Dunk Shot Reviews

Dunk Shot Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-01

Ready to shoot some hoops? Grab a ball and start dunking! Dunk Shot is a
burning hot arcade game that anybody can enjoy! Shoot the hoops, unlock new
balls, become the next basketball star! Come on now, join everybody on the
playground of unlimited basketball action!

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Dunk Shot Reviews

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    Three Thumbs Up

    Very simple, a lot of fun, easy to play and without the necessity of a huge time commitment. The challenge modes offer a fun way to play that slowly increases difficulty and is honestly the best part about the game. I’ve already beaten all of the ball, no aim, score, time and bounce challenges, and I cannot wait for more! For all those complaining about how hard the challenges are, I couldn’t disagree more. They get more difficult towards the end and you won’t beat them on your first try or even first day, but that’s a good thing. If you did, you’d finish them in one sitting and there would be no point. It’s called a CHALLENGE for a reason. Second, for those complaining about not getting enough stars, they give you plenty for finishing challenges plus the 60-70 daily. That’s a new ball every 2 days from the daily alone. Improvements: More challenges please!!!!! In type and quantity. Different balls that have different abilities. E.g. a super bouncy ball, or a ball with lower gravity. These special balls could be used only in new challenges so that they wouldn’t change difficulty of existing tasks. More obstacles with different behaviors and different sized/shaped rims. E.g. sticky walls that don’t bounce and rims that have to be hit perfectly. Power ups you can pick up along the way by landing perfect shots, shots through rings, or bounce shots.

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    Great game. You should add some more to it

    You should add a hard mode for both the normal game and the challenges where there’s no guidelines. Add more challenges too, I finished them all so there’s not much to do. Also add an easier way to get coins, just playing the game is too slow and watching ads is boring. The piñata is cool, but there should be a better way to get coins than waiting 7 hours just to get around 75 coins. Edit: dropped down to four stars, I watched an ad for some coins and it didn’t give me the right amount. Only got 20 instead of 25. Not that big of a deal but kinda annoying. You should fix that.

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    Ads are ads but this is too much

    I get it, please don’t reply back, “We have to offset costs with providing a free app, so on, so on, so on....”. Yes ads are ads but I shouldn’t have to see an ad for every three resets. This game is fun and great mind numbing, time passing entertainment and is really well done but when I miss three shots... there is an ad. If I’m doing the challenges, that means about 2 ads per minute. If it’s general game play, I will play and score a couple hundred then see an ad. Score a couple hundred, see an ad and then score a couple hundred and at that point I actually turn the game off instead of continuing because I’m tired of seeing ads. The irony of the reply, “We need to offset the costs, so on, so on,” is that, it’s an ad of self promotion for more Ketchapp games... Like I said, a wonderful game but ruined by ads. Won’t end up keeping long because the boycott will eventually out weigh the entertainment value. I’d think about how many plugs you put in for ads Ketchapp. Across all of your developments.

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    Too many glitches

    I think this game is fun but don’t play it because you will probably rage from glitches. The free gift is the most glitchy you click on the free gift and it plays an ad and returns you to the menu without the gift plus after using the gift when it does work you can watch an ad to get another one and it plays, you x it out and it doesn’t give another it just returns to the menu. Another glitch is that random ads play and they glitch and you can’t close it and must restart the app. The rage part comes in when you get really far and fail then click continue to watch an ad and keep going but then an ad glitch hits you and you have to restart the app and lose your chance to keep going. If you could resist raging from the glitches then yeah this game is fun but If you can’t then one thing. Don’t. Get. This. Game.

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    I’ll hand it to you.

    I actually like the game. I have played a lot of Ketchapp games on the Apple store. The only problem I have with the game is that I wished you would make challenges for the game like the other games. If your interested in ideas for games or like creative opinions sometimes let me know. I enjoy your apps and have put a great deal of hours on them offline. I play for a good solid time when I’m bored. I’d play it more, if it had more challenges, but like offline challenges. Eh, I don’t know. I’m just an opinion on a broad connection with millions of users. But if anyone listens this is my review. I’d give it a solid 5 stars

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    Needs More Challenges & Free Continue For Ad Removal

    I do like the game. It’s a fun game to play for 2 to 45 minutes at a time. I just paid the $1.99 to remove the ads today. Be warned, you still have to watch an ad to get your 1 continue, I don’t think that’s cool. I understand having to watch an ad to speed up the timers but not for the continue. I think that should be removed in the next update for those that have paid for the ad removal. I’m not trying to get infinite continues.. just the one, like everyone else. My second gripe is the lack of challenges. To me, those are my favorite part. The last update added more challenges and I’m hoping each additional update follows suit. Overall good game, 3.5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️✨

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    Great game, needs another update!

    Dunkshot is a great game very simple addicting and yes loaded with adds. This was annoying at first but I got used to it until this new update with many new basketballs themes and challenges. It also added a No Add purchase. This says its 1.99 but its really 2.99 but I bought it anyway because it would make the game easier to play without being interrupted. The problem is I still have to watch an add to get a second life or get the category of balls that you have to watch adds for. Hopefully ketchapp sees this and will make a way for players that have purchased no adds to be able to get those balls and also have second chances WITHOUT watching adds. PLEASE FIX 👍 Great game!

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    What you would expect.

    Very serviceable entertaining little game. You do just do the same kinda task over and over again trying to beat your score but it is entertaining to play and satisfying to beat ur score and unlock different balls. You can chose to watch adds for a bit of bonus money and to continue a round (once) but you really don’t have to and I don’t think you can pay for advantages or anything. My issue with the game is that for some reason that it overrides any music or podcast you’re listening to. In a game like this you really need to able to listen to other stuff.

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    Ok this is one of the best games I have but I have one issue... SO MANY ADDS!!!You can’t escape them when you want to continue your progress in the game and it says continue you have to watch an add and sometimes you watch the add and it glitches and you don’t get to continue it is ridiculous! When you want 25 stars in the game or want a video ball it makes sense but still even when you say no thanks to the continue or something it gives you adds uhhhhhhhhh! But other than that it’s a good game.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😁😁😁🏀🏀🏀🏀PS: I get the slightest bit bored........ADD MUSIC 🎵 🎼 🎶 Then you would get 5 stars 😛

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    It’s one of the best sports games available. The normal gameplay does get stale though. You can only complete each challenge level once and there are almost 100 of them. It just seems like you should be able to play any of them more than once. Also needs to be more modes of regular high score gameplay. Maybe easy and hard modes that spawn the next basket differently. Maybe a top down mode where you play from above and have to shoot at baskets beneath you. Just some ideas to make the game deeper.

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    Good but has flaws

    Classic ketchapp with the graphics and mechanics of the game. Really is a 4 Star game but it has enough little flaws it lost one for me. The concept is enjoyable and the long list of possible achievements keeps me coming back. It was smart of ketchapp to include challenges as well. My biggest personal complaint is that music will not play while the app is running. Other than that there is no consistency in the way ads are presented. When it’s an ad for a ketchapp app it’s as if they know no boundaries with how they advertise. It’s much too difficult to continue playing the game when an ad for ketchapp comes up.

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    It’s good, but there’s just one thing about it....

    I love the app! It’s easy and challenging at times, and also fun! I do like it a lot and would’ve rated it five stars if it weren’t for the ads... don’t get me wrong, It’s alright if the app has just a few ads once in a while, I don’t mind it, but once it gets to much more than that, that it interrupts you during a game, I definitely have to mind it. You can’t to do that all the time, Ketchapp...I like you’re games, I really do! But that’s really something you need to improve, and I know why you do it, so you can get money...but it’s a horrible way to, and it needs to stop.

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    I don’t usually write reviews...

    But this game, I’ve become addicted to it but there’s something that got me mad (currently happening) and something that happened before. Sometimes, when I watch an ad for free balls during the challenges, I watch the ad but sometimes it doesn’t give me the balls, just the give up and restart option after watching it! Another thing is that one day is fine and the next day, the balls that I’ve won doing Challenges, normal, etc... are all gone! Even tho I’m in 95 percent!

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    Cool little hoops game but beware of in app purchase.

    The game itself is a cool concept and the high score mechanic harkens back to the old arcade days. So some will love it and some hate it. Personally I love the concept and I enjoy playing this game very much. The BIG caution here is the in app purchase. There is an in app purchase for $1.99 that claims it “removes ads”. While it removes the bulk of ads in the game during gameplay it does not remove ads if you want to continue your game. This is not clear ANYWHERE in the text for the purchase. Probably better to skip the in app purchase. I will likely log a complaint to Apple on this so that they will clear up the language as well.

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    Can’t Continue

    Overall this is a great aiming game, and lots of fun. My only problem with it is that when I miss a basket, it offers to let me continue (by watching an add) or start over. So when I reached a high score, obviously I pressed continue and watched an add. But it didn’t let me continue!!! It started over! I could’ve just pressed “start over” without watching an add if I wanted to start over! But no, I want to continue, but it won’t let me. Even after I watch the add, it starts me over every time. It always does this. Please fix this frustrating problem!!!

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Is Dunk Shot Safe?

Yes. Dunk Shot is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 10,298 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Dunk Shot Is 42.9/100.

Is Dunk Shot Legit?

Yes. Dunk Shot is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 10,298 Dunk Shot User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Dunk Shot Is 42.9/100.

Is Dunk Shot not working?

Dunk Shot works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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