bebird Reviews

bebird Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-05

This app is a tool application for otoscope or acne extrusion. When the mobile
phone wifi is connected with the otoscope device, the real-time picture of the
lens can be displayed on the mobile device, which can be conveniently used in
various industries. At the same time, when you previ...

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bebird Reviews

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    Read Reviews for Instructions

    First, the instructions (in the app or in the hard copy that comes with the device) clearly were not edited correctly, so some things make no sense. Next, be sure to use THIS app, not the “Bebird Pro” app which has much better reviews, but won’t work (not sure how that happens). When your device keeps dropping the wifi, turn off Bluetooth like many people recommends. It works great if you follow the instructions in the reviews. As far as the “fit & finish” of the device, it is very well done. The pen feels sturdy and the charging holder that opens to yield tips inside is a great idea. I would give the device 5 stars but it seems like the company cheeped out on the app as it is more of a beta version vs production. That being said, the device is worth getting and I hope enough people complaining about the app will push the company to add some updates soon to fix stability and bugs.

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    Good once you figure the Wifi connection issue out

    Quick tip: turn your Bluetooth off, as it appears to interfere with your pick connection I followed the instructions, got all the way to the point where I connected to my Wi-Fi, went back into the app, hit start, it never found the camera and after about 10 seconds would flip back to the “Connect to Wi-Fi” screen in the app. Since people were saying Bluetooth had issues, I turned my Bluetooth off. Tried again and it worked like a charm. So if you were having the same issues where it keeps flipping your back to the Wi-Fi connection instructions, try turning off your Bluetooth and repeat the connection to Wi-Fi step.

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    Bebird video scope App

    Easily connected my iPhone 11 Pro to bebird WiFi on first try and was able to use scope and app within minutes. Video is clear. App is simple and straightforward. No complaints. I see some reviewers could not connect probe to phone. I am wondering if they are trying to connect as if it were a Bluetooth device, which this is not, instead of joining the bebird WiFi network that appears after bebird probe is powered on?? Also if battery is low probe will connect to phone momentarily but will shutoff which will terminate the WiFi connection. All you have to do is charge the probe or use while it is plugged in.

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    You need the right app

    This is an extremely well made, high quality tool, especially for the price. It’s not only superb for finding and painlessly removing ear wax from yourself and your children, but it gives a clear view of the eardrum to assess whether a child has a middle ear infection. No school nurse should be without this. In addition, it gives a high magnification view of any surface it’s held close to. In particular, it’s brilliant for examining teeth. It reveals cracks and tiny cavities even your dentist will miss. I ordered the A2 model out of curiosity. I was shocked at the quality and utility of what I received. Yes, it’s made in China. Yes, you have to puzzle over the instructions. No, a product of this quality and sophistication could not be manufactured in this country, and if it were, it would cost at least 100 times as much. I know this for a fact. I own a medical instrument company. Order it and figure it out. It’s not beyond the wit of man, and it is well worth the trouble.

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    Poor quality

    If I would have known the video quality was so poor I would have went with a different otoscope brand! Please fix the video quality!! I paid a lot for my bebird otoscope for the video quality to be so poor?

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    Works just fine.

    Got the C3 bebird to clean my ear. This app can use some better english. But let me tell you, I can't be more thankful. The quality is good enough to see what you are doing, you're not making a hollywood film here lets be honest. Anyways, I always had to go to the doctor to clean my ear out and spend some buck to get it done. Well no more. Thank you for making this!

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    Works fine if you don’t try to go Bluetooth

    App is odd in that it doesn’t clearly identify product choices during setup, but you can easily change later under menu options. I also thot this was Bluetooth but found I had to choose it as a WiFi connection separate from home WiFi. The wand and app work fine once started tho and display on iPad is great.

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    Turn off Bluetooth to connect on WiFi

    The camera signal disconnects on the video if Bluetooth is on. Turn off Bluetooth and connect to the device on WiFi and it works perfectly. Amazing little piece of technology. The whole family now has clean ears!

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    Well like the other reviews that I’m seeing I can’t get this thing to even come up on my Wi-Fi. Deleted and re-downloaded five times with absolutely no change or results. How horrible to send a product out that doesn’t properly work and you have all of these negative reviews about Wi-Fi. Now I’ll have to go through the incredible ordeal of trying to return this thing or get my money back.

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    Just arrived today and it works great!

    Like the previous reviewer said - turn off Bluetooth first. Then connect via wi-fi. If you turn it off it between cleaning ears, you may have to reconnect to Wi-Fi again. Love this!

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    Worked great for me

    Idk what the complaints are about? Connected through wifi and I had no problems... it took longer to review than to connect and use.

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    Not working- no functional support

    I follow the instructions to connect- get it connected through wireless but in the app nothing happens- it just tells me to connect to the wireless via settings on my phone. No ability in the app to ask questions, only to scroll through previously asked and answered questions which don’t help in this case.

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    I had a complete earwax blockage and this app and then bebird C3 pick helped me clear a passage through the wax and I could hear clearly again! Highly recommended!

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    Device built well. App is garbage

    Can’t stay connect to WiFi to even see the camera. Same issues as so many other users. Fix this!! Device is going to be returned.

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    I have connected my phone to countless devices but with this app this was seamless. Amazing product and app

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Is bebird Safe?

Yes. bebird is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 160 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 2.2/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for bebird Is 36.1/100.

Is bebird Legit?

Yes. bebird is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 160 bebird User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for bebird Is 36.1/100.

Is bebird not working?

bebird works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 8 Comments

By Ken green
Apr 28 2021

My bebird c3 camera has quit working. Any one else had this problem.
WiFi connects and shows charged and time remaining but camera does not work.

By Lindsay Kottmer
Apr 17 2021

camera quality changes, sometimes it's really good and other times it's bad. i have cleaned the camera numerous times and the quality continues to be the same.

By Liss
Mar 07 2021

Cannot connect to Bluetooth. Had I realized this was made in China, I never would have bought this piece of crap.

By Juan M Alicea
Feb 25 2021

bebird doesn't connect at all

By Elena Murdoch
Feb 10 2021

I can’t connect my bebird to WiFi. Tried turning off Bluetooth and back on again still nothing. Soooo frustrating...

By Theresa
Jan 25 2021

Got yesterday worked perfectly and then today light won’t turn on

By Kenneth
Dec 22 2020

Won’t connect to WiFi. Turned off Bluetooth but still doesn’t work. I have the c3

By Susan Farrant
Nov 25 2020

My bebird is not working properly anymore

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