Beat Maker Pro: DJ Drum Pad Reviews

Beat Maker Pro: DJ Drum Pad Reviews

Published by on 2022-08-08

Are you looking for the ultimate beat-making trainer? Look no further and choose
Beat Maker Pro. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced musician, Beat Maker
Pro will boost your rhythm skills through guided beat-making lessons. If you
wonder… YES, beat-making is for everyone! Beat Ma...

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This game is good but

I gave it a 3 star it’s cuz there’s so many adds like when u start sometimes there’s so many adds there or no so this game is good why this game is good we’ll u can beat box and it’s really good of good of it so yeah bye bye pew pew pew!what about a story now cuz I don’t have anymore things to say but here there was a butterfly and a ladybug they where friends but the butterfly killed the ladybug saddly the butterfly met a dog they where friends BUT!the dog ate the butterfly! So the dog had no friends so he met a cat the cat chased after the dog so the dog was hurt and the cat was hurt TO!so they both now hated each other so the dog went to look back to find more friends! So there was a wolf an angry wolf! That was killing the dog so the dog is so hurt so the cat went back the butterfly and the ladybug came back so the dog is not alone anymore and the cat the butterfly and the ladybug! So they putted a bandage on dog! The dog helped his friends to of getting hurt! So they became friends again! THE END:) there I made a cute story cuz I was borad so I hope u guys enjoyed this story I made up! By myself thanks BYE love y’all stay safe y’all ok bye:)



So first off i love BeatMakerPro it’s really fun, but there is way to many ads like when I do the lessons there is a add in between of each lesson 15 lessons 15 ads and it’s really annoying and when I wanna do free play there is a add just to do my own beats and also when I wanna get a new song there is a add I wanna play this all day but the ads make me not wanna play it I only play it a hour now because by one hour I’m sick ands tired of the ads , and also when I get done with my beats after I recorded them and I wanna listen to it, BAM another add and it’s really frustrating because when I wanna show my friends I have to wait 15 minutes becuase I watched tons of ads, and then the add does not have a x then I have to clear my apps and go back in BeatMakerPro which takes one minute to load and then I have to watch tons of ads going into free play and going to my song, other then that I love the game and also I think you should add levitating by dua lipa and other songs by her. And new beats like the clown one, anyways thanks for reading, ace a wonderful day! Pls fix!


I see the point, but it’s a no.

I’m gonna start off easy on this. The game was great! I did the lessons and they really helped. I’m glad they were there because I memorized the song and I had fun doing it over a few but after a little while, it got really boring. When I said I memorized THE song, I meant the only song. You have so much to choose from but only one is free. I don’t think anyone is gonna pay money for some stupid game they’re just gonna delete in the end. There was also WAY to many adds. They’re also just the same adds. There’s not much you can do in the game. I don’t think this game should be marked as free if you have to pay to play anything different from one song. I understand that that free song is supposed to make you wanna buy the premium but it’s just so boring and this isn’t the first game made by this company that the same problems. I think there should be a game that’s all free and if you like it, you can pay for a different game that has better songs and is better in general. In conclusion, don’t download it unless you are willing to pay.


Pretty awesome!!!

I love this!!! I’m wanting to buy a pad soon so this is great practice for me!! I just have a few suggestions; 1) when playing, there’s the “add” (If you will) to buy the premium, and I accidentally click it every time I play, making my score less than it could be, maybe remove that? I mean there’s still the button on the top corner to buy it. 2) I watched a video for the next free song and it doesn’t show me how to play it...maybe add more tutorials for each song?? And finally 3) maybe organize the songs so all the free (non premium songs) are at the top, I mean I get why you don't, cause them we want the premium pack for other songs we see, but idk. Just thought I’d put the thought out there. Otherwise great app!!!! I love it so much!! Thanks, ~Z.G


Hi I think it’s a great app with great concept but needs somethings to change❤️😬🦋😁✨

Hi i love BeatMakerPro love the concept but the problems are 1) when you first open the page literally the whole page is full of songs that only premium gets and I am 9 years old so I am not allowed to buy stuff that require money so it’s a disappointment because the only song I saw free when I opened the song library was faded and that was it. 2) my friend tried to get premium on BeatMakerPro and she relised that they where taking $8 every single week for two months and it was very frustrating. 3) another thing that is not that good is that after you finish level five in the tutorials it starts getting extra hard and I think that will help and by talking about tutorial a lot of songs do not have tutorials witch is kind of sad. 4) when I scroll through the main page some of the themes are only premium like all the songs in the segment are all premium But other than that I really love BeatMakerPro and I think you guys are very good at it I also love the update I pls respond to this it will be very considerate


It’s a good app but only 2 free songs

It is a good app and fun to learn the songs. However there are only 2 songs to learn without paying and an add after every lesson which is only 2 seconds. I mean come on. Only 2 songs? Every other song you have to pay for. Even if people did pay there aren’t very meny options. And oh boy the amount of adds. I wouldn’t mind if it was every other lesson but no. After ever lesson, which are pretty short, there is an annoying add that pops up. I understand the upgrade thing but atleast add more free songs. Make the adds more separated like evey other lesson instead of putting in as meny as you can. Good app but you tried getting as much money as you can to the point where it feels like the upgrade is forced on you. Good idea just poor execution


Old version was better

Another game ruined by updates the free beat maker had a lot more to it had a lot more lessons and used all of the beats while as this version absolutely throws it off has only 7 lessons it changed up the way I used to play it and took away all the fun. The sound effects were the as good as they were I had a lot of fun with them I could actually make a beat and have fun and play around with it but these new sound effects doesn’t do that it just sticks with the 7 lessons that it gave you you cant move or change anything or else it would sound bad just bring back the old version it’s been quite awhile but I still want it.


I have a few things to mention about this app that you need to fix

Hi so I like the game but there are a few things you need to fix can you please fix the constant ads it’s getting really annoying also can you make more songs free no ads or premium required because whenever I try to download a song with an ad it just says download failed try again and whenever I try again it keeps on saying that can you please fix it? And can you fix the lessons they get really hard after a while thank you for reading.



It’s a pretty enjoyable and entertaining game, but it could use a few perks like; weekly songs and quick play games to were you can play nonstop without picking a song. I wish I could give this five stars but what I hate the most about this is that I could be playing and an ad would pop up (not that I mind ads) but the ad wouldn’t let me close out of it, it’s so frustrating because then I have to close BeatMakerPro completely and then I have to go back and play the lesson AGAIN! Over all this is still I good game. Thank you!


A music fantastic

I love the way that at BeatMakerPro can bring together our music into from other songs songs to help make one big really good song out of that song as a starter it’s really hard but don’t want to get used to it just keep trying maybe try some lessons and then you can be like really good. Here are some really good Things to know. One. Know that it’s hard to get used to it. To. Always no it’s hard but you can get used to it. I had a really good time thanks from Ramona


Could be really great - Too many pads require premium

I like BeatMakerPro as a whole. The available pads are simple, easy to get the hang of, and sound great. The problem is, there’s very few free pads. I understand that funding is needed to elevate BeatMakerPro to the next level, but there’s a point where too many premium features become suffocating. BeatMakerPro has gone beyond that breaking point. Almost everything requires a premium account (that is not cheap, mind you) and the few that don’t require such a status are often interrupted by ads. Generally, BeatMakerPro is just disappointing and frustrating because it’s quality pads and high expectations.



I just came to find out BeatMakerPro has been taking $8 out of my bank account every single week for the past 4 months without me even knowing. I can’t even open BeatMakerPro to figure out what happened, just has the loading screen repeat over and over. Tried updating BeatMakerPro to make it work again, and still just caught myself sitting there for minutes waiting to see if BeatMakerPro would load itself or not. I’d like to be given access to cancel this “subscription” (aka let me get past the loading screen), and I’d also like to have my money back because I never agreed to pay $8/week for BeatMakerPro I didn’t even know was on my phone.



Why is almost every song is not free and why there’s a ton of ads it’s so annoying and I try the lesson and it’s keep on giving me bad rates and I do it perfectly good and it’s still giving me bad rates and the ads so many ADS WHY IS THERE SO MANY ADS I play ad I do a lesson ad I do a song ad WHY ADS I hate ads Much I play different music games and there less ads than you WHY plz fix it’s so annoying plz Have a wonderful! Day and plz fix the ads plz thx


Pretty Good

This game is amazing! I love the choice of music that the creator made, and I love how they color-coded it. There is just one problem with this game...the training stages are really hard when you get to level five and beyond. I know some people like challenging levels, but the training rounds take it too far. I hope the creator can fix this problem soon because the game is so good, I don't want to rage quit and delete it on a training round level. Thank you.


Too many ads!

I love this game, its great and all. But there are way too many ads! I'm trying to do one of the lessons and an ad will pop up every few seconds, or I will be playing but when I switch from A to B there is almost always an ad. And maybe add a few free songs, its a little too much when ALL of the songs require and ad. Hope you see this! -Ash (10 yo)


Terrific…but those ADS MAN

I get ads. People need to generate income somehow but the amount of ads between each challenge is ridiculous and just turns me off. This isn’t something I would spend money in either because it’s not something I love to do. The ads take away 1-2 stars in my opinion. Also being able to record beats in succession is impotent and you can’t here.


I judged to quickly

When I first got on the game I tells you to buy all this stuff and I was looking for the skip button or whatever it has and couldn’t find it because it’s a small arrow in the top left of the screen. The second time I played after the dev response I found it and I’ll admit it’s a pretty cool game but just way to many adds.


Just a few little suggestions

Hi I just love this game but I have some suggestions ( no hate I promise) can you please add believer (which is my favorite song) and can you add a little thing for YouTubers which doesn’t have any copyrighted song’s (just in case) anyway thank you so much if you add any of my suggestions ok bye! YEET!


Its a good game

I really like it it’s a great game but I wish they had less adds and had a section where you would just have a beat and no original song to make a remix out of so you could make your own song but I like it a lot!


It’s gotta just be me right?

I can’t believe how boring this is I have legit no words I would rather watch paint dry I’m serious could this be anymore boring I have to be going insane right like no way a game can be that boring it’s so boring ads ever 2 seconds I’m not being dramatic by the way lesson help the tiniest bit how do you start on to spaces tell me developers just go shut this game down honestly I’m surprised it’s already shut down what’s the thing so I can send feed back I’m not doing it on here


Got suggestions

I love BeatMakerPro! But for the tutorials, you should definitely add hints. That would make it a little easier to pass the hard levels.



Thank you so much I hope your help with the end things to be better than I was thinking you might want it but you didn’t call it and you said that I you and you call it and I told me I had a new appointment I was going to call and I was call me and call you back thank you so beautiful thank you so thank you thank so have a bad night


Quality app but...

It’s way to hard to use... well I guess it would be easier if you had 15 fingers on each hand. 😂 If your reading this before you get BeatMakerPro , you’ll see what I mean. Don’t get me wrong this is a quality app, I can make the sickest beats on it. But it all comes down on how you can’t loop bits of the song, as well as the whole song itself.


This game is absolute garbage

All this game wants is money. Nothing more. Unless U pay the ridiculous 8 dollars per month (freaking $96 per year), there is nothing on BeatMakerPro besides endlesss popups for the “premium” version. I’m reading their responses to other comments, and yeah, we don’t HAVE to buy it (and we won’t), but I can guarantee the manufacturers would make more money just making BeatMakerPro like 99 cents and everything else free. There are plenty of other music pad apps better than this piece of crap.


Could be better

Samples are often loooooong. My issue is, staying within BeatMakerPro itself, it’s limited. Like, dumb it down guys... kick, snare, hat, toms... so I can make a beat from top to bottom. Music samples can be whatever, or have a pre made beat on the side as an option. BeatMakerPro has tons of potential, for real. That’s the only truly annoying thing I’ve ran into within the 3 sound packs I’ve played with.



I need your help. I bought the application using a gift card when I was in USA for a holiday of 20 days. Then I came back to my country where there is no visa gift card. So now I can’t update applications in my iPhone due to unpaid balance. Can you help me to fix this problem please :( ?!


This Game just took my money!!!!

I haven’t opened this game in months and I forgot it was on my phone the last time I used it I used the free trial when I stopped playing I kept getting money taken out of my account then I found out that it was BeatMakerPro that I don’t even use anymore I need a REFUND for this! Smh and I only picked the free trial not an actual subscription I even deleted BeatMakerPro off my phone months ago and it just took my money now


Cool app

I like playing with it and following the tutorials. But I think you should remove the banner at the bottom. I’ve accidentally hit that banner far too many times because of where it’s placed. And I wish we could use a looping system with it.


Good job! But..

I really like making my own songs on BeatMakerPro but I don’t have any money so I was not going to buy premium. After looking through the reviews I realized that you don’t have to buy premium to play. You guys should make the button bigger.



BeatMakerPro used to be very solid with the intuitive functions and responsiveness ,especially with constantly touching 4 to 6 pads at once. Now you can only hit 2 at a time and no longer respond to sensitive touch and will not sound to good with headphones because the pre recorded track is a high frequency. I thought if I re- subscribed that I would be able to play like before but NO!! THEY TOOK MY MONEY AND I WANT A REFUND AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE. WARNING!!!!!



There’s barely anything for people who don’t want to pay $8 a month which sounds ok but it really isn’t because that’s $96 per year which is absolutely insane $96 can go to so many other things like groceries, clothes, vacations it’s definitely not worth the money I’m sure no app is worth $96. Maybe start at a lower price for premium (and I’m talking in cents)

Is Beat Maker Pro Safe?

No. Beat Maker Pro: DJ Drum Pad does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 146,662 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Beat Maker Pro: DJ Drum Pad Is 18.5/100.

Is Beat Maker Pro Legit?

No. Beat Maker Pro: DJ Drum Pad does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 146,662 Beat Maker Pro: DJ Drum Pad User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Beat Maker Pro: DJ Drum Pad Is 18.5/100.

Is Beat Maker Pro: DJ Drum Pad not working?

Beat Maker Pro: DJ Drum Pad works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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By Its stealing my $
Jun 01 2022

Dont download this it took $85 dollors and i dint by free trail and its taking my money each week

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