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Published by on 2024-01-31

About: Tap to jump into as many hoops as possible. Collect skins and achieve crazy

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Developer: VOODOO

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit Flappy Dunk Website

Reported Issues: 6 Comments

4.6 out of 5

By Katie Martin

1 year ago

I ordered the premium subscription for $2.99 and it is still showing me ads can you help me get the ads off of my game.

By Denis Michaud

1 year ago

I bought the premium version for $3.99. Still getting the annoying ads. If it doesn’t stop I’ll be needing a refund. I think I may have paid twice

By Poopy

1 year ago

This suck!

By GraceMarie34

Dear Developers...

Overall this game is sorta fun. But here are some of my recommendations. The first thing is way too many ads. This is a VERY common thing I see in voodoo games. Now I get ads get you money, but I just feel like theirs way too many ads. When I was 13 I got the no ad on one of the voodoo games and I still got ads. Like geez. The second thing I wanna mention is that this literally copied flappy bird. If you ever played flappy bird, you know this game is JUST like flappy bird. But this game just literally stole the whole concept. You could have found some way to be original but nope. This game literally copied the icons. Copying is also a big issue I see in voodoo games. The final thing I would like to mention is it’s so hard to shop. The icons are so tiny. This was a reason why I deleted flappy bird. I bet a big majority of the people that have downloaded this game didn’t even know how to shop. Like make the icon bigger. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Also, please add more balls and wings. Maybe even add crates! Also I would like an option to disable the wings. That’s all! Overall great game but I deleted it.

By 🐧🐧🐧penguin🐧🐧🐧

Used to be my favorite game

I used to love flappy dunk but recently it started crashing a lot and now I can barely play it. I’ve also noticed that there are way too many ads, like one after every 3-4 rounds. I beat all normal challenges but mirror mode just makes me nauseous so there’s no point in challenges anymore and I have almost every skin but the rainbow hoop and it’s almost impossible to get. To get it you need to beat every challenge using the rainbow ball, but I beat all the challenges before I got the rainbow ball and I’m having trouble beating them a second time so it’s just frustrating to try and earn it. This is after playing for 2-3 weeks like 15 minutes a day so it’s a great game but it gets boring really fast. If you’re looking for this kind of game then you could get flappy dunk but be prepared to delete it after about a month. I wish they would stop it from crashing and add more normal mode challenges also they should make skins easier to earn once they do I think I’ll give this game a positive review because it used to be amazing this is all I have to say

By poopy pants13687329855

This game is so unprofessional

Look- I’m sorry but this game only loses customers, but providing adds that people CAN see then want to buy those games I’m sorry but this isn’t a good game some of the challenges are in fact impossible no matter how many times me and my work colleagues have tried it this game deserves a bad review but it also can help develop strategies for others so at the same time I do indeed love this game with 1/3 of my heart, I find that funny! I really hope this game can live on and fixes all the bugs but I still wanted to say this is a good game ignoring what I said before i also respect everyone else’s opinions about this game wether they thing this game is good or bad I can see that people have different perspectives and personalities- so in conclusion to that I thing that part of the reason I don’t like this game is that it frustrating to not get it in the hoop! But other then that this game is lovely and wonderful, I am very glad that game has been sent out for all the little ones all the older ones and middle ones have been able to enjoy this game! I have a lot of work during the day getting ready for many of the jobs I have been preparing for so it is also possible that it piles on stress so if I really honest this game deserves a 3 or 4 rating so I recommend all of y’all out there get flappy dunk! Sincerely, fellow flappy dunk player jk I LOVE this game

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