Domino Master - Play Dominoes Reviews

Domino Master - Play Dominoes Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-05

About: Play Dominoes with friends with the Domino Master, a fast-paced, fantastic
multiplayer Dominoes Game! Play Dominoes in Multiplayer Mode Domino Master is
the best dominos game available today. Play 2 and 4 player domino games with
friends, family, and random opponents in real-time.

About Domino Master

What is Domino Master?

Domino Master is a multiplayer dominoes game that allows players to play 2 and 4 player domino games with friends, family, and random opponents in real-time. The game can be played online or offline, and players can challenge AI robots or other players. The game offers a variety of features, including statistic tracking, achievements, rankings, and mini-games. The game is free to download and play, but in-app purchases are available to enhance gameplay.



- Multiplayer mode for 2 and 4 player games

- Play with Facebook friends or as a guest

- All Fives dominoes gameplay

- Three levels of opponent: Easy, Medium, and Guru

- Customize game with domino skins and avatars

- Mini-games to win in-game prizes

- 9 beautifully rendered 3D rooms

- Statistic tracking for Win/Loss Ratio, Total Wins, and more

- Achievements and rankings

- In-app purchases available

- Support and privacy policy available on the website.

Overall User Satisfaction Rating

Negative experience


Positive experience

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Key Benefits of Domino Master

- The game format is great.

- The customer support team is outstanding.

- Option for different music in the different rooms.

20 Domino Master Reviews

4.2 out of 5



I love playing dominoes but this game frustrates me. I seems like I rarely play against real people, the majority of my games are against game generated user names which makes me believe they’re not real people but the computer. It also seems like the three players are all teaming up against you. I would like it if at the beginning of each hand we selected our own dominoes because all too often i receive 3 and 4 doubles especially when I lead off which often times causes me not to domino. Also it often seems as though no matter what domino I play the player after me always have a scoring domino to play. I would like it if the settings could be set so that the minimum one could score is 10 and not 5 that makes for better game play. Also I think to encourage players to play defense maybe a reward should be given if the player who plays after you doesn’t win. In this game I can tell after the very first hand if I have a real chance to win because often times I will not have any dominos to score with in fact I will have only one play and the other players continue to score with each play giving them a huge head start.


Ok but Buggy

Great way to pass the time. Now that the forced adverts in the beginning of every game have been removed it is much better. However, a few bugs need to be sorted out. At times when the board is blocked and “Al” must PASS, the game gets stuck in a circular error. Player is not permitted to play final domino to block the board. “Al” just keeps passing.

Also, in other plays, when it is time to play the final domino Player’s domino tray operates as if it is full and the player is forced to scroll to the right select the final (and only) domino. Meanwhile, the time is running out of play.

Both errors result in loss of progress and chips.



Do not play this game a lot of the players have a cheat where they will cut your Wi-Fi so that you can’t play the dominoes or they will pause the game so you were unable to play and domino I’ve played this game for about six months testing it watching other players and also did some reports. So don’t download it you’re gonna be wasting your time other players have hats to where you cannot win


Lock ups

The game seems to freeze a lot on loading and some ads. Also, when you have to draw more than can be seen on the screen many times you can’t slide your rack ro get to the dominoes you need. Overall, love the game format. Also, I tried reaching out to your tech support about this but it asked for image verification and there’s nothing to verify.


The best Domino game out there AND the best customer support!

This is the best domino game in DominoMaster Store! And the customer support team is outstanding. The only thing I would like to see (and this is just being totally spoiled by the game already) is an option for different music in the different rooms. We play mainly in the Havana Room simply because we don’t like the music in the other rooms. Yes, I know how spoiled that sounds but the game is just that good!


Chat pack

Greetings from California..a bit concern on how to get my whole chat pack back the way it was..I’ve purchased the chat pack with the emojis on it a while back. It was working perfectly fine. Now when I go to play I’ve notice that a few of my emojis have disappeared. I thought at first it was with everyone but than when I’m playing others online they seem to use some of the emojis that I wanted to use.. I started off with maybe 6 or more emojis but it only shows 2..anyhow, just wanted to know how I can go back to retrieving the whole package..thank you


Update for adds

It would have had a higher rating if not for this update. I’ve have been playing master dominos for quite awhile. Have enjoyed it a lot. Was excited to see an update for the game. After updating it. I now see advertising before playing a game and at the end a game. I saw 3 golf clash ads in a matter of a few minutes. One of the reasons I liked this game was the game wasn’t full of ads. I see that’s changing. To bad.



This is a really great domino game when it works but I can’t give it 5 starts because of the crashing. I’ve had too many times where in the middle of the game I loose connection or the game locks up. It also takes the money I’ve earned when this happens. Please fix the crashes.


People have found a way to cheat!

There are people who have found ways to stop you from playing and cut you out causing you to lose every time.


Highly disappointed

This game is super rigged!!! Been playing for a while and the game totally controls who wins. Not to mention the serious technical issues with games freezing and internet problems. There’s no way a person can lose 15 games in a row and it happens frequently. Also, if you leave a bad review, you’ll get flagged and the losing seems endless. Oh yeah, did I mention how some players have a cheat sheet. 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾


No ads

Function properly but problem it's having alot of ads


Too many adds and cheaters!!!

Adds after every game is just absurd!! Majority of which you have to watch right though no way to skip if you’re simply not interested.

Now the cheaters have found ways to duplicate dominos.

Found a way to say you’ve missed your turn even after you’ve played.

Ending the game saying that you’ve missed two turns.

Place extra dominos in your hand after you’ve blocked the game and endless other cheats.

Worst thing is that there’s no way to report the cheater.

I still play because it’s a very very nice game.


4 star

I would have gave y’all 5 star but y’all have to many commercials between games


Can't log in

Hello. For reasons I don't know, I can't access the application via Facebook. My account on this application has been closed. I want to know the reason


You buy your way to the top! Smh

It’s a fun game but you can literally buy your way to first place. Once you do that all the dominos fall in your place. If you don’t purchase anything you won’t go on winning anymore. The best player should be rated by highest winning percentage not by how much earnings you buy. This makes this game a cheat. Frustrating !!!


Putting the domino in the highlighted place

Domino going where it want to ..I put it in the place where I want it that is highlighted but then it goes somewhere opposite especially if there multiple different numbers that match the domino that I have .. this use to be a great game but now it look like it’s leaning toward whoever spend the most money


Easy to use

I enjoy spending my weekend playing Domino Master with my boyfriend. We all have a great time together when playing this game. Worth playing


Don’t download

I played this game a lot even though it glitches, I stopped working and I re-downloaded and got charged $3 and some odd change and didn’t even get my account back when I had 2 billion chips. Tragic, I did enjoy it but not when it comes to this and you have to work all the way back up. Time to find another!


Bots instead of real people

So I’m playing this game and to be honest with ya... I’m not the best but I know I’m not this bad... it seems like the play are not by individuals but done as if it was everyone on the table against me... no player is looking to kill the doubles to force a pass seems like I’m the only player seeing this... I’m wondering if it’s real people instead bots... n e ways it’s annoying



4 player game with friends. Currently can only play 2 player only and option to add friends


Fun, quick easy and free!

Adds are annoying. Especially when they pop up in the middle of a hand when you are planning your next move.


Bug fix

Was working great and now it says offline enabled even though my internet is on


Ten thumbs up

This one is better than the other ones ive played with it takes score makes move faster and it counts for you for faster plays


I really love this game ❤️

This game is funner than when you play with proper dominoes because it is relaxing. I recommend that people should get DominoMaster. It is so good that I am going to tell my friends about it so that they can get it.


Like it very well.

I really like this domino game better than the others because you get to put your dominoes where you want and not where they put them

Is Domino Master Safe?

No. Domino Master - Play Dominoes does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 875 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.2/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Domino Master Is 13.5/100.

Is Domino Master Legit?

No. Domino Master - Play Dominoes does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 875 Domino Master - Play Dominoes User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Domino Master Is 31.9/100..

Is Domino Master - Play Dominoes not working?

Domino Master - Play Dominoes works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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