SynthMaster One Reviews

SynthMaster One Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-03

SynthMaster One iOS is KV331 Audio's first full blown universal synth app on iOS
platform. It's a powerful wavetable synth with an intuitive workflow. With its
simple layout, rich wavetable/waveform content and inspiring factory presets
library, designing new sounds with SynthMaster One...

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SynthMaster One Reviews

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    Powerful Wavetable Synth Plus

    There are two oscillators, subs, a multitude of modulation options, filters, LFOs, routing options plus scala support and MIDI MPE. Works well as an AU. Being able to add your own wavetables is great for devices that support slide over. Slide over doesn’t work on iOS 12 on an iPad Mini 2 so there is no way to add custom wavetables. The app you try to drop files to will be darkened on an iPad Mini 2 rather than regular brightness for devices like the iPad Air 2 that support it. I contacted the developer through their website weeks ago and they still haven’t addressed the issue. I’m using version 1.1.1 on iOS 12 on both an iPad Air 2 and an iPad Mini 2. The version 1.0 of the SynthMaster One iOS manual has information and screenshots for the desktop version with instructions for wavetable import that do not work for the iOS version. When I try to import my presets with custom wavetables to another iOS device by opening them from the app’s iCloud folder or using AirDrop, the wavetables do not transfer into the app either. There is also no way to delete wavetables I’d added and their listed by the order I’ve added them rather than alphabetically without an option for sub folders. The developer could provide File apps import for better wavetable management.

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    Good sound, heavy cpu, bug in NanoStudio

    If you’re using this in stand alone for live shows, it’s fantastic. That said, it is quite heavy on the cpu, and I’m on an iPad Pro 2018, so using this on every track in a DAW is going to deplete resources quite quickly. There’s also a UI bug that makes using the synth difficult, if not impossible to use inside of NanoStudio 2 (the UI is cut off and you cannot see some controls unless full screen). If the devs fix the bug, I’ll gladly update my review. Update: bugs are fixed for the most part, but there is still an issue when dragging the LFO to modulate a parameter that is off-screen in the smaller AUv3 window (once you drag it, you cannot swipe to access controls on the next page). Definitely better, but not quite fixed all the way.

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    Truly the SynthMaster!!

    Finally got around to getting this monster of a synth. I love the GUI. It's logical and intuitive, without sacrificing power and versatility. The sound is fantastic. It seems to be scanning mod sources at a very high rate. The oscillators and filters sound terrific. It includes a very capable Mod Matrix, and a powerful arpeggiator. The effects are nice sounding, too. It's rare to see so many strengths in an iOS synth. It seems nothing as been sacrificed. What a beast!! It is a treat to see tuning maps implemented both at a global level and preset level. Only a few to choose from, I'm hoping to load more scala maps (if possible).

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    Powerful but somewhat buggy

    Definitely seems quite powerful, providing full configurability on the waveforms. Unfortunately audio issues prevent this from being useful for me (at least on my iPhone 11 pro max, haven't tried on my iPad yet) - keep getting digital clicks when I play notes, usually right after hitting the key, though it's pretty intermittent. Also, the knobs at the top are so close to the edge of the screen that turning them often ends up pulling down the iOS widget sheet or notifications sheet. Fix the audio issues, and this would be an awesome synth!

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    Great synth with MPE issues

    This is a few inches away from being my #1 synth. It’s good good. Great interface and playability. Global pitch bend settings are essential for mpe and this has it (you’d be surprised how many “mpe” synths don’t have global pitch bend settings which literally makes it unusable as a mpe synth). But they keys get stuck too often when playing in MPE mode. Which makes it unusable for live gig performance. I would also appreciate it if after touch was built into the presets.

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    Fantastic but...

    Really really great synth, incredible sound, great look, etc. but when I create a preset and save it it doesn’t show up in my browser when I need it and am looking for it. It’s weird. I can only pull it up by clicking the arrow over after I’ve created another new sound. So now I’m creating stupid random presets just to access my good ones. I will give it that last star when this is fixed.

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    My new go to synth for iOS!

    I’m late to the party, but so glad to have discovered this app. Drag and drop modulation on iOS should be the gold standard. And the unison engine is so lavish, yet not taxing on the CPU. If you could possibly have your wavetable folder accessible in the Files app, that would make it easier to add additional wavetables. It feels great to use a synth that I truly believe in.

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    Amazing Synth!!!

    I preordered it and was expecting to receive it by the 8th, but today I just got the nice surprise that it was available. I played a few minutes with it and I’m impressed with the potential. It’s pretty much a desktop level synth on the iPad, plus the auv3 option is a very welcome feature. Thanks You. Looking forward to using it for productions.

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    Every time I reopen my project I get an error message saying I have a missing AU ( which is not true ). I would then create a new SM1 track underneath the non working one, and drag down the midi notes in order to hear the track again. Of course I have to find and rebuild my sounds all over. My iPad 6 is already updated and also deleted the app then reinstalled it just to encounter the same issues. Please fix, thank you...

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    Great but under the hood lies a shady feeling

    Great quality synth w/awesome variety but a very poor system for presets and waveforms. This has been addressed raptors a degree but it still does not function well; loading presets directly doesn’t work, attempting to access the cloud leads to registration tab that appears even when you’ve already registered and there is no login option,

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    Finally a real Synth for the IPad

    This is by far the best synth release on the IPad. It does what you expect from a real synth and more. Worth every penny. Just one major gripe for the Developers This is a touch device not a pc so we don’t have a mouse. Patch list selection is very difficult due to the small area available. Width height needs to be twice height to make selection quick and easy for the performer. Currently it takes several try’s to select a patch so this is really bad for performer when trying to Change patches quickly. Maybe make this an option in settings called Double Browser.

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    This is the all around workhorse synth to get

    I own dozens of hardware synths and more soft synths than I can count. On iOS, this is the synth I go to when I want to design sound. It just sounds so good and is so versatile. Dev, Please take a look at Au parameter sorting in BM3, it’s somehow not grouped correctly now.

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    The synth of synths!

    This thing is massive. I haven’t even started importing my own waveforms it already has a ton of versatility. It’s pretty uniquely powerful and you can even expand on that by introducing more stuff! If I could name my top 3 fav synth it would be LayR, SynthMaster one, TeraSynth, Factory and Zeeon.

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    Current version stuck notes and crashes on custom preset loading

    Every few minutes I get stuck notes with external controllers, regardless of what I'm playing. Only in this app and no others so apparently not an issue with my MPE controller. Any presets I tweak and save or write myself from template won't load without the app crashing. This happens in standalone mode OR as an AUv3 plugin. Unfortunate.

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    Hello Again!

    I am raising my review from the embarrassing 1/5 stars to 4/5. The update did resolve the issues I had with it. Very happy I did hold out for the problems to be fixed because I do have tremendous faith in the company, their hard work, and the resulting products. Carry on you guys! Italo Forever

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Is SynthMaster One Safe?

Yes. SynthMaster One is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 415 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for SynthMaster One Is 79.9/100.

Is SynthMaster One Legit?

Yes. SynthMaster One is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 415 SynthMaster One User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for SynthMaster One Is 79.9/100.

Is SynthMaster One not working?

SynthMaster One works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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