Color Hole 3D Reviews

Color Hole 3D Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-07

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About Color Hole 3D

Once again, your newest addiction comes in 3D. Very easy to play, too hard to master Clear the board & do not pull other colors in, that is it. 100+ Levels of limitless fun. .


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Key Benefits of Color Hole 3D

- Calming and relaxing gameplay

- Addictive and fun

- Great design and graphics

- Vibration feature can be turned on or off

- Bonus rounds provide coins

21 Color Hole 3D Reviews

4.5 out of 5


Amazing Work! But Needs Some Improvements

Honestly, when I first downloaded this game I thought it was just gonna be another one of those cheap, boring, free apps that are wanting nothing but money. And, yeah, that’s kind of what this game is, but I was genuinely surprised that they put some actual effort into making this game.

I absolutely love it! It’s so much fun and somewhat addicting. It also has a great design, which is everything I look for in a good game/app.
But, there are a few flaws in this that will certainly need improvement.

The first problem is the difficulty. Yes, there is obstacles in this game that may make it difficult to complete a level, but that’s pretty much it. It’s way too easy which might make the game a bit boring for people. The bonus levels should be replaced with different, more difficult obstacles, like, moving spikes, special golden cubes that instantly kill you, etc. Really any other obstacle besides colored cubes that kill you unless you watch an ad for a revival.

The second problem; ADS, ADS, ADS. Okay, I usually don’t consider ads a problem, because 1. without ads there wouldn’t be a reason for in-app purchases, so they wouldn’t be able to make money, and 2. at least they have the decency to make them skippable. But this? This is way too many. Half of the assets in the game require you to watch an ad first.

But, overall, this game is amazing! It’s really fun and worth the download!


This game is amazing 🥳🤩🥳

This game is calming, fun, and addicting! I downloaded ColorHole3D about 30 minutes ago and I’m already on level 60! It’s super relaxing, and I just love the vibration! It’s so soothing, but I think it’s a great feature that you can also turn that off if you aren’t a vibration person or just aren’t in the mood. A few of my friends have anxiety and I told them to download this and they loved it!! They said it was very satisfying and nerve calming and definitely recommend. I especially love the extra timed levels with the coins, that’s so fun and exciting!

There are a decent amount of ads, not as much as some other games though. And plus most of the ads are games related to this game, if you want more enjoyment.
There isn’t much of a challenge, this game is meant more for calming anxiety and relaxation purposes, so if you want a challenge this is not for you.


Enjoyable for a while, not worth keeping

The ad that I saw which inspired me to download the game is misleading and downright false. There is never a level in this game that included that many blocks. Even the “level” on here is misleading. Level 373 is the exact same as level 1 and goes through the same levels again. The difficulty of each level reaches a stagnant phase after while. I unlocked all features in one day and did not feel the need to keep the game anymore. Excessive amount of ads - after every 2 or 4 levels, an ad would pop up, some up to 30 seconds or some for no time at all. I am not against ads, but there is not enough mental stimulation or motivation to make it worth waiting through them. The bonus levels for you to earn as much coins as possible did not make it much more exciting since there was no limit to how many coins you can get/how many ads you can watch to get them (I think I earned up to 5,000 coins at one point). I enjoyed going though the game for the time being, but I decided it was not worth keeping due to the ads, repetitive “levels”, and misleading advertisement.


Nothing like advertised

The add I saw that made me download the game showed huge levels, with Far more blocks that need to go into the hole than what is actually in the game, the add showed a challenge. The game over all is very simple I think I got through over 500 levels in my 1st week with the game. Not because I played often but because it’s so simple you run through em. Levels seem to repeat a lot too. There is absolutely no challenge to this game for me, it does not show the challenge that the add promised. Also while we are on adds, a add after each level does not seem to be a bit much for you seeing as how fast people can get through levels? It totally seemed to be a bit much for me. It was literally like 3 seconds play time to every 30 seconds add time. ColorHole3D honestly would be good for people that want to pull out the phone and play a game not think just do, and still make heaps of progress. Someone that has to make progress in order to feel some accomplishment out of the game. For me however nope not what was advertised far to simple


Great game but too repetitive

I love this game and I play 24/7 but it is way too repetitive with its levels like I’ve done the same level with the blocks about 1,000 times please add new levels and also I don’t have anything else to buy but I’m still getting a lot of coins all the time so please give me more to buy and also the idea of a personalized hole is good but sometimes it’s confusing and I lose a lot and I’m really good but with some of those skins ( the things you put around the hole ) really make it hard to play the game. Please fix these it’s getting really boring

Ok so now I have rated this with three stars just because it is fun but I have noticed it makes my phone really hot and again repetitive levels and it’s just not very fun anymore so if you could add more levels and make them way more challenging like way more challenging that would be great. I still love the game but it’s just getting boring might delete it but might not if it gets updated and gets more levels with challenges in them and again more stuff to buy please


Don’t Pay - Game Never Gets More Difficult

There is absolutely no challenge whatsoever to this game. I’ve passed nearly 300 levels in a couple of hours. I got sick of the ads, and paid $1.99 for the ad-free version, thinking it would become more difficult as I advanced through the levels. I was wrong. As has been mentioned numerous times by other reviewers, the levels repeat a lot. I’ve seen the exact same patterns repeating at least 3 times, and am nearly at level 300. I’m not talking about variations on a pattern. I’m talking about identical. I kept thinking that either I am really, really good at this game the reason it’s so easy, or that I was missing the point of the game entirely, and was too dim-witted to realize it. After reading these other reviews, I realize that it’s neither. The game is just stupid. But I guess it achieves its goal of making you pay for ad-free, and giving you no challenges. Basically, if you buy the ad-free version, you’re paying the developers to allow you to do absolutely nothing. Brilliant. Devious, but brilliant. I can even see the developers rubbing their hands together with evil glee.


Trash. Not even half as fun as advertised

So I kept seeing ads for this game and finally decided to try it since it looked quite satisfying. This game was a complete waste of my time and not one bit satisfying. It isn't just plainly eating the cubes, you have to avoid cubes too which wasn't shown in any advertisements. In any case, it made it less satisfying and not enjoyable at all for me since I was just looking for a simple and quick de-stressing game.

There's also the problem with the ads. There an ad after every one or two games and it gets SO annoying after a while. Literally the ads lasted longer than the level since most of them were short. It literally felt like I downloaded an app just to watch ads. I didn't like that at all.

Very disappointed as it looked so good in ads and in reality it's awful. Honestly I shouldn't have even believed this was good in the first place but I wanted to give ColorHole3D a chance. If you're interested in being annoyed and wasting your time watching ads then this is for you. If not then don't download for your own sake


Very addictive! (Edited to all the haters out there)

This game is so fun and relaxing! I just started last night and I’m on level 324 lol! I have nothing bad to say about it. I put my rain app on in the background and just have fun! 😊🤣😂😍

To the haters: Get a grip! This game is meant to be relaxing and fun. Points which you all have obviously missed lol 😂!

Not a challenge? As one player put it, you can make it as big a challenge as you want! You don’t have to swipe up the pieces in 10 seconds...make a mess with it, then clean it up without putting any opposing color in the hole...duh....!

No sound? Play music in the background. I use my rain app in the background.

Too many ads...OMG pay 1.99 for no ads...please! Then you don’t even have an ad when you have to restart a level...🙃😉🙃

Too many Just click on 3 and move on. I don’t even look to see what I got because you don’t need the gold anyway! lol 😂

Boring? Relaxing and very satisfying to see all those pieces falling in the hole. I try different moves to get cool effects when they go in lol. 🤪

I’m almost to level 700. I have blue pieces now. Someone said there are like one million levels...I don’t know if this is true, but if it is, we are still in the baby stages.


Not quite what it claims to be

While I like the idea of the interface well enough it’s gets boring after awhile. There is practically no challenge. My 5-year old granddaughter likes it but she gets bored quickly too. It took me awhile to figure out that as I earned points (not sure how they got earned but...) I could cash them in for the next level. That moves me from all white interface to one with a little bit more color. They advertise with photos of gorgeous multi-color blocks (which I confess attracted me in the first place) but I have no idea why I don’t have access to those colors. I think I have to keep fighting tedium through the no-color stages until I earn enough points for a more interesting interface. However I just can’t fight through the boredom. I even paid for the ad-free version. Money down the drain.
Now, however, it seems to be a moot point. ColorHole3D only quivers spasmodically when I open in. Yes I’ve deleted and reinstalled ColorHole3D . Yes I’ve done a hard reset on my phone. It just doesn’t work anymore. But all things considered, it’s not a great loss.
Won’t work on the iPad either


Fun but easy

I like this game. I just find it a bit boring, repetitive and easy. I am on level 127 and they all feel like the same level but different colors. I still think it’s fun though. It’s very satisfying to eat the white. I also like the bonus rounds, as they give you coins. I just need a reason to get the coins. I’m not gonna push my myself to get the coins if there’s no way to use the coins. You see what I mean? Also I don’t understand why you need 2 stages in a level. It feels more like 2 levels then. Also there is no difficulty in these levels. I can do a level in less then 1 minute. I got to level 100 in 2 weeks. You need to make the puzzles harder and make the difficulty make sense. For some reason level 50 is harder then level 90. I haven’t touched this game in about 3 months and now you know why. Please take these complaints into consideration. Thank you for taking the time to read my review and have a great day!


Kind of entertaining but not much challenge

Not really sure how to review this. It’s fairly entertaining and I seem to have a unhealthy fascination with making entire structures drop down into a black hole... 😁. But, this game is far from challenging and some levels appear to be repeated more than a couple of times (I’ve completed about 250 levels). There have really only been less than a half dozen levels that require any amount of caution to complete (i.e., color block is adjacent and touching a block you need to get).

Still, I seem to be obsessed with watching structures fall into the hole so I continue playing. The bigger issue is that this game almost seems to be a vehicle to show ads; about every couple of levels as well as before and after bonus rounds. Since the levels barely take more than 10 seconds, the ratio of play to ads is really unbalanced. And, as I said, the levels aren’t challenging, so I’m really not inclined to pay $3 for the game.

I should also note that as soon as the ads start, my phone heats up noticeably and this is also a battery killer (probably from constantly accessing the ads).

Overall, I am definitely a bit addicted and can blow through about 20-25 levels in a sitting. But at this point I’m not paying for this and I now pretty much ignore the ads which are also very very repetitive! 3 stars for the gratification of eating up buildings!


Too Much Repitition

Let me start off by saying that this is a great game and that there is some very serious potential. There are, however, a couple key problems here and there. Before we get to said problems though let me address a common review issue I saw. In my experience of playing the game, there have been maybe two or three ads over the course of roughly 3 days, making that about an ad a day. I don’t know if I’m simply getting really lucky, or if the reviewer was lying, but I don’t have a problem with the ads. Anyway, back to the issues. First off, the game is incredibly easy. I would love to see the levels getting harder and harder as the player moves along. Second, the levels are constantly repeating themselves. I was on “Level 53” and I saw the first level get repeated. Like I said, this game has great potential, but it definitely needs some work. I won’t quit on it just now, but I would love to see an update soon. Thanks for listening.


Way Too Many Ads

I don’t understand why just so many people are complaining about how this game is not challenging, too easy, etc. Uh, no duh, it’s not supposed to be. The main goal of the game is to help you relax and decompress, which is why it’s so simple and easy to play. It’s clearly advertised as being “the most relaxing game you’ll ever play”, so I’m not sure why anyone was expecting otherwise. Also, the description in ColorHole3D Store shows it’s for ppl age 4+, so how hard would anyone think this game could be?

Anyway, the game is actually very relaxing to play. That being said, it has wayyy too many ads. After every 2-3 levels, an ad comes up that you have to sit thru until you’re finally able to close it. So, while the game itself is relaxing to play, the amount of ads that come up is frustrating to the point of needing to take blood pressure medication before you play. Had to take three stars off for this, as it negated any relaxing effects the actual game had. I ended up uninstalling it.



I’ve played this game a long time and loved the fluidity of the advancing levels.

With the update, now every third game you have to go into a stupid “Chest Room” and use the three keys you got for completing three levels then it slaps an ad behind that. I was on Level 6,703. A few minutes of playing could advance you quick. I wish I’d never updated it. There’s no way to undo the update and restore the original version.

DON’T DO IT FOLKS!! They took a fun game and made it stupid. Complete waste of time!!!! Restore the original game please and put the updated out as version II. I’m 64, let the young kids have that one since two and four year olds have their own cell phones or iPods now. That’s who it’s aimed at.


I LOVE this game!! Some suggestions, though...

This game is really fun, and always keeps me entertained. I think it’s so surprising that an amazing game like this doesn’t need internet to experience the wonderful game-play. I have noticed some minor things that would be nice to change. Starting with how you can collect many coins, but you do NOTHING with them. And, why are there so many ads? I open up the game, have to watch an ad to get to the main screen, and then watch ANOTHER ad to actually play!! There’s an ad after every level, to get to the main screen, another to play, it’s so ridiculous!!!!! But how amazing the game’s features are makes up for all these flaws in the system. I do recommend, if you like to have fun, and doesn’t everyone like to have fun? Bye, have a nice day, and thank you for taking time to read my review!! And here I go back to Color Hole 3D!!! :D



In the add it shows you a level that has a LOT of blocks. In the real game and every stage is like maybe 10 blocks and it is very very annoying that you can add like every like three levels and you think that it’s gonna be super satisfying but there is no sound to it and the one update that I would want is to have there to be barely any ads in it and for there to be sound when the blocks fall into the hole. I think that you’re in for a really good treat but you’re not. Now I know that at any way for them to pay for the game but the point where there’s just too many of you were just like oh just buy that stuff but I don’t want to waste my money on a game that’s not even satisfying is nothing like the add. Also know that this game is very very easy and you can be like 100 levels in like one minute please change the game back to its original form a lot of people think that the original form is much much better than this one.


Great concept

I really enjoy the concept I think the developers were going for, I think it could be really fun and great... however I find the game to be too easy, it’s a great way to pass time but if you are looking for a game that gives you a little bit of a challenge, you are in the wrong place. I also find the game to be very repetitive, I am seeing the same levels over and over again with very little differences. Those things are what I find to be minor things that make me go like ehhh but what can you do. The big thing that annoys me is the ads, almost every time I win a level I see an ad. It’s annoying, it makes me want to delete the game to be honest. I believe that if the game was more challenging, more creative in the levels and had less ads the game would be far more enjoyable, the concept is there I just think the idea needs to be pushed further.


Way Too Easy

The ad that I saw for this game said something along the lines of “This game is a lot harder than it looks.” Don’t believe it for a second! I have cleared 300 levels, and none of them have taken more than fifteen seconds to clear. The game is ridiculously easy, and the only times I have had to do a level over is when my hand accidentally slipped! There are even some levels where there are no colored blocks (the ones you’re not supposed to get in the hole). What challenge is there in that? And I have noticed some levels are starting to repeat themselves. How hard can it be to design new levels, especially when the degree of difficulty never increases?

And then there are the “bonus” levels, where you have 25 seconds to swallow as many coins as possible. For what? You never get a chance to spend the coins on anything, so what is the point of even including these levels?

What a waste of $2.00!


Love this app but let’s take it a step further!

I would love for there to some challenges associated with ColorHole3D to make it more of a game. For example, there could be a timer so I can try to beat the clock (like on coIn screens). Another idea would be to have top scores (or times) or even, so many pts for completing but bonus points for any of the “bad blocks” after you have cleared it but before the screen fades. You could even do “highest level bonus points” if you’re able to grab one of the “bad blocks” in part 1 of round before game takes over to push through to part 2.

I do enjoy it and am on like level 2200 or so but am slowly losing interest at this point but feel if I had some sort of challenge, I would jump back on the bandwagon. Thanks for the fun either way though!


boring and annoying DONT GET APP!👉🏻

I watched ColorHole3D thinking ooo this game looks fun it has obstacles and lots of fun lovely colors but then I get it and there’s no different colors or even color at all and there are nearly any obstacles and there are way too many ads I thought hmmmm there shouldn’t be to many adds in this game but NO there are way too many adds like I’ll just be doing a level going up to the second part right but then an add pops up and I’m like it probably won’t happen every time I go to the second part and finish it right but NO👎 it will let me go to the second part and then finish the level and then before u know it add
And this game gets so boring I’ll do a level and get bored waiting for the add to be done and then I won’t wanna play the game!!! It’s so annoying and boring! DO NOT GET!🚨 also if ur bored and have nothing to do then and u love coloring then download sandbox the game from ur local App Store 🥳


Fun at first, then....

This game is super chill, and the nice tactile feel of the pieces being swept up is just delightful. But, a couple of issues....
1) As others have mentioned, the levels quickly get repetitive - I went to level 4200, and never saw the examples in the ad, and only saw a couple of VERY minor variations
2) Once I got to around level 3500-ish, the little bonus games (black background with chartreuse coins) completely disappeared. I kept playing for some time (I use this to kill time whilst waiting in line, that sort of thing), but once I passed 4500, I thought maybe the bonus levels maybe weren’t coded in past a certain point, so I deleted and reinstalled ColorHole3D . Now at level 300 (again) no hint of the bonus levels.

This is a very neat idea for a game (very zen, no points to inherently try to beat each time, very nice tactile feel), but the repetitiveness and loss of one of the components of the game left a lot to be desired.


Repetitive, Unchallenging, Glitchy

1) this game repeats, a lot. I stopped playing on level 170 when I realized I wasn’t seeing any new levels and hadn’t for quite some time

2) with the exception of a couple of levels, this game is way too easy. And of course it is! The purpose of this game was to sell ads, and you see an ad every 2-6 levels. It takes approximately 5-10 seconds to beat a level, so you’re seeing at least an ad a minute while playing. You move through levels at a lightning fast speed, and your reward for doing so is more ads.

3) if I play this game for 15 minutes straight, I’ll definitely experience at least one or two glitches. The ads occasionally glitch, and you have to close ColorHole3D after watching one in order to progress. Other times, as soon as you start a level, your hole flies halfway across the screen, inevitably eating colored blocks, and thus causing you to lose before even starting a level.

Ken   2 years ago

The game is quite fun to play, but the further you get the more ads pop up. Its literally an ad after every level. I understand that ads are what keeps the game free, but an ad after every single level is ridiculous.

Is Color Hole 3D Safe?

Yes. Color Hole 3D is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 375,851 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Color Hole 3D Is 47.4/100.

Is Color Hole 3D Legit?

Yes. Color Hole 3D is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 375,851 Color Hole 3D User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Color Hole 3D Is 83/100..

Is Color Hole 3D not working?

Color Hole 3D works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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