Flappy Dunk Reviews

Flappy Dunk Reviews

Published by on 2024-01-31

About: Tap to jump into as many hoops as possible. Collect skins and achieve crazy

About Flappy Dunk

Tap to jump into as many hoops as possible. Collect skins and achieve crazy challenges. .


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Key Benefits of Flappy Dunk

-The app is life changing and brings out the best in the user.

-The game is challenging and has an endless game mode.

-The user can collect different balls, hoops, wings, and fires.

-The user can compete with their brother to complete challenges and unlock skins.

-The user can unlock all skins, wings, and hoops.

21 Flappy Dunk Reviews

4.6 out of 5


Flappy dunk is okay

Flappy dunk is a fun Gaming now but it wouldn’t be my first choice of a game never have no Internet and I’m bored of all the other games I choose flappy dunk even though I’m not the best at flappy dunk I still think the game is OK I saw like three reviews on Flappy Dunk and they were kind of personal about the real emotions of flappy dunk so I was like why not have my real emotions about flappy dunk please no one take this to heart because they kind of took the other ones to heart like literally they were saying that flappy dunk is your life like flappy dunk is not a life or anything I just wanted to write my review and that is my opinion about flappy dunk. The. End enjoy and if you’re wondering why I gave it a four is because like I don’t know I just wanted to get an a for because like it’s not the best game in the whole wide world I like the game but it’s just not my favorite of them all because well like I do like playing basketball and it is a basketball game but that’s like the plus to it and I like the skins in the hoops in like the challenges that you can play and I am also D wings which I like but it’s just not my first choice and put picking personally because I like other games to And ya i think that this is way to long so i’m about to end it the end the story of flappy bird and my whole opinion not that it matters I just wanted to tell you lol hehe bye for real this time.........



FlappyDunk is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I had been journaling about this day, the greatest day of my entire life, the day I would find the perfect app for me. FlappyDunk completed my life’s journey, it brought out the best in me, helped me to become a better human being. I can still remember the exact moment in time when the life changing ad unexpectedly popped out of nowhere onto my screen. As the incredible ball floated across the screen, flying through hoops left and right, tears streamed down my cheeks, tears of happiness and joy. I then whispered to myself quietly and peacefully, “This is the one.” The triumph was overwhelming, I could hardly type in my Apple ID password without fainting. I spent the next 3 and half weeks, sitting in my gaming chair, located in the center of my bedroom, with all of the blinds shut, so I could remain in total concentration. It was a miracle I didn’t die, a miracle sent from the one and only Flappy Dunk himself. To this day, I fit in at least 8 and a half hours of playing time into my schedule. Flappy Dunk and I will forever be connected. FlappyDunk has always been there for me had my back. Flappy Dunk is the best friend I ever had. In conclusion, FlappyDunk has changed my entire life’s journey, for the better.



This game is so unprofessional

Look- I’m sorry but this game only loses customers, but providing adds that people CAN see then want to buy those games I’m sorry but this isn’t a good game some of the challenges are in fact impossible no matter how many times me and my work colleagues have tried it this game deserves a bad review but it also can help develop strategies for others so at the same time I do indeed love this game with 1/3 of my heart, I find that funny! I really hope this game can live on and fixes all the bugs but I still wanted to say this is a good game ignoring what I said before i also respect
everyone else’s opinions about this game wether they thing this game is good or bad I can see that people have different perspectives and personalities- so in conclusion to that I thing that part of the reason I don’t like this game is that it frustrating to not get it in the hoop! But other then that this game is lovely and wonderful, I am very glad that game has been sent out for all the little ones all the older ones and middle ones have been able to enjoy this game! I have a lot of work during the day getting ready for many of the jobs I have been preparing for so it is also possible that it piles on stress so if I really honest this game deserves a 3 or 4 rating so I recommend all of y’all out there get flappy dunk! Sincerely, fellow flappy dunk player jk I LOVE this game


My name is Hanna and this is a great game!:)

This game is so great because you can pass tones of levels that are challenging and a endless game mode we’re y ok can try to get a higher level and beat that level every time my highest score is 370 right now and it takes me a while because I have to get a lot of swishes in a row and try to pass harder hopes as you play, you can collect lots of different cool fun balls, hoops, wings and even different color fires for every time yup get a swish for your ball my favorite is the watermelon ball with the green wings and hoop also matching green fire it all matches and it looks so cool my little cousin always tells me that he wishes he can pass as much swish’s as me in a row! Lol I would totally recommend this game also I am a real person just loving this game so much that I wanted to take my time to comment!:) But I do not know why this game says only for ages 12 and up because this is nothing at all bad on their and the only thing you can do is makes shoots in the baskets/ swishes it is very cool and I would make FlappyDunk if I could for all ages check it out your self parents it is completely harmless :)


Little Bug with the flames... VERY addictive, however

Whenever I have no internet, or just bored with other games, the first thing I do is open Flappy Dunk. I compete with my brother to see who can complete the most challenges and who can unlock skins first. I have unlocked every skin, wings, and hoops and completed all challenges. Within the day that the “Flames” updates was uploaded, I have unlocked all flames except for this one that is bugged. The green flame that requires 40 skins unlocked to be played with. At first, the green flame requirement said I had 55 skins unlocked, though it requires 40. I unlocked the other 6 flames, then it said I unlocked 61 out of 40, rather than being usable. I had a similar bug with another flame (Forgot which color) that required a certain amount of challenges completed (Forgot how much). It didn’t say how much I completed, but I completed all 100 challenges before the update. So I just completed Challenge 1, and that flame unlocked.

I would love for this bug to be fixed. I really want that green flame, as it’s the only thing I need to unlock. (I have 61 out of 62). And thank you for uploading such a great game on FlappyDunk Store.


Do not play if you are angered easily

This game is very fun and over a while I have collected all skins, wings, hoops, and flames. I have also beat all challenges, even in mirror mode. At the time of writing this my record is 174 in endless. By far the hardest challenge is definitely “Achieve 15 swishes in a row” which was my last challenge I ever completed and it was so satisfying to complete it. As of writing this review I have to advise people that have anger problems or are angered easily to stay away. I do not have these problems and it was very fun for me but my friend who does have these problems is constantly yelling at the game yet continues to play it despite his claims that: “It is the worst game ever” and “Can you rate it 0 stars?”. Overall, this game is very fun and I just want then to add one more skin. Please make the skin better than the bland color skins but here are some suggestions for the challenge for the skin: Reach 200 points in endless, beat all challenges (Normal & Mirror). This is one of my only reviews so sorry if I did the star rating wrong it is supposed to be 5 stars.



I love this game! At first I didn’t know what to do but then I figured it out every time you do a new talent you get new skins and new hoops you can even get new frames I didn’t even know this game could be so good I thought it would just be a simple basketball game I love basketball in general but this may have topped basketball some people say that apps are only for special occasions but FlappyDunk is an exception I literally will ask every day to play this game and now I love it I found it out when I saw it on my phone and I was like what’s this so I tapped on it and I tried it out and I swear if I didn’t tap FlappyDunk I wouldn’t be playing it right now so everybody I did not tap FlappyDunk for nothing I did not rate this five stars for nothing I rated this five stars because it deserves it and if someone says no I will say try it one more time because if you do you will love it that is my review I hope you five star my review because if you five Star my review you are basically five storing FlappyDunk and that will make me very very happy thank you Emma



Really awesome game and i spend a lot of time on it, but voodoo should really take off adds and only have it so we can get second chances, but i still love the game and if you can i strongly recommend it!!!!! They also should add backgrounds so you can customize your “court” that would be amazing. Also add more balls, wings, and hoops because i have finished the game i have all of the balls, wings, and hoops, and i have all of the challenges done too so if voodoo could add way more stuff that would be great. I hope that voodoo sees this and makes these changes and add my suggestions to the best game ever. You should also make different balls for all of voodoos games that would be cool so like you have DUNES make that ball and you would have to get the game and score 238 to get the DUNES ball and so on with other games. Voodoo should also make a game where you are on a football field and you have to kick the ball from different yard lines to make the field goal. I really hope you can see this and make the changes that i have asked for. Thank you



like 2yrs ago i got addicted and then my phone broke and i lost everything on it and forgot about this game, but a couple days ago (almost a week i think) i downloaded it again and i am literally obsessed. it’s great, although there are a lot of ads, but personally if i just want to play the game i’ll turn my phone on airplane mode and i won’t get any ads. it’s a great time killer, i have a high score of 448 at the moment. it is so addicting, but some of the hard challenges are really frustrating me. challenge 48 is especially challenging. i’ve unlocked almost all the skins, wings, and flames except the rainbow wings & hoop. those are really hard. also, i’ve been trying to get the blue & black wings for a while but i think it’s glitched. because i’ve done like 5 or more easy challenges in a row without losing, but it still says i’ve only done 3. idk though, i may be wrong.
overall i love this game and you should get it.


Add 5 new skins plZ

First off the game is freakin great I love the new graphics and the buzzer when you fail but I think you guys should add some new skins to he game The 1st of five balls is a blue ribbon that says first prize in gold. You can unlock it by completing mirror, normal and, getting 1,000 on endless mode. 2nd is a clock face that you unlock by getting 50 points on endless in 1 minute. 3rd is a ball that looks like earth! But this includes more stuff to the game. If you add multiplayer you can unlock this by playing 50 multiplayer games against people around the world. 4th is a rainbow hoop. You unlock this by completing 10 levels of mirror with a rainbow ball and rainbow wings. 5th is a secret ball but SPOILER ALERT!!! Is a flappy bird just like the game! Instead of using just basketballs you can also use the original flappy bird! How great would that be! I hope you see this and decide to add these into the game and thx, also plz remove ads! NOT ALL just like 2 or 3. Thank you!


Dear Developers...

Overall this game is sorta fun. But here are some of my recommendations. The first thing is way too many ads. This is a VERY common thing I see in voodoo games. Now I get ads get you money, but I just feel like theirs way too many ads. When I was 13 I got the no ad on one of the voodoo games and I still got ads. Like geez. The second thing I wanna mention is that this literally copied flappy bird. If you ever played flappy bird, you know this game is JUST like flappy bird. But this game just literally stole the whole concept. You could have found some way to be original but nope. This game literally copied the icons. Copying is also a big issue I see in voodoo games. The final thing I would like to mention is it’s so hard to shop. The icons are so tiny. This was a reason why I deleted flappy bird. I bet a big majority of the people that have downloaded this game didn’t even know how to shop. Like make the icon bigger. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Also, please add more balls and wings. Maybe even add crates! Also I would like an option to disable the wings. That’s all! Overall great game but I deleted it.


Wonderful game

Flappy dunk is an awesome game. Great to play during your free time or when you’re bored. My high score is 400 or so, I believe my girlfriend’s is around 70 lol. Only issue is the difficulty of challenge 51. Maybe it’s just me, but the 51st challenge took me forever to beat. Getting all swishes near the ground is one thing, but to have to go through another level of hoops that are so close to the ceiling is extremely difficult. I will never take the yingyang skin off, I put too much time, effort and frustration into it 😂. My suggestion is to raise the bottom hoops ever so slightly and lower the top hoops the littlest bit. The most difficult part was getting to the top hoops without crashing into the ceiling. Another suggestion would be to create background skins, the brick wall is a bit boring. All in all, none of this is enough for me to knock a star off, so I give it 5 stars.


Used to be my favorite game

I used to love flappy dunk but recently it started crashing a lot and now I can barely play it. I’ve also noticed that there are way too many ads, like one after every 3-4 rounds. I beat all normal challenges but mirror mode just makes me nauseous so there’s no point in challenges anymore and I have almost every skin but the rainbow hoop and it’s almost impossible to get. To get it you need to beat every challenge using the rainbow ball, but I beat all the challenges before I got the rainbow ball and I’m having trouble beating them a second time so it’s just frustrating to try and earn it. This is after playing for 2-3 weeks like 15 minutes a day so it’s a great game but it gets boring really fast. If you’re looking for this kind of game then you could get flappy dunk but be prepared to delete it after about a month. I wish they would stop it from crashing and add more normal mode challenges also they should make skins easier to earn once they do I think I’ll give this game a positive review because it used to be amazing this is all I have to say


So many ads

This game is actually pretty good, I love it honestly, but often times I'm playing and sometimes it will just freeze and then the next second it says you died. Also the ads are honestly just obnoxious almost every game when I die there is an ad, and often times it's a 30 second ad that I can't skip, which is stupid for a game like this, I get that ads are important but just have less. Also fix the second chance button, sometimes I click it and it doesn't work, other times I click it, I watch the ad, then it still says I've died with no second chance. Today I was playing and I got into the kicker 200s, the game started to lag and it almost made me mess up, by the time I messed up the first time, I was at 234, my best, so I clicked second chance, and it didn’t work, this upset me because I had finally gotten a new beat which is hard when you’re best is in the 200s. Other than these issues, this game is great, good gameplay, good customization and fun challenges


Remove “All” ads?

Loved this game first time I played it. Super challenging yet satisfying to play. Decided to purchase it with the in game button that shows the word ads circled and marked through. To me this would mean the full gaming experience as is “without the presence of ads”. To our surprise the only ads it removes are the ones when you start a new match. The in game “second chance” button is still present but even though I purchased the “no ads” option of the game it still forces us to watch a 30sec ad before taking the second chance. Just enough time to get your mind off rhythm and makes you mess up when the game restarts. This effectively makes the second chance option useless and leaves me as a customer of the full priced “no ads” game add on to be forced to watch an ad where they again get my money. Very disappointed with this setup. Should be the full game experience without the presence of ads like stated with the 🚫 symbol. Consider it a bait and switch of FlappyDunk world.


This game is great I have suggestions

Ok so I downloaded this game a few days ago and it’s soooo addicting! I definitely recommend FlappyDunk! Now for the suggestions.. I don’t know if I just can’t find it or what but I think it’s be pretty awesome if you could unlock and change the wall in the background. Because we’re spicing everything up with super cool balls and rings and wings I think it’d be awesome if we could do the same with the wall! Also there is a slight glitch sometimes when I first start playing a round where it’ll glitch once and maybe cause me to fail or something but that could just be something with my device. I live this game and play it everyday!! It’s a great game and you should definitely download!!! I hope the developer sees this review and takes my suggestions to mind.


Good game BUT...

It’s a fun game if you don’t mind dying a couple of times which is not your fault, it’s due to the fact that the ads get in the way, you’re just playing, minding your own business doing well with your good score (points) then all of a sudden an ad appears, then another and it really interferes with the player because there are lots of glitches, because of the ads while you’re playing either the game will freeze or it messes with your control and makes you move in slow motion all of a sudden, so either you fall flat and your ball dies or you miss a hoop and also die. Eventually I just lost patience and will be deleting it. Would’ve been a very enjoyable game though if the developers paid more attention to the game they created, I wonder if they even tested this out before releasing to the public. You would’ve made a perfect game if it wasn’t for this reason alone. You would’ve been a creative genius, but too bad it fell short just like the Cavs did. lol


Honestly not a bad game in my opinion!/clouxdy

This game could be better but so far it is pretty awesome and it's a great time killer and doesn't need internet and is also and for the ads there are some adds but there not very long like most so I'm pretty satisfied with adds and it's not just to get a high score there's actually challenges witch can keep you wanting to play more and try to unlock all skins wings and hoops in cool ways and some you probably wouldn't of never guessed witch is one of the many reasons why I still have this game so if your looking for a time killer and a challenger game that is NOT SO EASY ;-; To play on the go because this game doesn't need internet so it's pretty cool that you can play it without internet so I just call it on the go game But this does have some flaws witch are adds witch aren't that bad and raging -//~//- so Pretty darn cool game is you asked me and here's some faces cause I like drawing them ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) UwU!


Excellent game

This game is sooo good! One of my friends got it and was raving about how fun it was, at first I didn’t believe her, but trust me, believe the hype! It’s pretty hard, but not like “omg I’m stuck on level one” hard. The point of the game is pretty simple so you’re not confused trying to figure out how to play it. The main thing I love is the skins are fairly easy to earn, not like where they’re 60 thousand coins, and the only way you could get the coins for it is buying an expensive booster pack. But the best part is...There aren’t too many ads! The ones they do have are usually 30 seconds or less or not even ones with a video. And they don’t make you sign up for it, so no inbox full of annoying spam-y emails! Overall a great, must have game!


My only love

I come home from a long day, after hanging out with my friends, the bruises from the skatepark of falling down. Throwing my body on the bed being engulfed by my sheets. I close my eyes and remember FLAPPY DUNK. I vigorously search for my phone, once finding it I open FlappyDunk being soothed I focus on getting the ball in to the hoop and only the ball. Ohhh wait a challenge has occurred I smash my phone against my wall. BOOM! I scrambled over checking my phone looking at it slowly it’s cracked but, wait the ball had gotten in the hoop it was still playing I had beat my high score, I screamed I GGOT THE BALL IN THE HOOP.

Many weeks later

I woke up playing flappy dunk, my parents are concerned, they sit me down at the table saying, “ you are to addicted”. THEY ARE SENDING ME TO COUNSELING for my addiction. What do I do flappy dunk is my only love he is my life and soul.

Helen   1 month ago

I can’t open the second triumph card, where I need to complete 40 tasks without losing. My record is even 41, but the card is not given. And what does the “meow” triumph card mean? How to get it, what should you do?

Is Flappy Dunk Safe?

No. Flappy Dunk does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 470,065 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Flappy Dunk Is 19.5/100.

Is Flappy Dunk Legit?

No. Flappy Dunk does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 470,065 Flappy Dunk User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Flappy Dunk Is 36.3/100..

Is Flappy Dunk not working?

Flappy Dunk works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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