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Published by on 2023-10-11

About: From folks who brought you Run Race 3D.
Experience full parkour experience
with hundreds of unique levels.

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64.71% Contact Match

Developer: Good Job Games

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit Fun Race 3D Run Parkour Website

58.82% Contact Match

Developer: Good Job Games

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit Good Job Games Website

Reported Issues: 4 Comments

4.6 out of 5

By Greg

1 year ago

I think you have to many ads and they are to long. The worst is lords of mobile. I don’t understand why you choose to do this it makes people delete apps and play others. I will never pay for no adds. I’m deleting this app due to the amount of ads.

By Fierynutz

False Advertising

I’ve seen so many ads for this game and it actually looked fun. I figured that it would be a fun game to play with friends or something. It’s nothing like that tho. First of all, there is no multiplayer option. One of the lines in the description literally says that you can “play with others”, but no, you can’t. Now, maybe you could make the argument that they meant that you could play against other people online, but the funny thing is that all of the opponents are bots. How do I know? Well here’s a funny story that I’m sure will tickle your funny bones. So I was doing a race, but then left the game mid race to go do something. Of course I expected to lose the race, but much to my surprise, when I reentered the app, I was playing the same exact dude and he was in the same exact place he was in when I left. So obviously, unless this mans happened to leave and return to the game at the same exact time as me, it was a bot. So yeah, this game would be so fun if doing well actually mattered and you could play against other people, but the fact that it’s against CPUs and they lied by saying that you play against other people makes this game terrible.

By src1016

3rd party charges

First day playing this game, thought it was pretty fun. The ads were annoying, but exiting out of them seemed easy enough. Then, probably a half hour into playing, I get a message from Sprint that a third party content was purchased from Loot Games Access from Playphone, which I had never heard of but can easily imagine it was one of the many ads I was exiting out of to play this game. I never once clicked anything other than the X, and there was never a “confirmation” of buying anything, and now I’m stuck figuring out how to get rid of a $9.99 a month subscription that I never willingly signed up for. Buyer beware for this game and any like it, because this is shady behavior and you might be stuck with a purchase you don’t want and don’t know how to get rid of. Googling it and finding multiple other people dealing with the same problem, and saying that even when they try to unsubscribe and stop payments, they are still getting charged. I won’t be playing this game again because of this, and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else either.

By Takemyadvice_girl

It’s an okay game

So, I don’t really wanna be those kind of people that criticize a lot but I’ve gotta admit this game is really bad. (To me.) First off, no matter how much you play this game you have to repeat the same levels over and over again! And to be honest, it gets boring really easily. Another thing is the skins. I already got all the skins and I wanna get more cool skins but…they don’t add anymore. I know there are some games (like Roblox) that have updates very often. But this game doesn’t and this game really does need some updates. It’s so so so so freaking boring. Also, there is another game that you can play that is included in Fun Race 3D and it’s called Fun City. Honestly, what even is the point of Fun City? It’s basically the same thing as Fun Race 3D…what’s the difference? I’m sorry, but this is just all my opinion. I don’t think this game is very fun and well-thought out and creative. They have all the same skins since like forever, you have to keep on repeating the same levels, and it’s just really boring. Please just maybe make some updates, make more levels, and I don’t know make the game more fun! I think this game is a scam because it is not fun at all. It is at first because you can unlock skins and beat all the levels, but once you have the game for a while and you play it your like “oh my god this is really boring.” Creators of this game, I just wanna say to make some updates and make it more enjoyable. Have a Merry Christmas! 🎄🎁

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