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Listed below are our top recommendations on how to get in contact with YouTube TV. We make eduacted guesses on the direct pages on their website to visit to get help with issues/problems like using their site/app, billings, pricing, usage, integrations and other issues. You can try any of the methods below to contact YouTube TV. Discover which options are the fastest to get your customer service issues resolved..
The following contact options are available: Pricing Information, Support, General Help, and Press Information/New Coverage (to guage reputation).

NOTE: If the links below doesn't work for you, Please go directly to the Homepage of Google LLC

100% Contact Match

Developer: Google LLC

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit YouTube TV Website

100% Contact Match

Developer: Google LLC

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit Google LLC Website

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3.7 out of 5

By margarate henderson

3 weeks ago

YouTube TV Customer Support Service Phone Number (833) 756-4415 YouTube TV Customer Service Phone Number (833) 756-4415, Email Contact Help Get Help when You Need it. YouTube TV is an excellent replacement for your cable TV. It offers popular TV network programming, movies, news, and more. However, there are times when you’ll find YouTube TV is not working. How to Get Customer Support From YouTube TV, Hulu and Other Streaming Services YouTube TV is money expert Clark Howard‘s favorite live TV streaming service, but they don’t necessarily make it easy to get help if you run into an issue. As you would expect from a company owned by Google, much of YouTube TV’s support network is web-based. You many have to do some searching to get your answer. If you can’t find what you need online, there are a couple of other options that may get you help from a real person. Advertisement Online If you’re having an issue, the first thing to do is to head to this YouTube TV Help page. There, you can type in your issue to see if it can be resolved online. YouTube TV Help On this page you will also find the answers to frequently asked questions about available channels, supported devices, billing and more. If you still can’t find your answer, you can contact YouTube here to get further help +1833 756 4415. Once you let YouTube know what your specific issue is, you will be given options for how you would like to be contacted. YouTube TV Help As you can see, the options are phone, chat or email. YouTube does not let you reach out to them via these methods. They will reach out to you instead. Phone Google advertises a Customer Support number online, but it is not staffed. You will need to let them call you if you would like to speak to someone +1833 756 4415. Chat Same here — you will need to let a chat agent reach out to you. Email Again, you will need to let Google/YouTube email you if you would like to communicate this way +1833 756 4415. Social Media We did find one other option for potentially getting YouTube TV support +1833 756 4415. Twitter The official YouTube TV twitter account says you get support for YouTube TV from the Twitter account linked above, although it appears that Twitter account is mostly focused on the original YouTube product, so your mileage may vary +1833 756 4415. How to Contact YouTube TV Customer Support and Get Help Fast! First, log in to YouTube TV from a computer and click the question mark icon in the upper right corner. From the mobile app, tap your profile icon and then select Help. When you select Contact Us, YouTube TV requires you to go through a few steps before you can reach a live person to call directly +1833 756 4415. Here’s what to do: Describe the issue you’re having with YouTube TV Follow the prompts and click Next Review the suggested help documents and continue Select a way to communicate with customer support There are three main ways to get help from YouTube TV. You can request a callback, live chat with a support specialist or email the team and wait for a response. YouTube TV does not have a customer service phone number for you to call. To speak to a human by phone, your only option is to request a callback +1833 756 4415. Unless there is a long wait time, I would recommend either the callback or live chat options +1833 756 4415 How to Contact YouTube TV Customer Service If you’re having trouble with your YouTube TV account, there are a few ways to get help quickly. You can chat, email or speak with a customer service representative. How To Call YouTube TV Customer Service YouTube, the popular video-sharing platform, hosts billions of videos and serves millions of users every day. With such a large user base, some users may inevitably face issues that require contacting YouTube’s customer service. However, unlike many other digital service providers, YouTube does not offer traditional phone-based customer service. Instead, it provides a variety of alternative support methods to assist its users. This guide will provide detailed steps on how to access these services. One of his many services, YouTube TV, has quickly become a popular choice for many users, offering a range of live TV.

By Dale kuypers

2 months ago

CBS SUNDAY MORNING does not show under recently recorded on day of program. It appears later in week. Why is that?

By Nellie Smith

4 months ago

I live in Weaver, AL 36277 NOT zip code 29682. Cannot watch YouTubeTv because it says I don't live here. Please fix this problem. I have followed the instructions: "to change your home area". Getting very frustrated because nothing I do is working. I would love it if someone would call me immediately @ 256-454-2230. I have done the Chat Room already. No satisfaction. Thank you for your prompt service.

By Richard Follwill

6 months ago

i need help i need a contact number for youtube i am old an dont really understand how too fix my problem witch is i am getting a playback error on my live tv my phone number is 417_294-4124 please call i understand a human better -

By Bradley Alexander

8 months ago

I canceled my youtube subscription two and a half months ago but am still getting charged. Please cancel my subscription and refund me two months of the charges. Thank you, Bradley Alexander

By Arline A Bacon

9 months ago

freezes often, circle goes round and round, or won't play next video, this is getting annoying. I have rebooted the TV often, helps for short time. I have a great 75" Samsung smart tv. why does it keep doing this. Also have the Gateway router from Xfinity, picture quality is fantastic, just this freezing is getting frustrating


9 months ago


By Sharyn Welch

10 months ago

How do I change my credit card number?

By Deb Sherman

11 months ago

I am having to reenter youtube tv every time I turn on my TV. This is unacceptable. I am watching my bank account because according to what I have read in other people's comments, they are being charged every time they turn on their tv and have to re-enter youtube tv, this is happening to them also.

By Caroline Richie

1 year ago

Very strange how you make it so difficult to cancel! Will find a way to let the fans know how you have no customer service. Good at taking money tho! You are just like the rest of the vultures.

By James Stewart

1 year ago

Changed credit cards and the service has been suspended. Need to reestablish service.

By Bettie Sue Sumner

1 year ago

Where do I change my credit card number.

By Elizabeth Maldonado

1 year ago

I had a very interesting conversation with someone who claimed was youtube tv customer service. I tried to cancel my subscription and the number I reached out to was 1866-986-8239. They claimed they could not cancel my subscription and they asked me to download an app called Daydesk, then they asked me to open my amazon account after I refused, they asked me to open my Zelle account. I thought it was kind of fishy. This sounded more like a scam to me so they can access my personal information. Amazon and Zelle has nothing to do with youtube tv if I want to cancel a subscription. Youtube tv needs to have more information on how to cancel a subscription. If anything happens with my personal information. I will hold you tube responsible. I tried to cancel it through my app on my phone and I also tried to cancel it through my TV app. Does anyone know how to cancel if all the resources are not available? This is rediculous!

By Samuel Partin

1 year ago

I have been double billed (up to 7 times) even after canceling You tube. Can't talk to anybody to get this straighten this out, HELP!!!

By kevin lance pierce

1 year ago

i need to cancel my free trail subscription

By Marcia Kernoskky

1 year ago

I am new to Utube TV i have questions 1 how to delete a program you just watched without cancellling the other episodes 2 i watched a movie and the last ten minutes of it was not recorded

By Tammy Zinn

1 year ago

started trial acct never got to watch it , was told to resign in under google acct or create new one dont remember but I started to get billed twice per month since July 2022 and finally had to cancel Youtubetv because didnt want a Dec 22 charges in duplicate as well. I tried to contact you guys about duplicate charges that are over 200.oo and still want to be credited for them. ALL i get instead is more advertisement emails trying to get me to resubscribe. WHAT and insult. I will be going through my credit card company and my attorney general about this practice. Your guys are a black eye to your industry. If you dont hire ppl who care you will be gone.

By Tonia Louise Reed

1 year ago

I permanently changed my area to Austin Texas with an zip code of 76539. I didn't know there was a message stating that I needed to change it by January 30, 2023. I can't watch any of my channels/shows. Please fix this right away or it will result in me canceling my subscription. I tried everything I could in the help center. Thank you, Tonia Reed

By Kerry Marvin

1 year ago

So I received your email as to your "contract disagreement" with MLB. I previously fired cable and Dish because they kept having these "contract" issues with channels I watched and discontinued their programming. Will YOU be next? I suggest you get your crap together and hammer out a deal with MLB. KAM

By Anthony DaSilva

1 year ago

I have 3 TVs in my home and all of them have access to Youtube TV. How many other TVs (family members not living with me) can I add to my account?

By James Barfield

1 year ago

Canceled subscription months ago and still getting charged but no service.

By Edwin Coppola

1 year ago

I am being charged every month since Oct21 64.99 for service. I tried the10 day free trial in late Sept. or so and cancelled immediately when I found that youtube tv was not providing the show I was looking for. When I was charged on Oct 21, in the amount of 64.99, I finally got in touch with a real person who said he investigated and found no evidence that I had an account. He claimed I would be refunded and assured me I would not be charged again. Next I was charged 64.99 AGAIN on Nov. 21. I contacted youtube tv again and went through the same process and your rep spent over a week with his 'investigative team' and still said they couldn't find an account even after I sent him screen shots of the withdrawals youtube tv took from my account. I was dismissed and told to contact my bank. I did and it took them 3 minutes to find our phone # connected to the youtube account. Today I have just been charged AGAIN 64.99. I don't understand how your "investigative team" has "investigated" twice and says they don't have a record of our account but can miraculously find it to erroneously charge it. This is a fraudulent scam and outright stealing. It's impossible to find a contact phone number to actually talk a person. Please contact me at 404-543-2940

By barbara brickley

1 year ago

need to continue my account...husband is deceased and dont know how he paid so i need to add my credit card

By Jim Chadwick

1 year ago

I am a people person and would prefer to talk to someone than typing messages back and fourth..Is there a way that I can talk to a rep. get my questions answered and then sign up?

By Kenneth Cole

1 year ago

The Youtube tv app will not open on my smart tv even though it will open fine on my computer and iPad. I called a support number I was give but have not heard back in 3 days.

By David Strine

1 year ago

When I click on the YouTube app on my television screen, the screen goes black. I'm paying for a service that I can not get!!!!

By Frank Charles Terzigni Jr

1 year ago

Cancelled youtube tv on 9-24 but still got billed for $58.29?? Also T=Mobile said we had 3 months free???

By Rob gilbert

1 year ago

I think someone has got all my bank etc service thru you I need contact someone in youtube tv find out info

By Ron R Bowens

1 year ago

Your company continue to charge my account for service that was cancelled back in March 2022 (Premium service) in the amount of $11.99 I have requested on several occasions for your company to cancel this, but nothing is working. I asked that this service be cancelled before the trail period ended, back in March, but nothing has happened. there is no account number associated with the billing, this is just a rip off, once your company got my bank account information, that's all you wanted and needed. I will see you in court. I hope others see and read this and join me in a Class Action suit against your company. Date: 09-25-2022 Ron Bowens ronbowens@redacted

By Ronald Charlton

1 year ago

I was billed twice for utube tv (8/15/2022 and 8/22/2022). Both at $69.08. Please correct this mistake.

By Stephen Duane Jarrell

1 year ago

I have been double charged during the months of June, July and August of 2022. Who do I contact to correct this?

By Jo Richardson

1 year ago

On August 1-2, I was charged $64.99. Then on August 5-6 I was again charged for $64.99. I cannot find anywhere or anyone that I can talk to regarding this. I see a lot of pry here with dame problems. Please get back to me with an answer as to why I’m being double billed and can’t reach a live person. Thank you. If anyone has gotten any results in regards to the double billing I’d love to hear from you. Jo Richardson 406-860-1530

By Cynthia Trower

1 year ago

I too am having the double billing issue. I signed up on May 16, was billed on that date and again on May 17. Billed again on June 16, twice. I have tried to dispute the charge and they say it is valid. IT IS NOT!!!! So frustrating not to be able to speak to someone. PLEASE HELP!!! So far on July 16, I am only seeing one billing, but the month is not over.

By Hans A. van Olden

1 year ago

2 of our 5 TV's on U-Tube TV thru ROKU have lost the channel and tell us to resign on with a code at and when we go to that their is NO place to enter the code. My Husband chatted with an online person and after a few minutes it said to continue chatting we need to charge you a dollar and asks for our CC #, WE PAY $75.00 a month for U-Tube TV and should NOT have to pay another penny for help. if you cannot help us with our issues we will cancel you!!!

By Terry Briscoe

1 year ago

Lots and lots of buffering ! Sometimes it works , sometimes it doesn't. Very frustrating! Other apps work just fine!

By Paul Burton

1 year ago

Cbs local and national not working Says my home tv is out of its area?? Cannot communicate with Utubetv

By Diane morsey

1 year ago

Having trouble with current playback area, I live in Connecticut and would like to get Connecticut news stations, at first it was fine and were receiving CT news, the zip code was 06477 Hartford - New Haven, then all of a sudden it jumped to the New York stations, I can’t reassign the area code it says I have to be in that area (Hartford - New Haven), I live in Danbury CT and was okay with the Hartford zip, do not want New York news. Please help.

By Len Gerstner

1 year ago

Our TV's keep switching areas and have our "local" channels from another state, even though all settings are correct for the Dallas/FtWorth area. I need this corrected ASAP. We use our local news channels to monitor bad weather.

By Robert Falkoski

1 year ago

what with the increase to 70dollars

By Edward Smith

1 year ago

Our TV's keep switching areas and have our "local" channels from another state, even though all settings are correct for the Dallas/FtWorth area. I need this corrected ASAP. We use our local news channels to monitor bad weather.

By John Sherlock

2 years ago

I am not receiving stations for my area. We are receiving station for West VIRGINIA area, area 41121. Our area is for Central Kentucky, area code is 40517. How can it be changed to area code 40517, from area code 41121? Thank you, John SHERLOCK

By Duane Edward Vallee

2 years ago

Have been double charge for the last three months I would like a credit for these over charges.

By james walter

2 years ago

Double charged. Trying to solve problem with no success.

By Trichia Swan

2 years ago

I just paid $19.99,for ghost busters afterlife,but never received the movie and you took out money from my account what is going on?

By Sabrina L Taylor

2 years ago

Why do i have to sign in often??

By Leila

2 years ago

Our YouTube tv has been buffering for 2 days. We have reset and everything.. please help

By Robert Wilson

2 years ago

All I want is to cancel my youtube tv subscription and its a nightmare - online or phone. Please help !!

By Kenneth

2 years ago

i need to talk to someone about my programs on my tv shows im not getting what they say im not getting

By Brenda Brown

2 years ago

You took off ABC and the ESPN channels a couple of weeks ago and brought them back 2 days later. I still don't get these channels on the live portion of You tube TV. I get them on the Home side of the programming. What going on with this? I take it that I am still being fully charged for the service. Please contact me as soon as possible. Thanks

By tina kridler

2 years ago

double billed dec 6, dec20. need this fixed please

By Richard Barker

2 years ago

I am trying to cancel my youtubetvsubscription. I have tried to do it online.When I thought perhaps I had accomplished this,I tried to confirm I had. However it indicated thanks for reinstating the membership to which I did not agree. Being in my mid 80's I unfortunately lack the skill to get much accomplished electronically. Would it be possible for a person to call me @ (727)726-3426? To accomplish this cancellation. Thank you ! Richard Barker.

By allison congdon

2 years ago

I have been being doubled billed each month for the last 4 mo I have emailed them tried calling and have no way of contacting them very sucky customer service

By Linus Goldsteinn

2 years ago

I am getting billed twice for You Tube TV. My credit statements for September and October of 2021 show $64.99 on 9/19/21 and then $54.99 on 9/26 and on my October 2021 statement for $64.99 on 10/19 $64.99 and then for $54.99 on 10/27. How did this happen? I'm expecting the same on my November 2021 bill which I haven't received yet, but that's $109.98 I would like credited for those two months. Please get back. It is very difficult to find a private way to contact the correct department.

By Deborah J Morley

2 years ago

Looks like someone else has access to our account. I got a message to update our account. So when I try and have several times. I am livened out because it says it bus is not my account. Someone else email comes up ami……[email protected]. Please Help. We pay our bill only for us to use not anyone else. Please fix issue or we will have cancel. My number is 901-671-5017. Recently my purse was stolen so this concerns me a great deal. Please contact me. 901-671-5017 or 902-6715318 or e-mail ….. debjmorley@redacted ASAP. Thank you

By Johnny B Handley

2 years ago

Need to change payment method. Card on file have been cancelled. Hoh do i change payment method?

By Frank Townsend

2 years ago

Frank Townsend Nov 3, 2021, 6:10 PM to YouTube On October 30, 2021 ftownsend818@redacted wrote: To whom it may concern: First, if I am in the wrong place please point me to the right department to get my issue resolved. The issue being that I am getting charged for a YouTubeTV account that was cancelled. There is absolutely no way to contact a "live" customer service representative at YouTubeTV, and I have already reported the first unauthorized charge on their website with no response back from them. It basically just says the claim was not paid. I am still getting billed for my son's YouTubeTV account after he cancelled his free subscription within the promotional date. I had to go so far as to cancel my credit card to stop losing money. I disputed the charges with CITIbank but YouTube's bank would not refund my money even after seeing the attached email below from YouTubeTV saying my free subscription was up and cancelled within the promotional date so as not to get charged. I have since been hit with two more additional changes for $58.43. I have been charged a total of $175.29 for services that I did not get. I am trying to recoup the lost money over this misunderstanding. Please let me know what the next steps should be. Thanks, Frank Townsend 469-673-6871

By Velma shipler

2 years ago

I have YouTube TV and we live in Wisconsin just had a Madison at ZIP Code 53949 and for some reason my TV has Minneapolis for local channels I went in and tried to change it it looks like it’s changed but I’m still getting the Minneapolis stationsCan you help me

By theresa stroede

2 years ago

Im being charged 68.00 twice a month I dont understand and would like to be refunded for last 3 months

By Jim Rogers

2 years ago

Keep getting a message that reads as follows ( THE APP WILL RESTART TO FREE UP MORE MEMORY). Keeps popping up all the time cannot get to any programs.

By kevin millsap

2 years ago

had been rolling along with youtube tv and then account was locked. bill is paid every month. all of our dvr recordings are still there but there are locks on all the channels.

By Terry Dunlap

2 years ago

I'm needed some one to call me about my refund please. Its been 2 weeks haven't got it yet. Claim ID 8267-1323-8781.Please give me a call at 573-281-6423.

By WIlliam Shepler

2 years ago

My debit card I used to pay for the service was compromised. It was locked and I was issued a new one. I need to update my billing information but your process doesn't work. I get a message asking why I am cancelling. I am not cancelling you just trying to update my payment card so you get paid. Call me at 9312202667 to help fix this issue. Dont wait to long to contact me. Other apps are looking good right now.

By Darla S Tribulato

2 years ago

I need someone to call me back. I had suspicious activity on my bankcard and the bank put a hold on my account until I verified it was a good charge. Meanwhile YouTube tried to charge my account for my service. The charges were declined as a result. Im trying to get my service back on and it keeps asking for a back up card. I do not have a back up charge card. Just charge the card!

By michael story

2 years ago

getting double billed for you tube tv. once for 68.50 on sept 27 and then on oct 1 for 57 .96. please contact me or call

By Peter D Bartholomew

2 years ago

Trying to sign up for youtube tv 30 day trial and link is"nt working????

By Steven Standish

2 years ago

I cannot open youtube tv I have a current account with google utube tv and I cannot open utube both on my smart tv Can you help me to resolve this issue?


2 years ago

why have you billed us twice aug.30 & again on sept.14 ???

By S. Wolfe

2 years ago

I use YouTube TV on my Samsung smart TV using a Firestick. It worked fine for a few weeks. Now it will work for a little while then start buffering. I have deleted and reinstalled the ap with no change. What can I do to resolve this problem? Thank you.

By Michael Jordan

2 years ago

I am sick and tired of this area crap. I have my account set up for my home address and I should be able to watch whatever I can see at home anywhere on the frigging planet that I can get access to the internet. Now its telling me that because I am out of my local home area that I cant watch the Alabama football can which I have in my library to be recorded in case I miss it, but now it wont let me because I am out of my home area. I am sick to death of this, I am paying yall a lot of money for your service and should be able to see it from ANYWHERE that I am!!!! Yall need to fix this and rapidly. What is the frigging deal with this area crap anyway and why does it matter where on the planet that I am, you are broad casting it on the internet, I have it set to be recorded, why cant I watch it from out of my home area???

By Beverly Ferrell

2 years ago

I received a message saying my credit card is about to expire. I don't show it is. Can you give me more detail about that?

By Daryl Mayfield

2 years ago

I changed phones but you tube tries to contact my old galaxy x7. I am trying to sign in to fix you tube tv that has a roku device for streaming.

By Jennifer L Snyder

2 years ago

Hello, Please help. I Can not access it! I can't even get on UTTV now. It just circles. It use to just crash, but now nothing. Please refund me my money and stop my account. Jennifer Snyder mnjennifers@redacted 908-764-8494

By Leo Robillard

2 years ago

I don't receive local stations. My home zip-code is not associated with my home TV. Each time I go online and change it to my home zip-code, it last no more than two(2) weeks before my home TV resorts back to a different zip-code in another state. If this dose not end soon, I'm going back to local cable TV to get the news in my own back yard!

By Juan Rius

2 years ago

I would like to bring about an issue I continuously come across most times. However today being the most troublesome. I went to watch the Yankee's game against, whomever on whichever feed. I usually pick the game up already in progress and choose to watch from the beginning. Your services restricts me to watching your ads before going to the program. I've fast forwarded to which I don't have a problem with. My problem is after the first ad is finished your ad locks up and I cannot fast forward or rewind. I'm forced to have to go back to the menu and select the program again with three options the first being go live, catch up by key plays or resume from last watch. Naturally I chose to resume from last watch only to have to watch another ad, again no problem. However the problem repeats itself with another ad being locked up again at the end prompting me to go through the whole process over and over with the same ad over and over. The above prompt stating the amount of ads required to watch 1of 9. The furthest I've was able to reach was 7 for it to lock up again and then resetting itself back to 6. Needless to say the frustration has boiled over to using the MLB app and not your services because I'm able to fast forward, rewind no problems whatsoever. This is very troublesome for me considering the additional amount I'm paying to watch only to have your services repeatedly lock itself up with no resolution. I am watching your service on Toshiba FireTv on the youtube tv app with no other problems with any other programs or apps only MLB baseball games. I understand how sponsorship and ads work but what I don't understand is the continuous problems that exist with no resolution on my end. I've cleared the cache, forced stopped of the app, restart the app only to see the same problem throughout. Clearly the ads are very important but so is the program I've paid for. At some point the program must start and the ads must end. My assumption is an issue with your software because it doesn't recognize me watching the ad without freezing and forcing me to go through the route of selecting another program only to return to the original selected program and be faced with the same problem. I've been quite happy with your service but this may actually prompt to look elsewhere for a service without such issues. I've had PSVue and never encountered these kinds of problems as well as Directv streaming services with this being most recent than any other time. So I wanted to bring to your attention the problem I'm facing hopefully to bring about awareness of the continued issues. Hopefully this helps with your support department on this issue. Thank You

By Joe Hatcher

2 years ago

one of my tv will not open YouTube it lock the work fine

By jeff combs

2 years ago

i was locked out of youtube tv,i was given a # to call to fix problem,after all said and done the man said i owe $150 for his services is this normal procedure?? please responded quickly..

By Robert Lundy / Lori Lundy

2 years ago

I have some how lost my YouTube TV app on one ROKU device ? I need help in getting it back !!

By Sue Galewood

2 years ago

Non stop buffering tonight. I have been trying to watch TV for the last 3 hours.

By dave bunkers

2 years ago

I am getting double charged for the last 5 months, how can I get this resolved?

By Antoinette Smith

2 years ago

I was charged $70.99 this month. My subscription is for $64.99. Why am I being charged so much?

By Alex

2 years ago

I have T-Mobile and I’m suppose to be charged 63/month and I have been charged 101/month and I can’t reach anyone to get my payment refunded and changed.

By Darrell Hail

2 years ago

This app crashes or freezes CONSTANTLY on my Firestick. Go elsewhere is my humble advice. You can’t call anyone. There is no Interactive customer service in the app that is easily findable ( if there at all). Pick another streaming service.

By Christopher Bennett

2 years ago

I'm not receiving The CW channel on my subscription. Can you help?

By Robert Patterson

2 years ago

I signed up for an account and have received no confirmation and cannot access my channels.

By kevin Johnson

2 years ago

I am having problems paying and changing my billing info. my services were turned off and i am trying to pay and get them restored.

By Howard D Karloff

2 years ago

one of my TVs will not open YOU TUBE TV or You Tube.The other TVs work ok. Problem just happened.

By Herbert Russell

2 years ago

We canceled this service over a month ago and we are still being billed 68.36 per month. Please discontinue these payments. This seems like a scam and I will take other measures. DO NOT WITHDRAW ANY FURTHER PAYMENTS FROM MY ACCOUNT.

By Heinrich Seizl

2 years ago

I couldn't access YouTube TV for about 3 weeks in the month of May 2021. Thought I'd would try again to watch programs on YouTube TV, but now there's a lock on every channel. There was a notification at the top of the screen indicating that I need to contact them to remove a hold. I have no idea how to contact YouTube TV to resolve this issue. Can you help me to resolve the issue(s)? Thank you. Heinrich

By MatthewC21

Is this for real? More commercial time than actual show!

Am I missing somewhere here? 16-20 minutes of commercials PER BREAK! I am VERY glad I got a free trial because this is the worst streaming live TV app!! The selection is great & all of that but I just went to watch my first on demand show, after a few minutes the first commercial break started & I notice there is a counter in the top right hand corner saying there are 7 commercials ahead …. 7 in one break, the commercials are each 2-3 minutes each & there are 3 breaks per half hour show. Are you kidding me?!?! There is more commercial airtime than the actual show!! If each one is 2 minutes & 7 ads per break is 14 minutes of commercials, that happens 3 times during 1 show, that’s 42 minutes of commercials for a 26 minutes show ….. I can’t believe this app is still running & people are paying $70 a month to watch minutes of commercials in a 26 minute show, it’s absolutely ridiculous. Canceled it immediately

By sigbruner

Pretty amazing technology, but seriously flawed

I was hoping this app would suffice to replace my standard cable television, but unfortunately, I can’t watch an entire episode of anything without a video-killing bug ruining the whole thing. Specifically, about 3/4 of the way through a television series episode, the video glitches and odd things begin to happen: the audio track jumps to the beginning of the episode, the video freezes for a moment and then continues to play under the audio from the beginning. And then the advertisements! Oh goodness! For $50/month, I would expect fewer ads, but there they are every 10 minutes: 2 to 3 ads at a time. And guess what? When you have to close and re-open the app to find your place in the episode you were watching, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. You try to track through to the spot where you left off. The episode starts to play, and then a series of ads immediately kicks in. Missed your spot? More ads. It is infuriating and app breaking. I am using a first-generation iPad Pro, for what it’s worth.

By Deebuwo

Crashes too much!

I believe I was one of the first subscribers in my area. The app worked flawlessly, but not anymore. When watching recordings, the program regularly stops after 40 minutes regardless of program watched. The program then starts from the beginning. I have to restart my phone to continue watching from the interrupted part. Now when watching a show that is recording and if I don’t catch it from the beginning and ask the app to display it from the beginning, the show repeatedly starts over from the beginning on its own while I’m watching. It is extremely frustrating! My price is scheduled to increase to add more channels I don’t care to watch while the channels I inquired about having added haven’t been added and there is no communication about if they will be added. It seems like soon after I recommended the service and app, the reliability tanked. I’m not going to pay more for worse and not getting what I want. I use an iphone 8S plus with the most updated ios.

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