Co–Star Personalized Astrology Reviews

Co–Star Personalized Astrology Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-24

Co–Star is a hyper-personalized, social experience bringing astrology into the
21st century. Featured in the New York Times, Cosmo, Buzzfeed, Vanity Fair,
Vogue, Refinery29, the Guardian, and more. > "This AI can write your
horoscope." VICE > "Disconcertingly accurate and reflective." H...

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Co–Star Personalized Astrology Reviews

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    The Purest of all Astrological Resources

    I continue to find myself absolutely awestruck by the accuracies and eerily personal horoscopes but then again, they are being written just for me. I think that having AI doing the brunt of the castings is genius as it leaves out the possibility of human experience or personal principles that may influence however slightly the reading and this can leave the person receiving the reading either totally confused or scared at how vaguely similar the readings was to them. To sum it up it’s an amazing app and it’s been such a benefit to me in my everyday life. Blessed be and download this appin astrology and believe very strongly in the stars and their connection to us lowly beings here on Earth, as well as other beings elsewhere in the cosmos. There are reasons that ancient civilizations built their pyramids and temples with the stars carefully considered in their design, and we current humans have only a small piece of the vast knowledge upon which those great kingdoms of old laid their foundations. The answers are in the stars and we only need interpret their messages in order to resonate with the frequency of the universe.

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    My one and only gripe...

    I love this app and it has been pretty much spot on, eerily so at times... and without having to reach for connections as some competing apps might require. My only gripe is that after adding friends and family, I noticed that much of the phrasing between charts is identical. Maybe it’s generated strictly via aspects and less based on planetary/house properties? I DO love the categorized readings as well as the descriptive positional blurbs at the bottom of each reading. I’s love for it be a touch more personalized and informative as to how the described aspects/transits might create/affect the listed scenarios - perhaps by combining the reading with the aspects for a more “cause and effect” explanation? Also more in-depth interpersonal readings. I’d surely pay a (reasonable) additional charge for that. It IS astrology though... which somehow is and isn’t an exact science. I understand that each and every chart is wholly subjective to each human person and experience. A space for journaling prompts/ritual suggestions would also be greatly appreciated... if possible the addition of a personalized profile/bio and selected interests or goals to attain during transits would make the experience more specific to the individual. Are y’all hiring? 😂

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    Overly Ominous

    I downloaded this app about a year ago, and sure, it’s fun. It’s a great idea and I like that it takes your whole chart into account. I’ve been deeply interested in astrology for many years, and at times I think the app is on track. However, because the info it gives you in a daily update is from an algorithm that strings together sentences from some millennial English majors with a penchant for the dramatic, the daily reminders tend to feel overwrought—like a fortune teller at a county fair telling you there’s gloom and doom ahead. It’s tiresome, it’s anxiety inducing, and honestly they need to chill and maybe try to look at some other material to gain inspo for their algorithmic sentences. Reviews online say things like “use to predict how crap your day will be,” and I just think that speaks volumes to the writing in the app itself. Then, there are times the app is so clearly algorithmic the sentences don’t actually make sense next to one another—but a person searching for meaning will find it. With so many users turning to this app somewhat religiously, it seems ill advised and honestly questionable at best to continue to dole out “brutally honest” astrological advice (as one blog reviewed to it). The bigger the app gets the more responsibility the creators have to think about just what kind of monster they may be creating.

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    Costar is transcendent

    It’s hard to describe why I love costar so much. I just highly recommend everyone download it and read some of the daily readings. They are cryptic at times but other times are very beautiful, deep pieces of poetry that surprisingly are intimate as if the app developers have been watching your life and are sending a message to you from behind the screen. Of course many of my friends don’t experience this same thing and they experience long dry spells with their readings where nothing makes sense, which is valid. The good thing is you can connect with friends and see their charts and the apps show you their daily readings as well and which of your friends have similar readings to yours for that particular date. It’s a great way to develop and strengthen bonds in your network of fellow astrology lovers :) I always discuss readings with my friends and we get into amazing vulnerable conversations that sometimes put us in a better mental space to tackle the next week, what more can you ask for from an astrology app?

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    I’ve never ever written a review for apps, even ones that I genuinely like but because this app has proven time after time to be accurate, fun and especially intriguing to read, I’ve decided to rate and review it. I’ve had this app for a while now and at first I just downloaded it then forgot about it. But later on, when I noticed the updates like the notifications (which is so accurate it’s scary, especially when it’s sent. It’s extremely timely, at least in my experience.), the ability to compare two peoples charts, in-depth descriptions of your daily horoscope Ect. I was hooked to the app and it had become part of my daily regimen to read it! Not to mention how aesthetically pleasing and simplistic it is. It’s not like some other astrology apps that I’ve downloaded that were confusing to even navigate through. Only downside is having to pay $3 a person if you want to add them manually, but because of how awesome this app is overall, I pay it anyway. All in all, great app!!!

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    Best Astrology App I’ve Found

    I love everything about this app it is far superior to any of the other apps I’ve downloaded and deleted after feeling they were rather basic and meh. Costar is engaging and interesting especially for someone who wants to learn more about transits and the world beyond your magazine style Sun sign horoscope. My only wish would be... an added capability to manually add someone if you know their birth date and time. I sent invites to many and only got 3 connections because people are wary of this sort of thing. Also it’s fun to check compatibility with friends, family, coworkers and love interests but not all of them are the types to have an astrology app on their phone Update- they added this feature... but for $3? Come on y’all! I understand it’s a free app and you need to make some cash, but that’s rather absurd. It adds up quickly. My feeling is if you charged $1 you’d have 3-4x the purchases and it would work to your advantage. Also know that other apps let you add and do this synastry for a one time fee of about $6... so you’re not pricing competitively

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    I was a skeptic

    I don’t place a lot of value in astrology in regards to most things. I find it vague and honestly pointless because it’s so generalized in order to apply to a more broad audience. This chart, however, is surprisingly insightful. It’s detailed, well thought out, and easy for beginners and non beginners alike to understand. I went into it skeptical but relatively open minded, and after using it and reading everything my chart had to say, I’m surprised by how accurate it really is. The chart is less about the cliche “you will find love this month” horoscope, and more about insight into yourself. Your strengths and weaknesses are both brought up in a constructive way. If you’re looking for a “prediction” through this, you probably won’t find it. However, if you’re interested in understanding yourself on a deeper level that’s exactly what you will get. I thoroughly enjoy this and found it very helpful as a beginner to learn details of my signs and other peoples as well. 100% recommend!!

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    Behaves strangely. UPDATE

    I downloaded the app, a few days ago, after reading excited reviews. I was similarly impressed, and even suggested a relative also get it. Yesterday it was great. Today, the only thing that shows up when I open the app is my natal chart. Yesterday’s reading included daily transits, longer-term trends, etc. today, nothing concerning current transits or trends. Nothing. I deleted and then reinstalled the app, no difference. I emailed the developer, waiting for a response. I will update my review when/if something changes. The app is again behaving beautifully. It’s amazing. As a sometime astrologer, with 50 years experience, I cannot believe the level of detail this app provides. Yes, consulting an experienced, professional astrologer can provide more personal details. But for detailed daily transits, Co Star is excellent. It’s like a daily weather report, alerting you to the environment the day brings. My biggest question? How is the developer profiting from all the info being collected? In other words, am I the customer or the product?

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    I love this app- I hardly even believe in astrology so that says something

    In the summer, I had this app because of my cousin, but I forgot about it and let it get deleted. Now that I got it again, I’m realizing how awesome it is. I’ll never be one of those people that let astrology control their lives, but it gives really good advice. Yesterday, I had an argument with someone close to me. It left a bad emotional effect on me because I overthought it, so today it was still on my mind. I checked my advice-thingy and it said to try not to get to the bottom of things. So, all I did was ask a few questions about the situation, and I dropped it. Like that. And now I’m way happier. I don’t believe that astrology always has the answers, but I believe it can be pretty close. I’m gonna start using co-star more because it could be useful like this another time. Thanks to everyone who’s worked on creating this app. It made my day. It might make my week, month, year, who knows? 💗

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    A fun way to begin introspection!

    Costar has beautifully written and insightful advice on meaningful issues. I highly recommend this app to people who don’t believe in the “omnipotence” of horoscopes (like me), because it can be a super fun way to think more about your actions and decisions in life, and become a more balanced person! I like to think of horoscopes as a self-fulfilling prophecy; by learning about them you can think on them (consciously or subconsciously), and end up becoming more introspective and deliberate. I especially enjoy the social feature of the app because it gives me a new way of examining my relationships with people, and, hell, it’s a lot of fun. It feels almost covert, like you have inside knowledge in how to navigate your social life. The graphic design is another feature I appreciate. I think the minimalistic, black-and-white color scheme lends itself well to the mood, and the high-contrast images sprinkled throughout the app give it a vintage and cute aesthetic. You can also get the pictures as stickers for iMessage, wheeee free things! Overall, whether you blame your bad test grade on Mercury’s retrograde or you enjoy laughing at the person aforementioned, Costar makes horoscopes accessible, easy to understand, and thoroughly goes through the causes and effects of your planetary alignment. There are no fortune cookie aphorisms like “a closed mouth gathers no feet” to be seen, so that is a definite plus.

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    When I first downloaded this app I was scared of creating embedded experiences. Reading my horoscope and then living each day based off of my perception of what my emotions should be. Instead of reading this breakdown in the morning I would read it the next day and find that every word accurately described my previous day. This app offers me insight into emotion and how to recognize when a reaction is arising from a situation or when it’s something I woke up with that day. The in depth analysis in this app has given me such a strong foundation to understand the depths of astrology and my place in it. I use it every day. On the days when it bares tidings of distress it is grounding to hear the words from someone else, it’s like having a best friend validating your pain or moodiness. On the days when it preaches opportunity and harmony I feel bolstered and uplifted, I’m reminded to utilize the cosmic undercurrent that wants to see me succeed.

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    I am on this app at least once to twice a day!!! :) I’ve grown up with astrology all of my life, my father and his fiancé are both astrologists. Ive been exposed to so many different types of astrological programs and there are only a handful that are this accurate! There are so many parts of this app that I just love. The breakdown of each sign correlating with the various houses and planets. It is not just some vague blanketed “daily reading” of each sign but in depth readings of my daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly aspects of life. What makes this app even cooler is being able to invite your friends&family to join and then see the compatibility between you&them. However, I had to knock one star off because the app is only available for iPhones. I was so excited to share it with my father and his fiancé but neither have apple products so they can’t use it, which is the the first thing I thought of when my friend introduced me to this app. Other than than that restriction I LOVE IT!

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    Remarkably In-depth

    This app must have an incredibly hard-working team behind it, because the level of detail it goes into your astrology chart is insane. They explain each and every area of your life as it is affected by each astral body’s position in the sky. And then you can link up with friends and see your in-depth compatibilities and what their forecasts are, too. I have to wonder how many people are in charge of writing it all—they must be applauded. I can’t say I’ve resonated with every daily entry I’ve seen in my forecast—some have been spot-on, others have not. But they always give me something to think about. The features on Co—Star are unlike any other horoscope app I’ve used. At the time of this review, everything on the app is free, and that astounds me. Definitely worth a download, and certainly even more worth bringing your friends in on it, too.

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    Daily obsession

    I love this app and it’s well written, eloquent writing. It’s scary accurate. Which is a little frustrating for me because I’m apparently going through some kind of midlife crisis lol I am looking forward to some good news in my love and social life. Currently, I’m focused on self improvement after several bad breakups and devastating heartbreak. Somehow this app knows what I’m going through. There is comfort in that. Some days I feel like no one understands me like co-star haha and I definitely need that in my life right now. Thanks for being there for me costar app! You’re my best friend rn. So much truth over what I want to hear lol that’s the best kind of friend you can have. Would still like to know things will start looking up in those areas of my life, but I guess we all have to go through this period of self reflection and transformation at some point. Growth is hard.

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    This is the best Astrology Report I’ve ever seen.

    I’ve been playing with astrology for years—about two and a half decades, to be precise—and never until this app have I found anything besides an in-person reading to be so on-point. Every day it tells me exactly what I need to hear, to the extent that I’ve included looking at it with my morning rituals of meditation and prayer. And the readings it gives for my partner are equally on point, to the extent that he downloaded it too. It also describes him, in his chart, more accurately than any other chart I’ve ever seen. This app is amazing, and for me, and everyone I’ve introduced it to, it is a godsend—it’s a clear and approachable way for the universe to talk to you. Out of every app I’ve ever downloaded, this is the best—to the extent that this is the first app I’ve ever had for which I’ve wanted to write a review!

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Is Co–Star Personalized Astrology Safe?

Yes. Co–Star Personalized Astrology is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 126,649 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Co–Star Personalized Astrology Is 42.3/100.

Is Co–Star Personalized Astrology Legit?

Yes. Co–Star Personalized Astrology is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 126,649 Co–Star Personalized Astrology User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Co–Star Personalized Astrology Is 42.3/100.

Is Co–Star Personalized Astrology not working?

Co–Star Personalized Astrology works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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