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Published by on 2023-12-12

About: VPN360 is user-friendly free VPN service delivering unlimited and dependable
privacy protection with an easy, one-click setup. We offer a free VPN tier that
covers basic protection needs and a premium subscription that offers advanced
features and capabilities.

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Contact e-Mail: [email protected]

100% Contact Match

Developer: TouchVPN Inc.

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit VPN 360 Website

85.71% Contact Match

Developer: Better Proxy

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit Better Proxy Website

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Reported Issues: 9 Comments

4.7 out of 5

By Kelcy Akinyemi

2 years ago

I had a subscription and i cancelled it immediately will i be getting my money back?

By Nick taylor

2 years ago

I got the free subscription but it charged me $50

By Ben Keith

2 years ago

I got the free week and it charged me for a year and it’s not letting me cancel it or get my money back can someone help me.

By <>

2 years ago

How Do You Cancel Subscription For Vpn 360????

By Pankaj

3 years ago

I am getting advertisement while using vpn360 even after i purchased premium subscription for 1year

By Bobby Guidroz

3 years ago

Used the VPN on my IPhone 12 Pro Max and had no issues because I use my computer to access social media and streaming apps. I began using social media and streaming and was denied, not in the US. Troubleshot, used your recommendations but still locked out. Removed app and all is well. Do not have this issue with other VPNs. Cancelled annual plan. Fix your product and allow real time access to techs.

By mo3991

Very lousy

Super slow super laggy super unreliable basically the moment I started using this service as a paid service I started to notice the little skimps here and there and overall I definately recommend that if you are planning on getting a year service go for the better ones out there and pay the extra 20$ get a year of something that’s actually fast. Something that actually works. I set my vpn and it’s like it’s not even on, except for when it takes an hour to load. You can’t even select the specific state you want to appear online from you can select only as broad as United States, but even that, doesn’t work well. I feel like I am totally unprotected on top of the super slow speed and lack of features, I went through and deleted a bunch of virusy mine attachment files I never even downloaded and have no idea where they from and how they stuck them self’s in my folders, honestly the extra money for the top end service is worth this app times a million.. maybe for people using the free version, as a free version it could be acceptable but I paid 36$ for a year and it’s too late for a refund, but you know sometimes you make “those” purchases where you gota step away count the loss and dump it in the trash where it belongs. I wrote this review for you reading for all people considering throwing your cash on vpn service, know the specs and read the review make informed decisions. ✌️

By Mr_diamond564


My school always blocks all social media like Snapchat, instagram etc. So I figured I could just use a VPN to get around this. I tried multiple different apps with them all being very slow. Most of them 1 mb/s. Then I tried this app and was getting speeds over 40 mb/s and at first I thought, “man this is impressive, some paid services can’t even do this”. But as time went on I became more suspicious if I was really using WiFi. Maybe, Just maybe this app was using my data. Turns out I was right 2 weeks later I get a text from my mobile service provider(at&t) with a message stating,”you have used 75% of your data”. Then I think to myself,”THERE NO WAY”. So I did what every frustrated person who data was almost gone would do, I checked how much I had used. It said I had used 7 GIGS OF DATA! I never use this much. Then I check my cellular data settings on my phone and it said VPN 360 had used 6 GB of data! How could this be I’m always on WiFi with this VPN. Then I thought,”this app must just be using my data, not WiFi.”. This must be how it gets those speeds around 40 mb/s. That is is why I wrote this, to let people know this app is a bunch of bull crap. It doesn’t use you WiFi at all it just eats up your mobile data even you think you using WiFi. Thank you for reading and I hope this deters anyone from making the mistake of using this disgusting app!

By dishearteneddreamer

Cheating VPN - Uses all of your data

DO NOT USE THIS VPN. I downloaded this VPN before I went on my trip to China and I was shocked at how amazingly fast it was. I had limited data of 3GB before I left. And over the course of the three weeks I was gone, I started getting messages of how much data I was using. When I saw that I had already used 1 full GB of data in less than 5 days, I panicked and thought it was my social media that kept downloading data onto my phone. So I decided to turn off my data when I went outside, which made it so that my parents couldn’t contact me. I would use the hotel’s WiFi with the VPN on so I could check everything. By 2 weeks ish, I realized that I had already passed my data limit BY A LOT. I had used 8.2 GB OF DATA!! Desperate, I couldn’t believe that my social media could have used this much. And when I checked, VPN 360 had used 5.4 GB OF DATA 😡😡 so I actually only used 2.8 GB. And most of the time, I used WiFi with everything. Therefore, it’s clear to me that even though you use WiFi, this VPN will not work unless you use let it use data. That is why it is so fast. Don’t use this VPN 🙅🏻‍♀️

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