Fun Race 3D — Run & Parkour Reviews

Fun Race 3D — Run & Parkour Reviews

Published by on 2023-10-11

About: From folks who brought you Run Race 3D.
Experience full parkour experience
with hundreds of unique levels.

About Fun Race 3D Run Parkour

Experience full parkour experience with hundreds of unique levels.

Race with others, achieve levels , unlock new characters.

Every level brings a new unique fun experience.

From folks who brought you Run Race 3D.

Hold to run, release to stop.

Very easy to play.


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Key Benefits of Fun Race 3D Run Parkour

- The game has creative and enjoyable obstacles.

- The game can be played offline, making it a good option for when there is no internet connection.

- There are not too many ads, allowing for uninterrupted gameplay.

20 Fun Race 3D Run Parkour Reviews

4.6 out of 5


Mixed feelings

I gave a 3 star rating bc It really is a fun game, and it reminds me of wipeout so it’s cool! but it freezes a lot and it also gets shaky at times, I was really disappointed when I was to the “season” that had the blocks that moved bc no matter what I tried I could not get through, whoever I was playing w had the same problem too, like the three of us tried soo hard to get across that obstacle and it wasn’t letting us. I would get on a block then stop to wait for another one to get on but my character was still moving almost as if it was sliding bc my legs weren’t moving and I had no control! I ended up falling everytime even though I wasn’t touching the screen. So I thought I would close out of it and then open it again bc I figured it was just my phone acting up but it wasn’t when I played it again it did the same thing, not just to me though it wasn’t letting the other players get across either. So I deleted the game and downloaded it again but I have to start all over now and now I’m having trouble controlling my character all together...
Also obstacles sometimes get in the way of the view to another obstacle it’s mostly the wheels/fans or whatever that block the view of another obstacle you’re supposed to get through.
I really enjoy the game despite everything.
just think it needs touch ups.


Cured my Life

Not only is this the greatest invention in man kind. It also cured my depression. Along with that, during my moms funeral I was playing the game and she suddenly came back to life when I won! Did I mention that it also cured my brain cancer? Well it did! I got into a really horrific car accident and I broke both my arms and legs. Guess what?! It fixed my legs and arms too. Also just a little fact here when I died in 1AD the doctor held the game over me and I came back to life. Since I existed BC and came back to life because of a certain event, I am god. I have been living for millions of years! Thank you so much to the creators of the game, I have been worshiping you for my entire life!


Pretty fun game, but needs a lot of changes

As you can see in the title, this game is pretty fun, but only if you know how to avoid all the bad things about it. Some of the angles, for example, are terrible. I was playing a race once and I was about to finish it, but on the last obstacle my view was totally blocked by the obstacle before. On another race, I couldn’t tell if I was between the hammers which would make me safe, or right next to the hammer about to get smacked out of existence. Another problem with this game is the placement of your character. I don’t like how you and your opponents are in different spots. These placements can either help you tremendously, or destroy your chance at winning. The middle spot is the best spot to be. The outer spots are the worst spots to be. I think that the game should place the characters in the same place like most other games of today rather than different places to make the race much more fair. You might say, “But how are you supposed to see yourself?” Well, you can make the other players “ghost players,” in the sense that the other players are almost completely transparent, but still visible. These issues are VERY annoying and make the game much less fun than it could be. But if you can overcome these problems somehow, then the game is pretty fun.


Good game, just needs a little bit of improving!!!

So I have been playing this about game for maybe a year or two. And its a really good game! I will talk about the things that i like about this game and then give some suggestions! I like this game because when I don’t have internet or am just bored. I like the obstacles and they seem pretty creative! There also isn’t tons of ads also, so you can enjoy it without having a lot of ads just shoved in your face.

So a few suggestions. I think that there should be more skins and ways to unlock them like completing levels! It would be a lot fun if there was different levels and obstacles, so that you don't have to do the same obstacles over and over! chatting people and playing with friends could be cool also, I don’t know if they already let you play with friends, I am just saying things that i haven't seen in the game yet!

It would be amazing if these things could be added in the game, but i still like the game and suggest playing it! Thanks for reading, have a good day!


Meh 😐

About a year or so ago I deleted FunRace3DRunParkour don’t get me wrong I love the game butttt it is WAY too difficult after level 10, I had to try try try try try again and again SECOND OFF THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY ADDS 1 OR 2 BETWEEN EVERY 2 it drives me NUTS my name on there is thesimpsons2020! And btw that is NOT my real name now Idk who would think it’s my name but I just wanted to tell you that........ANYWAY let’s cut to conclusions here if you wanna give some feedback on this complaint comment or whatever you wanna call it just know I’m a little 9 year old who is HIGHLY sensitive and that my dad processes data at revolution data systems sooooooo.... I can ask him how I can delete this and never think of it again. Now remember I’m a 9 year old so Idk when I’m threatening other people I have 2 Knesset and a knephew (Nef yoo) soooo I’m usually pretty sweet 🙃☺️ #NOTBRAGGING if u know what I mean 😉😉 🤣🤣🤣 srry 4 all the emojies I’m OBSESSED with ‘em srry if I was being mean I like the game & btwwwww I waaaaaasss gonna give it 2 stars ⭐️ ⭐️ but noooooowww I GIVE IT A THUMBS UP 👍 AND I WOULD SUB AND HIT THE 🛎 IF I COULD!!! 👍👍👍



Ok so.... I gave this game 4 stars because..well- I never complained about this game before when I played it when I was like- 5. But now I kinda am... I noticed a glitch in the game.. I don’t know if anyone else noticed this but when your screen freezes, i would kinda see a person as my screen would glitch out. I might be crazy though. I see a lot of people around my house out of the corner of my eye then they disappear- anyways, developers please, please read the bugs that I found in the game that I’m about to list.
• Glitches. ( As I said in the stuff above. 👆)
• Hackers. ( yes all games have hackers. But not like this one. Every time I would win the person would stop in their place and get killed, then my game would glitch and I would be where the player was and they would be in my place at the finish line. I’m not sure the people are real but this freaks me out )
That’s all actually. And I have some things you could update.

Update ideas:
• animal skins. Add animal skins! This could be cool :)
• microphone abilities. Maybe we could talk to eachother? Have teams and work together somehow! Meet new friends too.
• Teams. Like I said on microphone abilities. We could have teams and work together!
• chat rooms 💬. If we don’t have headphones or earbuds, we could chat in a little chat room in the corner of the screen! :)

That’s all. I hope you add some of these ideas!! 🥰❤️


Not the best =.

Uhhh..yep I don’t really like it and here’s why : (1. It’s very very VERY glitchy sometimes I hold and it just keeps me stand still which is FRUSTRATING (2. Level 2 IS IMPOSSIBLE like the only place u could find for the other spinning thing is almost the end? Like i run and it just runs into me like wind (3. Why are the spinning things faster than u? Like when I run pass one I get hit like it’s impossible to know when u should go it takes me like 5 times to pass it (4. If u Irwin level one u don’t even get like 1 money like okay...didn’t I tell u that it’s hard to pass the spinning thing? Exactly ! It is hard to pass it and u get no money? I know u start with 50 money but it doesn’t even afford a thing :/. And here are the updates I would like : how about like u Make two circles one for jumping and another for walking its better u can walk left and right and backward and front and the next update how about u just make a button on the side of the screen when u press it u sprint and adding more obstacles would be great if u would add more :) I hope this game gets fixed I still have it and still play it! :)


False Advertising

I’ve seen so many ads for this game and it actually looked fun. I figured that it would be a fun game to play with friends or something. It’s nothing like that tho. First of all, there is no multiplayer option. One of the lines in the description literally says that you can “play with others”, but no, you can’t. Now, maybe you could make the argument that they meant that you could play against other people online, but the funny thing is that all of the opponents are bots. How do I know? Well here’s a funny story that I’m sure will tickle your funny bones. So I was doing a race, but then left the game mid race to go do something. Of course I expected to lose the race, but much to my surprise, when I reentered FunRace3DRunParkour , I was playing the same exact dude and he was in the same exact place he was in when I left. So obviously, unless this mans happened to leave and return to the game at the same exact time as me, it was a bot. So yeah, this game would be so fun if doing well actually mattered and you could play against other people, but the fact that it’s against CPUs and they lied by saying that you play against other people makes this game terrible.


great game BUT SOO MANY ADDSSSS!!!!!!!!

hello! i love this game because u can do many obsticles in the game! it is also great because u can play the game with no Internet! its super fun and has 100’s of levels and u can play it with other ppl too! it allows u to customize ur avatar! i love this game but one thing about it... I HATE THE ADS!!! there are sooooooo many ads in the game i can barely play the game! when u r done with a round it will go to a 30 second ad! i get it the creator is trying to make money off of the ads but the ads come on every second! this is seriously annoying to me because i can barely play this game! if the creator cut back on all of the ads it would be 100x better!!!!!!!!!!! so thank u all for reading this and i hope u all will have a great day/night! now for the creator could u PLEASE cut back on the ads because i cant have fun on this game anymore! i have deleted FunRace3DRunParkour once and downloaded it again a cupple months later wondering why i deleted it. but now i know! once again its because of ALL of the ads!!!!!!!!!!! thank u good bye.


This game is pretty fun!! But....

Ok, so to start off, I love this game! And I usually play it in my free time. I love the obstacles, and I like competing with other players. But there are a few problems. First of all, are they even real life people we are playing with? Or are they just bots with random names..? I’m so confused. The next issue, is the angles. Some of the angles are really bad. Like for example, in a few races, I was close to winning, but all of a sudden, it turns a different angle, and my opponents get in front of me. Another thing! Why do we all have to be in separate spaces? Once, I was playing with one person, I was on the right side, and he was on the left side. I kept loosing because the right side was terrible! The last thing is, ADDS! There are way too many. And the annoying thing is, they are all like 30 seconds long! I know it’s how you make money but please put shorter adds. Overall, the game is fun, and I’m on Lv. 85.


I do not understand Fun City

The game is okay, but it gets repetitive after a while. Plus as many people have pointed out, there is an advertisement after every play.

But I guess my biggest issue: what is up with the Fun City? I thought it was a mini game within the game. But it is just something you build and does nothing. Additionally, I first thought acquiring 175,000 diamonds for the last set would take forever. However I built up levels very quickly. I am now at level 101 and receive 78 million diamonds for every play and 13 thousand diamonds every nano-second. So now I am up to 8 billion diamonds to get to the next level, which likely takes another day or two. But why, the number of the diamonds? It is just odd having to acquire millions and billions of diamonds. That and the fact that there is nothing to do within the mini-game.

Last question: what level does the Fun City go to? At this rate it will be in the Trillions of diamonds at some point.


It’s ok

Like everyone else, I enjoy the game and the challenge of coordination and timing, but when rating this game you have to consider all the baggage that comes with it. The adds are relentless and really takes me out of the mood to continue playing. However, Apple users, you can simply use your home button to end the add as it pops up. Double click and clear FunRace3DRunParkour then simply reopen it. Takes about 7 seconds and puts you back where you left off in the game. You can do this endlessly and keep in the heat of the game. The view changes can be a small pain but learning where they change is some of the challenge. Once you master it it’s no longer an issue. I played for a while and almost deleted it cause of the adds. Once I figured out the home button trick I went on a marathon run. I’m done now and looking for something else. Lol. Short term interest in the free games. I don’t like paying for anything so that’s what I get. Lol


3rd party charges

First day playing this game, thought it was pretty fun. The ads were annoying, but exiting out of them seemed easy enough. Then, probably a half hour into playing, I get a message from Sprint that a third party content was purchased from Loot Games Access from Playphone, which I had never heard of but can easily imagine it was one of the many ads I was exiting out of to play this game. I never once clicked anything other than the X, and there was never a “confirmation” of buying anything, and now I’m stuck figuring out how to get rid of a $9.99 a month subscription that I never willingly signed up for. Buyer beware for this game and any like it, because this is shady behavior and you might be stuck with a purchase you don’t want and don’t know how to get rid of. Googling it and finding multiple other people dealing with the same problem, and saying that even when they try to unsubscribe and stop payments, they are still getting charged. I won’t be playing this game again because of this, and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else either.


It’s an okay game

So, I don’t really wanna be those kind of people that criticize a lot but I’ve gotta admit this game is really bad. (To me.)
First off, no matter how much you play this game you have to repeat the same levels over and over again! And to be honest, it gets boring really easily.
Another thing is the skins. I already got all the skins and I wanna get more cool skins but…they don’t add anymore. I know there are some games (like Roblox) that have updates very often. But this game doesn’t and this game really does need some updates. It’s so so so so freaking boring.
Also, there is another game that you can play that is included in Fun Race 3D and it’s called Fun City. Honestly, what even is the point of Fun City? It’s basically the same thing as Fun Race 3D…what’s the difference?
I’m sorry, but this is just all my opinion. I don’t think this game is very fun and well-thought out and creative. They have all the same skins since like forever, you have to keep on repeating the same levels, and it’s just really boring.
Please just maybe make some updates, make more levels, and I don’t know make the game more fun! I think this game is a scam because it is not fun at all. It is at first because you can unlock skins and beat all the levels, but once you have the game for a while and you play it your like “oh my god this is really boring.”
Creators of this game, I just wanna say to make some updates and make it more enjoyable. Have a Merry Christmas! 🎄🎁


Really annoying game, but okay

I first really wanted this game, and thought it was fun. Throughout my time playing this, I finally figured it out. It’s making you loose on purpose. It just wants you to loose. It only has an Ai. I would really love having a few real players instead of Ai people who somehow always seem to win. Plus, some of the obstacles are impossible to get to or in, and the Ai players have no problem doing it. Overall, it’s a good game and meets good expectations.
But I have a feeling this game is not for kids. The game skins include adult shows, and useless skins that represent nothing. It’s really glitchy and has too many adds and offers. And the thing is, you also can’t like level up or get music or anything like that. And most of all the 3D sounds good, but it’s just straight up creepy. I’m not trying to hurt anybody’s feelings, and remember, this is my opinion and you don’t have to listen. Have fun playing, and a quick recommendation, of the 2d version.

- 🌈Harry Potter Fan101🌈


The game is fun but it also isn’t fun at times

So I was playing this game and at first I thought it would be a game against at least 4 other players online. And then maybe there would be a big course to run around on for the water wipeout stuff. But it isn’t at all. It’s a very small tiny course and you only face one player. Not only that but a lot of people I was against knew how play the game and beat certain obstacles at a timing they memorized. So it’s bad that the game doesn’t throw out harder challenges that have off timers on things so people don’t cheat like that. Plus after someone beats the race you can’t try and run for second place. It just ends the game. The game also lags a lot during some matches with players.

So I have to give this game a 1 star for now. If the game ever has bigger maps with more players added and where people could score 2nd and 3rd and whatever else to get some more coins. And or make the things more challenging where players can never always cheat the time on things then I would give it a 5 star.


Good game but sometimes it doesn’t let me and a glitch

So the day I got the game it made me play a race and I race the tow 2 and then it took me to the chest room and I tried to open one but I realized that I needed a key so I click on the ad thing to get a key but it won’t let me btw can this company work on that plz so back to my complain so sometimes the dance I picked would not let press it and sometimes when I am on WIF it still won’t let me do that dance so the next day after getting the game it has a few glitches so when I was in a race it was a glitch on the game so I the slide it froze so when I got out of the and then I got back in the game and it still froze so I had to delete it and then back got it was saying you cannot get FunRace3DRunParkour because of a glitch so I waited a few day’s and then I got btw it took forever to get all of my stuff back I had spent 100 dollars on coin’s


Issues issues issues (tsk tsk tsk)

Let me put this straight: I LOVE fun race. But it’s too easy. The bots purposefully fail so you can win. Honestly, I haven’t had a game I didn’t win. Please add a feature where you can choose your bots. Like, levels of bots. “Easy”, for beginners, “Medium”, for advanced beginners, “Hard”, for experienced players, and “Legendary”, for pros. Maybe? Just a suggestion. On a level with those boxing gloves, the bot waited until they could get hit. Just why??? And it gets boring. Once you own all the skins, dances, and sizes of players, and you’ve tried most of the levels, it’s boring. The levels barely change and they’re too easy. Fix your game. Also, you are hard on the ads. HAAAAAARD. You need to watch an ad if you fail a level, or else you can’t restart it. I hate this game now. I will be there to support the game when it needs it, but fix your game or I won’t be there. Please fix it. I love this game, but it’s so... I don’t know, HORRIBLE. Thank you 😊


Reason I rated game 3 stars

Okay so I just got this game a few days ago and i have to say, I’m a little disappointed. The few first levels, are so hard! Even the first one I couldn’t beat right away! Secondly, the same obstacles keep coming on the game OVER and OVER again. It’s still fun, but a little annoying. Thirdly, there’s a few glitches. When there are punching hands, when they punch out, they don’t go that far. AND, when they punch out, and I’m like maybe an inch away, they STILL hit me! When I’m where the punch bags are, they don’t hit me. Lastly, I thought the game was where you Play WITH friends and do the obby together. That’s what the add showed. So instead you have to RACE them. It’s still fun, but a little sad. I ❤️ fun race 3D, and goodjobgames. The maker of a lot of these 3D games like run race 3D, and color bump 3D (which I also have both) it’s a great game!


Great game when it’s not glitching

I just started playing this game a couple days ago and it’s been a lot of fun, until today.
Today the game started glitching. I do the normal 3 person race then instead of a 2 person race on the same course it’s a 2 person race on a completely different course. Which seems to be a common glitch I’ve read about. What I don’t understand is there’s reports of this issue going back almost a month, why hasn’t this been addressed?
Also for my bonus rounds it shows the course and the countdown, but when it says go I have no characters to play. So I figured I’d exit FunRace3DRunParkour and come back. Well when you come back you lose that bonus round. So now I’m missing out on earning coins.
Like I said before it’s a fun game, but I’m annoyed with the amount of glitches. If it continues I’ll be deleting FunRace3DRunParkour , the glitches take away a lot from the overall game play.


Reason I rated game 3 stars.

I’m not trying to be mean when writing this review for you and for critiquing you, I just want you to take in my advice of what to do in the game and either fix it or use it wisely in the making of your next game. My first reason is... there are to many ads. I understand you get paid for having that many ads on there, but you could at least cut down some of the ads. Every time I lose or keep failing in the game instead of letting me have another try immediately I have to wait one or two minutes for an add to end before I can try again. If it weren’t for the ads I could play this all day. My second reason... you need to give the characters a choice to run faster, part of the reason people don’t make it through the obstacles sometimes is because their characters can’t run fast enough to run away from the obstacles. You should at least make the person pay with COINS, not real money! 😒 Those are all the improvements that you should make to the game, and I hope you use my advice wisely. That is the reason I rated this game three stars, 2 improvements need to be made. Sincerely,
Mad-dog the great


Ads make the game unplayable!!

I play many games, some free, some paid, some freemium. I don’t have a problem paying for things that add value to the game. I also don’t have a problem with ads being a part of the game, but in this case the ads are so frequent that they make the game completely unplayable. An average round of play takes between 20-30 seconds to complete, if even that long. Then there is an ad after every single round! often the ad can’t be closed for the entire 30 second duration. Then when you try to close the ad by clicking the X, you are redirected to the Safari web browser, then to FunRace3DRunParkour Store. How does it make sense to have an equal or greater part of your game time spent on ads? The main game screen doesn’t even load first when you boot the game; it’s an ad that loads!! Again, I don’t mind spending money on a game, but when it feels like the ONLY reason to spend is to remove the ads, that’s when it becomes a business transaction and not a fun game. Oh, and to unlock ad-free costs $5. So not worth it. I’ll stick with other freemium type games that let you play several minutes before showing a five second ad. If they fix this annoying, game-ruining, cash grab feature, i’ll edit my review.


Fun game

This is a fun game and can be great just one thing level one is so hard! It took me three try’s to pass the first part then I died the good thing is that in the middle if you pass it and you die then you will load and respond in the middle also level three is so freakin hard! It frustrates me to think about it and you do not get flat after you die. In the add I saw for this game someone fell of the edge but you never do fall of the edge!
Also this game is addicting at first but I have had FunRace3DRunParkour for a month now and hardly even play it now!
In conclusion FunRace3DRunParkour is a great app and I would recommend it but it is hard and a little addicting! You should have FunRace3DRunParkour already


Creepy game

I would give it 4 stars but no way this game is not for kids I am 12 and I’m just like some🙄🤭🤭the ads are frikkin inappropriate like guns and sexual ads (such as a girls boobs falling out of her dress and a short skirt) that takes a frikkin 30 seconds like WHAT THE HELL! I’m almost 13 so I think it’s a bad game also a list of glitches 1: the people are bots there not real they do everything perfectly! And the bots “don’t push me” and “ vennesa” are suuuper creeepy! ( they are from RunRace3d same creepy frikkin robots!!) another thing is when you get eliminated you can’t run anymore you have to go to the next race but when I win the last still comes up and does a sad dance like why can’t I do that????????????😪👹👹 plus sometimes it kicks me out of the game and says I was pushed by someone and this happens when I race with your stupid bots don’t push me and venessa it says I was pushed out by them!!! I don’t know how to report someone they are bots just those 2 though🙂 but that’s why there frikkin creepy man!! Just being honest.
From Carrie
good game other wise🙂🙂


Fun but annoying

I love the game and the obstacle course style race with others even if it is bots. But it gets super annoying that it really doesn’t matter if you’re in the lead or not it all depends on the course itself if you’re going to win because for the most part if you’re on the far right side chances are you are screwed because most of the turns and obstacles are always opening and closing on that side so you just basically have to play until the game decides you have lost enough and throws a bot in that literally doesn’t move the whole race (I’ve stood and waited to see for a couple of minutes) the far left side (you will never start on it) is the easiest path for the bot to avoid most obstacles. Also sometimes it just doesn’t let you get passed a section even if you have cleared the shadow of the obstacles ( that’s the trick) it will continue to reset infinitely until you reset FunRace3DRunParkour .


Suggestions for future plans

Please put less ads. Now you all seem desperate for money. After EVERY SINGLE game there’s like a 20-30 second ad, before the update, there would only sometimes be ads enter the game, and it wouldn’t be as long. It’s gotten so bad I have to turn off my WiFi just so I can play without the annoying ads popping up ALL THE TIME! I’m not usually one to bother about ads, I understand y’all need to get that money & stuff, but please can you not put them pretty much every second? I’m here to play the game, not watch ads more than half of the time. Another thing is the strange names. This doesn’t really matter, it just confuses me lol. I’ve seen several “open the gates”, “Look in The Mirror”, “Kill meeeee”, and weird stuff like that.
• please, PLEASE put less ads! It gets very annoying.
•maybe an option for people to play with other real life players? I think that would be interesting!
•higher quality skins/outfits.
•an option to maybe run faster for a few seconds?
•adding accessories to the characters like shoes, different hair, beards, glasses, etc. Or being able to make your own character!

Sorry for the long review, hope you read this & consider the suggestions! ❤️

Is Fun Race 3D Run Parkour Safe?

Yes. Fun Race 3D — Run & Parkour is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 788,804 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Fun Race 3D Run Parkour Is 22.0/100.

Is Fun Race 3D Run Parkour Legit?

Yes. Fun Race 3D — Run & Parkour is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 788,804 Fun Race 3D — Run & Parkour User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Fun Race 3D Run Parkour Is 40.6/100..

Is Fun Race 3D — Run & Parkour not working?

Fun Race 3D — Run & Parkour works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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