Zoo Craft - Animal Life Tycoon Reviews

Zoo Craft - Animal Life Tycoon Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-07

About: DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO RUN A REAL ZOO? As a Zoo Keeper, you’re handed
the keys to a run-down zoo, what will you do? Build your own unique zoo, breed
cute animals and discover new species by performing genetic experiments. Feed
and play with your animals in their habitats, raise up animal babies and let
visitors buy them as pets.

About Zoo Craft

Exhibit more than 160 types of cute animals, from common rabbits, boars and badgers, bizarre koalas, chameleons and monitor lizards to the exotic babirusa and solenodon.

Build your own unique zoo, breed cute animals and discover new species by performing genetic experiments.

Feed and play with your animals in their habitats, raise up animal babies and let visitors buy them as pets.

ZooCraft is still being actively developed, you can expect lots of updates and great additions to the game in the nearest future.

Managing a zoo is hard work, complete tasks and special quests to improve your business and earn new achievement statuses.

Play mad scientist in the Laboratory to get new, unusual and rare animals.

Meet other ZooCraft players and share tips about the game.

If the game doesn't start up, runs slowly or crashes, please get in touch and we'll do our best to help.


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Great but frustrating

Ahhh, capitalism. Pros: Great graphics, but let’s you explore your designer talents, Great to watch your establishment go from nothing to something really spectacular and is addictive. Cons: it’s extremely difficult later in the game when you get your momentum going, to earn pearls and gold coins that you need in order to fulfill missions and quests to advance you in the game. like when you need to spend gold coins on a kiosk, it doesn’t pay you in gold coins as it should. I feel like if you have to spend gold coin’s to get something then you should earn them back. When you spend dollars on something it paid you back in dollars but that’s a lot easier to get in this game. I have been doing nothing but collecting for five days straight now in order to build something. I can do nothing else but just keep turning on the game and collecting and then shutting it down again and it becomes quite frustrating and kind of doesn’t make you want to play anymore. I understand the developers would like to make money on this and I’m sure they certainly do because I could see people getting really frustrated with having to wait as long as they do. Like one of the shady things the developers done with this is they give you special one time things that you can’t normally get in the play of the game that costs an exorbitant amount, but doesn’t give you enough time to earn it or collect it, forcing you to spend real money if you want it.


It’s a good game. Really.

Okay so, not gonna lie, in the beginning this game was addicting. Like, I could never stop being on it because I enjoyed looking at my cute animals and experimenting, along with buying different things for my zoo. However, I noticed as you continue buying land or other things, the prices for the land go up. For example, for 40 coins you can buy land. After you buy it, it goes up to like 70 something and it’s so hard to get a lot of coins! Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful you give us opportunities to get coins but you’re only giving maybe 3 or 4 at a time. And don’t even get me started on “time”! The time for experiments to be complete is outrageous! I am poor. I don’t have real money to spend on this game or any game for that matter. Can you please make this game easier for people who can’t spend money? This is not a challenging game. This is suppose to be a fun, relaxing game and lately I haven’t been able to play because I have to wait 48 hours for an experiment to be done and hours for other stuff to be complete as well. I’ve lost interest in the game and I’m thinking about deleting it. Please take into consideration what I said. Make this game easier! I understand you need to make money somehow but not everyone has money to spend on an app!

Other than that big rant, it is a fun game. But only in the beginning.


I Love this Game But ....

I Love this Game The graphics the fact that u can grow animals and grow a mate and make a baby is cute and cool it’s definitely addicting where u constantly checking on your animals and also collecting the money from your Stores
... I just wish there was a lil more to it , more ways to get coins , I also think the XP’s towards going on to another level is ridiculous when there’s barely nothing much but up keep your stores and animals, which u don’t receive to many when you’ve already collected the large ones from your stores I wish we could feed the animals and there families and grow food or build factories which provides us food for the animals why does it cost so much to buy a piece of land and pull up weeds or break up boulders the cost it’s ridiculous the price of the land also but I guess that’s why u spend your cash to buy coins which I think it’s unfair when u don’t even offer other ways to obtain a lil bit of free coins and I would like to see better challenges this whole celebrity thing is corny again I understand u have to make ppl buy rubies I hope u guys figure it out to sort of revamp this game I’m on level 27 it took me forever to get here and can u please figure out a way we can also earn more pearls everything in the market is Over priced $50 for 1 tile c’mon guys that’s PETTY 😂😂😂



i have had this game on my phone for a couple of years now. i got pretty far into it before kind of losing interest, because it takes FOREVER to get enough coins to expand your land. I stopped playing for several months. Opened it back up on a whim and saw all kinds of new little tweaks and additions. I got excited - thought maybe the coin issue would’ve been resolved. But I have been at a standstill for weeks, because my storage is full with all my experiments that have piled up. The only way to get more storage is to spend coins. But i need the coins to expand my zoo, which would allow me to remove some of the animals from storage and it would be a win win. However i’ve been idle for the longest time now bc there aren’t enough opportunities to get coins for how expensive the coin items cost. There should either be more opportunity to receive coins or there should be less expensive prices on the things that require coins to buy. Bc there is literally zero appeal to a game that no matter what you do you are inching by over the course of weeks or months and no progress is really able to be made. This has been something that’s bothered me about the game from the jump and like i said i’ve been playing over the course of a couple of years. Please get it together, yall. I’d like to be able to keep playing but honestly my patience with it is pretty much out. 🥴


It’s okay.

I can’t even lie to y’all I spent about a month straight every single day on this game. it is so so so much fun getting all the animals you want and decorating your zoo the way you please. But the only way you can make your zoo bigger is through tokens which are almost impossible to get after about a week. I’m on level 27 and the most tokens I can get a day is about 20-25. And at this point it’s costs about 500 coins to buy another lot to expand your zoo which has left me stuck, not able to experiment any more animals because I have no more room and it’ll take me about a week and half to collect enough coins to buy ONE space. I’ve spent so much real money on this and I honestly haven’t even played it in about a week because there’s literally nothing I can do besides collect cash from my kiosks. The developers definitely need to have more options to earn coins. I understand you have to make money off the game somehow but I am not the only one who just simply quit playing because there’s no way to go forward unless I spend real money or wait a couple weeks. Not to mention the times that your guys servers are just completely down and nobody can get into the game. Fun game, do not download if ur not ready spend about 30 bucks.


Have been obsessed but currently very upset

I actually am obsessed with this game. So many positive things that definitely have been outweighing the negatives. The pretty much only negatives have been happening recently so maybe it’s the version? Anyways, lately it hasn’t been speeding up any of my time when I upgrade my kiosks. I upgrade them and it’s been saying it has the same-ish amount of time left for a day now. For multiple kiosks. And then another issue is it sometimes doesn’t let me click on what I want to click on. I have been saving up the coins for DAYS to open up a new slot of land and when I was trying to figure out why my kiosk wasn’t upgrading it made me click on “speed up” to speed up the kiosk upgrade when I wasn’t clicking on that and not only spent the 20 some coins it wanted me to spend to upgrade, but spent over 100 of my coins which was very confusing and this also happened when I finally had 141 and only needed 148 to buy the slot of land I had been saving for for days. I’d like to get my coins back honestly because I really don’t want to continue to play the game while this is an issue. Nothing like this has happened so far in this game so I’ve loved it but it’s pointless right now for me to play when I spend so much time to get what I’ve been earning taken away from me.


Fun but not nice!

I do love this game! All the animals and everything that comes with it to build a zoo is down right adorable! It’s so cute and addicting! Which is what the makers of the game counted on to snag you! Everything at first is not to bad. But the longer you play the more expensive this game gets! And I do mean expensive. They want you to chuck out 20-30$ pretty much daily and if you don’t it’s hard to play the game. They say if but you can earn the Coins free! No you can not! You have to scroll three hrs of crap to find a few free coins. Threw adds to add to your email or you have to purchase things which you might as well have just bought the coins for 30$! It gets on my nerves because if this was a game for boys it would be free! But because it’s a girly game nice and pink and has unicorns and cute animals it’s the “Pink Tax” bull crap! Just cos it’s for girls you think you can keep adding more money on top of more money. Every level you pay more and more! It’s absurd! Why? Most games when you go higher things get cheaper not more expensive! Well I’ve had enough and I’m spreading the truth! This game is crap and is robbing people blind! Do not let your kids get ahold of this because before you know it 100$ will be out of your bank in a week!


Entertaining game

Unfortunately it stutters a LOT during certain parts of the background music which gives the game a 50/50 shot of crashing. Others complain about gold coins or having to hunt for butterflies/caterpillars in neighbors zoos, I don’t see either an issue, only the stuttering and crashing. If it was fixed and played more solidly, I’d give the developer(s) money for more gold. But not as it is now.

Update; I appreciate the developer commenting on my review but the link they left is a page that couldn’t be found and when I click on “get back to help desk home page”, I have to sift through their games to find this one, typing in “game stutters” only to find OTHER pages for their other games. I’m not fishing around your website trying to find help. With this last update it’s far worse. It crashes multiple times within 7 min, since I updated yesterday. Couple that new fun with the stuttering and occasional crashing I got before, I’m done. This is the only app this happens on, if ANY app should give me this much of a headache it should be Sims Mobile but it plays beautifully 👍🏼


Love this game!

I remember playing zoo tycoon years ago and that was one of my favorite games. I’ve been looking for a good zoo game ever since then and I finally found one. What sets this apart from the others is that they have a laboratory where are you breed your animals. You never know what exactly you’re going to get so it makes it very exciting. In the beginning it takes a short amount of time to make your animal, and as you progress in the game it does take a while to breed your animals, but you’re given the option to watch an ad to take time off of the breeding process. I simply put my animals in the lab and go off and do something else then come back later. Each person’s zoo is different because of this. No one has the same animals, which I find makes this game different from the others. It’s not boring and cookie cutter. They are periodic mini games and other things that also make this game exciting and refreshingly different.


Fun game

I started playing this game about a week ago and I have really enjoyed playing it, but there are a couple things I hope can change. The first one is with the lab. I love doing the animal experiments and seeing what new kind of animal gets created, but the time it takes for some to get done is a bit much. I can handle an hour, maybe two, but when it takes 10 hours, it’s too long. My other issue is with the pearls. I don’t mind using coins to water the shell to get them, but the amount of time it takes just to get a few pearls and then having to use them to get decorations and what not gets frustrating. I personally think it would be easier to have to use coins to get regular stuff, like a bench or a bush and use the pearls for just the elite items, or at least cut down the amount of time it takes to get them. Overall this is a great game 👍


Most recent update

I originally like this game. Very easy to get on throughout the day and play when you have a little down time. The new update isn’t great though. You can’t see when your money is ready at the Kiosks and the cleaning the zoo update is not a great addition. It was much better the way it was before. Before you just had to click 3 times to get an item cleaned or rub your finger over the item if it needed to be washed. Now if it needs washed, all you have to do is rub your finger over it once and it acts like you are continuously doing it when you aren’t. The tree trimming is much harder than before, but still is pretty easy. But the additional worst part of this new update is the sweeping for the decorations or Kiosks. You have to continuously click to clean the item until the bar is full or it the bar will go back to empty. Once you get to the end you have to click really fast in order for it to register that it is full. This update needs some tweaking.


Refreshingly Different

Great game! I love the different levels of playing. There’s mini games, events, and instead of waiting 24 hours to collect rewards and having daily tasks, it refreshes in a matter of hours to keep interest and the game going. My only complaint is currency— especially gold coins— is a little harder to come by and makes the game seem very pay to play oriented. Like the pirate event charges (IMO) an astronomical amount of a resource (gold coins) that is rarely dispensed and when it is, it’s very little for decor. I hardly put a dent in gathering fish and the eggs for the Alice in Wonderland table. Luckily you can purchase those but I don’t recall if you can purchase the ocean kiosk to complete it and make it into an emporium or the axolotl which I’m a little disappointed about. However, I do enjoy this game and love playing it. I wish we could interact more with the animals, but for a game that’s already multifaceted and uniquely different from others in its class, I’m pretty happy with it!


Yes! And no…

THIS IS SUCH A WONDERFUL GAME. I really enjoy the very nice graphics, (that barely any other games have.) and just the concept of the game! First of all, let me tell you this game is so addicting. And I’ve been playing for a while now and I still like it! Just one problem… I have been checking some of the previous reviews for this game and I completely agree with you all! Towards level nine coins start getting REALLY hard to get! And it’s just so frustrating and upsetting… I like a challenge, don’t get me wrong! But five coins per level…? That’s getting a little ridiculous! Other than that little rant and rave this game is so good, try it if you haven’t already! PLEASE KEEP IN MIND ABOUT ADJUSTING THE GAME. Thank you for reading, Hope it wasent to long! 😊 😆 ❤️
OMG. So, ok, you answered my comment and I REALLY appreciate it!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Stay in your glory developers, this is an amazing game! And I’m really glad you will take into consideration on what I said! 😁 🙏 ☺️


Best zoo tycoon game EVER!!!

I just got this game today and it’s really fun! If you like tycoons on Roblox you’ll love this game! It’s so fun to create different breeds of all sorts of animals, it’s also fun to build your park for other people to like! This game is 100% free, it’s also very easy to make money by giving people tours of the zoo, or by doing all sorts of tasks! Just a hint don’t blow out your coins like I did because you’ll need them to buy land later on🤑😂 there is SO MANY different breeds you can buy, or make! The breeds go from land animals to ocean animals!💖If you don’t know how to play the game of course the game will give you a tutorial! I thought you guys might be interested so I decided to share my view point on ZooCraft, ZooCraft is so addicting and fun! Definitely 10/10! Lastly this game does need wifi! :)


Can’t delete or u loose everything!!

These devs don’t save our games!! Don’t make purchases. I made purchases and had to start from beginning of game. I Had to do a hard reboot on my tablet, 1st saved everything to cloud. this app uninstalled and when you reinstall, you have to restart the game from the beginning. They don’t back up their players games. So, any and all purchases are gone!! Forever!! There may be a time you’ll need to do reboot on your device, if you do, you’ll loose EVERYTHING in this game, and will have to start the game completely over like a brand new player. This virtually unheard of with any app. Apps backup everything, so if you delete a game, which sometimes you have to do, no problem, those other apps have your back. You just reinstall their game and your completely restored!!
This is BULL these devs of this game, don’t have our back!!
I will never play this game, or any other app they offer!
I make a purchase, uninstall, reinstall.... and they took my money! Luckily, many of us have cards that will give us our money back, regardless if iTunes wants to or not! Banks like mine, don’t put up with this crap!


LOVE THE GAME…but they could add a few things

Omg love the game The animals are soooooooooooooo cute I am not overreacting soooooooooooo cute🥰 but you need coins to do everything and it’s kind of hard getting coins soo that means you need to spend home money and not everyone has money laying down on the kitchen table😐 to spend so I wish there was an easier way to get coins and also you can’t interact with the pets I wish you could play with the pets and feed the pets that would make the game even better also I wish the pet walked they don’t move all they do is sit there and blink and it’s fun to play in the beginning but then you’re kind of bored of it because you’re like I’ve been playing this game so much and then it gets better again because then you get better pets that look really cool other than that me and my sister love this game it’s such a beautiful game and my sister now wants to be a zookeeper when she grows up


Awesome game ♥️

I gave this game I five star. Reason for this is because the game is entertaining and fun. There may be a couple of glitches, but this team is right on it. I would and have suggested this game to others. Thank you, Zcatz

That above was written about a month ago. Since then my lovely game has gone to the dump. I have to go in and out so many times just to be able to load the entire game. It seems that when I reached level 30, everything went wrong. I have reported and reported . I was told the update would fix the problemS? No no no, it made it worst.
Now I’m being told I should have Facebook in order for them to possibly fix it. Wow...and I gave this a 5 star in the beginning.
I don’t have Facebook and don’t want it. And this is my second try at this game. Already lost one. I WONT BE BACK


Super happy day!

Update. Sad day again, although I don’t think this is yalls fault I wish I would have known that when I got my new iPhone that my game wouldn’t transfer. I was a few points away from level 32 and getting the dolphin and now I have to start all over. If I would have known before hand I probably would have kept my old phone, that is how much I enjoyed playing your game. Now I just can’t seem to get back in to it as much.

Update. Finally after not being able to play for a few weeks the new update worked and I can play again.. thank you!

I loveeeee this game and I will gladly give it 5 stars... when I can start playing it again. The game updated this morning and now it just stays on the load screen and the game never starts.


Really upset

So I started to love this game. I liked it enough to support the creators by making a few purchases. The problems started happening. I purchased a pirate theme parrot habitat that I don’t have access to it’s just sitting in my inventory because the game froze after I bought it. Doesn’t give me the option to take it out and place it. Then I bought a package for 30,000 cash and I didn’t get it! I’ve gone to the website for customer service submitted a ticket and two days have gone by and still no response. They’ve stollen my money and have no customer service help. On top of that there’s A LOT of glitches in the game. I upgrade my beauty and it doesn’t register that I’ve done it so tasks that should earn me cash don’t and the only way I can get rid of them is gold. And gold is very hard to come by they pretty much make it impossible without purchasing the more you play. And you need it to upgrade space and kiosks, etc. don’t play this if you actually expect to be treated well.


Never watching ads

I have been avoiding the man on the hoverboard, since every time I watch an ad, the screen goes white after and I have to reset the game. Since I never get any rewards, I’ve given up on them. I was hoping this would be fixed in the update, but apparently it has not. You should really get on this, since I’m frankly never watching ads and your sponsors aren’t getting any air time. Based on some of the other reviews I’ve read, other people are having the same problem.
Does maintenance still work in other zoos after the update? I went to a bunch of different zoos, scared away all of the butterflies and did not get one thing that needed maintenance in around 15 zoos. I know not all of them do, but I used to only skip one or two before I found one.
Other than that, the new update is great- thanks for making the koalas not look scary any more.

Is Zoo Craft Safe?

Yes. Zoo Craft - Animal Life Tycoon is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 5,457 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Zoo Craft Is 44.8/100.

Is Zoo Craft Legit?

Yes. Zoo Craft - Animal Life Tycoon is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 5,457 Zoo Craft - Animal Life Tycoon User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Zoo Craft Is 62.6/100..

Is Zoo Craft - Animal Life Tycoon not working?

Zoo Craft - Animal Life Tycoon works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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