BabyTime (Record & Analysis) Reviews

BabyTime (Record & Analysis) Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-21

BabyTime, App Store Best of 2016, is a baby activity tracker app to record all
aspects of your baby’s care with a stylish, easy-to-use interface. Track and
chart your baby’s developmental milestones, habits, special moments, growth,
symptoms, nursing, feedings, sleep, diaper change, and...

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Best tracker app on watch and phone

We’ve tried the pro versions of many baby tracker apps, and this one in our opinion has the cleanest UI and best function. The watch app in particular works best vs others, which often fail to sync without opening their phone apps - I love that it has a button to manually re-sync data onto the watch. One missing item that we really find invaluable in other apps, is support for shortcuts. A few others like sprout can set actions in shortcuts that can be triggered with Siri- when hands are full carrying a wriggly little one, this feature is amazingly valuable to us! I hope an update to babytime will add support for shortcuts.


Helping tracking app

I’ve been using Ba since my baby was about 2 months old and it’s been really helpful to notice patterns and help me keep track of what has happen when. It’s really reassuring to know exactly when baby last ate, slept, or had a diaper change to be able to eliminate factors when they’re fussy and can’t tell you exactly what they need. I’d love if the breastfeeding timer feature took up more of the screen when in use and was more obvious when it was running or stopped. Right now it just lightly fades in and out when it’s paused and for me, I’d love if it turned colors so you could tell immediate if it was still running or not. I’d also love if the timer was full screen when operational so there isn’t a risk of tapping on another entry when attempting to start or stop a time (since I’m frequently doing things one handed) I love the weekly view and being able to see a weekly chart, especially when noticing patterns. I’d love it even more if I could tap on an entry (I.e a nap on a particular day, a feed etc...) and either have the details of that entry or be taken to that day’s entry. If I want to see how he napped a few days ago, I have to scroll through all entries between now and then and that can be a LOT. Overall, a really good app to help track baby’s activities!



Not sponsored, not paid, just LOVE Ba and want everyone to use it lol!!!! Ba has it all! You can add multiple users which all can be using Ba and tracking feedings, drs appts, misc notes, temps, medications, baths, naps changes, etc. together. It makes things so easy to be on the same page with your spouse or caregiver. Its nice to know if your little one has had enough wet diapers, enough bowel movements, feeding routine and so much more! We love Ba and will probably use it for toddler years as well. Thanks so much for making this sometimes very chaotic time easier, BabyTime!!! :)


Perfect for new and repeat parents

My wife and I were given suggestions for apps to track food, diapers, sleep, etc. and this by far is better than the suggestions we got. We like that we can sync between users since we work different shifts and are still able to know what’s going on and keep each other update without writing it down or texting it to each other. It makes it so easy with the stopwatch setting and the ability to track and customize what we want. Would highly recommend!


Invaluable Baby App!

Initially, we used Ba to track feedings and poos to make sure our newborn was on track and to take the guess work out of when the baby was last fed. I’m now back at work with baby in childcare and Ba has been an invaluable tool to track breastfeeding, pumping, and milk supply with the stats feature. Hubby and I share night time shifts and daily care when we’re not working, making the family sharing capability another invaluable tool! The developer is responsive to inquiries and suggestions. I love Ba! Hoping for Apple Watch compatibility soon.


Best baby tracker / log

I have 3 kids and I was looking for a perfect app to log their daily feeding and activities. There are a lot of similar apps out there but this one is the best! Very easy (single-handed) to use, you can customize the items as you needed. Best part I like about Ba is to share the data with others who are taking care of my kids. Now I can leave the kids to my husband or other caregivers while still tracking how they are doing through out the day! Recommend to all. Totally worth it!


I love it!

I’ve tried a few baby tracking apps, and this one is the best I’ve used. Please, make an apple watch app too! I’m considering switching to another app just because I can’t use Ba on my apple watch.😭 But again, I love Ba. + Recent update for the apple watch app solved the only problem I had with Ba!💖 I wonder if there is anyway to set the menu on the watch app. Like, feeding/diaper change/sleep/pumping are the only options that I can control on my apple watch.


Lifesaving App!

As a new father and dedicated support staff for my wife, Ba has made the tracking of our child’s data just too simple. Love the functionality and multiple account creation that can be accessed by both partners and even other caregivers. The overall design is intuitive and my wife and I started using Ba after about 2 minutes. Highly recommend, this this one out!


Widget Issues

I love Ba, my husband and I use it to track Baby’s activities. I especially love that functionality on the Apple Watch was added, makes quick entries a snap. I’ve given Ba 4 stars because the widget is unreliable. Sometimes it works but often it won’t update. I use the widget all the time to do quick checks on feedings and naps. It’s an added hassle to have to go into Ba to check, albeit a small hassle but the widget needs to be fixed.


Best tracker out there!

The ease of recording/viewing feedings, diapers, etc. is fantastic compared to the others out there (and I tried about 6-7). Perfect for quick entries, but with the option of being as detailed as you want. Love the ability to sync between multiple device (great for parents taking turns with feedings, daipers, etc.). Try out the others if you must, but there’s really no need. This one is it!!! 👍👍👍👍


I love this app

I love Ba it had everything I need in one app, it’s like it was made to my liking, and easy to used, love the way it’s setup and how it’s easy to work with. I’ve downloaded many apps I alway end up deleting them lady’s something missing or the way it’s setup is annoying and this Kelsey data you can go back and see baby pattern pad activities days ago love it


The developers really listen and read reviews!

Before I wrote a four star review bc I always had to restart my app in order to see my updates for pumping. A week into writing my review, my app now works perfectly! Ba is wonderful! It keeps me on track for everything baby-related and makes it easier for me to decipher why my baby is crying.


Most used app since 2019

Ba has kept me sane since having two babies in the past 3 years. It just works. Intuitive and easy to use. Everything you could possibly want to track. An amazing tool for an exhausted Mom. Thank you for making Ba!!!


So helpful

When I first downloaded this, it seemed a bit overwhelming. I quickly found out how useful and helpful it was/is. I love how I can customize the settings. I’ve been using it for 9 months. It’s especially helpful for remembering which side we are breastfeeding on next.


Helpful and amazing!

I love Ba. It is so helpful for keeping track of all things baby! One thing I’d love to be added is a chart for playtime. This would help to keep track of how much time baby plays in a day. We’re trying to keep track of the amount of tummy time our baby gets. Thanks!


Call girl in screen

I love Ba and I’ve been using it for almost 3 months but I just saw an ad on the screen for one of those call girls… girl on screen with phone buttons or video camera. I’m not ok with this. The developer did get with me and explained which I appreciate. Let them know if you see it too.


Great; one request is fully customizable units

My wife and I love Ba and have been using it religiously. The only request I would have is that I wish I could customize every measurement for units. For some reason in the US pediatricians will measure the head in cm and the length in inches for example. This makes me have to covert before entering. An annoyance. This happens with multiple measurements.


Disappointing the latest update just locked me out

I’ve been a happy user of Ba for 14 months, shared across both my wife and my phones. It’s worked great, as we can share the day with each of our phones, up until the latest update. With the latest update I have now been locked out of Ba with a splash prompt “ Ba is no longer shared with you. To use it you must buy it from the AppStore” problem is, I believe I did buy it 14 months ago


Great app to track baby activities!

Great way to easily mark sleep times and diaper changes. I love the fact that you can see sleep patterns and track progress! Nice to have my husband be able to use it as well simultaneously on his phone.


Excellent !

Ba has been absolutely perfect. Tracking activities made easy. Saves us on having to write anything down and losing what we wrote or trying to remember all of these things we do with the little amount of sleep you get with a newborn.


Great app but....

It needs a better algorithm for notifications. I will feed my child and note it in Ba , note a nap and diaper change and the all will send me a notification that my child is hungry but they are sleeping. The other thing I would change is the way the sleep gets tracked, child is asleep but Ba says child just woke up. And needs iwatch compatibility


Needs support for iPad and Watch

Please! Moms can’t hold phone always so entering data with watch can be useful. Then, reading thru wider and lager screen from iPad or Web can be very nice. It can be in-app support but I don’t see why I shouldn’t purchase. Please consider.


Ounces please

Ba is quick and simple I love how it has simple icons to add a feeding or diaper change etc. starting to use the pie charts to see patterns which will hopefully help get us on a schedule. So far my only wish is that ounces were an option instead of ml for bottle feedings. Like if it was an option in setting to choose that would be perfect.


Great app! Super easy to use.

Ba really helped cut down time on tracking. It’s very easy and intuitive to use, and I like that I can share info with other family members and caregivers. I do wish there was a comprehensive milestone tracker. Although you can write in milestones in the diary, it’d be nice to see how my baby’s milestones compare to what is average, and so I’d know what to expect when. It would also be nice if there was an easy way to export the data. I’ve only been using it for a day, so there’s a chance that I just haven’t figured out how to export it yet. If that’s the case, that part isn’t very intuitive. Overall, I’m loving Ba!


Nice app, but it could be better with Apple watch

Handy, useful, and good-looking app! The only thing I want it to improve is capability for Apple watch. If so, it can notify me without iPhone vibration or sound when feeding time is nearly coming or I can easily record my child’s history whenever I don’t carry my iPhone. Thanks!


Night mode

When will a night mode be added? Love Ba used it a year and a half ago for my daughter, now using it for my son. I expected app to be updated to be able to have a night mode feature and sadly, it still hasn’t been added. Please add this feature!


Love the app; wish you could use ounces instead of ML

My husband and I use this to communicate so much about our little one—it’s invaluable! I just wish there was an option to log pumped milk as ounces instead of only milliliters.


Can’t live without

The best app I’ve ever used! I can’t raise my baby without Ba. So helpful and easy to use. I really love it’s charting options. I don’t pay money for apps but I would for Ba even if it was $20!


Love it! Customization is amazing!

The more I use Ba the more I love it. The customization makes it easy to tailor to you and your babies needs. Tracking across caregivers allows me peace of mind throughout day. Great app!


I give five star to this app

I like Ba a lot cuz it’s has everything I need to record every day and easy to use and I love it it’s the best 💯

Is Ba Safe?

Yes. BabyTime (Record & Analysis) is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 464 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for BabyTime (Record & Analysis) Is 67.5/100.

Is Ba Legit?

Yes. BabyTime (Record & Analysis) is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 464 BabyTime (Record & Analysis) User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for BabyTime (Record & Analysis) Is 67.5/100.

Is BabyTime (Record & Analysis) not working?

BabyTime (Record & Analysis) works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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