Sundial - Solar & Lunar Times Reviews

Sundial - Solar & Lunar Times Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-20

Sundial is the app you didn't know you needed, showing vital info about the sun
and moon any time, anywhere. Never wonder when the sun will set or rise
again! Tracking the sun and moon is something people have done for thousands of
years but it's never been easier than it is today with...

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Sundial - Solar & Lunar Times Reviews

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    Great app for runners, hikers or walkers.

    I like to time the start of my runs so I am running when the sun rises. Gives me a boost of energy when the sun come up. Sundial makes this very easy to do. Plus the app is internet free; there is no backend server keeping track of your personal data. Also Sundial is easy on your battery. Alerts are very useful. Sundial is better than any of the other sun rise/sun set apps I looked at. Respect to the developer. As others have suggested, please consider adding some form of first/last light. I’m not sure what makes the most sense; civil or nautical or astronomical.

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    Wonderful App! Nothing else like it 🌞🌝👍

    Thank you so much for this app! I've been searching for something like this for years. A simple, visual representation of of the setting and rising of the sun and moon. Rather than just listing times or showing the common "sine wave" type graph, it shows the information on an intuitive 24 clock face. It's like a fancy complication on an expensive watch. Almost makes me want to get an Apple watch so I can have it on my wrist. I would gladly pay $5 for this, but it's free! Suggestion: the widget should have the same clock face as the app, just smaller.

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    Amazing app! For our hens and for us!!

    I was looking for something that allowed me to put the hens to bed in the evening, and then get a good nights sleep, as well as wake up just before sunrise when the hens started squawking that they wanted out into their day pen. The fact that this app offers not one but all three twilights, a.m. as well as p.m., has me over the moon in love with it! I can let the hens out at morning civil twilight, put them to bed at evening civil twilight, and then set the last alarm for nautical twilight to get a wonderful night sleep, in tune with my body and the rotation of the earth :-) LOVE LOVE LOVE this app

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    A "Must Have" for Me

    This simple app provides me when the sun and moon have moved through their various cycles. One of the unfortunate circumstances of modern civilization, especially for those who live in urban settings. We are no longer able, nor particularly required, to know the moment our Sun is kissing the horizon or when the Moon will set. This easy alert-friendly provides that information - and more. When ever I acquire a new device this is one of those apps I make sure has been re-installed. As you can tell I love this Sundial. Thank you.

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    Just what I was looking for

    Believe it or not, I’ve been looking forever for an app that allows me to set custom notifications based on solar and lunar events. I’m so glad I finally found an app that lets me do just that. One feature this app doesn’t have that I would like, because I might be a bit obsessive, would be the ability to create notifications based around nautical and astronomical dawn and dusk in addition to what is already available. But overall, great app and definitely worth space on your phone.

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    Best Solar and Lunar Data App

    My work is often done at night so having a quick reference for sunset/sunrise and moon set/rise as well as illumination % is huge. Even more so is the easy visual representation to determine the moon position for my shift time. I haven’t seen a better or easy app out there! Also, I emailed the developer about an extra feature and it was added! So helpful to be able to scroll several days ahead for planning or behind for previous conditions. I love this app and highly recommend it.

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    A bright idea

    Much of my natural joy in life comes from plenty of sunshine in the day and moonbeams at night. Though it is winter now and has been overcast for over a week this app is like being given the promise that, “The sun will come out tomorrow!” Intelligently designed and useable. Love the visual graphic of sun and moon arcs around the 24 hour period. Creates an anticipation for sunrise, and awareness of sunsets that I will always take the chance to watch when I can. This app brings the sun around! Thank you for developing it and making it readily available!

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    Love it! Developer very passionate!

    I honestly just downloaded it and immediately purchased the full version. Why? You can feel the love and dedication from the developer to provide the best info and explanations about solar and lunar cycles! I meditate a few times a day and wanted to implement more awareness of the times of day when it would be part of a certain cycle or in between them. Thank you for all your passionate work! Looking forward to your new stuff and will recommend to my students ❤️🙏🏼

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    Wonderful app!

    This app packs a lot of information into an aesthetically pleasing format. I also greatly appreciate the iPad and Apple Watch apps that allow me to access and view this information from multiple platforms. I’ve looked at many similar apps, but I’ve found this one to be superior to its competitors. Can you tell that I like this 😉? The only suggestion I would make is including times for the Golden hour. Otherwise, I have no complaints whatsoever!

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    Being blind, I think it’s good for me to know what the sun and moon are doing. Until I had this app, it was hard for me to know when it was getting dark and how dark it would be at night based upon the moon’s illumination. For safety reasons, I try not to be out alone for too long in certain places after dark. Besides all that, I think it’s kind of cool and interesting to know what the sun and moon are doing. Now it would be cool to know when the equinoxes and solstices are.:-)

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    The genius of some people. I like to walk at sunrise and prepare to set out about 30 minutes prior to the event. Until I stumbled across this app it’s been a minor pain in the derrière keeping up with time of sunrise from week to week but this app sounds an alarm, I get dressed, and I walk out the door. Seriously cool, boys and girls. UPDATE: this app would be a bit cooler if it had an owl’s hoot for use as an alarm for sunset and maybe a slightly different one for moonrise.

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    I love your app!

    Hi there, I love your app, it is so simple and clean but with a lot of options to customize. I liked it so much that I had to get premium!!! I love the alerts and I use them every day as I get to work before sunrise and leave after sunset!! I really wish there were options for notifications on the equinoxes and solstices, and other large-scale events like that! I don’t know if that would be feasible but I think it would add some fun and utility to the app. Thank you for your hard work on this app :)

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    Why is moon always shown at same position as sun?

    It’s a useful app, but I cannot for the life of me understand all the 5-star reviews in the face of a huge bug: in the graphic display, the moon is always shown at the same position as the sun. That should occur only during a new moon. With a full moon, for instance, the moon should be 180 degrees away from the sun. Quarter moons should be 90 degrees away. Surely other users have noticed this! Am I missing something?

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    My new Muslim prayer app

    I read a while ago, that the ancient people used to observe time as “watches” of the day. Then yesterday I was watching a documentary on the Dead Sea Scrolls, ancient Jews did the same and I realized that Muslim prayer times are really done according to the same watches of the day. This app helps me understand that we pray before sunrise, a little after high noon, between that and sunset, Sunset and evening. It’s a lot more useful to pray with the natural cycle of the day.

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    Works extremely well

    Works extremely well. It also includes the option of having alerts of the different solar and lunar events. You can even offset these alerts by the amount of time of your choice, so you get alerted before the events happen. The other app I tried did not provide any of this information so this app is infinitely better.😁

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Is Sundial - Solar & Lunar Times Safe?

Yes. Sundial - Solar & Lunar Times is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,130 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Sundial - Solar & Lunar Times Is 52.8/100.

Is Sundial - Solar & Lunar Times Legit?

Yes. Sundial - Solar & Lunar Times is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,130 Sundial - Solar & Lunar Times User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Sundial - Solar & Lunar Times Is 52.8/100.

Is Sundial - Solar & Lunar Times not working?

Sundial - Solar & Lunar Times works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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