eFootball PES 2021 Reviews

eFootball PES 2021 Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-20

■ The Thrill of Console Soccer in the Palm of Your Hand With PES 2021, we've
taken the same critically acclaimed console gameplay that won E3 2019's "Best
Sports Game" award, and distilled its essence to bring you the most authentic
soccer experience on mobile to date. Featuring an exclu...

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eFootball PES 2021 Reviews

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    Could be better

    I’m a Huge soccer fan I like to play FIFA on my Xbox and PlayStation I also play soccer I’m a goalkeeper. There Are some things y’all can improve on this game. Konami has lots of cool games from game boys to PlayStations. This game has a lot of bugs. 1. When I through the ball and I’m ready to shoot my player that was supposed to shoot doesn’t shoot, he just stops moving and starts to glitch 2. When I get out my goal keeper to pressure he just runs and doesn’t go for the ball he goes to the goal. 3. When I did a goal celebration with Cr7 he started to glitch and his legs and arms switched places and he stayed like that for a full game. Those are the ones that get a lot. One more thing that happens was that in my last menarche i played when I would run and shoot with my player instead of shooting they would slide tackle, and the ref wouldn’t count the opposing teams fouls they would tackle my player from the back and the red wouldn’t count it, and when I would just take the ball away from the other team without slide tackling I would get a yellow or red card. Plz fix these problems and I would enjoy the game, more. And there’s one more thing I would like in other soccer games I could choose my own player saying in the beginning of the game you choose you’re team say you choose Barcelona. There’s the randomized that would choose a player from Barcelona for you’re team. If you’d read up to here thank you very much.

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    Campaign mode....

    The campaign mode is enraging look I like campaign mode it just very stupid how the teams are not even close to the teams in real life and you don’t make the players on the team like normal you add people like Messi and Ronaldo ON THE SAME TEAM it is so frustrating having to be destroyed because they make godly players on the team I have dls and they don’t do this plus they add pretty much the same team every time and when you start the game it has a ton of teams you get to choose from all I am asking it to not give a random generator of godly players and to just increase their stats and to make sure they are on the teams they are currently with could you also give a mode where you could earn those gold coins because even though I get a lot it would be better if their was a mode you could earn it from if there is not already.... and I am currently in campaign level 2 and I faced a team that was a power level 2100 and my power level is just 1600 and I got destroyed 4-0 if I made any of my shots that were close it would be 4-1 the team had aubemayang mane van dijk and ineista and eriksen ( those were the players I noticed my team has pique mane ineista ziyech and eriksen half my good players are my team are on that team... which is frustrating plus that team is Liverpool that teams only noticably good is salah (I think XD) please think about this PES2019

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    In the next update would like to see Ben arfa a black card firstly. He’s still playing at high quality. The events need to be way more rewarding especially. Need to have more of management rewards in there and there needs to be more ball rewards too and higher level trainers for each milestone from early. Box draw and other ball spins could be 100 gold rather than 250. The gameplay players neeed to just running in front their own teammates and blocking their shots when you driving in past a defender to shoot. Defense wise ai are clumsy especially when holding down pressure it’s like they don’t intercept and also can’t block crosses from being hit into the box. Defensive headers there are strong defenders that can jump more than some attackers they should be jumping over and winning headers rather than heading the player in back or just sticking out foot weirdly to win a ball that is in the air. Game needs to be more fluid and responsive on a whole especially in multiplayer. The game play minutes could be upped by two minutes when your playing events and in a whole. Needs a lot more celebrations. In terms of responsiveness and accuracy you would be aiming maybe to striker for a through ball and it goes to the wide and vise versa all these thing need to be upgraded and updated. And I think should have a market if want to buy players and not have to test your luck but don’t make it super expensive either.

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    Alright let’s go, So first of all is Handball a thing in this game on the keeper and the player first let’s talk about the keeper using their hands outside the box, it’s a 1v2 I skill the defender now it’s a 1v1 the goalkeeper and(Ronaldo;) the goalkeeper comes out of his area and I tried to chip him but guess what I get denied outside the box with the goalkeeper using his hand although I still won 3-1 still what would have happened if I didn’t win , Ok now the defender same situation kinda 3v2 skill one now that is left is the defender and the goalkeeper I shoot he put his arm out and comes out as a corner like what? And that was going too bins ok now the goal line this i scored with a header that hits the crossbar and goes directly down the line and seemed like it touches the line now I say no goal but I beg you for putting goal line technology to see if it actually pass and same thing for offsides where I think the player is offside and score and just the goal line technology and wanna see proof and that’s it but if you ignore what I just said then otherwise is a very fun and competitive game and I recommend it not the FIFA mobile app that’s just horrible compared with this app alr Thx

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    This is a mobile game not a console game.

    This is by far the most excited and most near realistic soccer game ever “in a mobile sport game”. For people who say that this game have bugs and glitches ? Why does it never happen to me ? Is it because I have more than enough gb to not receive any error or is it because your phone is running out of memory and it cannot load some of the stuff the game have provided. First of all this game is a mobile game and with that in mind you should have though and expected bugs and glitches if you think all game must be on point then you must be not seeing reality. Stop complaining about this game error because it is least to see because every shot and skill and movement I do is so real time tap and movement and never a delay or glitch. This game will grow big one day and will surpass that waste of time fifa 2k20 because that fifa game does not have the quality and mechanics like PES does. Memory effect a lot if you are receiving glitches every time you hop on a game kids. The reason why I said it’s not a console game because your not playing it on your console if you were then you can say it is but your not so stop complaining because I have never encounter any bugs but fantastic plays and goals. Big thank you to PES for making such a great soccer game 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤️

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    Horrible. Flat out unrealistic. Disappointing

    Horrible, your players are always slower than the AI com controlled players, your players forgot how to play basic soccer and stop making runs for no reason. Even if you have a stacked defense with Van Dijk, Deligt , and Pique they play as bad a white balls or kids who first started playing soccer. Your plays get knocked off the ball extremely easy. My Messi seem like he has never dribble a soccer ball in his life and continues to lose the ball. The AI plays incredible defense which isn’t fair because when they go on offense they make insane pass that go THROUGH my players bodies. My players don’t make any attempt to intercept passes that right in front of them. They fall way to far back to keep the computer AI onside and it just frustrating. I have been playing this game for over 3 years and this is by far the worst one yet. Absolutely disgusting at Konami and PES developers. At least recognize the problem and address your fan base other wise I will not be returning to this game and will tell people to avoid your products because you don’t listen to your fan base. This isn’t just my problem because it’s on Reddit and everyone is disappointed in this years game. It’s so bad it’s frustrating just to play the game. Please please fix this issue or even just address that you have received and understand the complaints

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    Almost there

    I’ve been playing this game for about a year or two now, so I have definitely noticed it’s flaws and it’s upbringings. This game has a ton of potential to over rule fifa’s mobile game. Konami just needs to improve on a couple areas of their game. For instance, when playing in campaign mode, my GUI is missing. Like the buttons and controls, they’re invisible to me. I know it’s there but I cannot see them so sometimes I will miss the the pass button and the player won’t pass the ball when I sneed him to. Another thing is that with this new update, I had 20 players “leave”. It said “20 of your players left.” So now I have to restart with a whole new team that is that good at all and on top of that, my controls are hidden. Other than that, the game performs fluidly and can be addictive if you’re a soccer fanatic like I am. I always enjoy video capturing my favorite goals from this game and watching them later. Over all, 4/5 stars!

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    I am huge fan of PES 2020 and all is very good its graphics its buttons they’re all good and the game style also attracts me but something is very bad in this game that is auto switch player for example when a player lost the ball he came from Long long way but the player who is near the ball stay at his place but in other games like fifa mobile the players are auto switched the player who is near the ball is active but in pes the player who is near the ball is not active and the switch button doesn’t work it is becoming worse I am losing many games because of this I am losing rewards and make a fixed skill buttons and the other thing is the kit and the logos for example Real Madrid,Liverpool,man city , and other teams and the last thing is the country’s make a model team of a country and make an event that have a lot rewards like my clubs coin gp black ball and featured players and in training all players must have 100 overall for example haaland is 93 why he is not 100 and there must be starting line up when the game starts so please fix it thanks hope got responses in the next maintenance break or in the next few days thanks for all

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    A good game, just needs some fixing

    Overall, I really do enjoy pes mobile. I feel like it’s better than most soccer games. However, there are some things that I’ve always noticed in the game that I feel that if fixed would really improve it even more. One thing is using the gaming pad. The analog stick has some issues. A lot of the times tends to not want to work. I realized while defending and using the “press” button and getting possession back, the analog stick tends to stop working for a couple of seconds. I notice after doing skills it also happens. But that may just be me. Another thing Is I feel that the campaign is a bit too hard. After playing a couple of games, the AI starts to play like a real sweat. Counter attacks are basically unstoppable. Especially with the world class players the AI has, I feel like we are at a disadvantage. I feel like the teams are too OP. I feel like there should be difficulties we could choose for the campaign so it’s more playable. For me, these are one of the most important for me. I still enjoy playing pes mobile, but I just feel like with these fixes this game could be improved.

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    This game is still sky rocketing!!

    Been with this game since it’s global launch (Back around 2017), Konami still does an outstanding job with its game! This deserves to even be #1 football game on mobile, because it is definitely worth your time to play PES Mobile if you’re hungry for a real authentic game of football. Unlike the cash game “FIFA Mobile” where you built your Ultimate Team, PES has myClub which is their version of UT; however, everything on it is like caught up to date as similar as the console for 2019! Konami has also been known to be loyal with players, such as amazing events, opportunities for our favorite players, and soothing bugs squashed along with fresh updates. What’s even better for this year’s game is that there’s NO ENERGY, in where you can play anywhere, anytime as long as you have internet connection! ;) So what are you waiting for? Get started in building your real dream team! We all love this game for many of the features other rivals don't even have!

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    Would play but needs more work.

    Ok so first of all even though i’ve spent SO much gp coins I just can’t get a decent player the highest i’ve ever gotten is just 84 and I had to use ALL my trainers to get it up to 94. Ok now about the matches the cpu team has op defence and no matter how many times I try to dribble past the defence they just do a red card worthy foul but the ref is completely BLIND to it, it just makes me frustrated, and also their goalkeeper is just WAY higher then it deserves to really be. Say your against a team with a goalkeeper that’s rated 78, when the match starts and you take a shot really close to the goal he blocks it, sometimes it just feels i’m against a 98 rated goalkeeper, and also the graphics need MAJOR WORK, it looks like they let a 3 year old design the players and just stick them right into the game. I mean come on you can do much better then that, and finally the most annoying thing of all is that the matchups are just COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS, like say theirs me a 1600 rated then BOOM I get paired up with a 2500! It’s just so frustrating. I hope you read my review and the developers can work a little on the game.

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    This game to start off is fairly good it’s better than most in the market that’s for sure the graphics are good the whole basics of the game are okay, but the controls...the controls are lacking so much it doesn’t make the game unplayable it just makes it very frustrating. Every button seems to be so chunky and the response time is sometimes in my opinion it feels delayed. game AI characters at least for my team feel so lost and really they play as if the whole game was scripted you could be winning at certain points but somehow in 10 minutes before the match ends the opposite side manages to tie it up or even win. The player movement although decent still feel blocky and not authentic enough. I know the game is a mobile game and they’re might be a lot of limitations but I’m not asking for new game modes or I’m not destroying the games worth as it is a decent game and I will continue to play it but I really don’t know how much more I would be able to take. This could be the best soccer mobile game in the market only if you put in the work .

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    Amazing goal but very frustrating

    First off I’d like to say that this game is amazing if it wasn’t I would even be doing a review I usually don’t. This animation is amazing and I like all the feature are good. I want to see more penalty shoot out. I have been playing the game for a good 2 years and haven’t gotten a penalty shoot ever. NOT ONCE. It is also very annoying getting players. I didn’t just spent 250 Myclub coins just to get a a terrible player. But it’s okay. As you already know player act incredibly stupid the hard the level gets. They also act dumb when you play an online game. For example I’ll have connection but my game freezes and the passes are delayed. How do other games like Fortnite and Pubg Mobile get better connection. I don't like that but I deal with it. I just wanna see changes like 1) More access to Myclub coins. 2) More penalty kick gameplay. Such as penalty shoot outs or fouls in the box. 3)Fixes with online games. That’s mainly it though

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    Why are my players retarded?

    Even though this is by FAR the best football game on the AppStore, it still has some major issues. Here’s the biggest one: It’s not because you don’t have the knowledge to program an sufficiently intelligent AI to face the player that you can just make the player’s squad retarded. That it’s just plain laziness. I don’t get why in the “Top player” difficulty, my players do what I tell them to do but in “superstar” they just act so retarded. So now I have to choose if I want to win by 5-0 or to manage a retarded squad. Like I have Maxed out Messi and Ronaldo 99 Rating with 99 Balance but still they just get pushed around and are NEVER fouled. However with Pique 95 Rating and THREE OTHER PLAYERS applying pressure I can’t even get the ball from a simple silver level attacker, that is just plain ignorance. Same can be said about passes but I don’t want to write an entire book about why this game has problems. As I said before, this is the best football game on the AppStore but please at least fix this major problem and don’t take shortcuts around it.

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    I’m disappointed

    First off I’d like to say I’m highly disappointed with this years PES game I have been a proud owner of this app for 2 years and was excited to see the newest version the glitches are horrible for example I understand people with higher tiers have better stats such as controlling and defending the ball but constantly I find myself putting three defenders on one black ball just to ether have them get a free kick or a goal the tackling system is broken I can’t tackle in campaign once without getting a warning or one of my best players suspended my team is not the problem I have a 5 star team with a strength of 2378 last year i had a even stronger team and none of these problems occurred I’m hugely disappointed and there is a lot on this game to fix another issue is the legends are way to powerful every time I go up against a Ronaldhino I find myself getting scored on from half field with my keeper not having a chance these are just some issues to fix that really disappointed me and made the game unbearable from my gaming experience

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