Newsvoice - USA & World News Reviews

Newsvoice - USA & World News Reviews

Published by on 2020-11-05

The news is broken In the US, nine out of ten news stories are controlled by
only five corporations. Unbiased news with no political leaning, and different
perspectives, is exceedingly difficult and time-consuming to find. It’s time
to fix the news. Together. Change the news, the worl...

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Newsvoice - USA & World News Reviews

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    Not bad. Needs tweeking

    I just started using the app so i could be missing a bit but to that note: if I’m not finding it despite looking for it; thats an issue for me as a user. I really like the idea of this app. I only had a FB for its use as a news aggregator and this could fill in nicely. It could also do a lot to disrupt the soup sandwich that is modern journalism. However, i really wish i could search for topics as well as downvote both comments and articles (i dont care but it might help with accurate feedback to make the up/down voting anon). Some of these are poorly written with terrible grammar and some are biased. Down voting would aid in holding journalists accountable. It would also help if alerts could some how be shown when corrections or updates were shown to readers; especially readers of the initial article since that is an issue. For casual news gleaning, the sight is great but as a means to fix the news which is what it was advertised as; needs some more features. But overall really enjoying it. Thx.

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    The most important news app I’ve found

    News these days is... manipulative. It always has been but it’s difficult to get news that doesn’t skew the story to a cartoonish amount these days. This app gathers all versions that it can of a single story AND it tells you any bias the article has. If it’s Left leaning, Right leaning, it even has labels that tell you the writer’s bias if it’s nothing political, like Tech or Canadian (come on, you know they have that evil Canadian bias with their maple syrup and their meese) Honestly, I’m glad I was introduced to this app.

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    More of a social outrage site than actual news

    I saw this ad and thought it was probably too good to be true, and it was. Did not know until I started using it that I needed to log in with a google account to comment. After reading comments on stories I’m glad I could not comment. Wanted to see news with less social outrage and more stories of actual news. That did not happen here. In the first article I read were comments about “snowflakes”. Read an article about cnn and comments were about fake news and glad it happened. Next, started articles about immigrants and voters. I looked for comments about technology and there were usually none. There was one story about a woman sitting on her husband or something like that. There were 69 comments and was just people making all kinds of one liner fat jokes. Not sure this app will go very far if you let people spend more time saying nasty stuff and spending more time on that than actually reading stories.

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    Can’t See Edit History, No Moderation Transparency

    When one user writes a new headline or summary, it just replaces the previous one with no indication that it was replaced or any indication of the edit history. This is worse than Wikipedia, where at least we could see edit history. I have encountered strong conservative bias in the moderation process. I have had my summaries rejected for being “biased” when all I am doing is quoting senators on what they actually said. I don’t think that the mods actually read the sources, they are just like any average person, they judge with their gut, not their intellect. Where can we see any information around who rejected a title/summary and why? I am also seeing summaries approved which are clearly biased towards the right, which are not grounded in the facts of the stories at all. The app’s design incentivizes sensationalized summaries: users submit exaggerated clickbait titles, moderators do not fact-check and so it gets approved, lots of people vote because they are outraged. Ultimately title may get edited to be correct, but a persistent user can continue to edit the title/summary to be misleading. And mods are approving this inaccurate stuff. Also, if I cancel a draft comment it is deleted. This is frustrating if I cancel by accident and lose my work.

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    Email security threat

    I actually like this app but it has two problems one of which is inexcusable. The minor problem is that as far as I can see there is no option to sort by new so you can be stuck with the same top rated stories for days on end. Now I refuse to sign into the app and there may be a way to do this if you do sign in but that is the second problem. You don’t make an account with this app but instead sign in with your email account. This wouldn’t be a problem if it launched your browser in a separate window to sign in and link your account. How it actually works is you sign into your email directly through the app itself making your email password visible to the app. Wether or not the devs are collecting your email password is irrelevant, the fact is they easily could which is an inexcusable security breach.

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    Despite the claim to be an “unbiased news feed,” Newsvoice comments destroy this entire idea

    First off let me start by saying that I love the idea. I appreciate the ability to see a news story from multiple viewpoints as it is very eye opening to see how different sources spin it. However, every single political story is plagued by very blatantly right leaning content. For whatever reason it seems as if many right leaning people out there have found themselves in this community for whatever reason and it has created a hive-mind in the comment section that becomes unbearable. I got this app to get away from biased opinions and adding a comment section only leaves an easy route for those biased opinions to be shared.

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    Running into a Technical Issue.

    Now I really want to like this app. I’d like a place where I can read my news without any bias. My issue isn’t with what this app is about, it’s with just a technical issue I’m running into. There are times when I get a notification of an article, and being interested to read it I click, only to have it sit on the bright blue screen with no article in sight. It just freezes on the blue screen when you open the app. This has happened twice already, and I even tried closing the app and reopening, no luck. Got so annoying I ended up just googling the title of the article I wanted to read. Really hope you guys fix this.

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    News aggregation or agitation?

    In use several news aggregator apps as I get a lot out of seeing the news presentations of various media dealing with the same topic. I learned of this app on a left-leaning podcast and was attracted by claims of “unbiased” and “crowd-sourced”. Without going into the way stories were possibly pushed, I was stunned when reviewing the comments. Almost without exception, comments on nearly any topic seem to be created by extreme right-wing trolls, or the Internet Research Agency. In reading previous reviews, the developers have been claiming for quite a long time that they are trying to find a way to produce more balanced comments. As of the time I deleted this app, they have failed to police or balance the overwhelmingly racist, misogynistic, and alternate reality commenters.

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    Unbiased, and interpersonal

    This has to be the first of a wave of new media sources to come in the future. A collective of news sources ranging from both end of the spectrum, with many linked sources allows you to really get a grip on what’s happening in the world. Though I don’t suggest you rely ever on one entity to get all your information and that you should always do your own research this app will give you a hint of what’s happening in the world and allow you to start your search for true knowledge on global events.

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    Great Idea With Funky Mechanics

    Newsroom does an excellent job of giving the jist of hot topic, and even underrated, issues at an unbiased stance by linking articles set at a variety of interpretations. However, commenting on stories is a little faulty because you cannot comment on reply messeges. In addition to this, better organization may be needed to group up different stories instead of spacing them out by upvote. A search bar to look for specific topics would also help. Regardless, I would recommend downloading the app seeing as though it is still fairly new and had room to improve.

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    You won’t always be reading objectively, but...

    You won’t always be reading objectively, but that’s only because of how fairly represented each major political angle is sourced properly from this news hub. It’s the raw honesty about which is which that’s most satisfying in my opinion. It’s all very well balanced; we just need more honest folks from all the smaller political subdivisions to share their own news and their own perspectives and opinions and principles and engage in some healthy respectable debate. Free speech is fully honored.

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    Curated news that does its best to show biases

    This app is great as it uses its users to bring news from many points of view and does its best at pointing out the slant the source is known for. I have brought many friends to this app as it lets you see how both sides report on an issue. Typically you take what both sides have in common and what ever falls outside tends to be editorializing. Of course there are exceptions. This app provides the sources and it is up to your use of critical thinking to pull the truth out!

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    Good app for getting news

    I like the app and I've been using it for little over a month at this point. I like that it sorts everything based on the article's bias, ans the only problem I have is that they don't have a way to sort the articles by the date they are posted. Instead I get them all jumbled up with articles being two hours old in front of articles that are one hour old

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    Right Wing Trolls and Incorrect Labeling

    The comments section is completely overrun by right wing trolls. It gives the entire environment seem unbalanced. I’m also not sure how the news sources are labeled as “left” or “right” and would disagree with several of the labels assigned to news outlets. Overall there are more conservative sources than actually liberal ones (and liberal should not be confused with false neutrality) and adding those would help considerably. I also wish articles that are blatantly incorrect or clearly spin had an ability to be flagged by users and that to be shown with an icon or something. Seems like a good idea but needs work.

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    Great, unbiased news

    Love this app. First, there are no ads. Second, you can read news headlines from multiple different sources including right wing left wing and center as well as international coverage. Much more than what apple news will give you. Great app. Highly recommended. Not a huge fan of the commenting and stuff, but it’s easily ignored and does not impact the quality of the app.

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