your gold crate coins except the one you get free every other day. There should be absolutely no reason that simple weapons are even a reward, should be rare, elite and grand….. I just traded in 8 gold crate coins 8…… I got 7 simple weapons and 1 rare. 1 😳 I don’t complain when I drop all the money I do on this game cause sometimes you get lucky with the rewards….. No way shape or form have I ever felt the weapons crates were fair. I know I spend more then a lot in all the factions I’m in yet have no grand in comparison to my faction members. It’s very saddening as I’m about to be done spending money all together at this point. Cause lately even those ones I used to let slide for garbage rewards I just don’t see the point in wasting my hard earned money anymore.


Not worth the day to day headache

Game itself isn’t bad, decent plot and all, but for the social aspect of it is truly disappointing. Many users, on a daily basis, causing unnecessary drama over the smallest of issues… giving the impression that they’re making every attempt possible to change human nature — frequent drama in the public chat channel over “unfinished resource tiles”, which, to state the obvious, are programmed to be infinite in games like this, especially when those very people have other options. To further add to the disappointment, they bully those who speak up for themselves or their allies or excuses when you try to reason with them logically. If they were smart enough, they should realize the truth, that they’ll always have that particular problem regardless of what efforts they make.
Overall, I’d say to just spare yourself the headache and find another game where you don’t have this kind of drama on a day to day basis.


Money hole or else

Where to start? When this was first brought out the advertisement was nothing like the game.
To actually play the game you have to be willing to spend amazing amounts of cash or you will be used and abused by those that actually do. Those that spend money can use you as a farm for resource gathering. You get enough resources to start increasing they come along and take them from you.
I have had glitches and problems with the game. You report the bug and in a number of days you receive a reply that you can go on Facebook or discord and talk to other players. Come on how are other players going to recode the game?
While they are bringing in large amounts of cash. You get to either pay them thousands to be a big player and accept that they may do something that screws up the game for you. Or you accept that you will only be a resource gatherer for someone you don’t know. To claim it is a strategy game or war game is absolutely false. It is a spend money game.


Trash 🗑. Will break you $

The game itself; visuals, concept, and objectives: I would rate a 5 star review. HOWEVER; basically it’s been multiculturally ransacked of value. PEOPLE, don’t waste your time downloading or get comfortable playing. They’ve made millions, and continue to make even more regularly. It’s pretty much a game you play, love it. Stop playing EVERYTHING ELSE. THEN…….
Everything you’ve put your time in is destroyed in a VERY SMALL fraction (not even a one hundredth) of what you invested in it, TIME. It’s MORE valuable than platinum. As much needed as water or air, TIME. !!!!!The developers don’t care, long as their pockets stay lined with NEW $. What they Should DO; is make it so spenders that live in fairly tale castles ARE UNABLE to annihilate underdeveloped people. At least a year ago it took longer for my dreams to be crushed. Now a year later the MODERN DAY BULLIES found me or I noticed this time and quit BEFOREHAND!
Unless you have Bill Gates or Michael Jordan $ DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME! The developers can’t give you that back, Time!


Pay to win

The game has a lot of potential but it's so aggravating to put so much time and effort into a game and actually be good at a game and it not netter because someone can pour several hundred dollars into in app purchases and be 5 times stronger than you. There is absolutely no balance between paid players and free players. If you're not going to pour 2 to 3 hundred dollars a week into this game then be prepared to be a farm for someone who does.

To the developers: there needs to be more balance in the game. I do every event, every PvE interaction and am active in an active clan and I'm weak in our city because many players pour money into the game. Give free to play players a chance to actually play the game without having to hide behind a bubble.

An idea for a mafia game: make the only things available for in app purchases cosmetics. Make power/influence depend purely and wholely on skill and time spent working in game. You will make money from the cosmetics and the players will actually have fun.



What kind of a game doesn’t respond to customer service inquiries? I have asked the GM which is their version of “support”. Not one response to give me a city immigration pass that I asked about weeks ago. They ignored me and there is no way to immigrate to a different city. This is not right and I’m expecting a FREE IMMIGRATION PASS so I can play the way I wish to. I’m not going to have some game keep me in a city just because. This is not the way games should be and it should be open boundaries to move for FREE. WHAT IS WITH ALL THE RESTRICTIONS?! Do you want us to play or not? Oh and if it isn’t obvious enough, don’t bother spending ONE DIME ON THIS SCAM OF A GAME. I HAVE AND IT WAS WASTED MONEY AS NO ONE IS PROVIDING IN GAME CUSTOMER SUPPORT. I expect to be treated like a VIP especially considering I have spent so much money on this game only to be scammed because a free game is free. Cut the “spend $100 to revive troops” message because it is offensive. Greedy and gross is all I have to say… Don’t waste a dime on this “game”.


Non existent support

I messaged the in game GM on November 2nd. Here is is November 17th. Thats 15 days with no response. This is ABSOLUTELY a pay to win game. 100%. See the responses where the devs say they have events and rewards blah blah blah. These events cannot be won by free players. The rewards are garbage. The cost to get the strongest fighters (T4) is in the thousands. Yes. THOUSANDS. I have managed to unlock T3 and i am in the game about 1500. And i am still looking at possibly 2-3 grand to get to T4. So yea. You will NOT survive if you cannot spend a TON of money. Disappointing because this is a cool game. Even when you spend money they want more! One of the events is a purchase event. Lots of games have these types of events, spend money, get a reward. Like spend a few bucks and boom reward.... well when you have to spend $200 for the first reward.... yea. Thanks for nothin... do yourself a favor. Download a game like this that actually rewards you for spending money, and has some sort of support from the creators.


Needs work..

Cool game I spend a ton here. I just hope they add a second investment queue like they have for construction, new events, T5 troops and traps, also city hall event battle should last the whole day so everyone has a chance to fight we are in different time zones not everyone can be on at that time (I missed city hall event it was at 4am my time zone over at 5am), and we need a city vs city event where top factions from each city free port to system selected battlefield for war, make it so during event same city factions can reinforce each other during event, when the event is over everyone is sent back to their city with a strongest leader event and city hall event to follow days later. Great game by the way just few suggestions to help make game a bit more fun.


Customer service

The game itself isn’t bad. It’s addicting and takes forever to achieve the goal of getting the most powerful fighters. Unless you’re willing to spend thousands of dollars. The one star is for the multiple times I encountered problems where I had to reach out to the game for help and each time they acted like they could care less. For months I played and spent far too much money. I started seeing charges for $9.99 that I didn’t make and didn’t receive any game packs for in return. I disputed one charge and got it refunded, which resulted in the game suspending my account and demanding I return the refund to continue playing. I contacted their help email and they continue to tell me pay the refund and your account will be unlocked. It seems ridiculous to me that after all the money I actually spent on this game they screw me over by scamming me for $10 packs that I didn’t purchase.
Don’t waste your time on this game.



this last update was the worst and totally made my character, basically, useless!
1. there are not any notices for MASSACRE DAY! now, if you have the pleasure of being with a large faction and the influence is over 300,000,000 or more, you are pretty safe and don’t care about notices. HOWEVER, if you are not, i am not, you are getting TORE UP because you were not told. No one is going to be on this game 24/7 just to make sure you don’t get attacked because the GM or whoever isn’t sending notices out.
We just had Massacre Day on Thanksgiving that no one was informed about and, another one today, that no one knew about either. I find it fishy that i can not get anyone to answer me either!
2. the babes...🤦🏾‍♀️
olivia, the first one, is the ONLY ONE THAT IS NOT TRANSPARENT!
the second one, is out of control. you can see her naked breasts and her stomach is see through.
the third one is a floating head and arms.
the fourth one is head, shoulders, arms, and feet.
luckily i have not unlocked the fifth one, but, i can see her silhouette and know that she does not have legs. just a floating top half.
3. the only thing that i have been told is to update my game, but guess what, sherlock? i am using the UPDATED version. unreal. and no, i do not want to hear that “it’s a war game” crap. sadly, these changes have made me rethink any more purchases and gameplay. just unreal. not happy. 😡


Would be nice if…

Just recently downloaded the game. Started off great, loved it. Created a faction, had a full roster, still having fun. Go to bed for the night, wake up about 10 hours later to find that during the time I slept I lost control of my faction for “being gone too long.” Lost control of my faction because I was sleeping! Ridiculous! Okay, moving on. Made a new faction, another full roster. Went to work for an 8 hour shift. Unable to get on the game during that time. Finally able to get on after shift only to find I lost control of my second faction for the same reason! What gives!!? I put a bit of money into the game already to help the factions I made, only to get control ripped away from me because of either a basic human need to sleep, and a responsibility to my job! Bull crap! Needs fixed ASAP. Because if I lose this 3rd faction I am uninstalling the game.


i want my account back

I’ve been playing this game for over a year and I had an account that was already really high up and I could’ve sworn I linked it with my facebook account, but then I had to delete TheGrandMafia to save up storage and when I re-installed it, it wouldn’t let me get the account back and said my facebook was not linked to any account. I’ve tried contacting the GM about it and they never get back to me, I also tried messaging through the discord but no one got back to me either and it won’t let me message the facebook page. I had to create a new account but I want my old one back. Please help me because I enjoy this game so much and it would be 100 times more enjoyable with an account where I made so much progress. I’m really sad all my hard work went to the trash.


Fun, get your wallet out

So. You have to join a faction. If you don’t everyone will pray on you. You should spend a little money at the beginning. If not, the newb protection will wear off before you can defend yourself. This game “can” be f2p but you would have to be dialed in pretty frequently. All and All I have fun, and spend money. I hope they put out more story content. What they have is really good but not enough of it. I think a good visual novel story section that has updates and seasons would go a far way. It would give you more to do aside of faction duties and campaign battles. The campaign battles are redundant. The fun really is in the social parts of the game.


Rampant Cyber bullying

This game is toxic and is full of rampant cyber bullying, in the city I am based in (306) there is an entire faction spreading rumors that one poor girl is committing sex acts with her family members. They changed their names and pictures to copy hers and keep spamming the main chat with their disgusting claims daily. Reporting this does nothing as the game may mute an account for an hour or so, but by their own admition the members of the faction state they don’t care because the game allows multiple characters they just make new characters log in and use them to spam hate while not using their main, creating a toxic environment. This game violates Apples TOS and should be removed from TheGrandMafia Store. Don’t waste your time

**edit** I received follow up support from a ticket that if people are unhappy with the toxic environment they should just migrate to a different server, taking no responsibility for the environment they have fostered



Gov war season 3 so many glitches and the developers and staff ignoring the issues and refusing to correct the wrong doing of the system. Fighting the government building a double raid becomes set and Ming dismisses the building and the system leaves Ming in the building and releases all the support causing the hero to be captured. We hold the government building for 8 hour and instead of shielding the building the time reset to 11 hours needing to hold, while after a double raid was set on the building so we left the building and the shield open but the system still gives the title to the team. On an arsenal battle they closed the shield too early, we send the videos that our members took and the staff still ignored the issues of their system and again never fixed the titles. Why spend so much money on a game when the system messes up and the staff does not care to correct the mistakes they have caused


Not for everyone

This reminds me of the way games were before before the creators realized they can make more money off ads. You know, at first you have rapid increments of success, and then once you become addicted to the dopamine hits you get from building, collecting, and constantly tapping everything slows way down and to get your fix you’ll become frustrated and spend money. I haven’t spent money because pragmatism tells me that what ever you purchase on these games will be gone nearly as soon as you get it. It’s a cash grab targeting naive people who can be convinced to waste money on addiction disguised as fun. Casinos use this strategy. I’m just surprised it still works in 2023. To be fair, I can see where it would be a nice way to kill time, but I wouldn’t recommend it for people with tons of time on their hands, have addictive personalities, and/or short attention spans.


Don’t cry wolfywolf

I see some chump crying about the game allowing others in a faction to switch leadership when they were only offline for less than 24 hours. If you were a great leader your team would have put you back in. News alert you do not even have to be offline. Your R4s can boot you even if you started the faction. So choose R4s you trust. Great game.
A lot of ongoing bugs in certain events like flip/match freezing up and not allowing a player to continue once the flip a x3 or x2. Already reported to GM several times. Other than that great game. Great graphics. Best mafia style game I’ve seen so far. The paid players grow extremely large and smash smaller players. They should be moved to certain areas or only be allowed to attack down so far but other than that great fun game. Been playing over 2 years now.


Legends exist

This is a current review after 857 consecutive logins. This game remains and is still HIGHLY addictive. Yes the “spenders” can be a bit obnoxious and the game feels a unbalanced in “governors wars” BUT if you’re stubborn, competitive, and curious, the grand mafia is for you. Loaded with multiple events and options/ways to grow, a chat interface to speak with other members, and some decent graphics this game is surely here to stay. I’ve played since the game was with yotta and hope to see phantix find a way to prevent mass wars between 5b clans and clans with leaders that are 5b by themselves. I’d like to hope they’ll keep ads from the game (because you will never get adds in this game so far) and they take it to a new level. T5 maybe? Lots of great game play, check it out totally worth the download.


Lots of fun

This game is fun if you can handle a lot of different personalities. Need a faction to survive but if you find a good one you will thrive. They have quite a few events to keep it going for you. A couple of well written storylines with tasks to accomplish.

Lots of rewards in this game and you need them. It can also be a money sink. For those who pay to play it really tips the game in their favor. As mentioned in another review there should be a way to keep those who grow to fast from annihilating those who grind through the game.

Graphics are great! Real fun playing with people from all over the world as well. It’s definitely worth a try. I am enjoying it, only playing for two months but I can see me playing for a long time.


Governors War

I love the game. I have only been playing for a few months and I have built a decent team. The only problem I have is when the Governors War event happens. I believe that the the developers should have the factions that are huge in influence play their own Governors War. A faction with 90 Billion influence should not be in the same Governors War as a faction that has only 3 Billion in influence. There’s no way the 3 Billion influence faction can occupy buildings and get points. I think those higher influence factions should have their own Governors War. In other words Governors War should go by the influence numbers of the factions to in order to make it more fun and truly be a war.

Is The Grand Mafia Safe?

Yes. The Grand Mafia is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 9,980 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for The Grand Mafia Is 57.9/100.

Is The Grand Mafia Legit?

Yes. The Grand Mafia is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 9,980 The Grand Mafia User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for The Grand Mafia Is 75.1/100..

Is The Grand Mafia not working?

The Grand Mafia works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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