Water tracker Waterllama Reviews

Water tracker Waterllama Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-27

Start drinking enough water right now! • Smart drink water reminders during
your day • Track water in any drink: water, tea, matcha, coffee, juice,
smoothie, soup, soda, beer, wine, cider, vermouth, liquor, etc • Fun
Challenges: Sober Bear, Weight Loss Sloth, No Cheat Cheetah • Widget •<...

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Water tracker Waterllama Reviews

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    Fantastic app!

    UPDATE: The most amazing customer service I have ever gotten! They really took my suggestion to add caffeine customization seriously and implemented it into the app. They even remembered to personally email me back and update me on the suggestion. Vitalii, Polina, and everyone at WaterLama are spectacular! Wonderful app run by wonderful people. 🦙💧 Normally I do NOT buy the premium versions of apps but this felt like such a positive investment in my health and well-being that I made the jump! I am one of those people who, despite my best efforts, can NEVER get enough water throughout the day. This app has really helped me kick the bad habit of not drinking enough. I feel so much more energized and happy. I am so glad I found this app! I love using it and feeling accomplished at the end of the day! I am so impressed by this app. Although it seems simple, it makes such a big impact on my life!

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    1 day in and I love it! (And Beluga Hugo)

    I’ve only been using this for a day and I love it! The only thing I’d like is to be able to customize the amount of water that’s in the quick add bar, if that makes sense. I’ve tried to change it but I must be doing something wrong. I have a 24 oz. water bottle so I have to either add 12 oz. twice or drink one and a half bottles and then add the 32 oz. (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing!). This feature would be nice on the watch app at least, since you’re working with a smaller screen and less functionality. Other than that, keep up the good work! ***Update: I was making things more difficult for myself, there is a way to customize the quantity of fluid other than the ones the pre set ones. The developer responded to let me know. An ID10T error on my part.**

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    😭 I love this so much

    Despite water being a necessity for life, I have the hardest time making myself drink enough of it. It’s so easy to get immersed in work, life, anything else. I’ve tried other things. I even got one of those annoying water bottles that lights up to remind you to drink. Killed the batteries quite quickly, then the spares, and there ends that tragic tale. Since downloading this app, I have not missed my water consumption goal a single day, because I can’t bare the thought of not filling up my llama. 🦙 I sent an email with some feedback after being unsure how to log my meal supplement shakes, and they replied to me within hours to let me know that feature will be available to me soon. Within HOURS. 🤯 Huge fan. I thank you, my kidneys thank you, my urologist thanks you. 🙏🏻 6/5 stars ⭐️

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    So fun!!

    I love this app, I think it’s super cute. I did get the premium version because the other animal options are adorable and it’s nice to mix it up. I like that it gives you all beverage options and not just water. I used to use plant nanny but it ended up being more annoying and chore like. Again, giving you the water content of all your beverages is more realistic and fun. I was doing the sober bear challenge and it just booted me and I have to restart. Not too big of a deal but it’s annoying and it was motivating me especially during lockdown. Also, it’s not allowing me to contact y’all via email because it says I need to set one up but there is no option to do so- that’s why I’m leaving this comment.

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    Laggy and sending duplicate data

    Love the fun and playful interface, and initially really liked this app. However, in the last few weeks it’s starting being really laggy, as in taking more than 10 seconds after I open the app before it becomes responsive. I click and swipe, but nothing happens, and then sometimes, in trying to catch up, it’ll open one of the water input options multiple times. It’s really annoying to sit and wait so long after opening the app before I can use it, especially with no indication that I need to wait. I’ve also noticed that the app is sending massive amounts of duplicate data to the Health app. I have a day in which WaterLama thinks I drank 55oz., but the Health app thinks I drank 604oz. because of all the duplicate entries WaterLama filed. I really want to love this app, and I even put some money into it to get all the features, but these bugs are extremely frustrating and have me looking at other apps.

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    What a great app from awesome folks !

    I have not been great about drinking water and looked at about 10 pretty cool apps but LOVE this one. Reason, it very simply calculates how much water you need to drink for the day then has a simple way of allowing you to add what you’ve drank and easily (and humorously) shows how that relates to your daily goal. I really like the options of drinks it allows you to enter as well, from coffee, soda, tea, to in my case yesterday, whiskey. Great app, the folks who developed it are also highly responsive and kind if you have questions so you can’t go wrong. In short, an easy way get into the habit of doing what we should all be doing anyway! Hope you are all safe and well! Tony

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    I love this app. It has all the bells and whistles.

    I never write reviews, this is my first review ever. But I am impressed enough to review this app. I have tried many water trackers and they all seem to be missing something. For this app the developers seem to have thought of everything. You can log water, it’s pretty easy to adjust the ounces. You can also log other beverages and it has a drink/water ratio. So if I log milk it gives me the ounces of water in the milk. There are cool challenges and really cute characters. Also, you can delete drinks or add missed drinks, both great features. I very rarely pay for a premium app, I just use the free version. I switched to the premium version right away, again because of how impressed I am by this app. Customer Service is outstanding. I asked a question and made a suggestion. Both times the developer responded within a few hours. I do wish they would add a FAQ section. I needed to delete a beverage I added and it took me a minute of clicking around to figure out how to do it. I’m interested to see what other apps these developers made.

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    Great app! But one thing-

    I love the app, pretty to look at and simple to use. I will say that it irks me to see coffee, soda and other caffeinated beverages as “hydration”. I understand that a cup of coffee doesn’t equal a full cup of water to the app, but if anything a cup of coffee or soda should negate your hydration llama, not add to it. I feel like this is going to give people the wrong impression of water intake. The water in soda is no longer water, it’s sugar and dyes and caffeine and more sugar. The concept of tracking these drinks is great, but the idea that they add to your overall hydration is RIDICULOUS. The overall app is outstanding though and I’ll be looking to buy the full version once more updates come around.

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    Great Way to Increase Water Intake

    One of my health goals was to increase my water intake but I struggled to stay consistent with it. I found this app and I absolutely love it. It’s really fun to see the llama fill it. I’m excited to try the other animals as I go to change it up. It is easy to use. I did upgrade with the purchase to be able to add water consumption from all types of fluid intake. There are other challenges too that I’m excited to try. I really enjoy the reminders I can set and make it custom to what I need (timeframe and how often the reminders are sent). It’s nice seeing the progress I’m making so I know how well I’m doing or when I need to step it up.

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    I paid for this immediately. I thought “it’s sort of sad that I have to pay this much to remind my ridiculous self to do a normal adult thing,” but I do, so I paid because this is where we are in society and this app has thought and love behind it and it should not have to be Technologically Frustrating to drink water. Anyway, I am a much more charming person with better skin after only five days or so...behold how my life has improved! I say to all the healthy people around me. It might be nice to be able to change amounts retrogressively but this is a small, small thing that can be worked around easily and doesn’t really matter.

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    WaterLama really gets my juices flowing!!!

    I have been absolutely loving WaterLama! I downloaded it after ordering a new 500ml water bottle, with the desire of upping and tracking my water intake, and measuring how often I was peeing (not the purpose of the app, but I made a funny workaround). It’s super easy to log water from the app, iOS widget, and even my watch. You can setup default sizes and drink types, which made it easy to make the “Water” drink match the size of my new water bottle for quick entry each time I finish the bottle. I even added an additional drink type called Pee (NO I don’t drink that haha...just for keeping track!) with a 1% water content so that it doesn’t really mess with my actual water tracking, but let’s me still keep track of the circle of H2O life. Data is king, and I really feel so much more informed about my body - and perhaps the best things are that I’ve been less hungry, more productive, and feel the desire to be more active. Pretty sweet results all around! Thank you WaterLama!!!

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    Super fun and almost perfect!

    This app is easy to use, super fun, and really visually appealing, and after just a day of use I purchased the full version, which is a rare occurrence for me and my penny pinching ways. I love that it’s straightforward and not bogged down by a bunch of other health-oriented tracking and tips. Having the ability to track all liquids is awesome, and I love being able to see how much they effect hydration. I would give a full five stars if you could look back at your specific drinks throughout the day (I.e., if you could see that your first glass of water was 20 oz, your coffee was 12 oz, second glass of water was 10oz, etc.). So there’s a little room for improvement, but otherwise it’s a great app.

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    Would Rate it Higher if I Could

    This app is much better than the rest. Let me start off with their amazing support team. Had issues with purchasing, they answered right away to me, and were able to help me resolve the issue by the next day. Most other water trackers have you create your own reminders to hydrate. But this app watches when you last drank some water and creates notifications around that as well as your daily goals. I have yet to try many of the features, but I hold the dev team and support in very high regards, beautiful, minimalistic, and very helpful and all sorts of ways

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    Clean, functional and cute

    I tried tons of water tracking apps before finding this one and for me, it’s a keeper. The interface is clean and user friendly. It’s easy to add the preloaded drinks and to customize your own. The iPhone widget works very well to quickly add water. Of course, The characters are super cute and I love the bright colors. Also it’s much appreciated that this app offers a one time purchase option in addition to the increasingly popular subscription model. I bought the full version on day 2, not because the free version was lacking but because I like it so much.

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    Great hydration app!

    I used PlantNanny for a while until I just got overwhelmed by the notifications. After a hiatus from hydration apps, I thought I’d give this one a shot and I really enjoy it! I’d like the option to see the progress (maybe all of the llamas from the week) or have a different caption when I share (it’s been “coffee (day of the week)” every day, even though my intake is one cup of coffee and the rest water). If I invite friends, I’d like to see their progress as well, maybe friendly competitions or accountability between friends? Otherwise, I got the $10/year subscription, am happy to support a small team, and excited to see further developments!

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Is Water tracker Waterllama Safe?

Yes. Water tracker Waterllama is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 14,315 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Water tracker Waterllama Is 62.0/100.

Is Water tracker Waterllama Legit?

Yes. Water tracker Waterllama is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 14,315 Water tracker Waterllama User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Water tracker Waterllama Is 62.0/100.

Is Water tracker Waterllama not working?

Water tracker Waterllama works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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