Voice recorder - Voz Reviews

Voice recorder - Voz Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-31

Voice recorder is a great recording application that easily records audio,
voice, of the song, speech, lecture, meeting, and save in the device's internal
storage. So, you can play back whenever you want, on your phone. This is a
excellent recording application, meet quality great voi...

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Voice recorder - Voz Reviews

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    Best App Everrrr

    My mic broke so my Apple recorder didn’t work, but this one works on my phone, I don’t even know how!!?? Also my phone gets full and this app offloads but I’ve never lost a single recording!!! But in my old phone, I edited an old recording and the whole thing deleted and I was so sad and mad, but this one has not disappointed even once. Literally this app is a life saver and I am so happy that it works sooo well. Also i have like a hundred recordings, and yet it never lags. It’s easy, practical, and excellent quality. It’s more efficient than any recording app I’ve ever used and even though my phone is full, it still lets me record hours when I can’t even take a single pic. It’s easy to navigate and can run in the background of many apps. Never had a better recorder and I feel bad because I had so many opportunities to rate it but only finally got around to it today— even though it’s been such a great help in my life. Get this app!! I love it! Thanks for the app!!

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    Starting Off Experimenting

    Honestly, I have done it one time, with a Ronald Reagan speech, I was able to get on my lap top...all was clear, I was hoping my dog would not howl and or it would not pick up a siren going by. It was good but when my Tablet went blank little sounds of me scrambling to make minor adjustments were heard...I am thinking I will figure out about the edit and use it...Later I do want to do a major project which involves my elderly parents...I worry my dad does not have young man booming voice he had...My idea is recording him, hopefully I will take good notes and do subtitles of what he said...so for now I am experimenting...I my am 63 years old and my parents are nearing their 90's...so I am hoping I can pull it off...make my parents proud of my accomplishment and they will know their legacy will live on...Thanks I do hope you the developer continues to improve your product...I would have given it five stars but I am just starting...

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    I actually use this to record my podcast, that’s how stellar it is.

    Really impressed with this application. I tried a bunch of the other free recording apps, this one definitely hands-down is the best. Not just with the simplicity which I need actually when I’m out and about recording my podcast and other people, I love the audio quality. I import it into my audio program and ad a few a few tweaks and never have to touch the audio on this app. It’s stellar. Love it! The one thing that I would add I guess, is the ability to go stealth. I’d love to be able to record without people having to see that I have my phone out and it has the app running. Perhaps it has this ability, I need to double check that. But everything is just fantastic.

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    User Error.....maybe

    I successfully recorded an hour long meeting in December. I was able to replay the recording and make my report for the minutes of the that meeting. Last week at our January meeting I was recording our monthly meeting, several times during the meeting, I checked my phone to ensure that the recording was still working and all was going smoothly. The meeting was nearing the end, I went to the copy room, left my phone with the recording app still on, when I returned, I checked my phone just to make sure once again that all was still going smoothly, to my horror it was NOT!!! Mortified, I searched frantically hoping that maybe it had stored it without a file name.....to this day I cannot find it!! Having to download another app and hope it works better!! If anyone can help me out finding where in cyberspace my recording has gone, I’d greatly appreciate the help!

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    Great Voice Recording App!

    The app has a simplistic interface that allows for easy usage. The sophisticated part is the quality of your voice (or whatever you wish to record). Sound quality is good and crisp: there is no lack of body and volume to the voice. I have no major flaws to be found within it. However it would be neat if there was a light theme for the app, that way a person wouldn’t have to turn up the brightness in a lit environment to better see the app but that’s just something to throw into consideration for it is not really important. Great job, improve from here!!!!

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    I decided to use this app to record an interview. I had the device placed on the desk in between me and the person I was interviewing. The app was turned on and I proceeded with my questions. I would check the time and see the app recording. All was well. However, when I arrived home about 2 hours later and started listening to the recording the only thing I found was static and what sounded like movement in the background, but no discussion on anything. Someone would have thought I left the device with the app on in an empty room. I thought maybe my volume had to be turned up- it was up all the way. I thought maybe it was just static at the beginning when we were getting ready, so I fast forward it only to find more static. I don’t know what to do honestly, but I’m happy I had written down bullet points for the interview. I’m disappointed mainly because this was the only time this has happened.

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    Good so far

    Good so far. But important to note: *Ad’s pop up EVERY time you tap a selection*... and you’re CONSTANTLY asked to leave a review. All of which makes using the app SUPER ANNOYING. And sharing/saving recordings has been a bit difficult as well... But otherwise, the app itself has been useful and has met my expectations so far (for a free app). The recording quality is decent. But not 100% sure how secure I feel when saving recordings in the app (and not on a secondary location). I have only used this app for about 2-3 months, so I’m still trying to test and get familiar with it’s potential, so more experienced users may be more useful as far as reviews go... I will post an updated review after I’ve had more experience using the app and all of its features. ✌🏻

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    Great app!

    I love the ease in use of this app. It captures the sounds and music even in large arenas if the sound system is loud enough. I can hear every word spoken on playback. The only thing I did not know till I played it back was that once your phone locks the recording ends automatically, so you have to remember to go into settings and change lock after 5 minutes of idle time to “never”. And then change it back after your recording. That’s probably just a phone feature. I love this app.

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    Read this for the real rating

    Yes, this app great but it needs some I’m proving. One improvement I would make is that sometimes I don’t know what to name it so I leave it blank but later I can’t change it. Something else is that when you or I record my or your voice the app makes the slightest change to you’re voice. So when I try to sing over my voice it doesn’t sound like it. Lastly for the cons this app doesn’t make it sound like the notes you were singing. But all the other things in this app I love. My over all rating for this app is four stars and I love it download this app to get a good recorded voice.

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    I am responsible for recording the minutes of meetings that I attend. These meetings involve several speakers on various topics, and to try to keep up with the notes by hand is very difficult for me. But, by using the Voice Recorder application, I’m able to have a perfect record of everything that was said during the meeting - which I can listen to at a later time. I can stop the recording whenever I need to, and back up to re-listen for clarification. That enables me to make a very accurate record of the meetings.

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    Works really well for me so far

    I am recording chapters of a study book to listen to in addition to reading. The quality of the recording is great along with the pause function and ability to title the recording for reference. My one suggestion would be to add a 30 second rewind or fast forward function, that would be amazing. Not accurate enough to slide the button back to hear a portion again, it keeps bouncing around to various times. Overall though, it’s perfect for me. Thank you!

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    Simple & Straightforward

    I needed an easy, straightforward way to read text aloud & save it as audio in chapter-size chunks. With this app you simply push the record button to start & press it again to stop. As soon as you stop, a save line appears with date/time info which you can change to a name like “Chapter 1 - Fuzzy Dog Book” or whatever. To access one of your recordings, touch the title you assigned to it. The recordings are clear & using the app is intuitive. This Occam’s Razor approach to recording earns 5 Stars IMHO.

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    Best voice recorder I have used

    I have a friend who is not a very good typist so we use we were using voice meant the voice recorder that came with our iPhones. For some reason his voice recorder on his iPhone wasn’t working properly and it made it difficult for us to stay in touch. So I located this program and so far we have had no issues whatsoever . He is able to receive my voicemails quite easily and I his.

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    Trimming the video is terrible

    To short to edit if it's not like 3 seconds, and the trimming is a lie. You can't select just one part. It adds a few seconds before an or after selected part for trimming, which makes the app half USLESS since there is ABSOLUTELY no accuracy for the trimming part. Fix and I will rate 5 stars, but for now, that is the only thing I can't stand about this app. I also don't like that after you end the sound recording, it doesn't even let you listen to it. It just shoves a popup to save or discard IMMEDIATELY after recording, but that's not the bad part of this otherwise perfect app.

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    Decent App

    Programmer- I like the app although it has adverts, they do not annoy as much as some free apps do. I feel this app has the potential to be more powerful which would increase my use. I use it to record snippets of guitar pieces for later use and it works well for that; however, the playback lacks some much needed punch for my needs although, I do believe a little tweaking could satisfy my niche use nicely. So- During the interim, I will keep my eye on this and see if some more playback volume and some EQ. can be attained. I’ll be waiting-

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Is Voice recorder - Voz Safe?

Yes. Voice recorder - Voz is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 18,738 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Voice recorder - Voz Is 21.1/100.

Is Voice recorder - Voz Legit?

Yes. Voice recorder - Voz is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 18,738 Voice recorder - Voz User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Voice recorder - Voz Is 21.1/100.

Is Voice recorder - Voz not working?

Voice recorder - Voz works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Teresa Stover
Jul 10 2021

Hello, I’m having issues with a long recording the app will just stop recording. I have deleted all the previous files, so I have enough space.

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  4. If you are a Voice recorder - Voz customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Voice recorder - Voz.

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