The Great Courses Plus Reviews

The Great Courses Plus Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-30

Thousands of college level videos and lectures at your fingertips! Learn online
from the top college professors in the world. Stream videos to your device or
download and watch them offline! The Great Courses Plus online learning
subscription offers access to thousands of educational vi...

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The Great Courses Plus Reviews

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    Content: fantastic. App: still getting there.

    Over the years I’ve learned far more from TGC than I ever learned in college (where, just to be clear, did well). I love audiobooks and podcasts, but I find I learn more from TGC. The information density is better for doing other things (like driving and cleaning), but unlike most podcasts or npr (bless its heart), you actually get depth and context and a sense of real understanding. Of course, it depends a lot on the professor and there’s a few duds, but there’s far more that are wonderful and the average is high. I really can’t praise TGC enough - I’ve spontaneously recommended it to countless people. Meanwhile, the app still needs work, but they seem to be aware of the issues and I’m pretty confident they’ll get it sorted out (if they haven’t already). If you find it a little annoying, don’t let that deter you - The Great Courses are an enormous in which you can swim about like Scrooge McDuck, playfully spouting knowledge the way he did with gold coins.

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    Powerful Tool to Eradicate Ignorance!

    The GCP is a powerful and effective tool that has provided my entire family members ranging from ages 6-80 with wealth of information from multiple fascinating lectures. I have enjoyed many courses from History to Astrophysics to cooking and more. The lectures are engaging and easy to follow (English is my second language). I appreciate the fact that I can log in from any device (10 in my account) and from anywhere in the wold! I can execute multiple daily tasks while learning. Getting stuck in traffic is no longer a waste of my life as long as I can listen to any of The Great Courses Plus lectures. The only thing I wish can be improve, is the accessibility of the lessons in each Course. It takes too many steps of I want to start from the beginning or play a previously studied lesson. In any case, the fact that one can have access to such incredible amount of knowledge at his/her fingertips is powerful!

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    Just Short of Perfection

    This app is great and functions well, apart from two issues: first, it does not allow audio-only downloads. Since I listen to courses primarily at work, where I have spotty cell reception, streaming isn’t an option, and since video stops playing if you exit the app or turn the screen off, I have to listen with my phone unlocked all day, which is not great for my battery life. Second, when I listen to the app it takes over the mini audio controller in the command center on my iPhone, even after I’ve started listening to music or podcasts. I have to restart the phone to get the correct audio source to display again. This also means that features like pausing without having to manually open and go into the appropriate app don’t work properly, whether I’m trying to do it from the lock screen, the command center, or headphone controls. Apart from those issues though, the app works very well, and I’m enjoying listening to lectures a lot.

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    Binge on Knowledge

    In the last few days I’ve watched lectures on quantum mechanics, the Higgs boson, the native peoples of North America, formal logic, education research, human personality, etc. They’ve ditched the old classical music and applause intro and the boring backdrops, and those aspects are now much more stimulating and aesthetically pleasant. TIP: go to settings and turn the use data button off and on again in pure IT Crowd fashion when you get the message about no data connection. Minor bug, no problem once you know the solution. My only other complaint is that you can’t rearrange the courses on your watchlist using the app. While you can sign in to your account on, say, your laptop, and rearrange them from there, those changes don’t register on the app. My app’s watchlist is still not in the order I’d like it be on. But overall, the app is amazing, and as a longtime Teaching Company believer, I’m sure it will only get better and better.

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    Courses are amazing, but the app is horrifically glitchy

    I LOVE the Great Courses and all they have to offer, but this app is only barely functional. Sometimes it works fine, but frequently the videos freeze and won’t load, or else they stop to buffer every few seconds. Then there are the times when the video keeps playing just fine, but the audio goes completely dead or just skips every couple of words. I really, really hope this issue will be fixed, because the content is incredible. It says a lot that I use this app so much in spite of its problems, though I frequently have to give up and try again later if I want things to actually play properly. Another thing that I would very much love is if the written material for each course could be accessed through the app itself, rather than having to log into the website separately to download the materials. This is a small issue, though, compared with the constantly freezing videos.

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    Update locks you out,no help from customer support

    The update promised long awaited features, so I foolishly updated. Without warning, the update requires a password reset. It says that an email will be sent with instructions and a link. The email says it is in response to my request to reset my password. It has no instructions, but does have a link to reset password. Unfortunately, when you click that it just takes you to the login screen with no option to reset. Using either your old password or a new one just gets an identical email. Hitting “contact customer service” gets an auto reply that they are experiencing high volume (I bet) and will try to get back to me in 72 hours. Weekends don’t count, so I guess I can kiss one of the 4 weeks I have already paid for goodbye. At best. Great. I have put up with literally years of lags, crashes and delays in adding content from the legacy app. But for twice the price of my next most expensive streaming app, I think it should, you know, work.

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    Great courses indeed offers great content. However, I am writing this review so that someone at Great Courses might please improve their app. The downloads are mind-numbingly slow. You can’t do anything else on your phone while the downloads are in process or they shut down. And don’t let the phone go into sleep mode because that also shuts down the downloads. And after an average of 8 minutes per course download, make sure you are online before you start watching the downloads, not online content mind you, but the actual downloads have to be verified online before watching or the episode won’t play and your 3 hour flight time is now sans great courses. And I hope you must have tiny fingers and superhuman accuracy as you press icons in the app or else it will kick off a series of processes having nothing to do with your intention. Great Courses, please redesign your app consistent with your great content and over 100$ annual subscription. Please!!

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    Great content but apps needs some improvement

    I have been a long-time supporter and student of The Great Course so I already know and trust your content. Please continue to improve the iOS app. Especially with features such as multi-tasking (iPAd Pro) so that I can watch a course and view the pdf lecture outline or take notes at the same time. Also, the user interface and download manager needs improvement. I would like to be able to organize my courses and have the ability to view other course materials (i.e., PDFs, etc.) within the app. Lastly, the downloads take an incredibly long time (sometimes more than 30 minutes to download a 30 min lecture), even with the lower quality option selected. I trust you are already aware of most of these things and working on future updates. Thank you.

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    App glitch ended up destroying my data overages!

    I got this app for a road trip and proceeded to download a bunch of lectures (on wifi) for the drive. I then made sure that I turned off the ability of the app to use cellular data and to warn me if it was using cellular data. The app nicely has two options to do that in their settings. About six hours in to the drive, I noticed I had six text messages from Verizon notifying me that I had gone over my data for the month, repeatedly. Despite those settings, the app continued to download content over my cellular network and cost me nearly $70 in data overage fees. I contacted their tech support and they were extremely helpful at first, before going completely silent. They have no longer responded to any of my emails after responding promptly to the first few. I have screenshots and emails of all the exchanges saved on my computer and nobody will help me out. Plus the lectures that I did get weren't that good anyway. Certainly not worth the $70 I ended up paying.

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    Great potential, sunk by multiple bugs

    I’m a longtime Great Courses student (and supporter), and I’d love to heartily recommend this app, but after taking it on a long car trip I was so frustrated I was tempted to sail it out the window. With a long ride, often in heavy traffic, all I needed was for the app to continue playing the episodes in a course, and what I got was one or two episodes before it would stop and tell me that if I wanted to continue I had to subscribe. (Despite being signed in to an active account.) Then I had to exit the app, restart the app, and then find the course and episode all over again. (All while navigating an Interstate.) In addition, episodes would start in odd locations, again prompting a dangerous one handed juggling act. Good news? It’s not as bad as their one star Apple TV app. Bad news? A company with so many wonderful educational offerings can’t seem to get their tech act at all together. For $20/month, users deserve so much better.

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    So many courses!

    There are so many courses on the Great Courses Plus! I love that I can download them to my phone for offline listening on long car trips. No matter what your interest is there’s probably a course, or several, on here for it. Want to be more knowledgeable about the history and politics of the US? There are several courses for that. Want to be a better parent, or understand the developing brain of your child? There are courses for that. In a college chemistry, physics, statistics, French, or art class and not understanding the concepts? There are courses that’ll help you there. I had no idea science was so interesting! It always seemed scary but the courses I’ve watched have broken down the information in easy to understand, bite sized chunks. I am a subscriber for life!

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    Good Content, Slow to Stream

    Content is great, but it’s slow to stream. The first lecture I start streams fine but when it comes to streaming the next part of the lecture automatically, there’s often a 5-10 minute delay before it will start. Often times, when it doesn’t finally start, it will have skipped over 3 or 4 parts of the lecture. So, lecture 1 completes and lecture 5 starts streaming after 10 minutes of silence. I don’t see a particular reason for the slow transition, especially with full bars of LTE coverage. Anything else seems to stream fine; Apple Music, Pandora, 3 hour podcasts, but Great Courses Plus has issues and delays constantly. That would be my primary concern and a reason I may no continue. After all, the TED talks app is free, streams more readily and has similar, if not more expanded, content. I’m still in the air, but expect a more fluid experience for what I pay.

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    Wonderful content, app lacks functionality

    I love these courses and was thrilled when I realized I could keep learning new things with this subscription. I use it constantly. But, the app is far from intuitive. I keep checking to see if I’ve missed an update, but there have been no improvements in the 18 months or so that I’ve subscribed. I can’t choose to download an entire course for audio, which I would love because I would listen in places that I now cannot due to lack of signal. But the biggest problem is that EVERY TIME I open the app I must search for the last thing I was listening to and play from there. In short, there is no “now playing” or “continue” option. I must go to my watch list, which is still not in order of my last watched, search through my many watched courses, touch it, then again on the play button. Even if I’ve only closed it for a moment, there is no memory or easy way to continue. I do this many times a day. It’s a bit maddening. This is fantastic content and I’m so glad it’s available to me at this price. But I admit that I hesitate to share it with others because of the lack of functionality.

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    One of my favorite apps

    I love the big learning library available through this app. The topics range from ancient history, art, business, psychology, math, playing guitar and even religious studies. There's something for any mood. The downside with previous versions was that the content was video-only and if you locked your phone, it would close down the playback. With this latest version though they've added audio streaming , which works when the phone is locked. Now you can have a great lecture anywhere and I'm listening to a newly added lecture on Emotional Intelligence as I type this. I think there are more improvements that can be made to the app. e.g., better watched-synchronization between devices, but overall this is a great app that makes accessing the wealth of content a blast.

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    Love the content, app can be clumsy

    I love the Great Courses Plus. The caliber of teachers as well as the amazing content that is constantly coming out is fantastic. I think there are some things about the app though that I wish would be easier to navigate. Mostly, I wish there was a way to select a course that I began watching and go to the course page instead of just going straight to a video. I like to see the next few lectures or just cherry pick what I will watch. Little things like that just make the app a bit clumsy feeling and not quite intuitive as I would like. But the content itself more than makes up for it. I also love the audio option for when I’m in my car, it’s a fantastic option to have.

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Is The Great Courses Plus Safe?

Yes. The Great Courses Plus is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 16,847 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for The Great Courses Plus Is 49.0/100.

Is The Great Courses Plus Legit?

Yes. The Great Courses Plus is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 16,847 The Great Courses Plus User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for The Great Courses Plus Is 49.0/100.

Is The Great Courses Plus not working?

The Great Courses Plus works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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