Ringtones for iPhone: RingTune Reviews

Ringtones for iPhone: RingTune Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-23

STAND OUT from the crowd with RingTune! Beautify your screen with inimitable
live wallpapers and impress friends with amazing ringtones! Let your device
become a source of self-expression, inspiration, and joy. Now you have the
ability to fully customize your phone by choosing your o...

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Just what I had been searching for!

When I bought my first iPhone (a “4”, many years ago), I dutifully d/l’d two songs from iTunes to use as my this app. All was good for quite a while until, suddenly, my phone reverted back to factory reset for this app. After double and triple checking to make sure I hadn’t inadvertently dropped them, I contacted iTunes support and, after much discussion, I eventually learned that even though you can PAY for this app from them, you do not actually OWN the this app you paid for! They evaporate after a set period of time! Imagine my joy when I happened upon Ringtones! It is not the most intuitive app to use, but if you do the dance properly you will be rewarded with this app that will stay with you until you choose otherwise.


Yellow bar stays put

There is a yellow bar to indicate where you are inside of the selected waveform of music that fits into the time restraint of whatever type of file your making (40 sec for ringtone, 8 sec or text tone, etc.) when you play the passage it starts right where it is was last playing; this is awesome. When it cycles through the end of the selected wave form it restarts where it was last left? What the heck?! This might be useful for some folks, but it’s a buggy disaster for me trying to make a tone with any kind of speed. Perhaps, this is some thing that could be added in setting with a toggle switch? When I get to the end of my selected waveform area, I expect that it will start replaying at the beginning of the waveform area I have selected, not at the last place it was started from. Thanks guys, great app!


Can’t keep a promise

On multiple social media platforms, I’ve come across a variety of ads for Ringtones. I’ve seen an ad that promised to bass boost the audio of your phone, another ad that demonstrated a “transparent effect” for a wallpaper, etc. Every single one of these ads that I’ve seen so far has either exaggerated how unique their application was, or just simply lied about what it can do. I give it a one star because they’ve lost all credibility from me as they’ve proven to be unworthy of trust from the public. Once Ringtones starts to fix how they market their product, and begins to uphold promises made into their advertisements, I will consider a slightly higher rating. Until then, I ask that you, reader, understand that if you’ve seen an ad for Ringtones that promises something very unique, almost too unique for the iPhone, I ask you consider finding another app that does what you’re looking for, as Ringtones does not keeps its promises. Thank you.



1.for sum reason I can’t put game music as ring tone fix plsssssSSSSsSssSsssss I Reilly wanna put game music as tone. 2.but all the this app are cool can’t make ringtone from scratch fix plsSssSssSsssssSssss also idk how use library for music. 3.and can’t deside which one to choose from there just soooooo many! 4.what I want in Ringtones: 1 I would like undertale music 2 I would like deltarune music 3 I’d like Minecraft music 4 I’d like to use audio from our photo’s and that’s all I would want in Ringtones! 5.pls add songs like chug jug with you and you could shorten them. final reason. pls make insturment boxes for all songs so we can navigate though there insrturments there in so it’s more smooth to pick. And That’s All My Reason’s!


Do they really think?

Okay let’s get the working stuff out of the way first. Cool this app, didn’t have time to check out the wallpapers that’s an extra star. So. DO THEY REALLY THINK IM ABOUT TO PAY ALMOST 10 DOLLARS A WEEK FOR SOMETHING LIKE THIS? I get it, man, you have to support yourself and Ringtones . But to price it the way it is? I mean it feels like the kids who made this just kinda threw a price without any research. Only to Have a limited supply of what people really want in an app. Sorry, but 8 dollars a month is worthy for a streaming subscription or online service for a video game. Wallpapers and this app, in which I can find free already through numerous app and windows, is ridiculous. Best of luck, but you need to do ALOT more updating before I shell out that much money for something so frugal.


Do not recommend

Personally I think this is way too complex and like everything cost premium, subscription whatever you want to call it but the ringtone maker is one thing that doesn’t use premium so I try it, but you need to allow it to your iTunes and more so I do that, and it goes to your iTunes library i don’t know if it’s me or something but it didn’t show my songs so I went and made playlist and that didn’t show either! Plus I was Really hopeful with Ringtones because of the reviews and etc. Ringtones was really difficult for me to understand it doesn’t tell you what’s premium so it’s like “ooOooOo you should know this is premium” but no! It’s nothing like that we don’t know plus who wants a premium it cost money for all I care.


Nothing free

Crappy this app and poor selection. Have to pay 7.99 a week to keep your this app from Ringtones . Don’t waste your time. There are better free apps. Reply for devs. “trials” are scummy tactics. Wouldn’t give my card info for something I can get for free without signing up.. Dev updated reply saying you can watch a video to get the ringtone, re-downloaded app to give them a chance as that is a move away from their tactics to get ahold of your credit card info. Again I was disappointed there is no way to do what they said, cannot download without signing up for there service. Now I guess they are lying on reply’s or haven’t implemented said feature. App has been re-deleted. There a way to report false advertising on the AppStore? Maybe the Dev can send me a video.


Good app with issues

I don’t normally review apps but I figured I would for this one. The ability to make tones with your own music is cool but it only shows one single album in my library when I own almost 100 gigs of other music, not counting the Apple Music songs I don’t actually own. I’ve tried downloading music, re-installing Ringtones , unlinking and linking my account and restarting my phone. The wallpaper options in Ringtones are cool but there aren’t many for me, along with the other tones and live wallpapers. I would say use the free trial and see if it’s for you before paying



Convoluted, excessive, annoying and ultimately useless. There’s a whole bunch of crap you have to go through to create a custom ringtone, including having to buy the song yourself from the istore. Then, after editing it in Ringtones you have to upload it to garageband (which I had previously already deleted from my phone) and export it again from there. The process was way too long and complicated. These people should be ashamed of charging almost $30 for this crap. You can literally do the same thing on garageband already without the headache. Oh, and their ringtone/alert library is TRASH. Really the only positive is some of the wallpapers. I’m so happy I cancelled my free 3 day subscription before I got charged. This is GARBAGE!



Before I even got a chance to use it, they already tried to get me to subscribe. Why even make it a free app? That’s as manipulative as it gets. Right out of the gate, the first thing I was met with was a big continue button with a toggled trial that will (presumably) start automatic payments upon its conclusion. The way out is a small x, inconspicuous x at the top-left. This is a common manipulative tactic shady web sites use to get people to agree to cookies. It is no more acceptable here than it is there. I’d argue this is worse, since one can pay a price for hitting a continue button, something one would typically associate with just allowing access to an app’s base features. 🤦🏻 User beware.


Terrible app

When you type in this app free it should give you a free app which they do it’s free to download not inside Ringtones mine just thought you should now and I didn’t even get to try out Ringtones because it doesn’t like do this thing where try it for a month free or whatever it literally the first thing that came up was page saying money a month money a year and then try to try a trail now or something so I can’t give you the perfect readings so I’m just going to give it three stars it might be better than that it might be worse than that but I didn’t get to try it


Honestly it’s horrible

You can’t do ANYTHING without paying, you can’t make or even use a ringtone which is the hole point of it! All you can have is a couple wallpapers, but nothing more. They always take out the part in ads where you need to pay like each month/week to use Ringtones . I understand Ringtones needs to make money somehow but at least let people do something that ACTUALLY is part of Ringtones (not some special little nothings.) I was disappointed when I downloaded this. I wouldn’t recommend but if you read the reviews it says it works so if your willing to pay for stuff like that download it. Thank you for reading.


Good But One Issue

Ringtones is cool and I love that when I get a call, I hear “Watermelon Sugar”, but the ringtone, takes FOREVER to instal to my device. I don’t know why it takes so long! The live wallpapers are very limited, and I can’t use them on my iPad. Unless I pay for a subscription, which I don’t have the money for, I can’t download the ones I want. But good app. Maybe just improve the download time and open up the limitations a little bit.


Find something else

Now I’m not one of those critics that tell you to not download Ringtones but my issue is that I cannot actually use any of the sounds without having a free trial which is completely disregarding that Ringtones is free what is the point of downloading it? Might as well go searching for a app that will actually LET you use the ringtone I’ve been on multiple apps such as this where they immediately show you there market style by inviting you to do a free trial for a ringtone but set it up as you don’t need one.. Ringtones fools people marketing on snap to join thinking it’s all “free” but there are many stipulations behind free where I hear it.


Don't waste your time

I'm not one to write a bad review, but this one drove me over the edge. It somehow knew when I was starting to get frustrated (which was more often then not) and it would play an ad. Nothing is free and I couldn't even open Ringtones without getting requests to start a trial. It would only let me open the place where you pick this app and the this app weren't even that good. I found one that was kinda funny so I downloaded it. I couldn't figure out how to get it as a ringtone, but I think that was my fault. Long story short, it's not what it seems. Sorry if I offended any of you, and have a nice day!


Used to be great

I genuinely enjoyed having Ringtones since there were many this app to choose from, as well as the option to record my own. After the newest update at around late June, I would now have to pay $7.99 a month if I want to continue using Ringtones . No way would I use my money on this! Well it was a good run while it lasted, but now I’m going to have to delete Ringtones and fine another one.


Couldn’t get it :(

I downloaded Ringtones because It said FREE and GOOD this app and also wallpapers.... but guess what? Just like all the other apps you can’t even get in without paying 10 dollars a week and yeah u might be able to watch a video to get ONE FREE ringtone- the ringtone is plain and crappy sorry :/ Anyways can someone tell me where the X is when you don’t want the free trial and just want the regular features cuzzzz I don’t see that either. I don’t want a free trail cuz I will probably forget about it and then they will start charging me >:( so yeah no bye. I’ll change my rating once I can get into the actual this app 😠


Not what it seems

So I pay a monthly subscription for Apple Music and apparently Ringtones isn't able to convert the files to create a ringtone/text tone. I tried searching for any popular music artist but no avail. The only available tones they have are generic tones that a much older person would have (mind you I'm 24). I refuse to purchase music on ITunes to see if it converts those files because I already pay a family subscription for Apple Music. This isn't the only ringtone app that has the issue tho just wish it had an exclamation in the description on its capabilities.


Bad app needs adjustments

Why is it a bad app? Well I’m trying to get a good ringtone and what happened when I was doing it? I had to pay like what the heck no I won’t pay for this dumb app cause I rather have a dumb ringtone then pay for this trash I would like for you to make it free and ATLEAST make it free like wow scam I ran across Ringtones and decided to download it why? Cause it said it was free so I tried it out then at the beginning of Ringtones it said “WoUld YoU liKe PrEmUiM?” And I was just soooo mad and then when I was in this app selection it said to pay for a ringtone like I got Ringtones today and imma delete it on the SAME day



Ok so I saw an advertisement for Ringtones on a social media platform and in the ad, it showed someone making Ringtones do some cool lights around your phone and that you could change the color of the end call buttons when you receive a call. Thought it’d be cool so I got Ringtones but I started looking around and I couldn’t find that feature. Instead, it was a ringtone and wallpaper app which I didn’t really need or try out. Even though I was completely tricked, the ringtone making feature was pretty cool so I gave it two stars.


So far so good

Of course they want me to rate Ringtones immediately; but, so far so good. The ads are already driving me crazy but only because the ones that keep coming up can't be closed out for what feels like forever. Ads are to be expected though as Ringtones is free to us and given that it's not an app I'll spend hours on every day... it's worth it. Provided the tones transfer well into use, it's a keeper.


Honestly, the only ringtone app I haven’t deleted

I love making my own this app because like, why buy them? I had tried so many before this one (you can look at my download history) and I ended up deleting all of them because they always ended up being janky. This is the only one that I’ve kept that has done exactly what I need it to do without hesitation.


Needs major rework

Hard to use. The catalog is really bad with categories like "popular", "new" and "autumn" there are no genres or usable catagory names. The search feature either doesn't work at all or is Extremely limited as it couldn't find a single thing I typed in, and you can't go two minutes without it asking for a rating review. Seriously how can someone know enough about an app in the first 2 min?? And every min or two after that it continues to ask. I'm deleting this junk app and looking for one that's actually useful with Real categories not jus new popular or cool. My catagory for Ringtones? Lame!


Amazing and easy

I’ve been wanting to customize my ringtone for a while now but every app I download makes you pay for this app. Even apps that say they’re “free” are not. Ringtones lets you customize your ringtone however you want you can even record songs. Overall Ringtones is great and I would recommend this to anyone who wants to a new ringtone.


Yet another Garbage app

First off if your like me you don’t want to get a subscription to an app that you are going to use for maybe a day. So you try using Ringtones thinking you can work around the ad’s. Well you can’t, basically every time you click on something an ad pops up. Basically forcing you into either deleting Ringtones or getting a subscription. I have yet to see if iTunes will accept what I was able to create with Ringtones. I was only able to use some songs I wanted but other songs it wouldn’t work which makes Ringtones yet another useless app in the AppStore.


The app is good but....

Ringtones is good but 2 things I expected something else that being said it doesn't explain how to make a ringtone for specific callers, and I hate having to since to my computer if I don't want to. And the very worst part are the pop up ads. I can see some but not each time you close the tab to make a new ringtone. It's awful and it makes me not want to use Ringtones ! Not with each ringtone set-up! Come on! How about cutting back some?!


Easy to make your own

I got Ringtones about a year ago and so far I like it. I've been able to use my this app including the ones that I recorded. If you can't find one that you like, you can chose from your playlist on your phone or simply record. It does take a few steps afterwards to complete the process, but it's worth it.


It’s a scam

I’m currently on my mothers phone but she saw an ad for Ringtones on Pinterest when looking for Christmas wallpapers for her phone. She saw a short gif/video showing a phone call but the background had a moving, dancing snowman. She downloaded Ringtones for that purpose but we went through everything and nothing allowed her to have that option. The only thing we found close was a live wallpaper of a dancing gingerbread man. Like what the hell. It not only upset my mom, but it made me very upset that the developers are doing false advertising. Complete waste of time and effort.


Less Ads and Easier Directions

I like Ringtones. Took me a couple of tries before I finally got them added to my tones on my computer. I give Ringtones 4 stars. It would have been a 5 but the aggravation of getting them onto my computer in order for them to get to my phone. I like the variety of music and ease of the controls in customizing your ringtone.


Text tone problem

I like Ringtones , you can make yours ringtone whatever you want(use the record button and use a different device to play the song you want) but the only problem I have with it is the text tone won’t show up after I put it on my phone, it only shows up in this app even though I set it as a text tone

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Is Ringtones Safe?

Yes. Ringtones for iPhone: RingTune is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 192,801 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Ringtones for iPhone: RingTune Is 76.7/100.

Is Ringtones Legit?

Yes. Ringtones for iPhone: RingTune is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 192,801 Ringtones for iPhone: RingTune User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Ringtones for iPhone: RingTune Is 76.7/100.

Is Ringtones for iPhone: RingTune not working?

Ringtones for iPhone: RingTune works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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